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What would be the ideal drug policy in your America? If you're not American, then what would you prefer the U.S. change things do?


Drugs are a tough subject to think about, because there is a lot of anti drugs propaganda spread on the subject.
It's always funny to think drug use was once so widespread and commonly accepted.

Overall, I do feel like it's said often enough now that cannabis isn't as harmful.

Then you can argue that someone should have the freedom to do whatever they want to themselves on their own time. But there's where it would be important to understand the impact drugs really have on one's life, on their own time to themselves.
If drugs get you into a stupor that in most cases really impact the way you behave or through addiction drag you down a spiral where you are no longer able to perform properly in society, I understand that it's not the best idea to just give that freedom to people. If it makes them aggressive or violent or forget all norms put in place. or if it drags them to hole up in their home unable to perform tasks in society, you can't leave people up to their own freedom.

The there's alcohol most people have accustomed to. While alcohol abuse and addiction is something that can be a veritable plague, for now I can still enjoy a drink or two without it controlling my life or getting me in trouble.
Perhaps fair is fair and it should still be considered the same regardless.

At any rate, for harder drugs like cocaine/heroin/LSD/XTC/... it's all then just a question how gard media have pushed them up like something having a large impact and how much you can actually sniff a line of coke in the same way as you can enjoy a pint of lager.


>*change things to

That's an interesting perspective. I can't really say that I disagree. The current system has little or nothing to do with the actual harm posed by different substances.

If I was President, I'd honestly push for a total decriminalization of all currently illegal substances. Even the terrible products. America's drug problem is a public health crisis and should be treated as one. A chemical such as, say, heroin is dreadful in how it affects the body, but junkies belong in hospitals and rehab clinics, not jails.


>What would be the ideal drug policy in your America?
I am a user of caffeine.  I think the current policy on this substance is acceptable.

'Should' has a lot of meanings when thinking about states.  If respectful, I think someone should figure out how marijuana compares to cigarettes as far as harm and if appropriate, regulate them similarly.  I think an open question is whether there is harm operating a vehicle under the influence of cannabis.  State and federal regulations on drugs should be made in agreement, or at least, someone might explain to me why it is best that they not agree, because I perhaps don't understand completely.


File: 1603110210934.jpg (125.95 KB, 880x960, 11:12, 121638994_188091386136299_….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Drug use should be uninhibited.  What people do to their own bodies should always be their choice.


> but junkies belong in hospitals and rehab clinics, not jails.
What if someone refuses to kick the addiction? Do you leave them at their own device? Or do you keep spending effort and resources on them hoping they'd change?

Would you still go after those who supply the drugs?

How much would you hold a person responsible for their actions if they committed those on the rush of narcotics or driven by the addiction?

To myself, if there's ever going to be a decriminalisation/ legalisation for drugs, it would fall under the notion taht everyone has the right to fuck up their own life.
This means that someone who is using narcotics, will still bear the full responsibility of his actions and will have to deal with all the consequences in case his actions endanger someone else.
On the flip side, if someone's addiction exempts them from taking part in society, society has no obligation to support their habits. If someone blows all his cash on dope, there will be no wellfare plan to support his expenses.
(as far as I'm concerned, this may be applied as well to alcohol)


File: 1603170246216.gif (20.78 KB, 680x723, 680:723, Marijuana-comparison-drugs….gif) ImgOps Google

Legalize weed, regulate it like alcohol or tobacco.  Marijuana users shouldn't be prohibited persons.  As for the harder stuff: At least demote possession to a misdemeanor instead of a felony, and get rid of militarized police raids. Might be best to treat addiction by mandatory treatment rather than prison time.


Going off of a bit of what you said, I'd like to rant a little bit (not that you're talking this position, but I see this position advocated a lot online):

I hear talk from a lot of ultra-libertarians in terms of ending the drug war. That it also means ending the welfare state. I can't see it.

I just want to debunk that view right now... the Ayn Rand fantasy of a minimalist state in which 25% of the population lies dying in the gutter due entirely because of their bad luck of being born to the wrong parents while right next door another 25% of the population live in marble column covered mansions with gold plated toilets, the middle 50% being in Brazilian-style favelas or such merely eking out a living and scrimping to survive... it just can't work. Putting morality aside, it's simply impractical. Civilization doesn't achieve stability that way.

A world without charity, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, et cetera would be a world in which different social groups are so alienated from each other that the culture achieves total dehumanization. Eventually, the 75% majority would up and murder the ruling class. They'd have zero reason not to. They're on the edge. Nothing to lose.

Honestly, the fact that "voluntary slavery" is considered a legitimate topic in such ultra-libertarian circles is a nice sign that they're full of a lot of hardcore nonsense. For real.

You're your brother's keeper. You can't fuck up your life entirely without it getting un-fucked. You're a part of organized civilization, and you matter.

To the central point, well, people should ideally just not be left behind. They'd be able to fuck up again and again. And they'd be picked up each time. "We hang together, or we hang separately" as the saying goes.


I wouldn't advocate for a complete riddance of welfare. But I would want to see welfare go to people who put effort in standing on their own.
People who give into their vices, knowing full well that it makes them unable to function in society should be dealing with the consequences.

People who get laid off and are out of work and can't get a job for some time, or people who due to medical reasons outside of their own choosing are unable to perform still should get plenty of support. Same for people who actually can contribute, but are paid less than what a good lifestyle would require.


What do you think about the Martin Luther King Jr. idea of everybody receiving a guaranteed minimum income every month just for being a law-abiding citizen?

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