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File: 1635373144065.jpg (58.96 KB, 464x343, 464:343, Wolf-Versus-Sheepdog.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Roughly speaking, the U.S. can be divided into three groups. First, there's those most at risk of political violence in general and especially at risk if the U.S. ever had a fully tyrannical government. Second, there's the broad mass of the general populace. Third, there's those least at risk of political violence whom would have it the most cozy if a tyrannical government took power.

One might think that gun ownership among civilians would be most concentrated among those with the most to lose. That is: Jews, Muslims, transgender people, Native Americans, disabled people, and the like. The types most likely to suffer the worse under a future tyranny.

That's absolutely not the case, though. In fact, the vast majority of civilian firearms are owned with the people having the least to lose and to which a tyrannical government would be the most kind to. The happier you'd be in a fascist America, the more likely you are to have an arsenal for such an occasion and the larger said arsenal would be.

This is most telling when comparing militant factions such as neo-Nazi clubs, Klansman associations, the Proud Boys, and such. Not only are they armed to the teeth, but they actively encourage individuals to brandish their weapons in public. It's a way of showing off at best and outright intimidation at worse.

When one looks at, say, the elderly Jewish protesters brought out by the Anti-Defamation League or other, ideological rivals on the opposite side... it's like imagining a battle between rabbits and foxes. Sheep and wolves. Cats and mice. Pretty clear imbalances.

To try to solve this, I've got a proposal. In short:

>'In a world full of wolves and lambs, bring in the sheepdogs.'

I propose a unified network of state by state and then county by county paramilitaries made up of well-trained gun owners who're straight white cisgender Christians who've made a sacred blood oath (I mean this quite literally, as in publicly swearing in the eyes of God and their peers as they use some kind of a cutting device to draw some blood from themselves ritualistically) that they will quite literally die, if necessary, to defend their neighbors who're non-cisgender, non-Christian, non-straight, non-white, and so on.

They'll be known as 'The Sheepdogs'.

Whenever neo-Nazis or Proud Boys (or whatever) stick out their ugly head, the Sheepdogs will be deployed in order to protect that college, that LGBT nightclub, that synagogue, or whatever else that's drawn right-wing ire.

Of course, in practical terms, the Sheepdogs would have to be a pan-ethnic, pan-ideological, and pan-religious organization. Anybody who agreed with the general principle of "We help the helpless" could join. There'd probably be conflicts between far left Sheepdogs versus center-left Sheepdogs versus moderate Sheepdogs versus center-right Sheepdogs inevitably. Understandably so. Maintaining a general ideological neutrality (being anti-Nazi but not pro-any-political-party or whatever else) would be difficult as all f**k. As well, there'd be a hell of a lot of issues training Sheepdogs to avoid provoking conflicts, making sure that they're not going out looking for trouble in terms of having 'savior complexes'. And surely more issues will occur down the line. Still, I think that all could be worked out.

In the long-ish run, I suppose this may evolve into a roughly organized collective of crews that're sort of like the buddies from The A-Team or Burn Notice or Night Rider or whatever, who sort of function as roving troubadours of justice protecting anybody in any city or town that needs protecting for free. Anti-mercenary mercenaries? Maybe? Not sure.

Is this just plain stupid? Or could this work? Maybe? Possibly?


i mean, it could work if we had enough volunteers. i don't think that's likely to happen. probably better to just try to work against fascism and root it out


I see what you're saying, but I'd respond that having A-Team like roving knights in shining armor to protect place after place would not just be a cool symbol but also a kind of rallying point for anti-fascism.

It would maybe be akin to how rooting for the French Resistance under De Gaulle and the Yugoslav Partisans under Tito was a gigantic thing in WWII in terms of morale, maybe?


'coolness' doesn't really speak to practicality. sure, maybe it sounds cool, but how are you gonna make it reality?


I'm not really plugged into gun culture in the U.S., for multiple reasons, so really the only thing that I can manage right now is to float this notion in places where gun owners might be open to at least considering the idea.

Admittedly, the average gun owner is probably going to think one of three things:

A. That's just antifa with more steps. Just support antifa right now. I do. (Would expect to hear this from avidly left-of-center gun owners, I suppose.)

