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Years after tragedy had struck all of Equestria and three heroes reclaimed the cutie marks stolen from them and their kinsman, Equestria had entered a short era of relative peace which many of its citizens enjoyed. Now a days a new generation has taken up the mantle of being adventurers and some even making a success from it. Others though will soon find that their destiny are deeper than being sime simple hired blade and and their journey in life will take them to the darkest parts of this world. Danger will be around ever corner while Death looms over our intrepid heroes, causing to make Feats of Desperation.


House Rules

Character Records

Story So Far
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They get back over and find the two shrooms again, having backed up further than last time. The corpse of the poison shroom laid off to the side dead and well out of the way. This time the battle will end differently.

Combat Encounter


Sporedust Shroom A B
B: 1d4    HP 8/8
M: 1d4
C: 1d4
Skill: Spore Attack 1d4

Turn Order

Soothing Light
Spore Dust Shroom B
Spore Dust Shroom A
Tudor Rose

Soothing Light rushes in and makes the first attack.

SL Throw 1d4 - 1 = 2 VS Shroom B Body 1d4 = 1
DMG 1d4 = 4

Shroom B Spore 1d4 = 4 VS TR Body 1d4 = 1 SL Body 1d6 - 1 = 1

Shroom A Spore 1d4 = 3 VS TR Body 1d4 = 2 SL Body 1d6 - 1 = 3


>Tudor Rose throws up a barrier to protect them from spores.


A critical strike made against her target, she deals the maximum damage that pencil can possibly do. Unfortunately they are hit up with the spore clouds and they both take 2 damage.

TR HP 3/10
SL HP 5/12

Tudor Rose focuses on creating a barrier to protect themselves with, hopefully it will not be for nothing.

TR Barrier 1d4 - 1 = 0 -> Tudor Rose, Soothing Light.


Tudor Rose Creates a barrier at the value of 1.

SL: "I thought you were gonna toss them into the drink? Okay then I'll follow your lead then."

Soothing Light makes another attack against the enemies.

SL Throw 1d4 - 1 = 0 VS Shroom B Body 1d4 = 2
DMG 1d4 = 4

Shroom B Spore 1d4 = 4 VS Barrier DC 1

Shroom A Spore 1d4 = 2 VS TR Body 1d4 = 3 SL Body 1d6 - 1 = 5
DMG Quartered 1d4 = 4


Only if it comes to that.

>Attacks the other mushroom by throwing a large rock.


The barrier breaks but fortunately no pony was injured this round, the same could be said for the shrooms as well. As darkness surrounds them, the sounds of battle clash on and it demands the utmost attention you can give. The slightest lapse of judgement will be your end.

You are at 3 HP and can only survive three more hits while you still potentially have more battles in the near future before this dungeon is over. I would seriously toss these guys into the river so you can save on HP.

This RP is gonna demand a lot from you and if your character doesn't have their A game then they are gonna have a short adventure career.

Tudor Rose lobs another rock at her enemies.

TR Tele 1d6 = 3 VS Shroom Body 1d4 = 2
DMG Halved 1d6 = 3


On second thoughts, this could be it... here we go;..

>Tries to grab the shrooms with a levitation spell in order to toss them in the water.


The rock hits the enemy just shy of its eye dealing severe damage but it still stands.

Shroom B HP 1/8

SL Throw 1d4 - 1 = 0 VS Shroom B Body 1d4 = 3
DMG 1d4 = 2

Shroom B Spore 1d4 = 4 VS TR 1d4 = 2 SL 1d6 - 1 = 1
DMG 1/4 1d4 = 2

Shroom A Spore 1d4 = 4 VS TR 1d4 = 1 SL 1d6 - 1 = 3
DMG 1/4 1d4 = 3


Soothing Light misses her mark and they are caught up in more Spore Dust Smoke, dealing 2 more damage.

TR HP 1/10
SL HP 3/10

Tudor Rose attempts to encapsulate one of the shrooms in her magic.

TR Tele 1d6 = 4 VS Shroom A Body 1d4 = 2


Tudor Rose has a grasp on it and won't let go. Soothing Light focuses and tries to throw one of her pencils in a desperate attempt to kill.

SL: "Come one Celestia, I need this to work!"

