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I know people who have gotten apartments without going through a credit check, but I gather there's a growing trend to filter out applicants with poor credit score.  I have to guess there are similar filters for home buyers.

So, are you in favor of this trend, perhaps in that it will encourage people in general to be more responsible with the features that go into the credit score model, or are you not in favor?


What determines a credit score exactly?

From a business point of view, the seller of property doesn't have to sell to someone who can't pay for it / is sure to be a financial liability.

From a moral perspective, I am very much opposed to blaming a bad credit score on the individual alone. The more time goes on, the harder it is to really maintain a good credit score and that can largely depend on how lucky a person is in life. Looking at a credit score and saying "Too bad, you should have been more responsible with your money" is like denying a person medicine because they should have been more careful with their health.

If plenty of people don't get access to housing, that's a very troublesome development. Anyone should deserve a house to live in.
Social housing projects in this would be very much welcomed.


Credit score isn't a measure of fiscal responsibility. It is the cheapest measure for banking institutions of your value as a debt consumer. Notably actions like paying off debt early and closing unneeded credit cards will lower your credit rating.


People should be sheltered.
There is nothing else to add to this discussion.

Decomodify housing.


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Uhhhh, I'm pretty sure everyone deserves housing no matter who they are, period.


Personally I'd rather not live in concrete combloc.


Nobody deserves anything but the agency of their own actions.

Though I will say I find the debtor system a horrible one.
Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I don't really like how easy it is for so little consequence until it's far too late.
And I find the general practice a little unsavory, with likely consequences on pricing for a wide range of things.

Buying a home shouldn't require a lone, is my stance.


People have the God-given right of not being murdered, and as a part of that they've got the innate right to adequate shelter.

If the argument is made that this mindset is supposedly wrong because it is claimed positive rights for goods and services doesn't exist, which is a take I don't agree with inherently because homelessness exists due to state violence interpreting property rules and the state otherwise organizing wealth distrubution in an oppressive way, then therefore people in the process of being murdered through lack of shelter should be able to exercise the right of self-defense and claim currently existing shelter. Taking over state controlled property or property otherwise maintained by the business interests tied to the state.

Communist oppression in which the many are forced into homelessness is ethically identical to corporatist oppression in which the many are forced into homelessness. Fight the power. Fight for the people.


The premise ignores the real issue, I think, which is just a severe lack of affordable new housing, and really, a lack of new housing in general. Piece of shit ""people"" in HOAs and special interest groups prevent this from happening, for greedy, evil, ignorant, self-serving reasons.

Credit scores would be a moot point of supply was allowed to match demand.


Of course they do.

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