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>Picture a very beautiful woman. How sexually arousing would you find it to imagine *being* her?
Answering "a lot" to this question would signify autogynephilia: getting aroused by imagining oneself as a woman.  (Likewise, "autoandrophilia" means becoming aroused by imagining oneself as a man.)

Blanchard and Bailey speculated that auto{gyne,andro}philia are the most common cause of transgender.  The Slate Star Codex survey data suggests a different hypothesis: if you identify as a gender and you’re attracted to that gender, then it’s a natural leap to be attracted to yourself being that gender.  This hypothesis can also explain other things that Blanchard and Bailey can’t explain.

Is this subject of interest to you?  And if so, do you have any thoughts on it?

For more details, please see: https://slatestarcodex.com/2020/02/10/autogenderphilia-is-common-and-not-especially-related-to-transgender/


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I am a woman.  Imagining myself as a man is not really attractive in a romantic way, but I'm not interested in men.  And I already am a 'very beautiful woman.'  I'm pretty sure, anyway.  Suppose I could imagine I'm a different woman.  Off and on, I've been thinking about creating an imaginary partner which is similar, but not quite what your post is about. I'm probably not a good sample, I guess.

>if you identify as a gender and you’re attracted to that gender

That's homosexuality, I guess I am that.  (Maybe I am your sample.)  To the degree I'm sexual, which is not a large degree.  Maybe if I were more normal, I'd arouse myself more.


Interesting. Peraonally, I don't like the idea of being anything other than myself, or myself with a few mods, E.G. more hair, muscle, some cool-looking wings and retractable claws or whatever, but still recognizable as me, just a reskinned me, if you will.

As a man who is about 90% straight, and very cisgendered, I guess it's not really a question very pointed at me, but I still find the topic interesting.

One question tho. If you get sexually aroused fantasizing about being a different sex, doesn't the very nature,of,sexual arousal, aka genital sensitivity, naturally ruin the ability to participate in that fantasy? How can you fap about not having a penis? Doesn't the focus on your own penis ruin the immersion entirely? I don't get that.


There's been a lot of evidence debunking blanchard's hypothesis like the fact that the majority of heterosexual cisgendered women would fit blanchard's criteria for autogynephilia.

Yet, despite that, this still gets pushed over and over again disengenuously to reinforce this idea that trans women like myself are just fetishists. Typically with just a lot of straight up dismissal of blanchard's criteria and methods for determining this, and the fact that blanchard practically made it an unfalsifiable claim by asserting that transwoman who deny being autogynephilic are basically just lying.

Also, it's ironically misandrist as well since Blanchard basically assumes that's it's essentially axiomatic that anyone assigned male at birth could only want to seek gender transition because of something having to do with sex. Cause you know. if you have a penis, you always thinking with it right?


Yeah, I agree  100% with all of this.

Blanchard's theories are almost universally rejected by trans people. Which should be seen as pretty strong evidence that blanchard's theory can't comprehensively explain the most common reasons for transitioning.

Blanchard's theories also seem to fail to account for gender dysphoria, both social and physical, and don't explain why someone would want to live every aspect of their life as a woman. If it was just a fetish, one would expect to see people acting out fantasies in the bedroom, not transitioning completely and living every aspect of their life, including social and solitary time, as a woman.

I think the survey author probably touches on something real. If you're same-sex attracted, it would probably make sense that you have a different way of appraising yourself than someone who's opposite-gender attracted.

I bartend in a gay bar on weekends, and I can kinda tell that there's maybe a lot of pressure to appear physically attractive, and an intense focus on appearance and body among probably most people here. On reason could be, is that everyone takes the ways that they examine and evaluate potential partners, and turn it inwards on themselves, effectively evaluating their own attractiveness from the perspective of someone who might be interested in them as a partner. This can lead to a lot of stress, if you feel like parts of you aren't optimally attractive. And it's hard to turn that off, because sexuality is kind of constant.

That said, though, people are definitely capable of looking beyond that as well. And we definitely try to do that, because it's just healthier for everyone involved.


The problem i have with these sort of questions is that they can only provide misleading conclusions.

I dont know what any of these long words mean but im pretty sure my desire to have additional genitalia in the opposide gender and being turned on by crossdressing has more to do with greed than any sexuality thing.  I already have a sexy manly body and thats fine but unconscious really so i'd say not at all on such a survey.  Why shouldn't i want everything i dont have as well?

Its dog with two bones, not grass is greener, for me.  Unless im in denial, either way, works great for me.  Why question and label and analize instead of just exploring and enjoying.


It's a very interesting subject, for sure. Reasons for sexual desires and the concept of gender is relatively new material. I've noticed a high correlation between wanting to transition and heightened sexuality. I don't know if those are directly linked or if transitioning pushes you towards a culture of people who are sexually positive.

I think a lot of transgender people deny there's a link at all,  but that may be due to social norms and an effort to be accepted. Since transitioning was associated with sexuality early on and sex was maligned,  people who wanted to transition were forced to deny their own sexuality in order to fit in. Without the stigma against sex, I wonder if there would be a stigma against transitioning.


Seems reasonable. The different experience alone is likely to be interesting and that is about half of the interest in porn
No reason to assume it must or is likely to mean one is actually trans. If anything, I would presume that would be less of a sexual item in that case.


I wanted to add to this. You often have to be sexually positive if you're transtioning.

You've been in the wrong body for years, been denied engaging with other people in the way that feels right for you, and now you have to make up for potentially decades of sexual and intimate inactivity.

Add to that the world certainly isn't going to praise or accept your sexuality, or know anything about it at all, and that you have to defiantly assert your sexual nature in order to be recognized as having one at all, and you can start to get the perception that people who are transitioning are overly sex-focussed or sex-positive.

In reality society really really really really really wants trans people to dissappear, or failing that, they definitely don't want them to have a sex life or to be any kind of open in public. Once you're on the margins like this, already completely rejected and incapable of being socially acceptable, there's no reason to not just do exactly what you want  all the time. Snuggle up to someone you like in public? Yeah, why not, society retches when it sees my adams apple anyway, so its not like some weird stares are gonna discourage me.

Talk openly about my cabinet of sex toys or the threesome I wanna have tonight? Yeah, definitely, I've already got enough people calling me a freak tonight, it's not like them reasserting it is going to make me feel less safe.

I think everyone really has similar desires to sex-positive trans people, they're just holding on to society's acceptance by their fingernails instead of letting go entirely.


I was going to post something, but really these four comments do a fantastic job of speaking the truth. I've really nothing to add here, at least, nothing that I can think of at the moment. Ditto.

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