SL Throw 1d4 - 1 = 3 VS Shroom B Body 1d4 = 1
DMG 1d4 = 1

Shroom B Spore 1d4 = 4 VS TR Body 1d4 = 4 SL Body 1d6 - 1 = 1
DMG 1/4 1d4 = 1

Shroom A Spore 1d4 = 2 VS TR Body 1d4 = 1 SL Body 1d6 - 1 = 2
DMG 1/4 1d4 = 1


>While Soothing Light tries to dispatch the one, Tudor Rose tries to toss the other into the water behind them.


The party is hit once more with spore dust and Tudor Rose succumbs to her injuries once more, falling down into a deep sleep. Had the Shrooms been lethal then she would be at death's door right now with now way to heal her in this moment.

TR HP 0/10
SL HP 1/10

Soothing Light scoops up Tudor Rose and books it again across the bridge. This was their last option

Bridge DC 2
Soothing Light Body 1d6 - 2 = -1 Acro 1d4 - 2 = -1


File: 1544364601002.png (21.24 KB, 579x409, 579:409, 1shroomcave.png) ImgOps Google

Soothing Light trips up causing her and her friend to drift back down stream back into the far room of the cave complex.

Eventually when they came too, they were washed up on the the bank of the pool, half of their bodies submerged in water.

SL HP 1/10
TR HP 1/10


I'm sorry, I thought we could still take them and that the tossing plan was for if it went hairy.

>The water sort of helped Tudor Rose wake up. She was in shock where she was but tries to grab onto the edge to stablise themselves.

S-Soothing, where are you?

>Tries to create some light with her horn.


I mean its fine but there is gonna be little room for mistake. Every turn matters this time around and how you spend it will determine the outcome.

Tudor Rose doesn't seem like the offensive type to me but rather a supporting control wizard type. Try to focus her on supporting Soothing Light's attacks rather than making Tudor Rose attack herself. She does have a nifty cutie mark skill of Leadership. Use that to buff Soothing Light then try to hold the enemies down with telekinesis.

When our characters get back to the shroom do try to toss them around though that will take 2 turns so heads up if you try that.

Soothing Light is to your left and you can see her pulling herself back up onto shore like you are. Dripping wet, you finally get out of the water and onto damp cave floor. The party's spirit's are doused with more than just water, 2 defeats were surely something.

Soothing Light: "We... should've stuck with the plan."

[High Class]
Both of you were severely injured, likely gonna take a week to fully recover. This was not how you planned the school trip would be like, you expected to be in the warm surrounded by nature not soaked at the bottom of some dank cave.


>Tudor Rose felt ashamed at all this, she knew that by now if anypony was lost down here they would probably be dead by now.
>She wonders what her father would do in such a situation. He would probably storm through the caves and not let any mushroom stop him.
>He would probably have saved the day by now.
>He would most likely be dissapointed at his daughters choices and actions that lead up to this moment.
S-Soothing... we should... we should go back... Find others who are more capable of this... than us.


Soothing Light gives a pat on Tudor Rose's back along with a weak smile. She doesn't seem to be getting worse in terms of her emotional state but you are not sure if that is her overconfidence or her near religious devotion to Celestia and the law.

SL: "We are capable of this, we just didn't go in as prepared as we should've. If we just get our spirits together we can do this."


With what?
This isn't the halls of the academy, you're not dealing with somepony without a hall pass where you tell them off and thats it.
Those ponies we're looking for, they could be dead by now, dead because I thought we could take them on. They would probably be saved by now if we just turned around from the cave and get help from ponies who know what the damn to do.
If it wern't for my selfish decisions we wouldn't be in this mess.


Soothing Light's smile fades and she gets up onto her hooves and starts to move to the tunnel.

SL: "Both of my parent's are Baltimare Guard ponies. Everyday they go out on patrol to protect ponies like you and me. They've always taught me that I should uphold the law and stay committed to that path and so I have."

She points to the rose on your flank.

SL: "That Cutie Mark brands you as a leader now and leaders always make the choices that us guard ponies follow. Sometimes its not the best choices but at the end of the day you must stay committed no matter what. Prove yourself a leader today and lets save those students."


>Tudor Rose was somewhat surprised Soothing Light had some understanding what her cutie mark means, given no one in Ponyville really knew what it means.

>Starts wiping her face as she tries to hold back ehr tears.
W-Wait, you know what my cutie mark means?


SL: "I know the leaders when I see and you are one."

She then scoffs.

SL: "I mean you're no Princess Celestia though, now she is some royalty I would like to serve one day! Still though you gotta own up to your Cutie Mark, it makes you who you are. Let's pull ourselves together."

