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File: 1498890700004.jpg (11.06 KB, 220x229, 220:229, firebrand.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Welcome to Ponyville's very own ToE OOC thread. What I intend to do is create an rpg group where we play adventures and campaigns within the Equestrian universe using the ToE ruleset made by the Riverhorse company.

Joining the Party
Right now this thread is being used to discuss if and how this will play out however don't let that stop you from making a character. If you want to join the game then you should at least have a fair idea on how ToE is played but don't worry if you don't. If you don't have your own copy of the book or are not sure how the rules are played, you can contact me on Discord and we can talk over a voice channel (Link below) if that doesn't strike your fancy then I can try to explain it by text here.

Character Sheet
Body: 1d
Mind: 1d
Charm: 1d
Cutie Mark Skill: (Make on up) 1d
Racial Skill: (Stout Heart, Telekinesis, or Flight) 1d
Quirks/Flaws: (Pick 2) (Something that your character is weak about for example Fear or Jealousy)
Place of origin:
Alignment: (Good, evil, neutral, etc)
Inventory: (Five items tops)

All of the normal rules of ToE will be applied to the campaigns as listed in the book however leveling up will be changed for the player's sake. First off when a character gains a new level, they will upgrade a single trait of their choice, upgrade their Cutie Mark Skill, and upgrade/learn 3 new skills. Skills can not be upgraded more than once per level. Also a character will only ever have to quirks to their character and will not gain new quirks when raising their level.

As for now this ToE thread does not exactly have a main campaign to it yet but I have written plenty of short adventures for players to get a feel for the game before I can write a main campaign to get things really started. I also am not sure if the game will be played on Ponyville.us or on Discord but as for now consider the game to be played here on this image board site unless we decide otherwise. If you have any questions about this thread or how the game is played, contact me in the Discord chat room or on this thread itself

Discord Chat Room
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Hey something is wrong with your character sheet. All of the skills add up properly but your traits do not and I think I know why.

For the longest time your character has been wearing the Guard Cloak which upgrades the charm trait which may explain it being 1D10 rather than 1d8. I've traced all of your character sheet posts as best I could but here is the gap in question.


It immediately jumps up a notch even though you hadn't upgraded it. I think your sheet should look like this.

Name: Summer Rye
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Male
Level: 6
Stamina: 20/20
Armor: 1
Body: 1D12
Mind: 1D8
Charm: 1D8
Cutie Mark Skill: Farming (1D20+1D4)
Rye Talents:
Stout Heart (1D10) 1/1
Creative Flair: Cooking (1D10)
Creative Flair: Persuasion (1D6)
Keen Knowledge: Animal Care (1D4)
Special Skill: Climbing (1D6)
Sword Play (1D8)
Special Skill: Lockpicking (1D4)

Quirks/Flaws: Fear (Caves), Always Hungry


Yeah, you're correct!


File: 1521829183304.jpg (191.07 KB, 1280x622, 640:311, _commission__travelers_at_….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

So with that the campaign is now over and I'm gonna prepare the next campaign for our heroes to take part in. It should be no secret that it will still be our characters

>But they died!?

This will be explained later on. Anyways I do have to go but this is what we can expect soon...

A new RP thread. A new campaign. New adventures and quests. And the such. Other than that I do have to go now and do work.


File: 1521829383089.png (251.65 KB, 800x950, 16:19, ToE Epic by CritHit.png) ImgOps Google

In many cartoons and comics about superheroes, if a body cannot be found it doesn't always confirm they are dead.

Heck sometimes remains can be found and by some sci-fi/magic macguffin they're ressurected. It happened to Superman when he fought Doomsday for first time.

My guess our heroes were magically warped elsewhere and our quest is to get home.

Also, logically, we should start a fresh new thread for it.


If anything, I'm more curious what happened to Sir Claymore. Wherever we end up will he acompany us as a fourth party member that you'll be RPing?


