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It seems as if there is a lot of push for Black Friday to be an official holiday, or at least, it looks as if it is heading that way.

With that in mind, I can't help but wonder, should it be boycotted? I can see some dangers with setting a 'sales day' as a precedent for an official holiday. It feels greedy, and an unhealthy version of capitalism.

But what are your thoughts on it?


I participate in black Friday because I'm poor and it's a good way (sometimes the only way) for me to get things for myself and my family and friends I would not otherwise be able to afford. That said, I do agree they have been kind of pushing things in the wrong direction, but making it extend into the Thursday night beforehand and the making of their workers do overtime as a result.

Because of the pandemic, a lot of stores allowed you to shop online and pick up at the store later, and started the sales a few days before Thanksgiving. I really enjoyed that and hope they continue to offer those kinds of accommodations in future years. This was the first Thanksgiving in years I was able to stay home and not worry about going out afterward.

As for making it a "holiday", there's a few things consider. I'm all for an extra day off from work, but that's because Americans do not get enough time off, not as an excuse for shopping. And would this "holiday" extend toward store  workers? Probably not. So it would really only benefit the upper middle class in this country.


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I think capitalism is what pushes Christmas shit to be sold in October.

I think Black Friday is more likely to be made a holiday before voting day will be.


I don't see the issue.
It's simply a day wherein one who has something they would normally not be willing to sell for less does so with someone who wants something they would not be willing to buy for more.

I find it an overall win for the consumer. Same as steam sales, or happy hours.
The increase of volume of sales is what makes it possible, and for that, having a set day is ideal.

Don't think it ought to be a holiday though. That's dumb. Just not immoral.


>for Black Friday to be an official holiday
So most everywhere can be closed, and people get a 4-day weekend.  I'm OK with that.

If you mean a selective holiday -- time off for some groups of workers to create a time of extra labor for the rest, I'm not so OK with that.

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