B. That's just antifa with extra steps. There might be some inklings of a positive idea there in terms of being anti-far-right, which I am too, but wouldn't the anarchists and other extremists inevitably take it over? Use it as a militant clique actively going out to look for trouble, beating up random victims and becoming bullies themselves? (Would expect to hear this from moderate or apolitical gun owners, I suppose.)

C. Groups such as the Proud Boys are actually engaged in self-defense of white Christian communities and what you're saying is total leftist lamestream media nonsense, what with the Jews*, transgender people,* Muslims,* and others representing my real enemy over the so-called far right. They're just misguided at worst. (Would expect to hear this from conservative gun owners, I suppose. [*]They'd probably use slurs here rather than my cleaned-up language.)

Not sure what to say.


How unflavored minorities survive a fascist state, I'm not sure.  Attacking the state, even in self defense, will be terrorism that can be expected to bring down the might of state power in retaliation.  A fragile state may be defeated, a nimble guerilla force may evade extermination by state agents until the state is overturned by other forces.  Our experience of fascist states is they are sort-lived, although perhaps that is merely an accident of WWII.

The other options are pacifism or escape from the territory.  These options prompt less attention from the state, but no defense when the state chooses to perform attacks and executions.

(Of course, state-faith persons will have no objection to fascist states, as the form is one of the many options available when subjecting people to state power, and subjects have no inherent right to object.)


Attacking the state in self-defense really will result in different things based on how inherently strong the government is, I suppose.

America becoming a dictatorship is a situation that could really vary as far as public support... is this a change that only something like a quarter or less of the populace supports? Or is it something with widespread backing among half or so? Something in between? I'm really not sure.

A lot of this probably depends on Joe Biden's administration and whether not it's perceived as failing by 2024. And, if then, the claimed failure needs to be bad enough that it's the fault of democracy as a system rather than Biden as an individual, with even former supporters washing their hands of everything. I think. Hard to say.


>Attacking the state in self-defense really will result in different things
Yeah, it's hard to generalize, too many variables.

If America were to become fascist, with the level of surveillance technology available, it would probably be a new chapter in totalitarianism.

I don't think I'm quite as pessimistic about the future.  Or maybe I'm just more pessimistic about the past.  America never was a democracy, and has seldom been especially kind to minorities or the lower classes.  Trump will probably return, and he will be bolder and perhaps more effective.  Trump seems to like to like power.

The problem with trying to predict this stuff, though, is it's like predicting earthquakes.  When things move, they move fast.  And I am told I'm bad at reading the social world, so perhaps I do miss clues.  

Others [on Facebook] are also saying bad days are ahead.


Yeah, important variables can go in many different directions.

A fascist dictator might be democratically elected fair-and-square, but that may not be enough to get the domestic military to support him. He could very well face a situation in which troops (as well as the police) refuse to act against peaceful citizens. Alternately, the dictator might be able to persuade a certain segment of the military to stand by him while others are opposed, triggering a civil war that's not just the state versus its populace but some armed factions versus other armed factions.

Very complicated.


I think we call those "police"

Anyway, why would anyone do this? Why recruit majorities instead of just encouraging minorities to be armed? Why do you want these to be straight white cisgender Christians? I mean, the latter has been used with some success by groups like the black panthers. It's very strange to me. It's like you see the lives of straight, cisgendered white people as more disposable as that of others? I know that idea is common with male/female dynamics, the idea that women's lives are more valuable than men's, and that men should sacrifice themselves if it comes down to them or a woman, but i think that's very misguided, and shows a deep, dark prejudice.

I'm very much not a fan of these neo-nazi groups, but in reality, they're tiny, powerless groups being used as a strawman for the most part. They're a warped "enemy" persona that authoritarian leftists use to justify more state control. It's a textbook authoritarian power-grab tactic. It's something you see authoritarians do across history and countries. the same thing the nazi's did with the jews, nixon and the hispanic/african american populations, china and the uyghurs, ect. It's really baffling to me that people don't notice an obvious pattern just because, what? White people don't count i guess? It's a very strange blindspot for the left to insist on having, and it's likely to result in attempts at human rights violations pretty soon, as this has all the hallmarks of prep-work for white genocide. If racism against whites isn't racism, then genocide of whitest isn't really genocide, yea? That kind of thing. Why else would you have this very pointed and illogical exception?

