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This is the ToE roleplay thread where players who have created their own pony character can come on in and adventure with others in the world of MLP. If you want to join the thread then please check out the OOC thread and submit a character sheet and await for approval.

All of the rules stated in the ToE core rule book is applied here with the exception of a few house rules.  First off when a character gains a new level, they will upgrade a single trait of their choice, upgrade their Cutie Mark Skill, and upgrade/learn 3 new skills. Skills can not be upgraded more than once per level. Also a character will only ever have two quirks to their character and will not gain new quirks when raising their level.

Final Word
The last thing to note is that if you have any questions or suggestions then you may contact me in the OOC thread or in the discord chat if you want to make a voice call. I hope you sign up and join us for these adventures

Signed, Critical Hit
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Snap out of it Critica;. I can't deal with this crazy guy if you're gone crazy.
Oh, I thought I had rope in my inventory.
>Since Epic couldn't tie and up and restrain him, he'll have to knock him out and Mr. Pegas a strong punch to the head.


Epic was able to keep his calm despite Critical's words but at the same time Pegas was able to dodge Critical's attack narrowly. Everyone damaged and bloody, this will surely be the last round.

Pegas Mind 1d20 = 4 Gamb 1d20 + 1d4 = 10 VS Epic Body 1d12 = 2 Def 1d20 + 1d6 = 11

Pegas Mind 1d20 = 5 Beam 1d20 + 1d8 = 8 VS Crit Body 1d6 = 1


Oh wait, I do have "Extended Rope" I missed it.

But I decided it will be best to knock him out.

>Epic tries to knock-our Mr. Pegas.

>Restraining him would not restrain his freedom of magic after all.


Epic Mount was able to deflect the attack for certain but Critical was hit once more with a magic beam that at first was a burn and turned quick to bleeding from his chest area. His breathing has gone heavy and he didn't feel like he could stand much longer.

Crit HP 4/26

Epic Mount rushes Pegas with the rope but he was no rodeo pony and the rope was extra long making it unwieldy.

Epic Body 1d12 = 1 VS Pegas Body 1d10 = 10 1d10 = 10


Critical attacks after this attempt had failed and he tries to make a desperate attack to end this and put Pegas in an knocked out state.

Crit Mind 1d20 = 13 Chao 1d10 = 3 VS Pegas Body 1d10 = 9 1d10 = 8

Crit: "Come on I need this NOW!"


File: 1530296978303.png (340.55 KB, 1100x850, 22:17, Battle Crit.png) ImgOps Google

Critical's attack lands and Pegas was shot off of his hooves and knocked unconscious. That was it. That was the end. They had beaten the boss of this casino and now the Crypt was theirs for Critical to get contact with his ancestor.

Crit: "We did... we did it."


At first I forgot I had the rope in my inventory, but I decided to knock him out first and then tie him up.

If I tried to tie him up while he was still conscious he may magic himself away or something.


>With Mr. Pegas out cold, Epic ties him up with the rope and once securely restrained, turned his attention to his friend.

I think you need to take a Hyper Potion and get your head back down to my level.


Critical drinks a hyper potion from his own saddle bag. Now with his health restored he was able to calm down much more than how he was before.

Crit HP 26/26

Crit: "We need to get up to the coffin. I need to see him."


Alright. Just no more 'bouts of crazy OK?

>Looks over to Mr. Pegas to make sure he was uncnscious and still secured.

Alright, so where do we look?


Crit: "We gotta go up the stairs"

They head on up and they reach the floating platform. From there they can see the skeletal corpse resting on a pedestal looking peacefully despite the nonsensical surroundings. This was Even Trot, the healer pony who had gone crazy with chaotic energies to save his sister but eventually gone traitor after losing his own identity.

Critical reaches up to him and places his hooves on the rib cage and he can see his world dissolve around him. There in a shadowy abyss he met with the Chaotic one again, still dressed in dark robes and face scarred.

Even Trot: "You remind me of Maredenkainen."

Crit: "You remind me of myself."

Even Trot: "Hm. I never thought my cutie mark will ever resurface for the crimes I commited but it would seem that you are destined to carry my curse."

Crit: "Why did you do it though?"

Even Trot: "My sister was going to die of a disease I could not cure. I wanted to have the power to change fate and so you too will have this power."

Critical reawakens to the real world and he had his cutie mark back.

Time for me to go.


>Epic watches his friend fondling bones and murmering to himself.

Evan Trot may have been lost to chaos and evil, but he was a healer, and he helped you this far, he couldn't possibly be all bad.

What did you see?

See you later.


File: 1530374276302.png (234.74 KB, 877x638, 877:638, Crit lost it.png) ImgOps Google

Crit: "I saw him and I got to speak to him."

Epic would then be shocked at the sight of Critical after being reconnected with his ancestor as his physical form had been altered. At random spots around his body his body would jitter subtly like static on a worn down tv. Now being reconnected Critical now fully bared his ancestors curse, being somewhere in the middle of existing and not existing. This is what happens to those who wish to change fate, they lose theirs.

Crit: "Ah Fuck! What in the hell?"

