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File: 1551313602246.png (1.34 MB, 652x1059, 652:1059, SonicGamebook MetalCityMay….png) ImgOps Google

A Sonic the Hedgehog RP set in the (Sega games) world of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Our adventure begins in the coastal city on South Island, a mobian town neighbouring the Springyard Zone and not far off from Green Hill Zone.

A stranger is visiting the city, a monkey carrying around a sword. He has been around South Island before but it's been awhile since he returned to South Island.
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There's another wave after this one? You sure we're gonna last that long?

Gadgets heads to the exit of the ship and air seals it behind him so that he doesn't disrupt the cabin. From there he takes out his barrier capsule and uses it on himself then fastens his rope to the interior part of the exit. After this he opens the door to the outside and braces himself against the sudden impact of wind. Determined he climbs atop of the ship carefully and looked back at their chasers.

Gadget: "There's hell to pay and we are gonna bring it to Robotnik's tower whether you like it or not."

He then takes out all of his bombs and throws all of them at the ships behind the shuttle.

1d3 = 2
1d3 = 2
1d3 = 2
1d3 = 2
1d3 = 1
1d3 = 1


Probably not. It's not one of those "you're suppose to fail" moments but even I thought this was gonna be a bit easier.

Ho boy, I'm probably gonna misread some of this I'll have to slowly read and becareful not to make any mistakes than rush it.

The Battleship blasted it's laser which barely missed the actual ship but it destroyed the weapon.

Ship: 1/12
Turret: 0/4 (but can still be repairable)
"Shit! The gun is dead!"

Melody: "And the ship is about to be destroyed. We're going to fall arn't we?"

Gadget got to the top of the ship and threw all his bombs out.
By sheer luck and coincidence (because no way I'm calculating and rolling for all that) the bombs fell into the battleship causing it to fall from the sky.

Melody who witness Gadget sink a ship was hollaring like a crazy bird over how he took down a ship like that.

Mystic: "That was amazing Gadget, but can you quickly repair do some repairs while you're there?"

(Just for this turn, and because of the oppotunity of hanging from the outside of the ship where the damage is, I will allow him to use 2 spare ship parts to repair with, but if you fail the tech rolls those ship parts are forever lost. Please include the "if repair d3" rolls if you want to do both or one or the other.)


Given he had some time he works about the hull of the ship and tries to repair it to the best of his abilities but he already came to terms if they were gonna lose the ship. Despite this he still does his best to make repairs.

Repair Hull 1d6 + 6 = 7 1d3 = 1
Repair Gun 1d6 + 6 = 7 1d3 = 3


Ship: 2/12
Turret: 3/4

Mystic wasted no time on opening fire at the last remaining jets.
Attack: d6 + 5 = 8, d6 + 5 = 6, d6 + 5 = 6 DC 9

I know I am breaking my own rules with skipping the iniative roll but I figure if we don't fall now we probably will sooner or later.


Well... shit.
Mystic misses as the three fighters open fire.

>Jet 1
Attack d6 + 3 = 6 (if hit does d3 = 2 damage to the ship)
Luck d6 + 4 = 5 (if hit does d3 = 1 damage to the gun)

>Jet 2
Attack d6 + 3 = 6 (if hit does d3 = 1 damage to the ship)
Luck d6 + 4 = 10 (if hit does d3 = 1 damage to the gun)

>Jet 3
Attack d6 + 3 = 9 (if hit does d3 = 2 damage to the ship)
Luck d6 + 4 = 8 (if hit does d3 = 3 damage to the gun)


Ship: 0/12
Turret: 2/4

RED ALERT lights began to flash as things were starting to get real bad. Either Gadget tries to repair the ship with his last spare part (Tech roll, DC 5) or they all try to abandon ship. (Speed roll, Difficulty 7 for each of them.)


How close are we to the tower?

He goes back inside and tries to make the repairs from there.

Gadget: "Everyone get ready to bail from the ship. This is gonna get messy."

