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So I work many jobs (in the United States), but one of them  is related to construction and maintenance of homes and businesses.  I don't want to give details, but it's unusually active, especially for winter.

The reason this is on my mind is because I expected recession, to some degree, and at least short term relaxed demand.  Buying houses requires either ready money or the ability to convince a lender that money is coming in the future.  My question: with so many unemployed and reports of businesses closing for good, lost income, are we entering a boom time?  And if so, how does that work?



The housing market is particularly explosive right now because of the riots, lockdowns, and laws completely destroying states like New York, causing people to move out of the state to safer and more lenient states.

But for the economy as a whole, it's already booming back from covid lock downs, and will continue to do so if Trump wins, but economists are saying the value of the dollar is ready to plummet if Biden wins because of his economic policies.

So the housing market is going to be pretty good for some time, but the economy as a whole depends on the election.

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