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File: 1548786462877.gif (465.29 KB, 1006x1261, 1006:1261, 5cb03db7f499135264217cec1c….gif) ImgOps Google

For about 6 months I was under what was called a "political ban", where I was banned from discussing "political" topics. This ban has since expired, and I am currently operating under the assumption that I am no longer under it's restrictions. However, I have not received any official statement from any of the modstaff on the matter, and I have heard that they are considering reinstating the ban. I am making this thread to officially state my position that I feel it should NOT be reinstated. This thread can also serve as a place to discuss the issue publicly for the sake of transparency.

There were many issues this created for me and I feel that the ban did little good and much harm. For one thing, I was not allowed to defend my viewpoints on certain topics or discuss things as any other poster was allowed. This was alienating and stressful for me on many levels. Not only that, it allowed other posters to harass me by saying I was refusing to defend my position because I could not defend my position, rather than because I was not allowed to. This happened to me on a few occasions and was very hurtful and often felt like baiting. The parameters of the ban and what is and isn't considered “political" were never clearly defined, making it difficult to adhere to from the start. I often got no response or contradictory statements when seeking for this to be more clearly defined.  My second and probably most important point, is that despite all the stresses following it caused me, the political ban did not actually accomplish what it was created to achieve. My understanding is that it was created to lessen the heated arguments that were becoming a problem on the board. But preventing me from defending my position on political topics did not stop this from happening. People still reacted in the same ways and caused big arguments on other topics, such as video games and "SJWs". What is the point of extending a ban that did not achieve what it was created for? There are already rules in place to prevent harassment and derailing, the things this political ban attempted and failed to prevent, making it redundant. But beyond just the issues and stresses the ban caused me personally, banning specific people from discussing specific topic sets a bad precedent on the board. Almost anything can cause a heated debate. Someone's opinion on Star Wars characters could create a heated debate depending on how others react to it. Are we going to pick and choose what topics EVERY person on the board is allowed to discuss? That sounds like a bad path to go down. We run the risk of alienating people whose opinions go against the opinions of the site's majority, even on harmless or benign topics like Star Wars characters. Banning one poster from discussing a particular topic sets a bad precedent because it's either singling them out unfairly, or it is setting us up to be a place that harshly polices everyone's opinions.

In summary, the ban prevented me from conversing normally or defending my positions and makes me vulnerable to harassment. What was banned was ill-defined from the start and caused me stress trying to follow it. The ban did not accomplish what it was created for and everything it was designed to stop is already against the rules. And the ban sets a bad precedent on the board for policing people's opinions. For these reasons I feel it would be both unfair and unwise of the modstaff to reinstate this ban. I would like a public, official statement addressing this and stating whether or not the ban will be reinstated.
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>That's an unfair generalization.
Well it's based on what I've seen.  In any case, the advice I wrote in the 2nd paragraph of that post would still be of help to you.


File: 1548968029160.png (250.15 KB, 850x735, 170:147, 888309__safe_solo_glasses_….png) ImgOps Google

>Maybe, instead of getting rid of the ban schedule all together, perhaps have it automatically reset after a set duration if the person in question does not re-offend. Maybe... 6 months?

It does reset, and I think more rapidly than that.  Unless that was changed and I forgot.


Then I want to know what previous infringements my last 2-week ban was based on and when they happened.

I also want to know if the fact that all pervious ban histories were supposed to be reset when the new escalation table was introduced was considered when issuing such a long ban.

You guys kicked me out right before Christmas for a very long time and made me feel very unwelcome here. If I was accidentally issued a ban longer than I should have been I deserve to know and I deserve an apology.


How do you expect *me* to know that?  I'm just a random anon.  But I will way that IMHO your ban was well-deserved.  You were informed multiple times that your replies to Noonim were insulting and disrespectful, yet you continued them and then did the same to Iara.  


That was intended for Mondo, obviously. I will fix it.

And AS A MATTER OF PERSONAL OPINION AND NOT AN ACCUSATION I'm not convinced either of those two were not just trying to get me in trouble purposefully. However, that doesn't change the fact that the way the rules are set up now, that does not matter.

