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This is the ToE roleplay thread where players who have created their own pony character can come on in and adventure with others in the world of MLP. If you want to join the thread then please check out the OOC thread and submit a character sheet and await for approval.

All of the rules stated in the ToE core rule book is applied here with the exception of a few house rules.  First off when a character gains a new level, they will upgrade a single trait of their choice, upgrade their Cutie Mark Skill, and upgrade/learn 3 new skills. Skills can not be upgraded more than once per level. Also a character will only ever have two quirks to their character and will not gain new quirks when raising their level.

Final Word
The last thing to note is that if you have any questions or suggestions then you may contact me in the OOC thread or in the discord chat if you want to make a voice call. I hope you sign up and join us for these adventures

Signed, Critical Hit
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They head on through the tunnels again and they were now set just outside the Ooze nest. There inside was still the three oozes, two small and one big. The party can also see that the giant ooze had some junk in it including the once was missing Agarican Forest. If they can destabilize it then they can get the Crucible and get out of here.


OK, I'm gonna strike the giant ooze with lightning from my hammer. You toss the mushrooms.



Epic Mount carefully handed Critical the shrooms which he now held in his hoof like a mischievous child ready to throw stones at windows.

Crit: "I'm ready."

Epic went and took his hammer and pointed it at the giant ooze and focused on the head of it to send an electrobolt at his enemy.

Epic Body 1d12 = 3 VS Giant Ooze Body 1d10 = 7


The bolt of lightning hits the ooze but its slimy being just absorbs it like nothing else they seen before. Still though Critical throws the shrooms as hard as he could and it hit the ground to let out the loudest shriek they can make.

Shriek DC 12

Epic Mind 1d8 = 2
Crit Mind 1d20 = 15

After that the oozes could not handle the loud sound waves and their bodies twisted and contorted until they fell down as sickening puddles on the ground. Now was their chances to snatch the Crucible.


File: 1524414708247.png (426.67 KB, 686x819, 98:117, slime.png) ImgOps Google

>Forgot pick

Epic HP 17
Crit HP 25


Aach! The plate!
>Goes to grab the bowl.


Epic Mount charges in quickly before the oozes had time to reform but would have to make a body check for running across a slimey floor with the acidic oozes spread about.

Slip DC 5

Epic Body 1d12 = 6

>If Fail

Epic Mount Body 1d12 = 3 VS Ooze Acidity 1d6 = 6


Epic Mount was able to keep his balance on the dangerous terrain and he gets the heavy stone crucible on his back. He then makes it back to where Critical was. By now the Oozes had recovered and were now moving to the party to attack them but very slowly.

Combat Encounter
Giant Ooze

Ooze A

Ooze B



New idea! We get them to chase us to the other chamber! We'll see if we can dissolve them in that pool of water!


We'll also need the mushrooms as well, unless theres mushrooms left in the cave.


File: 1524415432236.png (340.55 KB, 1100x850, 22:17, Battle Crit.png) ImgOps Google

They start to run through the winding tunnels with the oozes in tow. It shouldn't take long for them to get to the entrance area.

Crit: "By Celestia that pool will be too small for those things. We need to get out of here or fight them and destroy them!"


Let's get out then. Our weapons will be useless to it.


They get on out of the cave and by now the Oozes had given up the chase and had decided to retire back to their nesting ground to recuperate after such an assault. For now they were safe but they still had to get back to the Agarican village and speak with Sprygg on how to purify their Arcast and the location of the second Crucible.

Crit: "Huff... we're safe. Well that went a lot better than I expected."

The unicorn sits down on the dead grass as he tried to catch his breath. Epic could also feel his struggles mounting and his body began to feel tired. Even though they did have some rest at the Umber Inn, it was in some pretty dire circumstances. Perhaps they should rest up at the Agarican Village.

Right now they are getting tired but there is no penalties for it yet.


That Ooze could still be a problem for the environment around here. It would be best if we find some good way to be rid of it.

If only we can teleport it upside during daylight.


Crit: "Well we can always try to teach the Agaricans how to fight or we can go back into the cave and destroy them ourselves. I've been trying to learn the teleportation spell while you're not looking but I haven't been getting too far with it. I imagine some time with Twilight or Moonbeam will get me started on the spell though."

