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File: 1582589226668.jpeg (19.74 KB, 210x240, 7:8, 14293E39-3DAD-4DC1-AF81-E….jpeg) ImgOps Google

I don’t know. I’ve wrote this out a few times, and many other, often less mature alternatives, but each attempt ends up being more autistic than the last.

TL;DR I’ve became extremely depressed over the past few days because of not necessarily this, but what it means for me. This place and ponychan opened up a whole new chapter of my life, and took me from someone who was completely socially isolated, to someone with friendships from places like this that have lasted for just over a year, and a girlfriend that’s lasted just under half a year up until now. I feel like, having been banned from this site and essentially 90% of ponychan that I’m being re-isolated.

Although I’ve successfully managed to work my way into other communities since then, taking the lessons from this one and ponychan that I had to learn the hard way due to my previous isolation. I feel like if I’m banned and was to hypothetically also get banned from all of ponychan that I could move on and adjust, but that doesn’t demonise the importance of places like this to me.

Over my two month ban I read a few left wing books, and watched some podcasts and videos out of a sense of intellectual curiosity, but naturally I wasn’t convinced. I think my convictions have just became too strong for anything to be able to convince me to leave them behind at this point. Although while my beliefs haven’t and aren’t going to change my personality over the past year and 3 months since I started posting on ponychan has changed radically, and I feel that in the past two months I’ve learned that places like this are more important to me than winning arguments.

This isn’t an apology, I still feel that my ban was unjustified, and my beliefs aren’t changing, however I understand that regardless of how “true” or “right” my perspective may be, most people won’t accept it, and if I want to be accepted in these circles I have to learn to essentially shut my mouth. I’ll still seethe at your opinions through bared teeth, but I think I now have the sense to not open my mouth about them.
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>nobody said he wanted to kill anyone
See >>6485:
>combat some of these peoples very existences.
To combat someone's existence means to seek their death.  When people die, they stop existing.  And there is no way to stop existing without dying.  It is the meaning of "death".

>Moony didnt say what you say he did.
I copied my quotation of Moony directly from his post.  My quotation is character-for-character identical to what was in his post.

>I didnt say Mint is the dumbest person
Well what did you mean by >>6470
>You are not more intelligent than others
If Mint is not more intelligent than others, doesn't that mean that he is a dumbest person?  


You're arguing in bad faith.

Mint doesn't need you defending him, he's an adult who can take care of himself.

You are not helping.



so unless i am physically murdered i should shrug off literally anything else because hey, i still exist

ok sure w.e man


I'm just saying that Mint's actual beliefs are bad enough that we don't need to go around embellishing them to be even worse than they are.



nobody needs to embellish it, its mostly direct quotes. he admits to it himself even so i dont see your point.

if there was a poster here who went around slamming autistic people as all stupid and inferior how long do you think that'd fly? you think Mint would be cool with it because its not seeking his death, merely undermining his existence as a person based on one thing?


File: 1582777151711.png (47.2 KB, 457x507, 457:507, 74582__safe_rule%2B63_arti….png) ImgOps Google

> he's an adult

Is he?  I thought he was like 16.


Is he? I honestly don't know.

But my point remains, he doesn't need someone strawmanning for him.


It's less that I feel threatened or unsafe around him and more that every thread develops a high probability of changing it's topic to "Minty had controversial opinions". I honestly can't recall anything about him besides "Nazi" and "vegan". I can't remember him voicing an interest in any other topics. Hell, veganism is a pretty non-controversial topic for most people, but he finds a way to inject it into the most unrelated conversation in the most disruptive way. Then once everything that can possibly be said on the topic of "Minty has [two] controversial opinions" has been said it immediately starts up again and it is the singular topic of the site from the moment he wakes up until he goes to bed, and heaven forbid people try to ignore him and switch to a different topic or thread because he will follow, because people are talking about something besides just how controversial Minty's two opinions are.

It isn't the opinions, it's the disruption, and that is a problem we have had in the past and have also been forced to take extreme actions regarding.



Mint is an adult.


