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I've been thinking for awhile about creating a pony social site.

There are a lot of reasons not to, mostly that it's going to be a ghost town.  Although as an introvert, I could not moderate a group of any substantial size anyway.

Sites like ponyville.us intrigued me.  I like that they don't collect personal information and I like the image board style.

I gather we effectively have user accounts and identities serverside.  But we just have very little capacity to view or control them.  (I mostly want to earn control over my name, but this can be a general opportunity to change anything.)

Some of it is that I want to play around and see what I can do, and learn a bit more about development.

Maybe I want reaction images to be stored in the server, so they can follow me across devices.

Maybe we should create our own art on the site so we don't have the pesky copyright issue.  I don't know how that would go down.  It's much easier to steal -- like I did for this post.

This thread can be for general ideas about social sites, what you like and don't like.

I'm also interested if anyone has experience with non-mainstream social sites.


I would never try to create an independent social community in this environment that's disconnected from other websites, trying to entirely do a new thing. I'd instead use a general online service such as Substack.com in terms of detailed writing or Telegram.org in terms of chatting. But that's me.


I'd love to talk to you about this, though I'm not sure why you chose /townhall/ in particular.

I'd say go for it, it's a good learning opportunity


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Just for some clarification on something.

>I like that they don't collect personal information
Mods can see IPs, and have greater access to see post history. We don't do anything like keep lists on hand, but speaking for myself, I come to recognize certain IPs. Just an FYI.


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Ooo...I'm post 10,000.  That's kinda cool.  :)

I take it you like those websites, Gecko.

I feel more at home with the ponies on townhall, so it's the only place I post.  Minus one thread awhile ago that, in my opinion, didn't go so well.

That makes sense.  It's pretty standard for servers to keep access logs.

My IP address has changed 26 times in the past month.  But it's assigned from a range and if the user base is sparse enough to be reasonably sure only one person is using an ISP in a given region, I guess you'd have to call that personal information.  Are there any compliance/legal issues you're aware of when dealing with IP addresses associated with users?


There are no cookies, but there's local storage -- which is basically the same thing to the end user.  Most of it is display or user preferences, but it has a password field which could track me across ip address changes (if I stay on the same device).

I don't know, though.  None of this can be associated generally with name, phone number, address -- the basic stuff I usually consider personal data.

My goal would be similar, to never have someone fill in an e-mail, for example.  Not that anyone cares, it's going to be a handful of people I already know at best.  I'm going to have to do something different for password reset, probably provide a code.  But it's something to try.


Also, congratulations on having post 10,000!

Oh, yes, both of those specific services are quite nice, in my opinion.

I'd say generally that on your project you should try to use existing online resources as much as possible and do as little 'from scratch' as possible.

I certainly wish you good luck.

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