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Is there an unmoved mover?


I don't think they're any evidence for such a thing, nor reason to believe one might exist.   Even deities are subject to the laws of physics.


Our universe likely exists as a part of many universes in a kind of hyperspace superstructure.

What lives out there in hyperspace? Who can say! Gods? Goddesses? Intelligent robots? Creatures identical to ourselves? Creatures we couldn't even see let alone relate to?

The possibilities are exciting! Hopefully, humanity will travel to see what is out there someday!


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In reference to Thomas Aquinas' proofs of God?

Sure, if you like.

In physics, macroscopic motion is not a conserved quantity in general, but for those things that are conserved, I suppose you can either posit they have never changed and time goes back without end, or they were begun by something outside the rules of conservation.

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