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Please an option to turn off YouTube embeds, or even better, do what 4chan does and load them only when the user specifically clicks a link to open the embed.  YouTube embeds are bloody slow when a page has a lot of them.




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Mixed content blocking prevents them from being loaded in Firefox without changing default security settings, as well.


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it is still a big problem after much work? maybe a turn off button is still necessary after all...


>it is still a big problem
Yes, for threads with lots of embeds, e.g., http://ponyville.us/pony/res/693296.html
It makes my browser run like molasses.

4chan and Ponychan do it right: You click "[embed]" to load the YouTube video, e.g., http://boards.4chan.org/mlp/thread/32037316


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Can it be reconciled to still enable it if you want?

Cause I like to put a video sometimes where the images go.
I'd be in the dumps if this is changed completely to having an embed/link in the post.


I'm just here to say I've seen this and I'll figure something out.


I suggest this: For YouTube embeds in the image area, use

<img src="http:

and when you click it, it replaces it with the YouTube embed.  That would work almost the same as it currently works, except that the YouTube bloat won't be pulled in until the user actually clicks on the video preview.


That's actually almost exactly the idea I had. Only problem is I need a way to make it known that this is not just a picture but a youtube link. I was thinking I'd transpose the little red icon onto the image or something. If I build in the youtube API I can even get the name of the video and do something with that too.

This was my top priority a moment ago, but I probably need to shift to working on some mod tools or something.


>This was my top priority a moment ago, but I probably need to shift to working on some mod tools or something.
One thing that could be done is to implement an "under attack" mode which imposes extra hoops to jump through for unrecognized users.  (By "unrecognized", I mean the user (as identified by IP, tripcode, or password) does not have any live posts on the site.)  E.g., no ability to create new threads, and posts are dead-on-arrival until reviewed and approved by a mod.


That's also just about exactly what I had in mind. I've been calling it the 'batten down the hatches' mode in my mind. I'm really good at solving problems, just don't have the time/energy to take it through to implementation. Sigh.

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