I know you'll need time to prepare things and we're probbaly done for tonight anyway but when abouts will Part 2 begin?


File: 1521905491822.png (207.24 KB, 508x867, 508:867, 1534643__safe_artist-colon….png) ImgOps Google

Okay guys here's the deal, I gotta make the new thread really quick but I'm like super hung over. I'm still gonna make the new thread today just bare with me I'm already sick with a sore throat plus my hung overness.


Cool, cool.
We don't have to start the next adventure right away if you wanna take a break. I was just wondering when about we're were gonna play again. Like if you wanted a break or something.


File: 1521905669425.png (59.07 KB, 576x576, 1:1, 1524891__safe_artist-colon….png) ImgOps Google

Oh we're gonna continue and all, I just couldn't make the thread last night.


Clarity is not online at the mo, but I'll let him know when he's on.


I need a cool picture for the new thread. The theme this time around is cutie marks. Do you have any ideas?


Well, this picture comes to mind.
Though depends on the scope of the adventure.

If I could, I'd do a picture of the trio of us for the adventure, but that take too long.


File: 1521906296789.png (Spoiler Image, 806.84 KB, 910x879, 910:879, Tirek_by_Audrarius.png) ImgOps Google

Nice I was thinking about using this picture.


File: 1521906487139.png (Spoiler Image, 2.61 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, Element of Darkness 02.png) ImgOps Google

Oooooh, if he is going to be involved, I made some fan-history involving him and Epic Mount.

At least I tried to, I wanted to make a continous webomic series about it but I never got done with page 5. Making a comic on a weekly basis was hard!


Yep that's why I was gonna do him. Not only does he have history with the party but his character will fit nicely for my campaign though I wish the spoiler would hide the file name :/


File: 1521906937512.png (Spoiler Image, 3.03 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, Element of Darkness 03.png) ImgOps Google

Yeah that sucks.

I really wish I could of continued Ponytale. It would of taken place during Season 2 of MLP:FiM and tell stories that happened behind or around the major episodes of the series. (The prologue of the story was how Luna made a deal with the devil to become Nightmare Moon.)
I had a feeling that given time, the audience would of grown to like my story. Yes EpicShy was planned but not to be forced. After all most lovers were just friends to begin with.

Heck I invisioned to add a poll in a later story to allow my audience to vote if they want to see EpicShy happen or not in the comic. That way they can have a say in the matter than just me just making it a pleasure project.


Well now maybe we can complete this story in the RP, following the most up to date canon of course and with me in charge. Don't worry about your character history, everything will be the same with only a few minor changes.

Also new thread is up.


Also, Clarity is busy today and won't be back until Monday.

Maybe he's missing from the group and we'll have to find him?


Name: Summer Rye
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Male
Level: 7
Stamina: 20/20
Armor: 1
Body: 1D12
Mind: 1D8
Charm: 1D10
Cutie Mark Skill: Farming (1D20+1D6)
Rye Talents:
Stout Heart (1D10) 1/1
Creative Flair: Cooking (1D10)
Creative Flair: Persuasion (1D8)
Keen Knowledge: Animal Care (1D4)
Special Skill: Climbing (1D8)
Sword Play (1D8)
Special Skill: Lockpicking (1D6)

Quirks/Flaws: Fear (Caves), Always Hungry


Armor is 2 due to the new helmet.


Hello? I would like to join the RP.


That's all well and good mate. First we need to make your character sheet. Are you familiar with the Tails of Equestria rules, if not I can ask you a series of questions to you so we can flesh out a character sheet.

What's your character's name?

What's your character's race?

What's your character's gender?

What's does your character look like / a picture will work also

(optional) What's your character history and life goals?

What's your character's alignment?

What's your character's special talent?

Is your character strong or smart?

