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There exists a hypothetical poster who might go by the name Flower and use pictures of skunks sometimes.  Perhaps this person reads a book on Marijuana and finds out skunks and Flower(s) -- as in Flower Power, and the part of the plant potent in cannabinoids -- both have associations with this schedule 1 narcotic.  Maybe some people were worried about this.  To be helpful, I will make a thread about the harms of cannabis.  (You don't need drugs to be cool.)

Cannabis is know to the United States Federal Government to be highly harmful,  immoral, and not at all good, but if you use some other authority, I guess you could talk about other things, maybe.  If nobody is worried about that.


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If you wanted to make a thread about what you think about Weed you don't need to make up imaginary contrivances of them being relevant.

>and not at all good,
There are no beneficial uses of cannabis?


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The US federal government has no rightful authority to prohibit the intra-state sale and personal consumption of marijuana.  Wickard v. Filburn (1942) and Gonzales v. Raich (2005) were wrongly decided.


Your feedback has been received, thank you.  Unfortunealy no edits to the original post are planned at this time.

The DEA's website says a schedule 1 narcotic has no beneficial purposes.  The book's author and some people mentioned in the book had other opinions, but I'll try not to confuse or motivate disrespect.

I remember school telling me that inter-state trade was a state domain, federal authority applied to that which crossed state lines.  Maybe you heard that in school, too.  I guess the federal government didn't learn that in school.


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>The DEA's website says a schedule 1 narcotic has no beneficial purposes.  

I believe that is because it has not been well studied yet, and that it has not been studied is a consequence of it being illegal.

Opioids were a plant at one time, but after having had been studied and refined by humans, have become a tool in the medical field. I am personally hoping, now that marijuana is becoming less stigmatized, this can also happen.

One of the major risks I see with marijuana currently, is the, what I believe to be, false idea that it is harmless.

I do not think it can be deadly, however, this does not necessarily mean that it isn't harmful. Unfortunately, we will not know what harm it may cause, (if any), and to what degree, until we can study it more.


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I believe that is because it has not been well studied yet, and that it has not been studied is a consequence of it being illegal.

The scheduling system was part of compliance with a 1961 United Nations treaty which placed cannabis in schedule 1, however it appears (skimming the text) schedule 1 in the UN case allowed medical use.  The US passed its Controlled Substance act in 1970 when cannabis was associated with protest, or perhaps, as you say, it was provisional, but it seems after passing the act the state became uninterested in science that failed to affirm that marijuana had been appropriately classed in the most harmful category.

>marijuana is becoming less stigmatized, this can also happen.

In some places, I think it is used medically.  America...lags behind or leads the way -- depends on where you imagine the finish line.

>false idea that it is harmless.
I've noticed that people seem to say cannabis is either a wonder-herb, or criminal through and through.  I do sorta believe that inhaling smoke is probably not great for your lungs, and that the brain seeks to avoid over-saturation, so may adjust to the high of a drug, perhaps muting someone's natural production or response to endocannabinoids.  But that's not my field, so I don't really know.



Haven't really read much in this thread but what I can say is that the legitimacy of the schefuling system is suspect when it's more likely that the scheduling system in the US reflects what was politically expendient for those in power at the time rather than addressing problems in a pragmatic and effective way.

And yeah there is a back and forth between too extremes in the rhetoric between the "harmless" and the "extremely harmful" side. A kind of black and white thinking, where one side is a combination of those who are trying to justify the status quo and those who believe them and the other are those who have discovered that it's not extremely harmful as they had been told and take to the opposite extreme.

So here's the truth as I understand it. Marijuana is not harmless, but how harmful it is is very much exaggerated by law enforcement.

One common myth about marijuana from thos who would claim that it isn't addictive. This isn't quite true, the truth is that it's extremely unlikely that one can develop a chemical dependency on the active drugs, the cannabinoids, that naturally occur in Marijuana flowers. Meaning that withdrawal symptoms from quitting are basically bery rare.

However, marijuana can be addictive in a way similar to how gambling or social media use or certain foods high in fat, salt or sugar can be addictive for some. It stimulates production of dopamine in the reward path system of the brain via the canabinoid system which is what is ultimately responsible for the sensations of euphoria that many experience while high (it actually increases the amounts of dopamine released from various sensory stimuli, especially from eating, listening to music and sexual stimulation). While it's extremely rare to have chemical dependency, it's still possible to become emotionally or psychologically dependent on marijuana for things like mood regulation or anxiety management. However, the addiction liability is generally pretty low.

Other risk include psychologically negative reactions to the experience of being high. What effects that marijuana has on a user is dependent on two factors: 1) the strain used and its cannabinoid and terpene profile and 2) the biology of the person using it. On that second part, not everyone is even capable of getting high, and those who can can't always experience the full range of potential effects. Some people experience certain negative psychological effects including heightened anxiety and low level paranoia, with a very small minority of people even experiencing what's called "marijuana psychosis" a temporary psychotic state one has while high which ends when the high wears off, more likely to happen if the levels of CBD are particularly low in the strain used, and sometimes dependent on the terpene profile as well.

There is also concern that THC in particular might actually be a potential catalyst for the onset of schizophrenia in those genetically at risk for developing it. However there is not much consensus about this as so far this is merely a correlation between the typical onset of schizophrenia in the late teens and early twenties and the age in which most people who try it tend to try it the first time so whether or not this correlation indicates causation is yet unknown, but just in case, it's not reccomended that anyone with a first degree relative with schizophrenia should risk it by trying before the age of 25 or sometime after that.

Oh and one last risk, some people can experience nausea and vomiting after a prolonged regular usages which can be treated with hot showers, eating foods with black pepper and taking a break from regular usage until it passes.

For the most part though, these risks are generally pretty low for most people. The vast majority of recreational marijuana users only use casually without long term problems, and the majority who use it medically for things like chronic pain management and or anxiety/depression disorders do so without experiencing most of these risk.


I wish to roll up Flower the skunk and smoke it to ingest the flowery Flower power cuteness.

No schedule 1 substances in vermin.  100% safe and questionably legal.


File: 1582856555076.jpg (76.13 KB, 1024x802, 512:401, 1543580156453.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

This is a very good and informative post.

Seriously, thank you for that. I even learned some stuff reading that.


Cute skunk is not for lewd Amiable Cat



Recreation is the highest good. Pun intended. Any negative effects it might display are morally counterbalanced by have fun.


Cannabis isn't the demon that it's made out to be, but there are still legitimate health concerns to be worried about, although this applies far more to teenagers than to adults.

I find that NPR is a good source of reliable information: https://www.npr.org/tags/421783217/cannabis


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Hey, this thread is still here.  I've been a little busy with worrying about the virus and being an essential worker.  Anyway, someone complained about marijuana smoke coming from our apartment and said they'd call management if it happened again.  Although I think you're suppose to not complain about smoke since many people smoke, but anyway if marijuana gets me evicted, I will have an even more negative view of the narcotic.

I should probably make some new threads or something.  Still a little annoyed about not getting to have a name.  Eventually I'll make my own site where names are allowed.  Anyway, take care, everypony!  (I've got to go to work again now.)



>apartment complex

Vapes smell less and of course edibles produce no smell


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Likely true, but such decisions are not my prerogative, I am only involved in the consequences.

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