Repair Ship 1d6 + 6 = 9 1d3 = 3


He manages to repair some of the ship.
Ship: 0/12
Turret: 2/4

Mysic open fire again on the enemy jets.
d6 + 5 = 6, d6 + 5 = 7, d6 + 5 = 11


"I got one!"

The last two jets attack.

>Jet 1
Attack d6 + 3 = 6 (if hit does d3 = 1 damage to the ship)
Luck d6 + 4 = 8 (if hit does d3 = 3 damage to the gun)

>Jet 2
Attack d6 + 3 = 5 (if hit does d3 = 1 damage to the ship)
Luck d6 + 4 = 10 (if hit does d3 = 3 damage to the gun)


Ship: 3/12
Turret: 0/4

Mystic gets out of the turret cockpit. Melody however was still calmly driving the ship despite all the carnage.
"It's all out, what should we do?"


Again how close are we to the tower? Please answer.

Gadget: "Get Melody and evacuate the ship as safely as possible. As for me I'm gonna take the ship and ram it into the tower. My barrier will keep my safe as I jump ship as well at the last moment."


In a series of events, I think we're nearly there.

As Gadget approaches the controls, he finds that they are already locked down and on a direct course to crash into Scrap Brain.

Melody: "Great minds think alike, huh honey?"
Melody pulled her finger from the consoles USB.


>Melody pulled her finger from the consoles USB.

>Melody pulled her finger from the consoles USB.

Gadget: "I need it fixed onto the tower. If you got it then lets go if not make the changes now."


She pulled her hand from the USB, covering the metalic nub of her finger.

"Sorry Gadget, but I've set this ship to crash. It is pretty much what I am programmed to do. To sink ships."

The last thing Gadget saw was her pretty smile. As if everything was fine in the world for her.
But for Gadget and Mystic, everything was not fine.

The blast shields slammed shut and the whole ship capside making them all loose their rings.

>Recovery rolls.
Gadget d44 = 38 (since Mystic also looses his rings and has a chance to collect them.)

His mind was hazy and his head pounding like a punch to the face from the Mecha-taur. He was very uncomfortable given he was lying on wreckage. If it were not for his robot-armour he might have have a shaft of metal right into where it shouldn't be.

The ship crashed upside down and was crumpled up from the crash. If he wants to know where in the city he was, he'll have to find a way out.


My barrier should've prevented any ring loss for myself.

She was a robot wasn't she? You had your suspicions of treachery but you acted too late.

Gadget's eyes bloodshot looked up at the wreckage above him trying to catch a glimpse of the sky as best he could. Where was Mystic and what became of Melody. He gets up and makes an attempt to get out of what remained of the Shuttle.


I'm gonna go now. Gotta take a bath before I do my other stuff today. I'll be on tomorrow.


I will allow you to keep your rings. But none of your shields were ticked. Though I will admit I am doing a poor job at keeping track of things.

On the back of the ship, he could hear her singing and the sounds of machinery whirring. As he goes to the other side of the ship he sees her, or whats left of her. Her "skin" was peeled off from her exoskeleton and her metalic face can be seen. She is casually repairing herself with ship parts.

Mystic was in the corner, grabbing his leg in pain.

Mystic: "Why? Why would you do this to us?"

Melody: "Because... I sink ships. I sing to lure in anyone foolish enough to come my way and I lead them to their demise."

Mystic: "You're not- ow!"

Melody: "You better keep off that leg. Don't worry, I'll make sure you and Gadget are off for good."

Mystic: "He liked you, how could you have done this to him?"

Melody: "My charm is all part of it, my ability to get you to do whatever I want... now rest now..."

Medlody sang his song which sent Mystic into a lulled state.
Mystic: "Y-yes... I am tired."

Melody contrinued her self-repairs, attaching her own "spare parts" to herself and parts of the wreckage.


Gadget quickly ducks behind some of the rubble around and spies on them in secret. He could see her metallic face and how she had managed to hypnotize Mystic and lull him into a slumber. He gritted his beak that his ally was injured but it was also a boon that it was the case for that meant Mystic wouldn't be forced to fight him. At least Gadget hoped so.