Whether or not someone genuinely felt insulted by something does not change whether or not that thing is an "insult" according to the rules. I can accept that some things are always considered "insults" regardless of someone's true reaction to it, and be more cautious around those two in the future.

However, I think the rules should be more clear on what is and isn't always considered an insult.


>what is ... considered an insult
Let me give you a little help and offer this test: Giving all benefit of the doubt to the other party, if you were in his shoes, would you feel insulted or disrespected?  E.g., if you were just arguing your position, and someone accused you of "just trying to get someone in trouble", how would you feel?  So, don't accuse Noonim of just trying to get you in trouble.  I know Noonim well enough that I can say without any reasonable doubt that he is not trying to get you in trouble.


Well, I've never tried to get Noonim in trouble. I'm not sure he's ever gotten in trouble, to be honest. So it would be an unfair and untrue accusation if he were to accuse me of such.

But he's also not innocent of resorting to personal insults when he loses his temper.  There have been times I've just been arguing my position and he comes out cursing and insulting. Which is why it's probably better I just avoid engaging with him. If he insults, but I don't respond, then he'll get in trouble and not me. This is my plan going forward, for Iara too.


>But he's also not innocent of resorting to personal insults when he loses his temper.

>There have been times I've just been arguing my position and he comes out cursing and insulting.
I've noticed that miscommunication often occurs in political conversations with Noonim.  So my advice to you (and to Noonim) is to step back and try to be very clear and precise in your wording and arguments, and to ask for clarification before assuming bad motives.  


I'd agree to this largely. Only thing I'd add is that I find it generally objectionable to treat a user to a different standard to the rest. As a rule, I do not like people getting punished for what others wouldn't be.


File: 1548974519698.jpg (665.99 KB, 651x1024, 651:1024, large (15).jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Man, my memory isn't good enough to dredge up that sort of thing.  The idea is just that if you only have a small infraction every couple of months and you're not a consistent problem then we don't really need to do anything drastic, and we don't necessarily sit on hard lines and check exactly when someone's last infraction was.  If we can't remember if something happen, then it was long enough ago that it isn't a problem.

Your stuff, especially around that time, was very memorable because all of it was happening within like a month.  I honestly can't remember if or where we write that stuff down for future reference because I'm pretty sure it hasn't come up with almost any other user.  Maybe like Steam Twist, but that was years ago anyway.  A couple other problem users we've remembered stuff recently enough to ban them, but then not enough to have to remember if something was happening a month or more ago.


I had hoped I have it a quite thorough breakdown before, for you. Hostile accusations of intent are generally quite insulting when they aren't true, and of course, yours were not. I was not out to bait you into trouble, I had a genuine problem with your constant aggressive attacks on my character.

For why on all of this, I would direct you to my thread on this subject and especially my post here.

Assumptions of character like that can be incredibly harmful. I am quite certain you would not like it if I were to do the same to you.


Memory is not a good metric to use. It can be faulty, details could be gotten wrong.

There needs to be consistent rules and time frames for all users, and if I'm going to be more severely punished for an infraction, then there should be record of what is causing the harsher punishment. Especially when there is a set escalation scale.

And this also does NOT answer my other question: Was the fact that all previous ban histories were supposed to be reset when the new escalation table was introduced was considered when issuing such a long ban?

This is all stuff the modstaff needs to be more transparent about.


If you are willing to admit that you were not trying to get me in trouble purposefully here, then I will take you at your word. I apologize if my comments seemed to be attacks on your character, and I'll be more careful about that in the future.


I have gotten in trouble a few times. But, beyond that, I would say the exact same to you.
It is an unfair and untrue accusation.

>But he's also not innocent of resorting to personal insults when he loses his temper.
This is true. I have a nasty habbit of replying to insults with the same. I tend to give as I get. That's an unproductive action I'm trying to avoid. The urge to fight back is naturally quite strong. But it should be largely avoided now thanks to having an outlet for that.


I've literally said this to you dozens of times.
But alright. I suppose it's all the same. Even if "admit" is an incredibly strange way to phrase it.


