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What does a college degree mean?  What does  it signify to be college-educated?

I'm going to try to remain detached in the discussion from my personal perspective in an attempt to understand wider social perceptions.  I have strong opinions for me (and perhaps those like me).  I was going to write my idea out, but I realized it's a bit unfair to say:  here's what I believe, I don't intend to see it otherwise, so I'm just going to think of this thread as leaning how others see things, or how things are in general.

So anyway, I often hear demographers grouping people by education.  Employment opportunities are sometimes contingent on a college degree.  Some people mortgage their future earnings to get their degrees early.  I gather college graduation is pretty important.


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Assuming that you're asking our own personal opinions on how we interpret a college degree. I see it as a document proving that you performed proficiently with a thing for a certain number of years with some added things not really related with your original thing. Also it cost a lot of money to get this thing. And no doubt you'll be in debt for a while to get this thing. But hey, some jobs require you to have that paper so have at it.


I can understand that many people are sceptic/cynic about college degrees as it is a gigantic cost and often the outcome in terms of employment opportunities is underwhelming.

Would a college degree be of a much better worth if the price was a lot less?
For example, higher eductation on itself tends to be a lot cheaper to free in some European countries.

Personally I know that you can find a lot of info on your own on the internet nowadays and if you want to you can educate yourself just as well.
But I feel school tends to be more helpful for stringing subjects together and provide the guidance by teachers.
Furthermore it locks you into a commitment and evaluates how well you are at grasping the material.
As such I understand that a degree is such a big deal.

Though when applying for a job for,say developer, showcasing a functional website/app you put together on your own in relevant languages might showcase even better how adequate you are for the position than a degree in computer science.


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Sounds like you see a college degree as representing the actions to get that degree.

>Would a college degree be of a much better worth if the price was a lot less?
I'm not sure if you're asking that of me, or if it's rhetorical.  If to me, cost factors into my judgement of college (for me), but not primarily.  It's more college doesn't feel right.

>evaluates how well you are at grasping the material
That's an important element.  Many people don't see it this way, but I think people who chose to make hiring decisions based on the educational attainment of the applicant expect college guarantees a minimum standard.

>say developer
Part of the reason I thought people might want to share their ideas on college is I'm part of a Facebook group for programmers (who are often also software developers), and posts related to the value of a college degree in the software fields tend to get a lot of attention.


I don't use college for job searching, but rather, if there is something I really want to learn about and the only way I can learn more is from the experience that others (at college) can offer me.

I've never been career focused though and have have tended to lean more towards a simple job/life. As long as my bills stay relatively low, I'm happy with just minimum wage jobs.


That sounds reasonable.  College can teach people things, I don't deny that.  I understand liking simple jobs.  I  have one of those (but I also multi-career.)

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