>New Ability
Change Fate: 3/3 (Can add his gamble roll onto his friend's attacks for a whole round.)


Hey, sorry if I was a bit wierd last night. I was sorta sleep deprived.

>Tries to hold onto him, as if making sure to "ground" him to reality.


File: 1530374764078.png (471.07 KB, 3507x2550, 1169:850, Critpipbucksketch.png) ImgOps Google

As much as he could tell that Critical wasn't going anywhere and his new condition was very benign, only as much of an indicator of his new abilities. Plus it can mostly be covered up by clothing.

After a while of coping with this Critical managed to calm down with his new state and started to talk to Epic Mount.

Crit: "So... we got all of our Cutie Marks now and we should be ready to take on Tirek now. The only thing we need to do is get out of here and go back to Ponyville so we can start planning."

Its fine but you should consider getting NWN as the toolset is easy to use. Also should we make part 3 it's own thread?


Let's play a bit more before Part 3. Also, maybe we should consider starting Part 3 once Clarity and you have more available time to play?

Critical... what just happened there?


File: 1530375333122.png (234.23 KB, 600x800, 3:4, cloakcrit.png) ImgOps Google

Clarity isn't coming back.

Crit: "I don't know but I think I'll be fine from here on out. I know it's a bit strange but I feel like I can reach out into the world and make a subtle change here or there."

The dungeon they were in had grown quiet now, its chaotic power now lost. The Pegas Casino would no longer be able to cheat its customers and most likely allow other casinos to open up on the Las Pegas Strip.


He isn't? I'll ask him.

I guess, if you're sure you alright.

>Epic picks upMr. Pegas.
What are we gonna do wit hthis guy. Technically speaking being extremely lucky isn't exactly cheating, he hasn't done anything illegal, at least not that I am aware of.


If he was gonna continue then he would've been back now.

Crit: "He used my ancestor to help him turn a profit. We did beat him up and I got my mark back so I don't care what happens to him now and I don't want to get the police or anything. Really I would rather just leave him here."

Critical looked over to the door which would lead to the exit.

Crit: "Come on, lets go."


Clarity told me that yeah he is busy but also his attention is the World Cup. But he said he will return to us after the WC.

Given I live in a country that loves football just as much, I know what it's like when all your friends are too distracted by a bunch of men kicking a ball about.

I googled when the WC ends and it be on the 15th July.

Alright, let's go.

>The very least Epic took Mr. Pegas as far as the Penthouse suite. He plonked him on the bed and took his rope back.

>He and Crit left MR. Pegas there.


They left the casino before they could be caught by Casino Security. From there they went to the outdoor fountain and there they were able to meet up with Twilight who was now carrying around some tourist brochures while Fluttershy followed her closely.

Twilight: "Epic Mount we found out the Pegas Hotel is the oldest building here in Las Pegas. If Even Trot is here somewhere then his grave would be there."


Heh, on point as usual.
But Twilight there is another problem that has become more of my concern. Now I know it's uncool to abuse a royal possition as yourself, but I dunno what else to do for these ponies.


File: 1530376661991.png (363.81 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, Request_66_alicorn_twiligh….png) ImgOps Google

Twilight: "There's a lot of ponies around in Equestria that have had their cutie marks taken from there and I was gonna go ahead to Celestia to see if we can do anything for them. I was hoping too that you and your friends will come along with me to Canterlot so we can get an idea of what is going on and what to do. After all you three did get your cutie marks back."

Crit: "Speak with the Princess Celestia personally? You guys make me feel more important everyday."

Twilight: "Critical!? What happened to you."

Crit: "Ah... you know. Just in between reality and non-existence."


>To Critical
Thats because you are important.

>T Twilight
The ponies losing their marks is worse around here, to the point it's horrible.

Behind this casino is an alleyway. Because Las Pegas hospitals just don't know what to do with the blank ponies, they are just cast out of society. They're wallowing in filfth back there, dozens of them! Some of them are even desperate to gamble what little they have just to get by. They are treated so horribly while everypony else around here have fun.

Is there anyway we can help these ponies?


Twilight: "Not from here but if we can go to Celestia we can start moving funds to better help them. Las Pegas isn't the only city where the hospitals can't hold all of the blank ponies. This situation really calls for a nation wide effort and we can't have that without consulting Celestia first."

Don't worry you'll get the numbers soon or in part 3


Thats cool. But it would also be helpful to the cause if we stop Tirek as soon as possible. Once that is done we hope the cutie marks will return to the ponies.

I had an idea, I posted it here. >>14622


We'll talk more about that in OOC.

Crit: "That would be a good idea but it may take some time so we better get a relief effort ready. The more we tell Celestia what is going on then the more prepared she will be for this."

Twilight: "Yes after beating Tirek the cutie marks should return back to all of the ponies who they belonged to. That is of course what happened last time. Anyways we should head on out to ponyville to pick up the rest of my friends and get us all up to Canterlot."


Good idea. Once we get to Canterlot we can talk to the Princess about it as well as see if we can pin point exactly where we should look for Tirek.