I didn't know it was supposed to be a secret but Soothing Light would be able to tell who has authority given her extreme affinity for the law. Of course you might want to roleplay Tudor Rose more as a leader than some aloof pony like Epic Mount. This is the time after all to try something new, you can see I'm playing someone the exact opposite of Critical Hit.

You've also ignored times where I told you you could use your Leadership skill.

>You can probably use your leadership to encourage her, she seems to like authority and stuff.

>Of course she could try and dominate the animal with either her stare or leadership ability.


Me? A leader? So far, all I lead us to is cold, wet and barely holding together.

I always figured Epic Mount became more leadership like in our adventure together as he rised up to become a knight and quickly became respected amonst his peers and such. But I also imagine Epic Mount more courageous to a fault.

While cutie marks usually appear when a pony discover their talent, Tudor Rose is different, when her cutie mark appeared she was not sure of it's meaning. She knew that she was adopted and wondered if it had something to do with that. The Cutie Mark Crusaders was not sure how to help her (Definately not a florists cutie mark) and suggested it's meaning could be due to her adoption, thus inadvertedly making her more conscious of where she came from.

Epic Mount wanted her to be an Everfree pony, or become a knight. Fluttershy who doted on her wanted her to live a safe and secured life. Despite being of average magic, her Aunt Twilight wanted her to attend Celestia's School of Gifted Unicorns, however Twilight was also aware that like herself when she started out, she was more of a shut-in and perhaps would be best at her school of friendship.

So Tudor Rose had peers who advice her different future while she felt she had little understanding of who she is. Perhaps she found out that her cutie mark bared resemblence to a symbol found in Baltimare, or maybe Twilight's table gave her a friendship mission in Baltimare, but eitherway she figured she would find her answers in Baltimare. However this decision goes against all the ideal choices from her peers and to topple it all the reputation of her aunt and parents make her feel very overshadowed in her self worth which has made her doubt her choices leading up the Baltimare. Especially taken up education in hopes to find answers about herself only to find nothing.

As I said when I chosen the cutie mark, even I wasn't entirely sure of it's meaning, you suggested she be a leader. I can imagine her being more like her father later on but you understand how much baggage she is carrying around, but I can see Soothing Light is being a good influence on her to become more of her own hero than what others expected of her.

>Wiping her tears away.
D-do you really think we have a chance?


Sure enough that's fine but Soothing Slight should still be justified in sniffing that she's a leader type.

SL: "Sure we can so long as we are much more careful. Now lets set up camp before we head on out."

The party takes about 10 minutes to dry off and rest up whatever health they can.

Rest Uncomfortable 1d4 = 4
TR Survival 1/2 1d4 = 3

We can call it here for the day. I kinda didn't sleep last night at all.


We can stop if you want. I figured the girls will chat and get to know one another more. Maybe Soothing Light has questions for her... which honestly would be more ideal for her backstory now than previous post.


I can go a little bit more

Staying by the fire light, the ponies caught their breath and were able to relax as much as they could given the circumstance.

SL: "So what's it like being the adoptive daughter of not only Fluttershy but Epic Mount as well. I've heard the stories about them and their adventures across Equestria in the service of Princess Celestia."


I do not really want to talk about it. Not because I don't like my parents, I love them and the support they've given me even though at times, especially now, I feel undeserving of it.

It's just whenever someone compares me to my parents I do not know how to talk about it.


Soothing Light puckers her lips and blows a breath of air up into her own hair in disappointment.

SL: "Booo. You should be a bit more enthusiastic at having parents who are friends with Celestia..."

Suddenly her eyes widens and she jumps across the room over to you where she is now poking you in your side like a young energetic child.

SL: "HAVE YOU EVER TALKED TO THE PRINCESS CELESTIA!?!?! You gotta tell me if you have come on!"


>Sighs and decided to change the subject to her friends questions.
Yes, I have met the Princesses a few times. Though not as often as you may think.

She's like... an aunt who lives far away and only rarely visit on some occasions. Honestly my parents saw her more often than me.

I think she may have babysat me once, I can't recall. I remember being in the palace at a young age... unless that memory is just a dream I had long a go.

I once had an Aunt Peg. Now that I think about it I'm not entirely sure of ehr relation. Maybe a great aunt? I think I only met her three times before her end.

Also, UI do have memories from my times as a baby which I am not sure if genuine or were just dreams.


SL: "B-babysitting? The Princess babysitting?"