So naturally some white people are shook up about this and getting armed. If you saw the hallmarks of a your-group genocide being prepared, then wouldn't you be distrustful of the state, too? Wouldn't you want to get armed with others of your group being targeted? I don't think their backwards way of worshiping the past is logical, but they're correct to be scared and to arm themselves and to show force. It's a deterrent to their genocide, but it will ultimately work against them, as we see many people like yourselves who now view them as enemies, and who seem to view their lives as less valuable than those of people in other groups.


Did you actually read the thread before you made this post? I'm genuinely baffled. Your commentary seems to exist from an alternate reality completely disconnected from that of what actually exists on the real planet.

People who aren't straight, aren't white, aren't cisgender, and aren't Christian in the U.S. today genuinely have to live in fear of violence against us in terms of non-state actors as well as living in fear of a coming fascist dictatorship since American democracy is hanging by a thread. We're one Presidential vote short of it all ending. And that's terrifying. It's not exactly great to be in a bigoted country like the U.S. in general given that we're treated as second-class citizens at multiple levels, but the fact that the future is looking dark stands as a problem apart.

Given the many straight white cisgender Christians out there doing everything from trying their best to make the U.S. as bigoted as a country as possible to those actively and sincerely fighting for a fascist state, there's what the threads about. Namely... that most straight white cisgender Christians very much oppose bigotry in general and the notion of a dictatorial prejudicial state specifically. And it would be great if they could be armed in terms of not just future resistance to tyranny but current resistance against tyrannical extremist groups.

The fear of genocide goes only one way. Whites killing non-whites. Christians killing non-Christians. Straights killing non-straights. The cisgender killing the transgender. America is already pretty Goddamn far the steps of genocide in terms of these minorities when it comes to victims being kicked out of their jobs, drummed out of their homes, denied needed health care services, abandoned by their families, beaten up or even slaughtered by law enforcement, and so on due to the dark clouds of bigotry across the nation. Not to mention that the U.S. federal government already actively engaged in one genocide already, that of Native Americans. It can happen again.

This is obliviously not because somehow somebody who happens to be Christian or whatever else is lesser than others. It's a reflection of reality. There's never been in American history a roving gang of heavily armed Jews going into devoutly Christian neighborhoods 'looking for trouble'. On the flip side, the Holocaust happened. And anti-Semitism lives on.

Please be serious.


The holocaust largely happened because germans saw jews as oppressors. Nobody thinks they're the oppressor, and this narrow, close-minded view of the world you have is exactly the sort of way the people who committ genocide justify it to themselves.

"I'm fighting oppression" or "these people are evil and must be stopped". Both were motivations the nazis had, but i guess you think since it's white people, not jews, that sort of policy is good now. It's so bafflingly close-minded to me. That's tide-pod-eating levels of cultiral follow-the-leader.


I'm genuinely horrified at your separation from objective factual reality and your narrow, closed-minded view of the word that you bizarrely psychologically project to others, not to mention that you're engaged in the most mind-bogglingly offensive trolling by pretending that rationally being afraid of genocide is the same as wanting to commit genocide yourself.

Me and people like me are genuinely, legitimately scared of having genocide committed against us because of the group in power literally sounding like they want genocide in terms of their rhetoric as well as acting like they want genocide in terms of their actions. You look at public statements by modern U.S. conservatives about gay and transgender people and they line up word-for-word with what the actual Nazis said. Literally. The minorities are "ants", "cockroaches", "lice", et cetera that need to be "eliminated", "exterminated", "taken care of", et cetera. It's disturbing to say the least.

It's absolutely, night-versus-day different to be a minority afraid of an oppressive government compared to being the group in power and having paranoid, lunatic fantasizes thinking that dangerous minorities such as myself are out to get them.

You can insist that the two situations are the same as much as you want, but it's simply a bald-faced lie. It just isn't like that. It just isn't.

Governments should be afraid of their people. People should not be afraid of their governments. It's not comparable.


Last i checked, both the executive and house were controlled by democrats, so I'm not sure what you're on about when you say It's the conservatives in government, they have barely any power right now.

And the republicans don't really fear minorites so much as they see minority reliance on social safetynet systems as a means of making these people reliant on these social systems, and thus becoming a dependent voting block. There's a handful of genuine supremicists, but they have about as much political power as you do.

Being afraid of something doesn't mean there's a real threat. It's just as often you letting yourself get riled uo by someone trying to manipulate you. I agree govts should fear there people, not vice versa, but the government is all liberals roght now, so i don't really see what you're on about.


