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What are the foundations of ethics? Do you subscribe to some form of utilitarianism? Deontology? Something else?


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Humans have defined it.

Logic, if it applies.


I don't really subscribe to ethics in that way. I pretty much come up with my ideas on what is good and evil based on what feels right to me. It's a bit utilitarian in some respects, but very not in others.


A pipe dream of an ideal world that can often blind people to the fact that sometimes it's literally physically impossible.



damn, okay, I should post from a different IP, this could get confusing.


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>What are the foundations of ethics?
Authority, I suppose.

>Do you subscribe
Suppose if I have an ethical principle it's to avoid domination, especially when empathy and understanding are lacking.  Past that, I guess, my principle is to do what feels right.  I've not found any ethical science that strikes me as mature enough or sufficiently lacking internal conflict to make me want to wrap my life around it.


What are the foundations of ethics?

I think ultimately ethics is founded upon some form of empathy, so the best form in my opinion of applying it is an empathy goal achieved through logic, reason, and technology. I guess you could probably just call the utilitarianism, but that's my thought process, anyway.

While i do think ideals are more often than not impossible, i think trying to work towards that impossibility often ends up with the best results possible, so it's worth trying, regardless.




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>>What are the foundations of ethics?
>Authority, I suppose.
What authority?


I do what Batman would do.


That's the hard question.  You might first think ethics is following your heart, but I guess that doesn't work at a grand scale, that idea is superseded for many ethical questions.  What happens instead is you get a relationship between an person or group capable of administering punishments and rewards and a person or group incapable of escaping those punishments and rewards.  When people choose this relationship, right and wrong relate to punishment and reward, and so ethical power moves from an individual to that individual's authorities.

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