She looks at you stunned as if you told her that fish can survive in water. You can't exactly pinpoint the reason for this though.

SL: "She probably never did babysit you and those are just made up memories and all that. No... she has a lot of important business to be concerned with extra-familial matters."

She laughs to herself uncomfortably.

SL: "Now then if you don't mind me asking can you tell me how you came into the care of Madame Fluttershy?"


Sorry I just gotta go, I'm pretty tired right now and I've probably threw my sleep clock irrevocably.


It could be false memories, not that I would lie. I remember being very little and seeing stain glass windows, just like the throne room.

I was gonna leave this backstory in case it may contradict with yours but heres what I figured so far.

Oh... well, my father told me that he and his best friend, my uncle Critical Hit, they were adventuring somewhere near mountains, I can't rememeber where exactly where. They heard foal crying and went investigate.
They found a cave where the crying came from and found a small group of trolls preparing a meal, with... me on the menu.

They fought the trolls and rescued me. Then there was the matter of where I came from. Dad said not even Twilight or Celestia's political influence could find who my real parents were. And no one in all of Equestria called up and claimed a baby foalnapped by trolls.

My Dad himself said he too was taken away from his parents at a very young age and had to adapt into a hostile new life, but was eventually adopted by my grandmother Zecora. While Fluttershy was not adopted or ever had such hardships, she already had made a place for me in her heart while everypony else searched for my parents.
Over time the search became pointless as nopony claimed me as their own. Nopony other than Fluttershy and Epic who took care of me long enough to be my new parents.

But as I grew older and got my cutie mark, how I got my cutie mark... well I'm not sure. Most ponies realise their own talent first before their cutie marks but me.. it just showed up one evening when I decided to go into Everfree Forest alone. But I wasn't doing anything related to flowers, if anything I was defying my better judgement not to go in Everfree Forest alone.

I asked my older cousins, who sort of specialise in cutie marks, they didn't know what it meant either. Scootaloo suggested maybe it had something to do with the fact I was adopted.
Now I've always knew I was adopted, but it was around then I started to wonder, how "related" are we to one another? My aunt Twilight was not my mothers sister, why do I call her aunt? My uncle Critical was not my fathers brother, why did he want me to call him uncle? It left me questioning a lot of things, especially question myself. Who is my real family? Why was I taken away? And why didn't they want me back?

Despite my parents and aunts wishes for a more higher, prestigious education, I decided to come to Baltimare because I heard that a long time a go a family of ponies living in Baltimare had a family crest of a white petaled flower in the center of a red petaled flower forming a rose.

>After a pause.

But if you ask my mother she will say I am a gift from a stork.

OK, we continue another time.


File: 1544628097638.png (21.24 KB, 579x409, 579:409, 1shroomcave.png) ImgOps Google

I really need to get back to focusing on this and keep a steady attendance. I'm gonna create a schedule for us to work off of so we can have some structure to this. Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday sound good?

As for Soothing Light's, I'm not saying lowkey that Tudor Rose is unlikey to have interact with Celestia. Instead as a part of Soothing Light's character, she holds such reverence for Celestia to the point where she is near godlike for our little hall monitor. What this means is that Soothing Light can't conceptualize Celestia acting like a normal pony and spend time with commoners in such a casual fashion.

Soothing Light looks about the cave and gives off a sigh to mentally prepare herself for what is to come. The students still must be found and they needed to be ready to go.

SL: "We'll have to continue this conversation for another time I'm afraid. We need to hurry as quick as we can."

The only way out of the room that they were in was to go through the hallway to the left that would pass through that timberwolf den. They would have to be careful.


I'm likging how the two contrast one another. Soothing sees Celestia as some sort of Goddess on Earth and Tudor claims she may have changed her nappies once.

If only there was someway to befriend the TImberwolf, but I can't do what my mother does to befriend animals.


SL: "Timberwolves will respect shows of power and strength. Perhaps if you show off how strong of a leader you are then maybe it will join us and help us temporarily."

How you roleplay that is up to you. I mean you can just say you use your leadership ability on the wolf but it is okay to be flashy and creative at times.


Um... I guess I can try. Timberwolves have sort of "served" my dad on occasions. He said that even if you break down timberwolves into splinters they can still reform themselves and that they only fear fire.