What does your character carry around as inventory, 5 items max


Name: Shadowchaser
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Male
Appearance: Average Build, Pitch black mane, light black coat that is almost grey. Purple eyes. Long mane and tail.
Alignment: Neutral
Talent: Dark Magic
Smart Character
-Cloak and hood(Grey colored)
-Short Sword
-Alchemy Kit
-Metal Boot/Greaves

History & Goals: Raised by a cult of Sombra, Shadowchaser embraced the dark arts and is driven by a fear of death to extend his life or attain immortality however futile the endeavor might be.


Okay so here's what your character sheet and statistics should look like.

Name: Shadowchaser
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Male
Level 1
Stamina: 10/10
Body 1d4
Mind 1d6
Charm 1d6
Dark Magics: 1d6
Telekinesis: 1d6

Cloak and hood(Grey colored)
Short Sword
Alchemy Kit
Metal Boot/Greaves

Also some other things, we need to pick two quirks for your character to have as flaws. I do have some suggestions for you if you are drawing blank.

Death Knell
When your HP drops below half your Special talent and Mind trait is downgraded

[i]You suffer -1 to all charm and speech based rolls.[/?]

Lastly we have to level your character up all the way to LVL 7 so you can be on par with the rest of the party. I know this can be tough but I am willing to work with you. Just remember the level up rules.

>When a character gains a new level, they will upgrade a single trait of their choice, upgrade their Cutie Mark Skill, and upgrade/learn 3 new skills. Skills can not be upgraded more than once per level. Also a character will only ever have to quirks to their character and will not gain new quirks when raising their level.


File: 1522385665303.png (89.87 KB, 800x900, 8:9, ShadowChaser.png) ImgOps Google

Here you can have a picture too, I got bored and antsy.


File: 1522399843228.png (43.46 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is lurking.png) ImgOps Google

Oooh! New player?:shy1:


Okay. Thank you very much.


Okay I'm just gonna assume that you are okay with those quirks. What I need next is a list of skills from you that you want your character to know. These are minor skills and your character will not revolve around them but they can be useful.

Go ahead and make me a list of skills you want and be sure to put them in order by most important to least important, also be sure to include your telekinesis in your list as it is important for me to see how much you value it.


Do you have a list of skills I can pick from?


Really you can just make up your own skills that you may want within reason of course. I can give you a list as example but there would be much more that you can have.

Open Lock
Sword Play
Pole Arms
Animal Care


Dark Magic
Healing Magic
Buff/Status Effect Magic
Elemental Magic
Sword play


Okay so that's a good start but I think e should approach this from a different way and just level up your character.

here is your character currently so we will need to raise him up to LVL 2 for now. Here are the steps on how to do that.

1: Upgrade either you body, mind, or Charm Stats

2:Automatically upgrade your special talent.

3: Upgrade/learn 3 skills. A single skill can not be upgraded more than once per level.


Learn Skill
-Elemental Magic

Body 5
Mind 10
Charm 10

Dark Magics 11
Telikinesis 6


Er not quite. When you upgrade something you make the dice for a stat go up to the next level and there are 6 different dice for that.


For your core stats you only choose one Body Mind or Charm, not all three. Here's what your character sheet should look like and is what I recommend.

Name: Shadowchaser
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Male
Level 2
Stamina: 12/12
Body 1d4
Mind 1d8
Charm 1d6
Dark Magics: 1d8
Telekinesis: 1d6
Healing Touch 1d4
Evasion 1d4
Control (Do you have a preference as to what sort of element you want to control? Fire air earth water etc? Choose one.)

Also note that upgrading your Body or Mind will increase your stamina points so I recommend getting these up early on.


I'm sure this can be getting a bit frustrating for you, if you want I can set aside some time for you to talk to you in Discord. I'm usually on in the mornings 11:30+ or in the nights at 10:30+ Eastern Standard Time.

Discord Link


File: 1522995599228.jpg (161.36 KB, 850x900, 17:18, scribe-1479682830.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

18,5,4 23,9,14,20,5,18: "Oh its you again, I haven't seen you in years!"

