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If Christian nationalism is something to be scared of, they’re lying to you. And they’re lying to you on purpose, because that is exactly the temperature change that is happening in America today, and they can’t control it. They can’t control it, and that’s what terrifies them the most.

You see… if we’re going to label it Christian nationalism, this movement will actually be the movement that stops the school shootings.

This will be the movement that stops the crime in our streets.

This will be the movement that stops the sexual immorality, and teaches children and brings them up in traditional families and loving homes.

This will be the movement that protects kids innocence and nurtures them into responsible adults that grow up to be successful moms and dads wanting to pursue a family of their own.

This will be the movement that that finally does something about our debt, because it’s something that all of us should be ashamed of. It should have never happened.

This will be the movement that cares about broken and lost communities. Communities that are always forgotten about. Christians should never forget about those people and we don’t. So while the media is going to lie about you and label “Christian nationalism,” and they’re probably going to going to call it “domestic terrorism.” I’m going to tell you right now, they’re the liars. And if anybody’s a domestic terrorist, it’s the radical left. They are the domestic terrorists.

We can even say the Democrats are the domestic terrorists because they funded them, and they burned down our city streets and rioted in 2020. So if we’re going to put labels on people, we should put labels where they appropriately belong, not on Christians, and not on people who love their country and want to take care of it.


I think we can agree that Americans (I think this is an American context thread) are free to practice their religion.

I gather Christian Nationalism is a political movement, and some of the goals are controversial.  I'm not fully comfortable with the phrase, is there a better one for the movement that does not involve religion?


Never heard of it. I guess I'm not really opposed, depending on what they do.


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while our society is 100% completely demoralized this will do NOTHING to solve the issue.

neither will banning guns regardless if people like it or not

these things are a societal issue regardless if people want to accept it or not

simple as


>Death is too good for theocrats.
Can you tell if me you have any credible plans to carry out this desire to kill?



I mean, I literally said death is too good for them implying a desire to cause extreme pain, not to kill.


OK.  Do you have any credible plans to create situations worse than death?  Sometimes people engage in leakage about plans for violence which can be submitted to authorities for processing.  Sometimes people use hyperbole.  I think the best standard practice is to ask which is which.



I mean, if I did I wouldn't be stupid enough to post them here now would I?


Oh look, a christian who wants to make sure everyone does exactly what s/he personally wants them to do, completely and hilariously blind to the flagrant contradictions in every piece of empty rhetoric being spouted. What a surprise!


Name-calling of this kind of forbidden.  Question unanswerable.


What exactly is the point of going to a My Little Pony website to spout Nazi propaganda? Is this supposed to be humor? Or is this meant to scare people? Can't this thread be locked already?


Pretty sure the American south is a glaring counterpoint to your stupid theocratic claims. Not even that I'm against 100% of the ideas, but it's an idea that's already failed.


Just like the lgbt community :^)

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