File: 1582807226427.jpg (1.02 MB, 2616x2626, 1308:1313, 1477495873701.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>but, you aren't sorry, you don't seem to understand why you were banned, and don't accept it.
Well tbh I don't understand why Mint was banned either.  Looking the post he was banned for (>>>/townhall/4585), the only rule violation I see was being a little rude in saying:
>it’s not too fucking complicated.
But it's not any more rude than, e.g., >>>/townhall/4584 (who replied to Mint with just
), which wasn't punished at all.

I think Mint has finally internalized that he needs to shut up about his racism.  If only he can do the same for his veganism, he might be ready to rejoin the site.  


File: 1582807442195.png (911.39 KB, 790x807, 790:807, 1577322460093.png) ImgOps Google

And to appeal in private and not make a thread about it


File: 1582810582654.jpeg (45.63 KB, 512x329, 512:329, 1228F916-EADE-4CC6-BC12-0….jpeg) ImgOps Google

I made replies to everyone else’s post, but decided to delete them. No one cares about how I feel anyway, and I genuinely believe that at this point I have to care just about as little about what you think of me if I want to change.

Edit: I freaked out and couldn’t help myself. Fuck it, I’m banned anyway.

I’ll re-add you on Discord of you want, but I don’t think this is the place for me. Mint horse#9976.

The funny thing is that the exact kind of arguments that I use to justify segregation everyone else in this thread uses to justify literal genocide. “Animals are less intelligent than we are, inferior to us, and not human, therefore it’s okay to eat them.” How people don’t see that massive hypocrisy will forever boggle my mind.

>inb4 “you’re comparing Black people to animals”
My point was that whether a sentient creature is Black or White, human or not you don’t have a right to torture and kill them for food, especially if you’re going to judge me for using the exact same kinds of arguments, only for segregation, not unnecessary genocide.

Why can’t people introspect half as much as their demanding of me and realise that the kind of logic they chastise me for (E.G. less intelligent, inferior, different) they use to justify the perpetual genocide of literally billions of animals.

As far as I’m concerned if you’re not Vegan you shouldn’t have a right to chastise me for being racist. Stop contributing towards the killing and torturing of sentient animals based on them being inferior and different than you, and then we can talk about segregation.

Anyone who thinks that it’s okay to kill another sentient being based on them being inferior or different than you are, while simultaneously believing that it’s wrong for me to advocate for segregation has to take a long look in the fucking mirror.

What I advocate for isn’t even half as bad as what you actually do, every single fucking day, and don’t think for a second that your logic for treating them any differently isn’t basically indistinguishable from mine.

And I have the courtesy to still consider you a good person, because I think you’re just ignorant, but you don’t share that courtesy with me. You don’t even recognise the fact that I don’t consider you to be less moral for not being Vegan, because quite frankly I think you just haven’t thought about it, and I can understand and empathise with that because I also used to be ignorant and unaware.

I’m sick of taking moral advice from people who still haven’t realised that it’s wrong to kill and torture sentient beings just because they’re inferior or different than you are.

Imagine how arrogant you’d have to be to believe that other sentient beings should be tortured and killed for your taste pleasure. Living, breathing things, with their own thoughts, emotions, wants and needs, etc, just like you should be tortured and killed because you want a fucking cheese burger. That’s the kind of value you place on those you consider to be inferior or different to you, a fucking McDonald’s cheese burger.

But I’m expected to listen to people who are more than twice as old as me, but haven’t yet discovered that life is more important than your taste pleasurable about morality and arrogance? Some of you people are well into your 30s and 40s, and yet the idea that a life of a pig, an animal more intelligent and emotionally aware than a dog, is more valuable than taste pleasurable hasn’t crossed your mind.

>Looking the post he was banned for (>>>/townhall/4585), the only rule violation I see was being a little rude in saying:
I was banned for disagreeing with the general orthodoxy. Not because I’m a bad person or my facts are flawed, but pretty clearly just for disagreeing with the mainstream conception of genetics and race. But I’m closed minded, or at least that’s what I’m told.

>If only he can do the same for his veganism, he might be ready to rejoin the site.
Why can’t people just accept that killing and torturing innocent sentient beings is wrong when unnecessary? Like is that such a fucking head scratcher for most people, or are they just to lazy to not cause needless suffering on a genocidal scale.