She's hypnotic and with a blast of her song I may as well be done for. I have my adabat rum... a drunken state might be able to resist the song's effects or make it worse. No too risky for now, the best call is...

After a mental debate with himself, Gadget would circle around and try to sneak up onto Melody from behind.

Rogue Tech 1d6 + 6 = 9


She seem to be finished with her "repairs" and rises from her spot like some sort of metal demon.

Difficulty: 7
Hits: 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥/14
Skill1: Knifeathers (Attack: 4, Target: single) Able to attack with the blades along her body.
Skill2: Charm (Ability: 5, Target: all) Target must do a Wisdom roll. If fail then they miss a go and unable to dodge.

She still hasn't noticed you yet.


File: 1553537940418.jpg (62.53 KB, 460x690, 2:3, tsns.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Gadget: "I'm back from the dead."

She turns around and can see him towering over her, his eyes hot with the fury of a demon. His right arm was raised overhead and was already being thrown down with a sling following close behind his fist. In the sling was ofcourse one of his bullets and he was using it as a flail.

Should be auto since it is a sneak attack but just in case.

Power 1d6 + 4 = 8 DMG 1d3 = 1


He strikes her across the back of her head.

Hits: 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥/14

"Honey, if if that fall didn't even kill your friend I had a feeling I'd be dragging you our and hanging you up myself.

But it's a really nothing personal baby, thats just how I'm built. But even as I am, you still like me don't you?"

Trying to charm him with sweet words and her robotic beauty.
>Charm d6 + 5 = 11 DC 7


Forgot to do your Wisdom roll for dodge. Hold on.

Gadget tries to resist her temptation. d6 + 5 = 7 DC 7


Gadget: "Not much you snake."

He readies his sling.

Gadget: "I had always wondered about you and how strange it was just for you to show up. A bird in a cage in the city for a few days even though this city had appeared just recently. Not to mention that we were hounded by Robotnik after freeing you from your cage. You've been giving our position away ever since you joined up with me."

With a quick snap, he lets a bullet fly.

1d6 + 6 = 11 DMG 1d3 = 2

Just have them contest their rolls like this

Melody 1d6 + 5 = 6 VS Gadget 1d6 + 2 = 4


Gadget took another whack at her, dealing off two hits.

"Sorry baby-bird. It's just what I do."

She spread her wings and shoot her feather like knives at her, however the confines of the shuttle made it difficult for her to aim and she miss.

"Ever since Eggman took that book from Apotos on mythological creatures, he based his latest series of Boss Badniks on us. As a siren, I sing my song and any foolish unwittled heroes that come along, I bring to their doom!"

Gadget attacks again, this time she dodged his attack.

"Na-ah-ah. Play nice!"

She shoots her sharp metal feathers at him again.
>Attack d6 + 5 = 10 DC 7
and Gadget tries to get out of the way.
>Dodge (Jump) d6 + 4 = 8 DC 7
(If hit then d3 damage to his armour. Come to think about it, also d3 damage from the crash.)


Gadget: "I'm not impressed, you may have the background of some powerful god or monster but you're nothing, just some cheap imitation built of a metal plates and bolts and from what I hear..."

He takes up another shot at her.

1d6 + 6 = 9 DMG 1d3 = 1




This time Gadget let the sling go and the metal shot striked right into her face knocking her back a bit. She covered her now broken optic sensor. She looked, somewhat upset but this.

She flares up in robotic rage and attacked with her knifeathers.
>Attack d6 + 5 = 11 10 DC 7
and Gadget tries to get out of the way.
>Dodge (Jump) d6 + 4 = 7 8 DC 7


Her feathers bflew like knives towards Gadget, who dartly jumps out of the way.

"Stay still so I can kill you!"


Finishing his sentence after the hit against melody.

Gadget: "Dr. Robotniks machinations are shoddy at best."

A flurry of knife like feather zip past him only like cutting across his cheek leaving a slight scratch but otherwise unharmed.

