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Do you follow news about mass murder events in the U.S.? Or do you feel like this isn't worth it because there's not particularly that much that an average person can do, and being too focused on the negative hurts? Or maybe you've mixed opinions?

The recent situation out of the city of Sacramento in California appears to be particularly horrific because the murderers escaped the scene, being still at large: https://www.npr.org/2022/04/04/1090752765/manhunt-for-multiple-shooters-in-sacramento-still-underway

In practical terms, what really can be done to make these tragic events less frequent or not even likely to happen at all? Perhaps nothing seriously can be done? Maybe?


People have been murdering each other for a very long time.  It's not going to stop soon.  It's easier to hear about people murdering each other than ever before, but that's no reason to listen to it.


Practically, not much.  You'd either want to decrease the amount of vengeful anger or decrease access to firearms.  The emotions [and thought-patterns, as emotions themselves don't recommend complex action] that would motivate someone to commit a mass-shooting -- I don't know what to reason about that.  I don't think the actions are ever rational, and it has the problem of being rare.  You could surmise causes, but it would be hard to test.

Reducing the saturation of firearms in the US is...political.  Something to do with the wild west history, fear of government and criminals -- general mistrust, I guess, and the US military and police as major powers.  I don't quite understand all of it, but it mixes together to say the more weapons per person, the better for our nation.


I haven't done much research, but on the surface this doesn't seem to fit what I would consider a mass murder.  Technically it is since multiple people died, but the modern connotation suggests something different, like the lone gunman whose primary goal is a high kill count.  This seems to have more in common with a nightclub fight that ends in someone pulling a gun than it does a mass murder.  The people who were killed seem to be bystanders rather than targets.

I don't see why this even made it past the local news.


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Another line of thinking would be that crime's sole agent is the criminal.  So by deduction the only thing that can be done to reduce mass shootings is that you choose to abstain.


My own thought is that Americans are simply more violent and hateful in general compared to citizens of other first world nations, hence why everything from child molestation to mass shooter incidents to anti-Semitic hate crimes and the like is far common here than elsewhere, and thus no clear-cut answer exists on the matter.

In the long run, America needs to become a fundamentally nicer country with a fundamentally nicer people such that we have both less criminals and less crime.

In terms of gun control, I personally feel like strict measures need to be enforced in order to keep those with criminal records from obtaining firearms, but that's rather a can of worms, unfortunately, since so many stolen weapons as well as straw purchased weapons are floating around in the U.S. black market. Hard thing to fight in terms of law enforcement. Alas.

Would new laws solve the problem? We already have laws against stealing by itself, but the theft of firearms happens constantly. And then said guns get used for more bad things. Unsure exactly what to think.

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