File: 1582811155672.png (124.87 KB, 904x1024, 113:128, large.png) ImgOps Google

if we are all so terrible then why do you want to come back at all


>are they just to lazy to not cause needless suffering on a genocidal scale.

That might be it, honestly.  I'm certainly lazy.

I'm not gonna claim a moral high ground on being a carnivore that doesn't support segregation, but with the knowledge that most of us are at least omnivorous and probably literally none of us support something like segregation, is this actually somewhere you'd want to post?


File: 1582811404091.gif (443.27 KB, 576x324, 16:9, A7B2FA26-F976-4F50-890C-D4….gif) ImgOps Google

I said I was leaving. But I’d still appreciate it if you considered my post.

Surely people can’t this lazy and apathetic.



why should we consider your points when you staunchly refuse to consider ours lol



Which post?


File: 1582812246023.jpeg (46.79 KB, 629x600, 629:600, 723AF0C0-EEA9-42F0-83E1-F….jpeg) ImgOps Google

I have considered yours. I read Man’s Search For Meaning on the request of Rose, The American Revolution: Pages From a Negro Worker's Notebook for my leftist teacher, and I’ve read some of, and am going to read the rest Black Like Me on request of Losty.

I also recently subscribed to Vaush, who’s whole YouTube career is basically centred around attacking “Nazis”, and I watch everyone of ContraPoints’s videos on day one of them coming out.

I’ve read a lot of leftist stuff and watched more leftist videos than probably a lot of people here. I’m familiar with your philosophy and arguments, I just disagree.

If you want me to read or watch something just ask and I will, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to change my mind.

Bottom of this one, >>6475 and also the top of the one you originally replied to.


File: 1582812826692.jpg (36.79 KB, 600x364, 150:91, 1424169441770.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>Why can’t people just accept that killing and torturing innocent sentient beings is wrong when unnecessary?
Many people here wonder why you can't just accept that racially discriminating against people is wrong.  You just have to accept that different people have different values than you.  I'd say that most people here think that livestock should be treated better than they are on factory farms.  But they might not see that as a sufficient reason to boycott the meat industry.  And they might accept killing farm animals for food as an acceptable trade-off.

And, as >>6496 mentioned, your biggest problem is that your militant advocacy of veganism is disruptive to threads.  

I think you're a good person at heart, Mint, but if you want to post here on this site, you really need to conform your behavior to the social norms of this site.  It's okay that you have different opinions, but people don't want to hear you talking about veganism nonstop 24/7.



the thing you never grasp is that most of us have stuff going on in our lives, and we come here to hang out and shit, not be lectured by an arrogant teenager. im sure you have the time to read far more than me, yeah; you're unemployed. this weird thing you have of "you cant tell me not to say this til you write a 1000 word response with referencing so shut up" is very dull and people lack the energy to engage you in it, especially after you tripled how often you do it. we just wanna hang out, not go to debate club. you disagree with x views? then just keep it to yourself. people don't go into threads chastising you for your evangelical veganism, even as you force it in their faces.



I suppose I've considered those,  though I don't really have a response.


File: 1582814599069.jpeg (130.23 KB, 900x700, 9:7, 3320CF29-6948-4877-80C3-C….jpeg) ImgOps Google

>You just have to accept that different people have different values than you.
Yeah, I’m aware of that, I just have trouble with actually doing it.

>It's okay that you have different opinions, but people don't want to hear you talking about veganism nonstop 24/7.
As I said, I just can’t help but argue with people whenever something like this comes up. I don’t know why, I just feel an extreme compulsion to argue.

>you disagree with x views? then just keep it to yourself.
As I said, I don’t know why, but I have trouble letting stuff like this go. I genuinely feel a really strong compulsion to respond, which is why I want to leave.


File: 1582815066824.png (13.77 KB, 300x330, 10:11, wrong_on_the_internet__dut….png) ImgOps Google

>As I said, I just can’t help but argue with people whenever something like this comes up. I don’t know why, I just feel an extreme compulsion to argue.
Please try to work on this.  This is probably the biggest thing keeping you from being allowed to rejoin the site.