Gadget: "You've got a lot more to worry about than me just standing still."

He takes another sling shot at her, this time putting all of his strength into this one attack

Sling 1d6 + 6 = 12 DMG 1d3 = 1

I know I'm being a bit bland here with my attacks but I got a finisher ready to go when her health gets low enough.



This time it striked her shoulder.
"I am Dr. Eggman finest creation. I'm more lady than machine you could ever handle!"

>Knifeathers d6 + 5 = 8  DC 7
and Gadget tries to get out of the way.
>Gadget Dodges (Jump) d6 + 4 = 5 DC 7

"Besides, not that you could even understand how to handle a piece of sensetive equipment such as me."

Mystic who was still with a sprained ankle, tries to get up and join the fight.
"Sensetive equipment? More like heavy machinery!"
>Mystic Attacks d6 + 4 = 6 DC 7 (if hits d3 = 1 dmg)


Melody: "YOU BE QUIET!"

The feathers strike at Gadget causing him to lose d3 = 3 endurance to his armour.
(including d3 = 3 from the crash earlier)

Melody: "GOT YOU!" Wearing the corse of my brethern to shield your soft, wretched flesh. How pathetic."


Gadget: "You're nothing but tools to be used by creatures like me and Robotnik."

His armor broken and fallen off, he scrapes up together some of the metallic feathers used against him and he hurls them back at Melody to give her a taste of her own medicine.

Sling 1d6 + 6 = 10 DMG 1d3 = 2

Gadget: "Mystic if you have it, use your sword to cut off her arms."


"I serve Dr. Eggman because that is what I do. But I am more than a tool. I- I-"

She puts on her charm. Trying to get them under her control again.

>Mecha-Siren's Charm d6 + 5 = 6 DC 7
>Gadget Dodges (Wisdom) d6 + 2 = 7
>Mystic Dodges (Wisdom)  d6 + 4 = 6

"-You thought I was real. You didn't think of me nothing as a tool. Or does that not matter to you anymore now that I am not the perfect girl you thought I was?"


Due to Mysic's leg, he was not able to do any dodge rolls. But still tries to strike at the joint-structure of the Mecha-Siren's arm.

>Mystic's Attack d6 + 4 = 6 DC 7 (if hit d3 = 1 dmg)


Gadget: "No..."

Gadget goes ahead and puts his sling away.

Gadget: "I know you're kind. You try to pull at the morals of heroes to lead them to their death. People can happily think of stories about individuals overcoming their reservations, converting the bad guy to good but in reality this does not exist. Only a fool would show an enemy mercy especially after you had tried to get us killed on multiple occasions.


He pulls out the iron rod and holds it backwards like a knife. With an overhead thrust, Gadget attempts to ram the rod through Melody's shoulder and chest.

Gadget Power 1d6 + 4 = 8



I typed that as "your" Why Ponyville?


Too late, I'm counting Royal Canterlot Voice speech.

This got her completely as a surprise and did 2d3 = 5 to her as she was impaled. She was in complete shock as her "charm" became disabled.



She flails her knifeathers around. This time spreading her range towards both Mystic and Gadget.

>Mecha-Siren's Knifeathers d6 + 5 = 9 DC 7
>Gadget dodges (Jump) d6 + 4 = 7
>Mystic is unable to dodge.


Her attack stabs at you, causing your rings to fly everywhere.

You can either try to finish her off with an attack, or try to recover your rings (with a d# ammount you lost.)


*But you retain 3 rings, but loose d3 = 3 to your hard hats endurance.


I'd think she's down to 2 HP since Mystic did 1 damage here. >>17031


The feathers stab into him all about his body, primarily his chest and legs but the wounds themselves were minor. Despite this the sound of gold splashed all around him and he faltered back in pain.

What are you here for?

What are you here for?


Gadget: "T-To kill all of you!"

He jumps up into the air and lands his right foot into Melody's chest and digs in his claws, forcing her to be pinned to the ground. Her vision is distorted but Melody could swear that in this very moment it wasn't Gadget who was on top of her but rather a monster.