3,12,1,25,13,15,18,5: "18,5,4 23,9,14,20,5,18!? Is that really you!? I can't believe it, we haven't been together for several years. What brought you back to Equestria?"

18,5,4 23,9,14,20,5,18: "Oh well father has started to bring me along since I got my Cutie Mark for politics and said that I should start learning more about the family trade rather than rely on raw talent."

3,12,1,25,13,15,18,5: "That sounds really cool. Ever since I joined the knights I got my Cutie Mark too so I imagine we will be seeing each other a lot more."

18,5,4 23,9,14,20,5,18: "That's right and I'm so glad for that. A knight and his princess is so story book. Together we will keep our promise and make this world a better place."


4E4C5D 3A3C1D1D 4D3B1A4D 1A 3D5A3A2D5A4D 3A4C4A4A?

4B 2A5A4D 4E4C5D 3A1A3C’4D 4A5A3A4B5C3B5A3D 4D3B4B3D 2C5A3D3D1A2B5A.

2C4E 1B1A1E4C5D2D1A4D5A 2E4C2D4A 4B3D “5A3C4B2B2C1A”!


File: 1523027252525.png (375.69 KB, 2000x1330, 200:133, 2000px-ASCII-Table-wide.sv….png) ImgOps Google

What kind of code is this? It looks like ascii but it doesn't decode that way.


It's a fairly simple code if you know how it works. But I also threw in some HTML codes for punctuations.


File: 1523027603855.jpg (Spoiler Image, 225.33 KB, 446x1002, 223:501, Polybius_Arcade_1.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

My clue was to do with the Polybius Square, but actually my code uses a more simplified format that I'm not sure if it's the same thing or not.

But I want to see if you can figure it out, it's not impossible.

(I edited a spelling mistake which turned the HTML codes into their symbols, so theres that. I hope I haven't left any other spelling mistakes, I may have mixed up J with I.)


File: 1523042403289.gif (88.52 KB, 576x612, 16:17, 1625252__safe_artist-colon….gif) ImgOps Google

I need a basis for the code if you want me to decode this or else this will just be a jumble of numbers and letters to me.



Here, 5C = X

I put this in a A=1 code so that you guys can easily learn who is speaking here. Really I wanted an air of mystery while still having you understand the background story and how things came to be.

I will also do more of these.


File: 1523042526522.jpg (229.66 KB, 525x389, 525:389, secret-codes-grid.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Close enough.


Oh I just messed up the X and Y values.\

Well after decoding the first line I imagine you are chastizing me for my code method. I made it easy on purpose.


I was just teasing, not chasting.

If anything speaking in coded messages and riddles reminds me of my made-up Elevyn lore. I made up a precursor race of beings who were so advance that their language was comparable to calculus (except all the letters, numbers and human symbols replaced with their own). Their religion consist of complex rituals which are Dirth's modern day dungeon puzzles.

I named this ancient race after my favourate word.


Hey I just got back from work and I wanted to say sorry for being so aggravating with you. I've just been really stressed out from school as I learned I turned in an assignment wrong and will have to do a whole new part of it. Not only that I also had to go to work and thank about it all day with the bullshit of wal-mart.


Hey it's alright my dude. If you knew how old I really am... well let's just say School sucks no matter if attending or attend it.

Even to this day I still have dreams where I wake up paranoid over unfinished homework over 10 years a go or something.


Yeah by now you should be used to my usual vitriolic behaviour. Hell its why my character has Short Fuse / Hot Blood.

Also how old are you like 28?


File: 1523069474258.png (63.31 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is sad.png) ImgOps Google

Eh... two years under... I wish I didn't waste my twenties.

I'm 30 years old and last night I dreamt of my primary school playground.