File: 1582815635717.jpeg (182.79 KB, 800x700, 8:7, 826848F8-F598-4011-950F-C….jpeg) ImgOps Google

>Please try to work on this.
That’s why I want to leave. Clearly being here isn’t helping with that, and I have to work out my problems somehow.


File: 1582817364075.png (911.39 KB, 790x807, 790:807, 1577322460093.png) ImgOps Google

Seeing that OP is in agreement that he probably shouldn't be here currently, the thread should probably be locked.



>making this wall of text response to someone going vegan.

Look, it's not a matter of attacking your logic, it's calling BS on your sincerity.


>cant not push veganism here

You claim you resist irl so you are lying about one or the other.  Which is it?

Justifying Nazism because you are Vegan is a false equivalency.  If you intend to help mistreated animals, then making meat-eaters bitter by calling them worse than Nazis is simply not going to persuade anyone to stop eating them.

You are basically saying that since you only murder plants, you may then do any crimes you wish.  Morality simply doesnt work that way.

I think his logic is just as bad.  The fallacies that run in his head are enough to drive me to madness, for example IQ scores being taken as ranking of human value, even after agreeing that IQ scores are a product of privilege not actual intelligence potential:  taking the centuries-long oppression of Africa's population by western powers as justification to dismiss them as less than animals and THEN whine he cant understand how we dont find being called murderers motivates us to rally around his Vegan banner.

Mint, saying you are better because you abstain and shout insults is like watching a rape and feeling superior because you didnt participate.

If you feel you have a duty not to eat animals, then not eating them does not make you virtuous.  Preaching violence against humans makes you evil whether you eat animals or not.

No one here wants to be accused of murder by the lowest form of moral trash that has ever walked the planet.  By justifying Hitler you participate in his crime.  People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Yes, i think above all what annoys me about Mint is his "logic".


File: 1582834297267.png (491.43 KB, 805x1024, 805:1024, 4AA166D7-8208-412A-A8A6-77….png) ImgOps Google

>You claim you resist irl so you are lying about one or the other.  Which is it?
It’s not that I resist IRL, it’s that I don’t have any stigma IRL so there’s nothing for me to resist. Plus there’s a big difference between formulating a wall of text online and talking IRL. IRL you can’t just babble on uncontrollably, there’s a constant back and fourth of each person having a sentence or two each, rather than a few paragraphs.

>for example IQ scores being taken as ranking of human value, even after agreeing that IQ scores are a product of privilege not actual intelligence potential:
I think it’s a bit of both.

>By justifying Hitler you participate in his crime.
I’ve moved away from Hitler for awhile now. I’m more interested in lesser known figures, who didn’t kill anyone, now.

I just don’t know what to think about the Hitler thing anymore. All I’ll say is that if half of what you believe about him is true then I agree with your moral judgment of him. I’m not going to lie by saying that I any strong opinion of him, I just think it’s better if I left it behind me.


Sounds like progress.  Several people hope you return when you are ready.

I understand the desire to leave but the compulsion to stay.  A lot of that feeling is misplaced anger towards people you feel treated you unfairly, and the need to feel not-excluded.

It took me a while to sort that out but >>6508
explains why.

People are here to hang out.  To feel comaraderie and chat and feel good.  They are not here to sort out morality or politics or be lectured, accused, or argued with.  They want you to be chill.

You haven't been chill.  Its really that simple.  When you can genuinely BE chill here, maybe try again.


Maybe you can search for information online to help you?
There are certainly others with this problem too.  From a quick Googling:


File: 1582839528997.png (81.97 KB, 410x410, 1:1, 5054BA6D-2B84-4AFF-80AB-F6….png) ImgOps Google

Sorry, for taking so long to respond. I thought you’d respond to me on Discord first.

>People are here to hang out.
I understand that, but I genuinely find it really hard to control myself when I have a disagreement with someone.

Read, https://old.reddit.com/r/self/comments/21qeij/im_addicted_to_arguing_on_the_internet_i_wish_i/ it basically describes how I feel perfectly. It may sound petty, but not making my point can drive me up the wall with anxiety. I just feel like I have to post.