>Foreshadowing level up soon after the adventure.


Trying to teleport that from all the way down here will perhaps be too much for you.

If instead we can get the Agaricans to harness sunlight for themselves then they'd have a fighting chance.

But how do we get sunlight from down here? Maybe a series of mirrors?


Crit: "You know what, we wouldn't have to actually. Do you remember what Flash Hoof said about the farms in Umberfoal? He said they had enchanted Crystals that provide light to help them grow crops so that means if we can get our hooves on them or learn how to make them then the village can just block of this cave with those crystals. The only thing though is that the farms are corrupted by Insidiria so we can't get them now until after we save Umberfoal."


Thats fair. Give the Agaricans something to look forward to and Umberfoal may benefit from good relations to their neighbours.


Crit: "We'll just have to check in with whomever runs the farms up in Umberfoal and get them to agree to send Crystals down to the Agarican Forest or at the very least lend us the instructions to teach the Agaricans. With that said though we should head on back to the village and learn how to purify the Festival of Lights Arcast."


Yes! Sooner we get these arcasts alight again, the sooner we can defeat Tirek.

I just hope we haven't wasted too much time already for him to make his move.


Don't worry about time, it took Tirek like what 4 seasons to regain some semblance of strength after escaping Tartarus? Anyways that's convenient for me so that I can add in more content before our big battle. Don't worry it will be 90% related to our main quest.

The party heads on back to the village after a long trek through the dead forest. Thankfully with their efforts they now have the Agarcian Crucible and a promise of healing for the forest. Once they got there they can see the old elder Sprygg sitting upon a rocking chair outside of his home, he looked to be asleep or just napping.


I think it's hinted that Tirek will be returning in MLP:FiM sometime soon. Maybe we can work our RP around the episode when it comes out.

>Seeing the little mushroom man made Epic realise how tired he is.


Critical just pokes at him until he wakes up.

Sprygg: "Eh what!? Oh its you three again, I see you were successful in bringing back our Crucible. How was your journey into the Ooze Nest, you seem to be tired so I imagine it was not without struggle."


We had some hassle, but was well worth it.


Sprygg: "I see."

Crit: "We need to get this Arcast Purified but we are not so sure on how to do that."

Sprygg: "The Festival of Lights, look at how dark and red it is. I shall help you in order to save Umberfoal. What you will have to do is take it to the hall of Rituals, a temple set off in the distance that is home to the SporeDust Butterfly. There you will set the Crucible onto a pedestal and focus your minds onto the arcast you wish to purify. To do this you all must concentrate and recite these lines...

Safe and sound a home will stay. If kept in peace and love by day."


Sounds straight forward. How dangeorus are these butterflies?


Sprygg: "She's not dangerous at all, in fact she keeps this forest growing though I imagine it is hard to do so without the Crucible. If she sees it with you then she will surely help you purify the Festival of Lights if you tell her your plight. The thing is though is that the pedestal is on top of the temple so I hope you aren't scared of heights or large insects."


As long a sno more spiders are involved we're good. I'm sure she can help restore your forests if we can get those sun crystals from Umberfoal farms for you.


Spygg: "Sun Crystals? What do you mean?"

The party had to explain to Sprygg their idea.

Sprygg: "That does sound like a good idea though we do have to give the Oozes some space with the circle of life and all. Anyways I suggest you three head on out as soon as possible though you are free to rest here in my home if you feel the need to. I'll also prepare a meal for you, I hope you like moss soup."


You do know Ooze are not just an invasive species to your ecosystem but not even a species. They're more of a pollution really. But we'll be glad to help you on defending your forest from them.


Sprygg: "That would be nice and all, perhaps you can show the folk around a thing or two with your punches and magics."

Crit: "Could take some time but I can go for some R&R here if you want."

This will likely take the rest of the day which was fleeting as it is. Still though they had plenty of time to save Umberfoal if they decide to stay for the rest of the evening.


We can take a break, rest and plan our next course of acton.


File: 1524419519500.png (249.56 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Aww.png) ImgOps Google

Sprygg: "That sounds wonderful seeing that it has been ages since we seen ponies, in fact a lot of our youngin's don't even know what ponies are like so they would be happy to meet you. I'll go ahead and set up a small feast to hold in your party's honor while you three head on inside my home and wash up after that dangerous quest."