Still it's better than when I wake up concerned about my homework from my high school years. I remember back when I had 3-5 different homework assignments and I couldn't keep up with them all. I really didn't want to dissapoint anyone, but I recall not finishing my English homework assignments and ever since I left school over a decade a go I see get the occasional nightmare of dissapointing my teacher.
I didn't hate my english teacher... (except for the one time she told me to leave the class for being the victim of bullying) but I didn't want to dissapoint her, which I did, which I am still conscious about.

All in all, school is no place for smart people and if I ever have children someday I'd rather practice alternate method of education than putting them through what I did.

I really hate homework.


Yeah I pretty much hate doing homework as well as I see very little incentive to do it but I went through all of school without failing a grade.

>I wish I didn't waste my twenties.
Don't feel too bad about this really, a man's peak is actually at about in his 40's as it is his peak earnings years. Really all you have to do is get a job in a college of sorts (Community college or whatever you have in britain) and get some degree in a STEM field, I recommend computer programming.

>except for the one time she told me to leave the class for being the victim of bullying
Teachers aren't really capable to handle bullying and will often let it just slip by because they are retarded or like the bully, trust me I've had the shit bullied out of my as well as the rest of my siblings. I live in a rural area though so the worst I got it that I'm willing to share was someone choked me from behind. Anyways that's all over now and you can just look on to the future instead of the past.

>All in all, school is no place for smart people and if I ever have children someday I'd rather practice alternate method of education than putting them through what I did.
Eh really school is a miracle on human society. You got kids in their early twenties already on par with historical theorists and scientists, I can't really deny the benefits of school. The problem though is that the teachers suck and don't know how to handle bullying, its a really broken system at least here in the states.

>I really hate homework.
I really do too but I try.


>I wish I didn't waste my twenties.
I know this is a unhealthy way of thinking, but I've always been jealous of the heroes in TV shows and cartoons. They get to be heroes of their own stories or do fantastic things. I'm not talking about Spiderman, Batman or the like, but still characters that make them interesting to them their own life interesting.
And given these characters are teens or in their twenties, well I find it more difficult to relate to them.

It's one of the reasons why I like MLP:FiM because the series never specify anypony's age. Rarity acts like a teenager or young adult that tends to be whiney or immature, in yet she owns a boutique thats slowly becoming a chain business. To ponies you're either a foal, a bigger pony or an elderly.

>except for the one time she told me to leave the class for being the victim of bullying
I rarely ever got bullied, but this one time stood out for me.
These arseholes to the right of me kept teasing me and I think bothering my work. I told my English teacher of this issue as they persist and I was told to leave. To be the victim of bullying is one thing but for the teacher to exclude you for being the victim made me felt I was taking the blames of these wankstains who had a little victory laugh as I left.

Whenever she told me to come back in or not, I don't know since I left to go back to Room 11 (Sorta like a secial aid place for certain students)... Or did I go back to class after talking about it in Room 11? I can't recall, I think I did.

But you're right, thats years a go, over and done with and I don't care whatever happened to those ass-wranglers.

>Eh really school is a miracle on human society.
I think the idea of school started off as a good concept, but what school is today just seems really reduntant. I found primary school was more pleasent era for me with more useful and interesting lessons than high school provided. Incidentally the majority of my education during my teen years was not from high school but my own natual curiosity and having internet.
To me High School just seems like an obligatory place all kids must go to whenever they legitimately enjoy it or not. High School does teach some interesting things but doesn't teach practical things like how to finance your savings, provide shelter and care for yourself, your standard legal rights as a citizen or even how to use a washing machine.

Heck even maths seems like a waste of time to me. I get by with primary school maths than the need to add and subtract large ammounts of numbers.
Maybe if I was a scientist, like an advance physicist then maths would be more relevent to me, but I'm not

>I really hate homework.
School takes up 7 or so hours of our day, Thats 35 hours of our weekdays and teachers expect us to take up OUR time to do their job for them. They can take my F for a change for that logic.

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