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This is a thread for sharing music.  I know it is hard to always appreciate differences in taste, but perhaps there will be some overlap in what people like.  One good way to share a song is to provide a link to the Youtube video, although not every song is available there.  Songs with pony videos that go along with them are nice, but if your song does not have a pony video, that's OK.


>This is a thread for sharing music.
Hmm, maybe /pony/ would be a more suitable board.


I wasn't going to go first, but one of the songs I wanted to reference mentioned events in history.  You can make a different thread for only silly songs, I guess.


I guess people don't much care for music, but that's OK, I don't need other posters for a thread; I'm not needy.  I'll post the song I wanted to post, it's about horses.  Maybe I'll post others later.


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