File: 1636218531839.png (458.18 KB, 1309x797, 1309:797, sasra.png) ImgOps Google

That's literally what the brownshirts and blackshirts were. You're literally describing terrorism.

It isn't that blacks and muslims don't believe in guns. It's that white people will fucking kill them in the street if they're even suspected of being armed with less than 50/50 odds of the police even looking into a straight up murder in daylight with witnesses and a near guarantee of the situation getting buried. I mean. They do now in cases where there the murder is caught on camera and the murderer explains that he knows what he is doing, but that's mostly to stop the coloreds and SJWs from getting too uppity again. I'm just saying that guns are actively dangerous to own if you are a member of an oppressed group, and not just because bullets come out of one end. With that in mind, who is going to pick our blackshirts? Is it perhaps going to be the exact same people gunning down colored kids in the street and then revealing that once the kid smoked pot and therefore was most likely a dangerous criminal mastermind who was stopped just in time? Or is it rather going to be the people saying they don't need to hear the case because a daylight shooting in a crowded street with witnesses and a confession doesn't have enough evidence to go to trial since nobody videotaped it? Unless you think it would be a good idea to pick our state sponsored domestic terrorists by lottery then there's going to be some vetting process involved and there are going to be people doing the vetting, and those people doing the vetting will almost certainly come from the "benefiting from tyranny" group rather than the "just happy they aren't being shot at" group.

Odd thing about oppressed groups, that. They usually aren't strongly represented in the "law and order" community. If I were less of an asshole I'd speculate on some causal relationship but I'll leave our most astute readers to ponder if there might possibly be some reason why oppression dynamics are so... hierarchical.


The situation in America unfortunately is that gun ownership is a tool of the oppressive and powerful against the weak and powerless. The fantasy that minorites can arm themselves and thus be safe against criminal actors as well as an authoritarian state is just that: a fantasy. With gun culture as it is and police policies being what they are, an armed minority is at best a widely hated outcast and at worst a dead minority. Alas.

America is one bad vote away from electing a fascist dictator into the Presidency, and the odds are pretty horribly high. I'd give it something like one in six in this decade. That's probably too low. And a fascist America probably couldn't avoid mass murder: that's in the DNA of absolute tyranny.

There really needs to be some kind of a sea change so that America as a nation is less bigoted, hated, and violent: that this 'culture of misery' or whatever you want to call it in which an ordinary person being compassionate is punished while one being a complete douchebag is rewarded stops. And there sure as hell needs to be a systematic revamp of law enforcement so that minorities don't feel like they're an enemy nation under occupation by a foreign military, essentially. Rough stuff.


If you lived in a country where you weren't just fired for your job for being white and denied health care for being white but also genuinely had to be afraid going to religious services filled with whites because they were targets by those who hate whites... would you honestly go "guess I just have to deal with it since I don't want to get riled up"?

Or would you be angry over the anti-white hatred?


Leaving aside that your supposition that being white means you'll do fine under an authoritarian regime renowned for murdering political dissidents regardless of race, "sheepdog" is a terrible mindset at the best of times. See police as a prime example. You're just creating a holier-than-thou culture of busy busybodies inclined to intrude on others.

Given your inclusion of the Proud Boys into this, though, I suppose that's what you want
A bunch of violent cult like thugs to enforce your particular political vision.
Good job, you're the fascist.
Stop making browshirts.


How about "the Proud Boys are a multi racial, multi ethnic, multi religious, multi cultural, multi oriented organization created for the express purpose of fighting against authoritarians and racists attacking those who disagree with them with impunity, so just join them instead"?

Your habbit of presuming the worst fantastical creation that you can think up isn't healthy for this kind of thing.
I've my misgivings about the Proud Boys, but you seem to have done no research of any kind into them.
Given your absurd presumptions, frankly I'm worried you'd have your "A-team" kick in my door.


Is there a point to your trolling?

This is a level of disconnect from objective factual reality that honestly makes me worried if you're meaning it seriously, with you seemingly living in an alternate universe without connection to the human one.


Right, because disagreeing with you is "trolling".
Your empty accusations demonstrate your intellectual integrity. Or rather, lack thereof.

I would echo back to you your tirade. It's quite abundantly clear that not only do you dismiss those of different political beliefs to you as evil, but that you do so for race as well.

