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Should people who post things like this, either as original content or by the obligatory "copy and share if you believe" at the bottom of each edition, be allowed to vote?  Does their voice matter an equal amount?

Imagine there were only ten of you in a room and you were trying to decide something, perhaps about masks, and one of the ten people opened up with this diatribe.  At what point is it reasonable for the other 9 people to just say "That person doesn't get to influence our decisions."?


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They should just hold a poll to check who people would vote for and allow only the people who would do the smart thing and vote for them to vote.

Then they can cancel the vote and claim victory by default.


As common sense as it seems to have both an empathy test and an intelligence test in order to vote, it could never work. Those measures would just be the thin end of a wedge that would lead to rule by aristocracy (I mean, well, even more so than now), with more and more being done to restrict the franchise. It's just too risky. Jumping off of a slippery slope.



So some number of voters can't really be trusted to vote, and there's nothing that could be done to filter those people out?  Democracy is just forced to bear the weight of voters like this?


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Is democracy worth it?


"The best argument against Democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter."


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This is one reason why the American federal government is set up as a Constitutionally limited republic with elected representatives beholden to the separation of powers, what with a bicameral legislature and an independent judiciary. In contrast to a pure democracy. Those don't work out so well.

But, yes, I do think that our system is worth it, broadly speaking.

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