>You haven't been chill.  Its really that simple.  When you can genuinely BE chill here, maybe try again.
Brazie suggested that I leave the site for awhile, and I think she’s right. I need to learn how to just be chill until I’m ready to come back, because right now I clearly can’t just be chill.

Yeah thanks, that explains how I feel perfectly.



I think lp is really encapsulating the reason that Mint comes off as basically full of it.

Contrary to how chain frames it and this disengenuous anon, the flinsy, fallacy filled logic and shifting inconsist reasoning Mint uses to justify his bigotry at anyone makes it transparent that his reasoning is motivated to justify his sentiments and knee-jerk gut feelings.

It comes of as a particularly narcissistic kind of misanthropy (which a lot of misanthropy is). Which is why I am doubtful of his sincerity. Like veganism being used as a rationalization for a knee jerk narcissistic misanthropy.

That, in turn, makes it hard to trust that he wouldn't just continue the overall pattern of behavior that led to the ban in the first place.

Honestly, you can't expect people to be all tgat welcoming when in context of all this it comes off like all you want to do is use people here as your own personal ego satisfying masturbatory punching bags


File: 1582842197615.png (52.55 KB, 500x334, 250:167, B1B58130-85AF-454C-B7E3-4B….png) ImgOps Google

>veganism being used as a rationalization for a knee jerk narcissistic misanthropy.
I actually got into Veganism before I became really right wing. But mu Veganism is definitely a major contributor to my misanthropy.

>use people here as your own personal ego satisfying masturbatory punching bags
Read, https://old.reddit.com/r/self/comments/21qeij/im_addicted_to_arguing_on_the_internet_i_wish_i/ That’s honestly exactly how I feel. I genuinely can’t help myself.

A lot of that undoubtedly comes from narcissism, but think there are other issues at play. Either way it’s a problem. I shouldn’t be so concerned over disagreements.

And as I said I’m leaving, because even I don’t trust myself. Doesn’t matter how I feel now, I know I’ll be driven crazy if anyone was to try and argue with me again. I just have to state my point.


File: 1582842603293.png (253.46 KB, 470x483, 470:483, 23452567.PNG) ImgOps Google

>90% of ponychan
You're only banned from 1 board.
You can talk on literally all boards besides /ef/.
You just choose not to / cant strike up a conversation that isnt about politics.



(Edit reply: crossovers are fun!)

Probly best, unless a mod feels the need to wrap it up or something.


File: 1582843488532.png (217.39 KB, 539x590, 539:590, 1572208856397.png) ImgOps Google

Its a cross over episode.


Maybe he meant by volume of posts?  Although I think /oat/ isn't 9x slower than /ef/.


Why do you continue?

Its clear that /pol is 90% of Mint's perception of our pony homes.  Unless your sophistry can provide another theory that reconciles the facts.


File: 1582846379457.png (192.38 KB, 366x418, 183:209, 1555719442956.png) ImgOps Google

It probably just feels like he is banned from 90% of the site to him, because its the only board he could just run on and on about his racial prejudice and belittle anyone who dosnt conform to his individual world view, make every thread about himself and his belifes, and it not be spacifcly against the rules.

Since thats 90% of what he talks about, taking that away feels like 90% of the site is missing.

Its kind of telling that the last warning i gave him about posting nazi memes and slurs for jews on /oat/ would be his last warning, slowed him down from posting hugely. I dont think he wants to get perma'd from another site. Keep that foot in the door.


File: 1582846924792.png (89.82 KB, 500x396, 125:99, 796FAE70-C82E-4F38-A325-89….png) ImgOps Google

/ef/ is basically 90% of ponychan. Maybe 90% is a bit hyperbolic, but if you measured by posts per day it would probably be something like 76%, with /oat/ being 13%, and 11% for every other board.

All the cool kids post on /ef/, and that’s where all the good threads are made.

But seriously, given my performance here I’m probably not ready to be unbanned from /ef/. I suggest you read, https://old.reddit.com/r/self/comments/21qeij/im_addicted_to_arguing_on_the_internet_i_wish_i/ I don’t know why, but I honestly can’t help myself and feel a strong need to argue with people over political disagreements.

Until I can sort that out and genuinely learn when and how to drop something that I know will turn sour for me it’s probably a good idea that I get unbanned from either site. I just don’t know how I’d fix myself in that regard.