File: 1548976563839.png (357.36 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 870694__safe_scarf_micro_s….png) ImgOps Google

>Was the fact that all previous ban histories were supposed to be reset when the new escalation table was introduced was considered when issuing such a long ban?

[i]All[/] previous ban histories were not considered, for sure, because that's a really long history.  Only recent bans and warnings were considered.  Though, notably, we had escalated how firm we were going to be with such bans over the Christmas season.  The problem was a general one and was seemingly rapidly inflating, so I think we pushed a bit harder to try to keep it under control.

Again, though, my memory is really bad, and you're gonna have to ask other people if you want better details than that.


That's why this thread is here. Where are these "other people"?

These are questions I deserve answers to, and the modstaff being cryptic and secretive about their motivations and implementations of the rules helps no one.  


File: 1548977916704.png (199.12 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, large (12).png) ImgOps Google

>Where are these "other people"?

Busy, mostly.  Everyone I've seen recently has already commented in the thread.


File: 1548978419721.png (425.82 KB, 827x839, 827:839, adine_think_b.png) ImgOps Google

It might be a good idea for situations like this to gather for a proper "official statement", by gathering comments from everyone over the course of a day, give or take, in whatever groups typically message in, be it discord Skype or whatever.

Would probably go a long ways towards helping the issues of hearsay, rumors, and user discussion, when it comes to particular administrative actions.
Incidentally, in the same Bean, it might be appropriate to use proper mod tanks when responding an official function, as it is easy to lose statements under constant reply from non moderators.
this, admittedly, might be my own problem love just simply being terrible with names, though. So, maybe others don't have that issue.


>it might be appropriate to use proper mod tanks when responding an official function
I think tanks would be overkill.  Humvees or MRAPs should be enough.


File: 1548983018170.png (445.5 KB, 827x839, 827:839, adine_giggle_b.png) ImgOps Google

I dunno, man, seems like a good IFV is needed at minimum!


I will call Arty on you


>whether or not someone genuinely felt insulted by something does not change whether or not that thing is an "insult" according to the rules.

This is exactly where you are very, very wrong Manley.

I offer this constructively and not as disparagement but it's very important that you accept that your words can hurt deeply whether you intend them to or not.

When someone says that hurt, your habit of blaming them for it, instead of saying you're sorry is at the root of the problem.

It might not be your fault your words hurt someone, but telling them they cannot be hurt just because you didnt mean to hurt them is very much your fault.

I thought you understood this now, after the discussion you had with Brit.  Your "cringe" thread that got you banned is packed with examples, and Luna's ban notice was very clear as to why it was so severe and what it was about.  I suggest you read that thread and the Luna post very carefully.

I miss you Manley and i want you here.  I know getting banned for Christmas was fucked up.  But you do need to understand that you did it to yourself, and understand why.


File: 1549132483325.jpg (34.96 KB, 640x480, 4:3, not my birthday.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Ponyville does not have a !Pinkie Pie


File: 1549177300655.png (282.97 KB, 526x353, 526:353, Shy Fluttersmile.png) ImgOps Google

Manley, i just wanted to let you know:

no, you aren't on a continuing political ban. We are not going to extend the political ban, and that was not our intention.

A political ban may be on the table for the future though, and that is going to be highly dependent on whether you can continue to keep to the rules.

Please, please try to be civil.


I feel like I have been for the past several days, Moony. But thank you for the clear-cut answer. I understand the situation. I am no longer under a political ban at this moment, but am under scrutiny for rule-breaking. That is all I ask. I will continue to try my hardest to be civil.

But I still have some unanswered questions I posed in >>2965



the 2-week ban wasn't an accident, and the wording of the ban was originally intended to be far more harsh

abby put everything explaining the reasons for your ban and its severity in your ban post, which you can still read on /canterlot/


File: 1549208317179.jpg (82.92 KB, 625x632, 625:632, 367r6g.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

But Ponyville does have a Positively Pinkie.


That doesn't answer my questions, though.

>What specific previous infringements was my last 2-week ban based on and when did they happened?

>Was the fact that all previous ban histories were supposed to be reset when the new escalation table was introduced  considered when issuing such a long ban?