History is full of people like you.
Whenever they are allowed power, genocides occur.


Genocide is something that the right in America wants to do to minorities and not the other way around.

The odds of minorities taking power in the U.S. to eliminate the right is zero.

Being rationally afraid of genocide isn't the same thing as wanting to commit genocide yourself.

Your removal from reality is disturbing.


As someone who's on the right, talks with people on the right, has gone to right wing events, voted right wing, donated to right wing organizations, ect:
You're full of it.
None of them want genocide. Nor do I.
You've been lied to. Your hated enemy isn't as you assume.

>Your removal from reality is disturbing.
Classic case of projection.
You insist your enemies are monsters who wish to do the worst in spite of reality, and say somehow I'm the one who'd commit a genocide as you repeat the rhetoric of every murderer who came before, just for your new favorite outgroup.


Being rationally afraid of genocide by a political group that sincerely fights for American democracy to be replaced by a fascist dictatorship to the point that their rhetoric is identical to the historic Nazis as well as that they keep moving through the 'stages of genocide preparation'... I know that you in your heart seem to sincerely think that it's the same as your danger of having minorities rise up and commit genocide themselves, but the situations have no comparison in the real world.

Wolves eat sheep. Sheep don't eat wolves. Some things aren't symmetrical.

Before Trump, political statements from conservatives weren't word for word copies of Nazi speeches and the idea that a Republican President would be dictator for life was quite literally a joke. I know. I was there. I was a part of it. Still happy with my McCain and Romney votes.

And now we are where we are.


File: 1636953265441.png (199.74 KB, 321x576, 107:192, mtr_1629258086028.png) ImgOps Google

Do you really think that Trump wants to do genocide the racial minorities who are a large part of the low-wage workers of Trump's businesses?  Trump is corrupt, a liar, and a lot of other bad things, but he is no architect of genocide.

>word for word copies of Nazi speeches
Trump studied Hitler's speeches for their rhetorical techniques, not for the political substance.


Trump is a salesman. Hate sells. He'll keep on selling it to the point that it stops making him money. Same thing with anything else he's sold from airline tickets to pieces of meat. Trump couldn't care less what he sells or any of the related details as long as it works for him, personally.

However, enough of Trump's supporters take the whole "final solution to the transgender problem" concept as well as related concepts deathly seriously enough for it to be an actual, horrifying portent for the future.

Remember that Trump is considered by a wide range of Republicans to be not hateful enough and not violent enough. The next Republican Presidential candidate, if he's not Trump again, will be objectively worse at every level. Count on it.


>Being rationally afraid of genocide by a political group that sincerely fights for American democracy to be replaced by a fascist dictatorship
The "right" doesn't do this.
Again; You're making things up based on your own paranoid delusions.
Not reality.

>to the point that their rhetoric is identical to the historic Nazis as well as that they keep moving through the 'stages of genocide preparation'..
You mean like you're doing?

>I know that you in your heart seem to sincerely think that it's the same as your danger of having minorities rise up and commit genocide themselves, but the situations have no comparison in the real world.
I'm not worried about "minorities".
I'm worried about psychopaths like yourself who genuinely see your fellow man through the lens of absolute hatred.
Who refuse to give any benefit of the doubt, nor even give way to the facts of reality.
People who place ideology first, so as to assume all dissidents of any stripe are the Devil himself, and should be treated as such.

It's not "minorities" I'm afraid of. It's people like yourself, deluded as you are.
Plenty of minorities do not buy in to the sociopathic ideology that you put forward.
Plenty of minorities are, as I am, in favor of freedom, liberty, and individualism.

>Wolves eat sheep. Sheep don't eat wolves. Some things aren't symmetrical.
That's an extremely telling and racist view you have.
It says a lot about you.

>Before Trump, political statements from conservatives weren't word for word copies of Nazi speeches
They still aren't. As a matter of objective fact.
You're making shit up.


You and people like you call me and people like me "cockroaches", "lice", "parasites", "rats", "termites", "vermin", and more.

You and people like you declare that me and people like me constitute a very threat to the fabric of the country, needing to be "eliminated", "exterminated", "taken care of", "wiped out", and more.

