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I'm not deeply a sports fan, so correct me if wrong, but I gather viewing sports is most engaging when many outcomes are about equally probable.

I'm also not a doctor, but I'm vaguely aware exposure to testosterone during development enhances some kinds of sports performance, at least in a general sense.

I am also aware that many sports group by gender -- based on the need for the two genders to have different performance profiles.  Transgenderism (and perhaps some medical edge cases, or interventions) can violate this need.

Which will win -- the model of gender necessary for sports to be both sexist and competitive, or some new categorization system in sports?

I'm mostly posting this because I see people are angry on Facebook, but Facebook isn't really a place to discuss -- more just a place to express emotion.


Most of the controversy is contrived since transgender people go through hormone replacement therapy, gains from testosterone are not retained after transition.

This is mostly manipulative culture war bullshit designed to distract from higher priority issues.


>transgender people go through hormone replacement therapy
It is a person's choice, at least where the state allows this therapy or where the person is not respectful to a state that does not permit treatment.  The point being some may not go through hormone replacement therapy and those that do might start at different times in their body's development.

I take your point that these cases are not significant to the meaning of gender-based competition in the sports community -- it's just some fringe groups that are angry?



No, I mean it's a contrived controversy. Not by fringe groups, but by politicians creating a manipulate moral panic, as part of a bullshit distraction issue. It's outrage mongering over something that isn't really happening, and ultimately is of low-priority.

The justification for gender separation in sports has to do with how sex differences involving hormones effect average performances. The argument against allowing transgender people to compete has to do with the assumption (or disengenuous implication) that they have the same hormones from before transitioning, or, even more dishonestly, that they always retain those advantages after hormone replacement. The people pedaling this moral panic want you to believe that sports organizations are allowing untransitioned transgender people to participate in sports slong with cisgender people when that's not happening, or are outright stating that's what transgender people are demanding when that's not what's happening.


I do remember reading somewhere that the trans athletes (M to F) do tend to crush the competition in the sports.

Some of them can be naturally good, but it can't be a coincidence.

now of course, this info depends entirely on hyped up it is and how true those sources really are.


I'm not into sports nor a doctor either so I don't really have an opinion or a reason to be invested in an answer. This really doesn't concern me in any way shape or form so it's hard for me to give any input beyond "whatever makes them happy."


Anti-LGBT moral panics are basically modern day witch burnings. There's no reason or logic behind it. The situations just involve psychological manipulations and mass confusion in terms of raw hatred. That's it.

Both then and now, leaders who want raw power will use religion and traditional social morality as a shield in order to advance themselves. Always beware those who openly proclaim: "God is on my side". It never changes. Hundreds of years... same thing.


>untransitioned transgender people
What is this category of people, then?  Is it populated by any who wish to participate in sports?

>"whatever makes them happy."
I gather sports folks are unhappy.  Progressive politics has broken their activity, and I suppose they will need progressive folks to find a way to fix it.

You bring up several ideas.  I don't think you see God as an authority in this case, otherwise I could ask how God thinks sports should be done.


Sports participation has a whole lot of inequalities that I'm not sure we even bother acknowledging.  At some point we've acknowledged that all people are not created equal and separated men and women to make competition more fair.  Now that those lines are more blurred thanks to modern science and social progression we are worried that things will become unfair.

The truth is that was never sufficient for making compeition fair.  The vast physical differences between people are much more granular and individual than simply separating people by gender.  Some competitions go a bit further with it by separating people into weight classes, and I think that's a good step.  Could maybe break it up even more, depending on the sport.


>I gather sports folks are unhappy.  Progressive politics has broken their activity, and I suppose they will need progressive folks to find a way to fix it.

I've yet to see any evidence that regular people really have a problem with transgender individuals, other than a fringe of hardcore conservative traditionalists making things difficult.

I get the sense that almost everybody in the U.S. goes by "let people live their lives to do whatever the hell they want so long as nobody else gets hurt" and views nanny type personalities as annoying bullies.

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