Look, you can post that reddit link all you want, but the answer is still "Cool motive, still murder"

You have said half a dozen times you're going to go until you can control yourself, so leave.


File: 1582847612588.jpg (3.44 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20200227_155137.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>a strong need to argue with people over political disagreements.

Perhaps it is yourself you are trying to convince by screaming so loudly.  Why, just look at all that fake number shit you just dropped.


File: 1582847619037.png (1.64 MB, 4000x4000, 1:1, DF18F385-9B43-4FE6-92FD-09….png) ImgOps Google

I was going to wait until this thread was over to leave.


File: 1582847731994.png (421.74 KB, 880x650, 88:65, Screenshot_20191022-233426.png) ImgOps Google

I dont need to read anything to know your not ready, because if i thought you were ready, i would have lifted the ban.

Reguardless, i think if you just learned not to shove your beliefs in other peoples faces consistently, especially when they are directly asking you not to, life would be a lot easier.
Very few people actually give a shit what your beliefs are, they just dont need you making every single thread about them.
And you do shit like go into threads that specifically state "this isnt a thread to debate 'X' " and start debating it and giving "counter arguments" and shit.

Then very worst of all, you do so unapologetically. You sit there and listen to people as they tell you your offending/upsetting/annoying/hurting them, and you say "no im not" and explain why they are "wrong"... As if you have any authority at all to tell people how they should feel.

Idk man, its been explained to you over and over and over, by dozens of people across 2 sites... And you just argue and argue and refuse to just take their word for it, that yes, you are indeed being a massive dick head.

Literally all you've ever had to say in those situations was "whoops sorry, i didnt mean to upset you" and end it there without the "but"; but it seems as though that concept eludes you. This thread itself is a prime example.

Thus, here we are.


File: 1582847949918.png (54.92 KB, 430x372, 215:186, AE80D531-3769-483D-9BB4-18….png) ImgOps Google

Yeah, that’s exactly why I also believe that I’m ready to go back to either site. I clearly need to learn to empathise with people better, or at least understand that while I may not agree with them or even understand why they’re upset, I should just shut my mouth anyway.


File: 1582848017294.jpg (6.58 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20200225_163856.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Do you have any idea how much i have to filter myself to not piss off everyone here?  You better get a filter before you come back.

I think your participation while dead-on is not helping this thread die.

Btw since im already posting too much today like as bad as Mint, anyway MK is there anything i can ever do to earn your forgiveness.  I regret everything and miss your conversation so much.  I have garden stuff to talk about.  Give me another chance someday, please.


File: 1582848232711.png (267.74 KB, 453x507, 151:169, 1550855435647.png) ImgOps Google

>I should just shut my mouth anyway.
thats probably the best idea you've had in months.

Prob should just back off and do some thinking on it.
Maybe next time try doing this without the whole "I apologize for nothing" angle.

The worlds not inside your head dude, and sometimes you need to take other peoples word for it, especially when its about how you are making them feel, because even if you think they are "wrong" its an objective truth.


You gotta make up with me to hang out on /canterlot, its a rule.

Mint please request a lock.  Im pretty sure you and MK can discuss offsite things elsewhere, and you know this appeal's public discussion has run its course.  Its going in circles and im a worser sperg than you today.  Go think on things quietly.

Always nice to see you MK.  Glad you are still kicking.

Ok self ban time for me on this board before someone does it to me.  See yall.


File: 1582849579992.png (274.51 KB, 640x492, 160:123, A0148EDF-1539-4768-A486-7F….png) ImgOps Google

>especially when its about how you are making them feel,
I think I just need to accept that feeling are subjective, and therefore that other people’s feelings that conflict with mine aren’t wrong, they’re just different, and I don’t need to make a big deal of that.

Yeah, this is me asking for it to be locked right now.


>I think I just need to accept that feeling are subjective, and therefore that other people’s feelings that conflict with mine aren’t wrong, they’re just different
Also I suggest you read that LessWrong sequence on fake beliefs I linked earlier:
Many people hold many 'beliefs' that actually more like cheering for a sports team (or booing the opposing sports team) than proper beliefs.

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