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I'm reading books about the Chinese use of surveillance technology.  The Chinese state-truth is that these technologies are helping prevent terrorism, separatism, and religious extremism.  While I'm sure the books I'm reading would be condemned by the Chinese state as western propaganda, and I suppose we are to be as respectful as possible, some believe instead surveillance is being used by the state to oppress, torture, and eradicate Uyghurs in China, and sometimes outside China.

I used to have a job in electronics security about 15 years ago [in the USA], and I didn't see anything too worrying.  Camera systems were buggy, somewhat analog, and required authorities to physically transfer files when something of interest happened.  But everything has improved since then.

Do you worry about the increase in surveillance technology, or do you think some groups should worry?  Or do you instead think this technology is making the world safer -- for everyone?


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Like all technology, surveillance cameras can be used both for good and for evil.


I guess we are moving into the abstract, so how are good and evil summed?  That is, if tech is used for 1/2 good and 1/2 evil, should we worry about the evil, or consider it a net neutral and of no concern?


I don't trust states with it.
Helps that governments have historically done more damage than terrorists, separatists, and your typical criminals.

Ultimately cameras can do significant good.
But the downside to them is whoever controls them can omit the parts that don't like.
Bodycams are the most obvious example

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