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Sadly, as he's been banned from Twitter we didn't get to watch his reaction live.



On the upside, at least "banned from Twitter" is a consequence that actually affects him. Facing one of those must be a new experience for him, and I'm all for this sort of education.

As for the impeachment... *shrug*. Been there, done that. Look at the numbers there: ~95% of Rs voted NAY. With 50 of them in the senate (assuming the vote takes place after the 20th), that rate means 47 NAYs, for a maximum of 53 YEAs out of the 67 required. Unless you get them to somehow not show up to the vote en masse (so that the 53 is more than 2/3), or somehow make them find some principles (enough to go "hey, maybe inciting a mob towards a coup on your behalf IS a bigger deal than being weaselly about getting a blowjob from an intern, the last impeached president's crime", where they almost all voted YEA. With all their crocodile tears about "unity" and "healing" from all the stab wounds they themselves inflicted and keep inflicting, I wouldn't count on it), the outcome is completely set in stone just like the last time, and just like the last time I find it hard to get excited about any of this. While I see the necessity and rightness of this impeachment, it effectively boils down to Ds declaring "we don't like that guy, like, we REALLY don't like him" and not much else.


At this point I think he deserves the death penalty.


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>"banned from Twitter" is a consequence that actually affects him
Yes, Trump put a lot of effort into his social media reach.  Likely the activity will go to shadowy places now.

Yeah.  Unless it comes out Trump was giving away access codes or something newly damning, the vote will be partisan enough to prevent conviction.

Following impeachment conviction, death is a possible punishment for those also convicted of treason.

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