He then takes his sling and uses it to crush in her head with a bullet.

Power 1d6 + 4 = 5 DMG 1d3 = 1

If it kills you can keep her alive so that they can talk one last time.


Her body was a mess now. She was still active but could no longer fight in her current condition.

Her voice box was a garbled mess, but he can just make out some words.
W-w-wha-w-what are you- he-he-he-here for?

With her good arm left, she lifts it and points towards Mystic. He was skewn with her razor sharp feathers. Given she confiscated his rings and was limping, Mystic had nothing to protect him from her attack.


Oh I should've mentioned this but everything in italics is Gadet's thoughts or memories. I don't think Melody would be able to repeat his thoughts perfectly unless it ties into her mind control ability. If that's the case then it makes perfect sense.

Gadget puts his left foot down onto the robot and with his talons he has that part of her body pinned too.

Gadget: "It's over for you. We won. Tell me where we are and where Eggman is."


Her voice box still being garbled, she points from Mystic towards the shuttles cargo doors.


Gadget: "Mystic go check that out, I'll keep her down."


File: 1553545025191.jpg (167.87 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Boomer he protec.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Mystic gets up from being a mangled mess on the floor.


He gets up and effortlessly goes to open the door.

He technically died, but at best he was now down to two lives in total but had no rings.

Gadget had rings but given he did not pick them up when lost, he was down to just three rings that his hard hat retained for him. (the hat itself had 15 endurance left.)

Mystic opens the shuttle doors but they were jammed. After some heaving he got them open to reveal they were in Scrap Brain, the oldest part of Metal city where the industrial factors are rusted and green from being long abandoned. Not far away was the tower where the shining pink beacon of light shone from afar.

They also saw a familiar face pop there heads out from the side of one the buildings.

Boomer: It's you dudes!


He does in the final blow and then rips off her faceplate. From there he takes out his PDA and hooks it into the data storage area of her hardware and downloads the AI files that composed of Melody onto his device. Gadget also make's sure that the AI files can only be accessed through security measure so that Melody couldn't infect his PDA. He then destroys the original AI that was still in the robot.

After this he goes up to greet Boomer but Gadget didn't look to be in the best of moods right now.

Gadget: "To be honest I figured that you and Dancer were either turned into robots or simply killed outright. How did you find us?"


>Files downloaded
Boss Machines

Assigned to the underground tunnels.

Assigned to the institute to assist in Robotomy Treatment.

Use alluring singing and beauty and lead them into death.

Hyper-go-on powered mecha-mongral that uses newly discovered wisp.

Elite patrol unit that runs throughout the city.


The ultimate weapon to be used against the city. Biggest Death Egg Robot ever constructed.

Boomer: "We we're digging out tunnels to get better access around the city. When we came above ground we saw this big fighting going on in the sky. When your ship came down we didn't know what to do other than prepare for whatever that was going to come out. Thank goodness it's you guys."

Mystic: "Where are we? This place looks more of a sorry-sdtate than the rest of the city."

Boomer: "This part of the city was once called Scrap Brain Zone. It was one of Dr. eggmans earliest, perhaps first capital ages a go. Now it's left in ruins. Not to say that isn't part of the city and not have any robots, traps and dangers around the place. Even abandoned factories can be justa s dangerous as productive factories.


I feel right here is a good place to stop. I keep getting distracted really.

Gadget: "If you've been digging tunnels then perhaps maybe you've secured a way to Eggman's tower or at the very least you know where to go from here."


File: 1553547738814.png (3.41 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, MortarCanyonProfile.png) ImgOps Google

It would be ideal given I can revise the book some more. Let's break here.

Boomer: I do! In fact I have these schematics to the Imperial Tower.


File: 1553551957224.jpg (309.08 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Eggman Empire Fortress.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

A better picture of Eggman Empire Fortress.

This is also what Scrap Brain Zone looks like:
Only imagine it long abandoned. With industrial factories falling apart and metal covered in rusts and such.

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