I imagine where the blank pandemic is more severe and active is where we need to look.


File: 1530378954170.png (1.08 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Ponies_chatting_in_the_mar….png) ImgOps Google

They all nod in agreement and they head on out of Las Pegasus on their balloon. The trip back to Ponyville would take a while but they made it back home while the morning sun rose over the land. Once they touched down Twilight asked Epic if he would go out and grab one of the Mane 6 and bring them back here to the balloon. Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie needed to be gathered but Epic only had to get one as Twilight and Fluttershy would be able to get the others much faster.

Crit: "So who do you want to go out and get?"


>As they travelled over in the balloon.
Hey critical. Did you found our little time-off "relaxing"?

>As they touched down.
Oh um.. hm... I'm good with anypony you want me to get. I guess I'll go get Applejack and if I meet any of the others along the way, I'll ask them to come along.
Want me to get Starlight Glimmer or anypony else?


Crit: "Well I partly phase in and out between existences so I would say that was the hardest night I ever had. Anyways ;ets go get Applejack since that was the first suggestion you made."

They walk a short walk over to Sweet Apple Acres and they can see the large landscape which was famous for its apple production. There at the gate they met with a working Big Mac who greeted them with a silent nod.

Crit: "How do I keep getting on these farms?"



>Epic gives a polite nod back.

>To Critical
Well, Sweet Apple Acres was close to where we landed, though I did consider going to Pinkie's place first.


Critical went up to Big Mac

Crit: "Do you know where Apple Jack is?"

Mac: "Eeyup."

Crit: "..."

Mac: "..."

Crit: "Can you tell us where?"

Big Mac points over to the main house's open cellar door with bushels of Apples waiting outside.


>Polite nod. It's as it's a manly Earth Pony thing between the two.
>They head to the house.


Critical didn't understand why Big Mac was so silent, it really just put him off but still they go on over to the cellar door. Out emerged Applejack who had come up for more apples to store but she stops to say hello.

Apple Jack: "Epic Mount, Critical Hit! Did you guys come here to buy some apples?"


Hello Applejack. Nah we just came to ask if you went to come to Canterlot with Twilight with us.


Apple Jack: "To Canterlot? What for exactly?"

Crit: "Twilight is gonna hold a conference with Celestia to design a relief effort and she would like to have all of her friends with her."

Apple Jack: "Well I'll sure go with her. Are we leaving now?"


Yeah. And maybe we'll stop by on Pinkie, Dash or Rarity along the way. Twilight said she'll get the others but saves us time if we do.


Crit: "Right then. Who do you want to go gather up next?"

Pretty soon they have a small crowd following around with them much like how they went into the Umberfoal. Now though it was for the purpose of helping ponies and stopping Tirek.


I guess Sugarcube Corners on the way.
>Noticed a lot of ponies gathering and whispers to Critical.
Why are they following us?


Oh its only Rye, Critical, Epic, And Crit. I imagine our group will get quite sizeable soon. There isn't a random crowd following us.

They make their way into Sugar Cube Corner and once inside they can feel a drunkenly sense in the sugared up air. It would have to be the sweetest place they have ever been in for their entire lives. There Pinkie Pie was sitting behind the counter looking ready to take orders while the Cakes were working in the kitchen.

Pinkie Pie: "Hey you two I had the feeling you would be here. Let me guess... you want to take me and the rest of the mane 6 up to Canterlot to talk with Celestia about current events?"


>Hello Pinkie. Still working here I see. I thought you were fired.


Did she? I haven't been able to keep up of late.

Pinkie Pie: "Oh you know I've been just hanging around."

Crit: "Wait you're not going to say anything on how she was able to predict what we needed her for?"


Some fans speculate, given the Cakes have a new apprentice but doesn't confirm or deny anything.

I just... don't question it anymore.


File: 1530383366511.png (52.04 KB, 450x450, 1:1, funface.png) ImgOps Google

Critical has seen much stranger by now and he has decided to to just accept it as well.

Crit: "Well we should head on back to the Balloon now. Twilight and the rest should already be there by now."


Oh wait its time for me to go now.


Yeah, It'll probably take me a night to come up with my new character. Plus I gotta get dinner.


File: 1530542308913.png (861.52 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Rainbow_Dash_about_to_kick….png) ImgOps Google

(I'll be back in two weeks to continue.)


Yeah this is the end of "Part 2" of this campaign.

Me and Crit decided to wait until you're available for Part 3, so the thread in on Hiatus.
I don't think there will be a new thread over it though, we'll just keep this thread on pause. Depends what Crit wants.

Until then,Crit may give his Cyberpunk-pony RP a go. I've made a brand new character for it. But we'll still make Part 3 and continue when you're available.


File: 1531763540444.png (949.4 KB, 1040x950, 104:95, mac56.png) ImgOps Google

Football's over, Summer Rye is back in action.


File: 1531778037365.png (49.71 KB, 445x298, 445:298, Epic Mount hedgehog.png) ImgOps Google

Finally! Welcome back!

Critical, how do you feel juggling two RPs? Given our other-current RP is still in it's early days.

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