Crit: "A well welcome feast with food and drink, sounds good to me!"


File: 1524419634886.png (57.53 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is shocked.png) ImgOps Google

Critical, this is probably a bad time to mention I don't like eating mushrooms. You don't nthink they actually serve mushrooms do they? Or will they be offended if we pick 'em off our pizza?


Crit: "They got... moss and stuff. Anyways just drink yourself into a stupor and all food will taste like daisies or something."

They head on inside Sprygg's home and take turns taking baths and laundering their well worn clothes. This takes about 2 hours until they were finally done and just chilling on a wooden sofa in the living room. The party was now much cleaner than they had been after going several weeks without a bath, dangerous adventures sure do take up high priority.


Ah much better!


File: 1524420021609.png (234.23 KB, 600x800, 3:4, cloakcrit.png) ImgOps Google

Critical was flopped across the couch as Epic entered the room, Crit was well clean and his mane was well washed and less of a mess than the usual. The same can be said for Epic.

Crit: "Well I'm sure they are waiting for us now. The feast will be out in the center part of the village just outside. From what I seen out of the window they got a big table out with our seats reserved and be happy, they got a variety of foods for us."


I bet there'll be little mushrooms wanting to know our stories.


They headed on out and took their seats at the table near Sprygg at the head. All of the Agaricans seemed pleased and curious at their sight. To them it was these strange aliens who can now save their village from outside threat.

Before they could eat though they were quickly swarmed by three foal sized Agaricans who wanted to reach up and touch them as they muttered their Agarian Language.

Sprygg: "Ha ha, our children are pretty curious aren't they? They want to learn more about you three and who you are."


>Epic allowewd the curious mushrooms to touch and examine. Some of them curious about his long hair.

Well we can tell a few stories of our adventures or ask any of their questions if they can understand us.


Sprygg: "They're asking for your names and what sort of things that you like to do. Things like what you like to eat, what games you like to play that kind of stuff. Heh it seems they think of you as children or at least interested in children's games."

Critical wasn't having too much fun as the tots tugged on his clothing and climbing up on him to reach his horn.

Crit: "Ack they sure are the adventurous type aren't they? I never would've guessed that I have mushrooms trying to scale me like a mountain."


So not much different from what the pony foals ask me at home.

>To the mushroom children.
I am Epic Mount, me and my friends, we're adventurers.

>To Crit
Perhaps they'll be the future defenders of this place.


Crit: "With how they act I don't doubt it."

He manages to get them off safely and the kids awaited for more information.

Crit: "I am called Critical Hit. I... used to be really good at gambling such as tossing dice or playing cards. I'm from a small town outside of Baltimare and I've been questing with my friends Epic Mount and Summer Rye since last year."

The children seemed excited at their answers and now wanted a story from them.


I myself come from a forest, just like your forest here, only mine is on topside, located at the heart of Equestria. It's called the Everfree Forest.


Crit: "What story do you think we should tell them? Something of course suitable for children that is I guess."


Hm... Well we could tell them about our first adventures together, but leave out the violent bits.


File: 1524421722070.png (105.25 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Crit portrait 1.png) ImgOps Google

Crit: "So you mean when we fended off a mob of Diamond Dogs from the Ponyville museum? That sounds like they would have fun with that! I remember how we just met up at the Ponyville Statue and shortly after we heard cries of help coming from the distance."


>Time for me to go now.


Yeah, refresh our memory how it happened? I remember key points but not all of it.


Did you defeat the spiders yet?


File: 1524504882744.png (64.01 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount is happy.png) ImgOps Google

>Tells the young funglings why they're here.

We've come all the way from Umberfoal because giant spiders have taken over the city.
While we have come for your magic light bowl thingy and braved the cave where the ooze has stolen them, we got the magic bowl thing back but the ooze remain. However if we get the magic bowl thingy charged with some sort of sacred light ritual and have the Festival of Lights happen then the spiders will go away I think. Then we can encourage relations between Umberfoal and your mushroom kind so that the duskloaks can provide you the means to be rid of the ooze.

Also I found this cape that belonged to Sir Squire himself. Critical also found a valueble thing from a magic pony who I can't pronounce.

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