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Was reading this

It's a trump focused piece but let's not fuss about trump himself. Let's talk about the tax code and IRS. It's kinda shit innit?

I'm not gonna point out the problems myself, since y'all might have other ideas than me. What I'm asking is, how would you reform the tax code and IRS to address the problems as you see them?

Pic unrelated. Unless you think the tax code is fine because you plan to become rich and exploit it yourself.


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One major source of unfairness is that the US taxes citizens who permanently moved to another country unless they renounce their US citizenship.  This should be changed to be in line with most other countries, who tax only residents.  (Of course, some care needs to be taken to avoid creating loopholes, but the experience of other countries can help with this.)


Given that the vast majority of tax code reform proposals amount to "Let's make poor and middle-class individuals pay a shitload more than they currently do" when it all gets boiled down, I'm honestly sort of at the point where I don't even want a good faith effort to change things set out.

Our current system is terrible, but it is rather progressive in the sense of genuinely not soaking the downtrodden the same way that it hypothetically could.

Better the devil we know?

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