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President Joe Biden, although still broadly popular in most of the nation, is having a particularly hard time selling his expansive welfare programs and other government expanding measures to the public.

Related Story: https://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/politics/2021/10/05/president-biden-howell-michigan-visit-build-back-better/5997459001/

In contrast to his slogan of "Build Back Better", opponents express concern about multi-trillion dollar price tags when the country is already drowning in debt. "Build Back Broke" gets said. It's interesting.

What are your thoughts?


I suppose the US rather sees him spending billions to keep the Mexicans and the "terrorists" out than him spending it on "socialism" to help the poor people.


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>"Build Back Broke"
A complication is that the US government's debt is denominated in USD and the US government can literally print money.  So the question isn't really "going broke" so much as devaluing our currency and in the worst case an inflationary spiral.


There's probably a 15% to 35% core of far right extremists who would hate Joe Biden even if he magically made the seas lower and broccoli taste like chocolate, yeah, but I think that fundamentally on the spending issue he probably misjudged the U.S. general mood a bit.


U.S. infrastructure bluntly needs retooling, regardless of cost. Unfortunately we can't knock down San Francisco or Salt Lake City and rebuild them with proper planning, but investment into things like more robust public transportation and power generation are in need of a major update and overhaul.

The Interstate Highways were expensive too, but many of us use them regularly for gainful work or movement. Paying an up-front cost now to at least set the groundwork for the rest of the century seems reasonable enough to me.


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I think that the odds of severe inflation is pretty miniscule, personally.

I agree with this. Completely.


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I'll believe any "oh noes the country is drowning in debt, oh the humanity!!" threats when even a single politician will suggest slashing the military budget.

>Hey, Pentagon here, can we have a couple hundred billion for some fighter jets?
Sure thing pal, anything for you!
>Oh hey can we also have a couple hundred billion to help struggling families just a little
You're going to bankrupt the country if you keep spending like that!!!

The fact that any actual working class person buys any of this shit is absolutely insane. Literally eagerly supporting making their own and their neighbor's lives worse off, terrified of some super scary debt in the future, but won't say a single word if that same money is used to blow up civilians on the other side of the planet.

Anyway, the problem with the Build Back Better plan isn't the cost. The problem is that the lions share of the infrastructure bill goes towards highways and roads and a relatively miniscule amount of it goes towards any sort of functional public transit system. Barely anything. Just gotta spend it all on cars, cars, cars, because even bothering to inconvenience drivers at all is like socialism or something.


We definitely need to better develop our military to keep pace with China.  A problem is that there is a lot of waste and inefficiency in the DoD.  FAR and DFARS are a clusterfuck.  There are also organizational pathologies that incentivize the wrong behavior.



>The fact that any actual working class person buys any of this shit is absolutely insane. Literally eagerly supporting making their own and their neighbor's lives worse off, terrified of some super scary debt in the future, but won't say a single word if that same money is used to blow up civilians on the other side of the planet.

You seem to be forgetting that those being blown up are brown-skinned Muslims in different lands who just aren't inherently as intelligent, just, moral, et cetera as us white Christian Americans, those chosen by Jesus Christ as the salt of the Earth who built actual civilization compared to the squabbling others.



I think we're caught between a rock and a hard place with that one. China is going to crush us economically, anyway, since we've become unwilling to get tax revenue out of the only people who actually have money, E.G. billionaires. We have no middle class left to tax, and taxing the poor just screws you over by causing mass destitution, so the fact that we've let the upper class completely dictate how much they should pay, E.G., none, means we've become entirely insolvent as a country. We have no way of getting ourselves an actual budget. Late-stage capitalism cannot compete with early-stage capitalism in terms of economic prowess. So we either develop our military, and let ourselves be crushed economically, or develop our economy, and let ourselves be crushed militarily. I think we're screwed either way tbh.


National decline is pretty much purely an ideological choice. The question is simple. Will America keep electing Republicans and others who advocate for beliefs and policies that worsen our decline? Or will we vote in Bernie Sanders type people who will engage in seriously needed tax hikes on the wealthy as well as sane social welfare spending plus badly required infrastructure expansion? Not to mention that we additionally need a Bernie Sanders style movement away from general social bigotry so that all Americans of all identity groups can band together to make the country stronger, but is that really possible?

I genuinely don't know.


A fair number of dems have talked big when it came to taxing the wealthy, and then failed to walk the walk when they've gotten in office, tho. Dems also have a habit of imposing mountains of largely meaningless fines and restrictions on small businesses as well, which suffocates new growth. I think we end up largely in the same place.

Personally, i think we should hold billion-dollar corporations to a different, much harsher standard than we hold mom-and-pop stores or small businesses to. Allow small businesses to operate with low levels of regulation, and VERY low, perhaps even 0, levels of fines/fees/other monetary obligations. Meanwhile, the facebooks/amazons/nestles of the world we can slap a 30% income tax on, and a real income tax at that, 30% by the time they're done lawyering it down, and regulate the crap out of, since there's basically zero risk of them not becoming profitable as a result.


I've major concerns for what a president who's already massively spiked federal authority, and enforced mandates on huge swaths of the population, would do with a blank checkbook.

To begin with I'm opposed to massive debt, massive welfare, and the common mantra of out of touch corporate elites that is "build back better".
But I've especially got issues when it's from a guy like Biden.
Besides, I don't trust him to issue that money fairly, even setting aside the troubles of state power.


Pretty sure most people have issue with the horrific money management that is the military industrial project, regardless of politics.

But keep poisoning that well.


Not just any Democrat will do. America needs some kind of a fundamental leader who's willing to ignore or outright fight those in entranced power for the sake of the little guy. Biden surely isn't that leader. We just have to, well, not just work hard but also hope and, frankly, pray for improvement.


Fear of giving out a blank checkbook is likely really common and is pretty rational. At least, I think so.

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