File: 1544629139363.png (33.31 KB, 993x562, 993:562, 1shroomcave.png) ImgOps Google

They enter the hallway and turn down to the south and continue on their way until they got back into the den like they did before. The timberwolf still laid upon its pile of junk, growling at the party with its teeth. Soothing Light looks to you expectantly to see what you will do and how you will dominate the Timber wolf.


>She gulps and perks up her courage and approaches. She will sweet talk it like mother or demand like father only if she has to.

TImberwolf, you want to be left alone but we need your help. Together we'll be stronger. WIll you help us?


Pretty weak attempt but I will just attribute that to her leadership being 1d6. Eventually I hope she will be on par with Alexander the Great.

The Timber Wolf looks up at you to and ponders your words.

Tudor Rose Leadership 1d6 = 1 VS DC 3


>She stood poise, trying not to indicate any weakness or pleading to the Timberwolf.


File: 1544629877473.jpg (85.62 KB, 1057x755, 7:5, timberwolf_by_gonedreamer-….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

It snarls and snaps at Tudor Rose, causing to get back over to Soothing Light before she could get hurt.

SL: "Well those things are pretty tough and rough than the average pony. You can try to again but after a second attempt we should go ahead and leave it alone before we make it mad."


>She was dissapointed at first but turns back. and tries to sound more like her father.
We can't get through this without you and I can tell you don't really want to be here either.

>With a bit of her mothers kindess.
That is, if you can help us please. We can't do it alone.


Once more you try to sway it to your favor to help you in your quest in this cave. Will it work or is the beast un-tameable as many of its other kin.

Tudor Rose Leadership 1d6 = 3 DC 3


This time it was much quieter and was more accepting to Tudor Rose though it still did not let her pet it. Instead it welcomed the party to its nest and what was whatever valuable they saw...

Timber Wolf joined the party as a guest

2 Healing Potions

SL: "Nice work Tudor Rose! The dog and these potions will help out a lot."


He's not a dog. It's best not to pet him. Though we could really use those potions.

A-and maybe we'll call him Twig... because I wasn't allowed to have a Timberwolf pup for Hearth's Warming that one year.


File: 1544630954618.png (47.66 KB, 850x642, 425:321, 1shroomcave.png) ImgOps Google

SL: "Y-you would want a wild pet in your home? Sometimes you make no sense to me but I won't deny its help."

Each of the ponies take one potion and adds it to their inventory for later use which they will need in the future they are sure of. Then they head on out of the den and enter back into the river room where they had bridged the gap for easy travel. Across the bankment they were to encounter those mushrooms again but with the added help they were sure to claim victory this third time around.

SL: "Beyond this point will be dangerous. Are you ready for what lies ahead or do you have any questions on what to do?"


>SL: "Y-you would want a wild pet in your home? Sometimes you make no sense to me but I won't deny its help."
My dad grew up surrounded by monsters and wild animals. he told me how he fought those that tried to kill him in his youth.
Heck my mothers house is always filled with animals, most of them wild. Ranging from bunny rabbits to grizzly bears.
Besides, Timberwolf pups are cute.

>SL: "Beyond this point will be dangerous. Are you ready for what lies ahead or do you have any questions on what to do?"
We got some muscle helping us and we're more recovered. We should be able to manage.

BRB a mo.


They cross the bridge and they soon find that they were now encountered back with the shrooms they had fought earlier. Seems like the shrooms themselves haven't fully recovered either.


Combat Encounter
Sporedust Shroom A
B: 1d4    HP 4/8
M: 1d4
C: 1d4
Skill: Spore Attack 1d4

Sporedust Shroom B
B: 1d4    HP 8/8
M: 1d4
C: 1d4
Skill: Spore Attack 1d4

Turn Order
1: Soothing Light
2: Timber Wolf
3: Shroom B
4: Tudor Rose
5: Shroom A

Soothing Light and Twiggy reared up and attacked the shrooms first.

SL Throw 1d4 = 2 VS Shroom A Body 1d4 = 4
DMG 1d4 = 3

TWolf Bite 1d8 = 1 VS Shroom A Body 1d4 = 3
DMG Halved 1d4 = 4


Both of them miss their targets and Spore Dust Shroom B retaliates against them.

SD Shroom B Spore 1d4 = 1 VS SL Body 1d6 = 6 TR Body 1d4 = 1 TWolf Body 1d8 = 7


Tudor Rose was hit with minor damage but thankfully Soothing Light and Twiggy were fine from the attack.

TR HP 5/10

Alright, take your time.


I'm back.

>Raises shield for the party.

Alright lets do this.

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