File: 1549268796381.png (191.81 KB, 720x1195, 144:239, Capture _2019-02-04-00-18-….png) ImgOps Google

What part of >>2869 exactly, is difficult to understand?

Go through the cringe thread and count how many times you called someone something that would hurt their feelings.

Like calling them a school shooter for agreeing with you on the gunshow loophole.  Yes, it still hurts me now all this time after, and it doesn't matter if you intended for it to hurt, any more than the ant below your shoe is less crushed if you didn't see it there.

I am trying to help you.  Don't get mad about it, in fact it's impossible for you to be upset because i don't intend to upset you.


It does not answer my questions!

It does not give me specific previous infringements that this last 2-week ban was based on and does not tell me when they happened.

It also does not tell me if the fact that all previous ban histories were supposed to be reset when the new escalation table was introduced was considered before issuing such a long ban.  Those are the questions I want answers to.

Also, I never called you a school shooter. You took what I said out of context and heard what you wanted to hear. Stop bringing up things from months ago I thought we put behind us so that we could move on and be civil towards each other. I'm not holding on to any grudges against you. Also, you're not a mod. You're not equipped or authorized to answer the questions I'm asking.


The >>>/rules/ post says that the escalation table is only a guideline, not mandatory:
>If a ban is given that does not escalate in this order, again excluding First Degree rule violations, that ban must be thoroughly explained by the issuing staff member such that the public can understand that reasoning.
You got such an explanation accompanying your ban.


I never agreed that you got away with that shit you said to me and i think enough witnesses were around that no one's going to believe that you didn't say it or that i wanted to be abused as you did.

Denying that you caused harm is neither civilized nor putting anything behind.

I did my best to help you but you are simply unable to accept that you've ever been wrong.

I am finished with this conversation, in fact any conversation with you ever because you've never said you were sorry for what you said and what it did to me.  You've only insisted that you did nothing wrong, just like you are now doing in your demand for examples.

That's fucked up.  No, we can't be friends if you won't even give me the tiniest shred of respect to acknowledge your words hurt me.


You misunderstand me.

I'm not saying I didn't hurt you. It's clear you were hurt. I'm saying I didn't say what you are accusing me of saying.

If you were hurt by what I said, I apologize for the miscommunication. It was not my intention to hurt you. But I'd really like it if we could move on from this. There's nothing I can do that hasn't already been done. I've apologized, I've clarified what I meant. A few times. What else do you want?


Keep it civil in here, please c:


Screw it, no more topic bans, just straight-up bans from now on.


File: 1549423045494.jpg (43.38 KB, 736x658, 368:329, pinkyflutters.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>what does a lost pony want

How about acknowledging what you did?  Instead of denial.

A sincere apology has never been offered to me.  You do see, do you not, that an "if" conditioned apology for "the miscommunication" is a denial that you said what you said.

You went on for more than three days publicly here saying things like you were afraid I would go on a shooting spree, including threatening me that you'd call the police on me.

Rainstream was very adamant with me, in her belief that I had "scared" you.  I apologized to you profusely for your reaction to my stupid joke intended to emphasize the danger in the lack of background checks at gun show sales (in solidarity with your point).  But I have yet to receive any direct acknowledgment from you that your accusation hurt my feelings, or that you are sorry for that, in fact you even deny having made the accusation.  An accusation that was clear, public, and convincing to third parties such as Rainstream.

To me, it seems that you have never, ever admitted that you were wrong.  Yes, you say that I was wrong, and that you are sorry I was wrong, and that I caused myself pain by being wrong.  That isn't fair, and frankly, it is cruel.  Because it not only fails to acknowledge what you did but blames me for everything.  It is a lie.  A bald-face, outright stinking lie that hurts me more every time you repeat it.

How can I leave something in the past, when it is forever renewed by being misrepresented, the true facts never having been acknowledged?

I'm very truly sorry, Moons.  I know I should simply stfu but it's very hard when confronted with a situation that is so frustrating to me.  So...dishonest.  So hurtful.  I don't know what I am supposed to do to make it stop hurting, to move on.

Am I wrong, Moons, for speaking out in this thread?