You and people like you work your damndest to make sure that me and people me live as horrible lives as possible moving down every single step on the 'stages of genocide': you fire us from our jobs, you kick us out of our homes, you deny us our health care, you subject us to street harassment, you try to take away our 2nd amendment rights, you censor books and other materials about us even for the point of calling for public bonfires of written materials hurting your feelings, and you even make political violence upon us in otherwise 'safe spaces' such as churches and community centers normal.

All the while your Lord and Savior, Donald Trump, wants to declare himself President-For-Life despite losing a fair-and-square election just some months ago. And Trump has your enthusiastic support. No question.

I used to be a Republican. I used to vote Republican. I used to volunteer at Republican events. It was a nice time. I still think that John McCain and Mitt Romney both would've made fine Presidents.

But the GOP is now the American Fascist Party, and the U.S. has gone from a country where I could openly be any number of things in Republican spaces without anybody batting an eye (being totally accepted in GOP online spaces, for one, back in the 2008 and 2012 eras) to now the Republicans being motivated to "own the libs" and "taste lib tears" no matter how many lives have to be exterminated in the process (in the 2016 and 2020 eras). I can't spend forty-five seconds in Republican online spaces without "F*gg*t", "K*k*-lover", "N*gg*r-lover", "Tr*nn*", and more being hurled at me before I'm banned (without, of course, saying anything of substance on my behalf). Now, believing in hatred for minorities and anti-minority political actions in required among Republicans. The rhetoric has gone from negative to outright destructive. Step by step, the path to genocide goes on.

So, no, I don't believe in your delusions. Facts are facts. I'd rather live in the real world.


>You ... call me and people like me "cockroaches", "lice", "parasites", "rats", "termites", "vermin", and more.
Where did he call you that?  I think you are falsely accusing him.


File: 1637035828802.jpg (58.87 KB, 920x623, 920:623, open-carry.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I've not called you a roach, I've not called you lice, I've not called you a parasite, I've not called you a rat, I've not called you a termite, I've not called you vermin.
The image of me you've got is one you created. Not one that exists in reality.

>You and people like you declare that me and people like me constitute a very threat to the fabric of the country, needing to be "eliminated", "exterminated", "taken care of", "wiped out", and more.
Unlike you, I don't engage in such rhetoric.
I don't think any group should be exterminated.
Regardless of what they think. And, yes, that even includes people like yourself, who view those who disagree with you politically as vampiric monsters of the night, out for blood.
While I will say your rhetoric is dangerous, freedom of speech is something I value, and so while I'd condemn the hateful thinking that creates such thoughts, I'd never advocate the removal of those who think it.

>You and people like you
I've not done a single one of any of these delusional fabrications you've come up with.
The 2A bit especially annoys me. I'm a bit of an extremist for that liberty, after all. I'm a supporter of the 3D printing movement, and have donated to that cause. I'm of the stance anyone, anywhere, at any time, ought have the means to arm themselves.  I don't give a damn what color you are, what religion you follow, or what orientation you have. Even political orientation has no bearing on it. Everyone ought have the means to fight for their rights, regardless of who they are.

>And Trump has your enthusiastic support. No question.
Definitely not. There's a mile of questions, and his 2A stance is shit.

>So, no, I don't believe in your delusions. Facts are facts. I'd rather live in the real world.
You literally don't.
Your irrational hatred towards your fellow man has blinded you to the point you see demons in the shadows.
You're fucked up in the head, and I sincerely hope you get the help you so desperately need before you hurt someone.


Just know that when you and people like you come to establish your fascist dictatorship, me and people like me will be armed and will shoot back.


Considering your paranoid delusions, I'm not convinced you'd pass the mental health requirements.

But whatever. It won't happen, because of course I don't want a fascist dictatorship, and that's a fantasy that exists purely in your own head.


Keep spouting that denialism. If the genocide comes, we'll be ready.


File: 1637106078817.png (79.59 KB, 862x1080, 431:540, a159b6e1cd0704e32e4d0c3813….png) ImgOps Google

You have no basis for claiming that he wants a fascist dictatorship.  Please try to avoid presenting wild speculations as if they were established fact.


It's not "denialism", it's simple reality.

Your hatred has blinded you to that reality.
You'd rather see your political enemies as monsters, than regard them as human.
It's pretty messed up.


The American right-wing aren't "monsters" or somehow not "human".

