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Welcome to Ponyville!

Welcome to Ponyville.us! We're an imageboard dedicated to My Little Pony, and to serving the various fandom communities scattered throughout the internet.

Have a read through of The Constitution, our mission statement, which can be found here: Constitution

Please also read through our rules, before posting! We hope you will have a lot of fun here in Ponyville!


All conduct which breaks site rules will be handled by moderators on a case by case basis, with a sliding scale of severity based on poster intent and past behavior.


  1. Please be kind to one another!
  2. Have respect for people in general, both those on and off the site.
  3. Don't go into a thread just to be rude.
  4. Don't be overly hostile in your behavior towards another poster.
  5. Malicious spamming and raiding are strictly disallowed.
  6. Doxxing and sharing of others' personal information against their will is disallowed.
  7. Don't shitpost. We define shitpost as: threads that are purposely created to add nothing to the site, regurgitating spamlike content which is low in creativity, and with potential ill intentions that contribute negatively to the site.
  8. Don't derail threads intentionally. When posting in a thread, be respectful of the topic and the atmosphere of the thread. If a thread's OP asks you to stop derailing, please do so.
  9. Please do not maliciously impersonate users or sockpuppet.
  10. All content illegal under the law of the United States is expressly and absolutely prohibited on Ponyville.us.
  11. Showing off your ponyart, stories and music is welcome, but please do not engage in site or commercial advertising without first contacting site administration.
  12. Please do not use offensive slurs, unless the language in question is topical and relevant to a non-offensive purpose.

Adult Content

  1. Please do not post, link to, write, or engage in roleplay depicting pornography, gore, extreme violence or fetishistic content.
  2. Please keep in mind that minors will be posting, and tailor your posts accordingly.
  3. Discussion of specific fetishes or content that may incite a reaction to a fetish is prohibited.
  4. Posting risque content is allowed in moderation.

Concerning Suicides

The staff at Ponyville is not trained to treat depression or prevent suicides. The posters at Ponyville are also in no position to counsel or treat suicidal individuals. As such, threads concerning suicidal behavior may be locked at any time, with an explanation. If you are feeling suicidal, or need someone who can genuinely help you through a crisis situation, please dial the National Suicide Hotline of your respective country or seek local medical attention.

1 (800) 273-8255 (USA)