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It has come to my attention that the same two posters who are always fighting and disrupting threads, and making big paranoid fiascos on /canterlot/ when any moderator actions are taken are still fighting and making big paranoid fiascos about it on canterlot. Even now, after a forced anon board has been added.

I think it's really time for the mods to consider taking a heavier hand with these two considering just how apparent it is that they are more willing to try and manipulate the mods via /canterlot/ in response to nearly every action they make.


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Well, given that's literally what I want, yeah.
I'm all for that.
'Summing it's even handed, and so we don't get the usual thing of a minor bit of softly worded finger wagging when it comes to the guy breaking the rules, anyway.


>considering just how apparent it is that they are more willing to try and manipulate the mods via /canterlot/


Is this a joke? They have legitimate complaints and are doing what they feel a community member is supposed to do when they have a complaint.


>They have legitimate complaints and are doing what they feel a community member is supposed to do when they have a complaint.

I mean, hardly. At this point, considering how disingenuous both of them can be with how they are framing their "complaints" and what the actual "problems" are, it's apparent that both of them are just determined to not let the mods get away with not letting them get their way and are going to try and guilt trip them over it all.


I'm going to have to respectfully disagree.


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"It has come to my attention"

uhhh... who are you exactly? To start with this kind of thing? Obviously by the rest of this post, you haven't been here long or haven't been paying attention... but a heavier hand HAS been taken in the past about people like this (possibly the same people)


I don't think I'd even say that about Manley. I mean, he might try to play the victim some, but, there's not really a doubt in me that he believes he actually is, after all.
And the rest is just trying to explain and get people to sympathize.

You're probably partly right in that we're both determined not to let the mods getaway with whatever they're doing, and basically continue to ignore the problem and hope it solves itself.
But, I think that's all I can really give you.

Could've fooled me.
Not since Luna was around, anyway.


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Especially, now that i think of it, since they used to at least lock threads.
That isn't the case now. And I'd dare say, I think they've got a lot softer on the warnings.
hard to say for sure, but, I do not think I'd agree with the idea that they got any laxer.



I think it's pretty apparent that both these people have used up the benefit of the doubt. Yeah, a "heavier" hand has used and yet they still play like it's actually entirely the fault of the mod staff (and sometimes the rest of the community) being unfair to them specifically.

This has gone on long enough and the fact that it persists despite the "heavier hand".

Neither of them really accepts any of the reasoning behind the judgments of the staff if it doesn't align with their own egocentric reasoning. Both of them take a rather childish and paranoid approach to any decision they don't like, and if one of the threads here, on /canterlot/ is any indication, they are perfectly willing to attack and accuse the staff of the worst possible of intentions, rather than just accept alternate perspectives. Or even give them the benefit of the doubt, especially considering that they are all volunteers with lives outside this site?

Does that mean they should get some special treatment though? As if their immature attitudes are like cognitive disfunctions?
I think they've both drawn the benefit of the doubt they deserve pretty thin at this point, they certainly aren't going to adjust their attitudes if the mods are willing to capitulate and gives them as much time as they are giving them to just bullheadedly refuse to accept, or even see anything from the mods perspective and just persist to assert favoritism and/or persecution.

And this just ruins the site, it's pretty much apparently wearing down the mods, and ruining them as well, as they treat them with kid gloves, perpetually having to placate them in order not to feel guilty about it all. And the more they do that, the more they encourage this sort of behavior from them.


File: 1560923549463.png (139.94 KB, 388x478, 194:239, pinkie cabaret.png) ImgOps Google

Just serve everyone a permaban and set fire to the servers.

For realsies, I'd rather have nopony permabanned or banned for a long time, but know, all arguing parties involved, you're all doing a shitty job.


File: 1560929490460.jpg (25.33 KB, 288x450, 16:25, 124990734-288-k933515.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I strongly disagree with the comparison to children.

I have seen this argument, or a similar one, before and didn't like it then either.

No one here is a child.

Do I think some behaviours shown at times are childish or immature? Yes, of course. I've done childish and immature things in the heat of the moment. But to imply that the people who are having problems, and the mods supposedly handling those problems in a similar manner to handling a bratty child, well to me that's pretty disrespectful.

They aren't children. And the mods are not parents. They are adults trying to do a job. Not an easy job quite obviously, but a job nonetheless.

Without this community they have no job to perform. And us as the community, without the staff, will not be a community for very long either.

All of us here are adults, all of us here are in this together if we want to stay here, and hopefully all of us will be able to figure it out together.


File: 1561921521430.png (964.39 KB, 967x891, 967:891, silly7glasses.png) ImgOps Google

Why must a heavier hand be used?

>yet they still play like it's actually entirely the fault of the mod staff (and sometimes the rest of the community) being unfair to them specifically.

Perhaps there is an issue with expectations that the staff will interfere and cure all personal disagreements because the rules are a bit lofty.

Why do uninvolved bystanders to a squabble feel so offended around here anyway?  If they fight to the death perhaps rather than feel responsible to dissect who's right and who's wrong the staff might warn them both to argue somewhere else.  Or let them finish killing each other.

The feelings of hurt and being trapped that i experienced from people who have no stake in the discussion stomping around validating one thing or another caused me more pain than anything i ever felt directly from arguing with either of these two.

I wonder if the rule was get involved in mutual combat, don't expect staff to rescue you if this ongoing crying-to-mom might disappear and if this hurts bystanders then its their own fault for watching a train wreck when they should move along, nothing to see here.

Who decided that the staff are our personal peacemakers?  That's not a service anyone is paying for so why does this site feel responsible to be police officer, baby sitter and psychologist?

In short, just let them fight or tell them to stop fighting.  Who did what and who's more wronger just isn't necessary for the site to determine.

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