They're perfectly normal human beings who've been taught through their conservative ideology to view their fellow Americans as life unworthy of life and thus expendable in the name of creating a right-wing utopia. No more. No less.

America is one Republican President away from concentration camps, due to what the right-wing wants, and accepting that fact is realism, not hatred.


>They're perfectly normal human beings who've been taught through their conservative ideology to view their fellow Americans as life unworthy of life and thus expendable in the name of creating a right-wing utopia. No more. No less.
Jesus fucking Christ, no. Where do you even get this level of disconnect from reality?
Seriously, what kind of koolaid have you been dripfed up to this point?

You'll find conservatives by large are principle-first sorts. As in, they don't want a utopia at all, let alone one created through the abandonment of rights enshrined in the constitution, something that's existed a while and that they, as conservatives, want to conserve.

>America is one Republican President away from concentration camps, due to what the right-wing wants, and accepting that fact is realism, not hatred.
You say this based off of nothing.
That irrational fearmongering that you propagate and push to say that your political enemies are horrible monsters who'll murder every one of you is, as I see it, hatred.
It's fucked up, man.
You shouldn't despise your own countrymen so much that you go down insane conspiracy theories and pin that to half the damn country's population.
It's not healthy, it doesn't lead to pleasant discourse, and it sure as hell doesn't lead to good policy.

Just take a breather, and maybe try talking to people. Hell, I'm 'right wing' of sorts, why not just ask me what I think?
I know you'll find I'm not a fascist, given I oppose Marx's theories generally, and as a flat rule, put freedom and liberty above all else including utopianism, which by large I regard as dangerously stupid.


I'd ask.

However, you appear to have a total disconnect between what Republicans have done and said in the four years of Trump and since versus what you think that they've done and said in your mind.

So, I can bring up something like U.S. federal government registries stockpiling identifying information for people of supposedly inferior religious backgrounds, in which certain religious institutions as well are targeted for intense monitoring by security forces. The so-called "Jewish registry" and "Muslim registry", as the media put it, that was supported by Republicans as a core Trump measure that, thank God, failed but is still being promoted. Still supported by Republicans now. Something that will happen again immediately as a renewed fiasco if a new Republican comes into office.

A "Jewish registry"/"Muslim registry" is, yes, one of the historically well-documented 'steps of genocide' even if one doesn't like it: forcing people of a disfavored religious group against their will to be subject to state sanction including being on state-controlled lists documenting where they work and pray is a Fascism 101 level action.

This is not to even bring up the whole "Jewish ban"/"Muslim ban" when it came to travel and how even American citizens with full rights as people fucking born here had to worry about being literally forced out of America at gunpoint due to Republican policies. Which I can get into. If you want.

I expect your response to be something like "But Republicans believe in liberty and freedom for Americans" (no, they sure as hell don't, if you're not the RIGHT kind of American your civil rights mean jack shit) and "That isn't an actual Republican position" (yes, it objectively is, Google it).


Last I recall, Trump was pretty favorable to the Jews, had given quite a lot to Israel, and had a number on his staff, so I'm somewhat skeptical he'd ban them from travel here or anything like that.

Since you offer, I suppose I'd ask for a source for those, yeah. Sounds interesting at the very least.

>(yes, it objectively is, Google it).
The burden of proof would be firmly in your camp.
Such is the nature of assertions.


I'm not religious, so it wouldn't affect me directly, but sure, it would bug me.

Not sure where you're getting that insurance companies just straight up don't let minorities get insurance. I work with people of a lot of different races, and we just re-filed for insurance and talked to each other about it, so I have first-hand, hard evidence that what you're saying there isn't true.

You realize we use to be far more conservative in the past, right? Yet, conservative American soldiers stepped in and died for the rights of black people in the civil war, and jews in world war 2. So how do you figure a far less conservative population of people that define themselves as conservative want genocide of minorities? We already explained to you that it's a matter of state-dependence worry.

Your fear of genocide from the right it totally irrational. They don't want genocide, they want to eliminate government programs and then leave you alone. We've explained this. Their distaste for minorities is that of loss of their own cultural domination, and the way it's dovetailed into socialism by creating racial groups reliant on government aid. Both are sticky problems with no good solutions. Drawing the conclusion that conservatives are foaming at the mouth to genocide minorities is really illogical, and only one someone forms when they've been completely indoctrinated by propaganda from would-be communists.

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