You know what, I would deny that things went down the way you are describing, but thinking on it, I honestly do not remember what was said. This must have been MONTHS ago and I do not remember the details of what happened anymore.

So fine, I'm sorry for implying... whatever you're saying I implied. I'm sorry for hurting you. But I do not remember doing it, so all I can offer is an apology. And for the record, you don't "scare" me. Not anymore.


I also remember it happening as LP says it happened.  LP told a stupid joke, and yes, he is to blame for that.  But you over-reacted and said very hurtful things to LP, and you are to blame for your actions there.  LP is right that you owe him an apology.  


And also, you should work on your empathy for others.  Like in this thread >>>/pony/911857 , you were to oblivious to how your words were disrespectful and hurtful to Rose.


>so all I can offer is an apology.
And yet you still seem incapable of actually offering one because you have yet to do so, after all this.  It's like taking responsibility is too great a burden.

>And for the record, you don't "scare" me. Not anymore
I don't even know what this is supposed to mean.

If you want a refresher lookup your own log file that you named "lpconvo".

Thank you.  Do you have any suggestion for me as to a graceful exit to this conversation?  I feel like i fell into a well.


> because you have yet to do so

What the fuck do you call >>3065
>So fine, I'm sorry for implying... whatever you're saying I implied
>If you were hurt by what I said, I apologize for the miscommunication.

I have apologized twice now.

I'm not sure by what you mean by "work on" or even what that would entail. I misunderstood what Rose was saying. That's all. He didn't say "I don't want to argue" he said "You're wrong, but I want to say so politely." When he established he didn't want to argue, I stopped arguing.


Do you seriously consider that an apology?
It's genuinely one of the weakest apologies I've ever heard. Comes across as though you believe you've done nothing wrong and the other guy's just crazy. Extremely passive aggressive, I'd say.

The other one is marginally better, but, it frames it as a "I'm sorry you misunderstood me and as a result hurt yourself" type of deal, which still holds the same troubles.


File: 1549484755380.png (2.18 MB, 1920x1382, 960:691, cgseb.png) ImgOps Google

As to Rose, I already explained to you several times what "let's agree to disagree" means.
I have absolutely no idea where you got the idea that it's just "You're wrong, but I want to say so politely".
There's a lot more to it. What it means is "I respect your difference of opinion on this matter, and do not wish to continue leading to unpleasant arguments". That's, I'd say, a far more accurate breakdown than "you're wrong, but I'm being polite".


>What the fuck do you call ...
I'd call it something that has the form of an apology but not the substance.  You didn't even clearly admit that what you did was wrong.


>I'm not sure by what you mean by "work on" or even what that would entail.
Try imagining yourself in the shoes of the person you're talking to.  What effect would your words have?

>I misunderstood what Rose was saying. That's all.
No, that's not all.  You rudely said "You're wrong" to Rose. In the context of that thread, what you said was uncalled for.


File: 1549496354516.png (137.46 KB, 786x1016, 393:508, pinkypout2.png) ImgOps Google

Exactly, Nooms.  Thank you.


>"what the fuck do you call"
Using profanity against me here when I say your non-apology is not satisfactory, feels like punishment for not being meekly happy with being blamed.

It is very abusive.


File: 1549501111593.png (83.07 KB, 517x240, 517:240, rose_agreetodisagree.png) ImgOps Google


I just finished reading that thread.  

Rose most certainly NEVER told you that you were wrong.  He said he agrees to disagree, which means exactly what it says:  that he disagrees, and doesn't wish to argue.  No one in the history of language has ever misinterpreted this statement as "You are WRONG".

When someone agrees to disagree with you, you do not continue repeatedly telling them that they are wrong, and accusing them of knowing they are wrong by refusing to defend their position.  It means they don't want to argue, so leave them alone.  Yet, you badgered him until he wished to be anywhere else but here, pic related.

Thorax stepped in and explained it to you, and you told him that he is wrong.

I simply cannot understand it.


>Rose most certainly NEVER told you that you were wrong.
Did you mean to reply to someone else?


I edited to fix the links right after posting, must not have updated timely for you.

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