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File: 1543790620208.png (800.64 KB, 1375x1892, 125:172, 1442025614441.png) ImgOps Google

R.I.P. GETchan  2012-02-16 -- 2018-12-01                                                                                 


File: 1543790726000.png (24.71 KB, 665x868, 95:124, 327712__safe_oc_artist-col….png) ImgOps Google

What happened over there?


File: 1543790935485.jpg (25.03 KB, 300x225, 4:3, king_of_gets-d47yz2d.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

They decided to "merge" with Bunkerchan.  The merge wasn't 100% successful.  They're still trying to work out bugs.


File: 1543791046002.jpeg (810.38 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, 1117075__safe_solo_clothe….jpeg) ImgOps Google

>They decided to "merge" with Bunkerchan.


File: 1543791790874.png (79.68 KB, 586x458, 293:229, get-is-kill.png) ImgOps Google

I think the idea was that by combining the userbases of two imageboard sites, all the boards will end up with more traffic.  But I don't think it will succeed in working like that.

GETchan already died once, 3 years ago, but it got revived.  At this point it was really a zombie though.


File: 1543797137530.png (315.67 KB, 650x870, 65:87, Do you have brain damage.png) ImgOps Google

Good riddance.


File: 1543799647601.png (257.67 KB, 610x923, 610:923, bubble.png) ImgOps Google

Who the fuck cares?


File: 1543802602632.png (261.91 KB, 378x374, 189:187, the fudge.PNG) ImgOps Google

Oh gosh!
Not GETchan!
We had some fun GETchan threads over here a few times.

I hope they technically live on, then.
Which chan was Bunkerchan again?

Are we the last splinterchan left then?


This probably has an obvious answer, but what pokemon character is this? I want to search google images so I can try a cosplay/halloween outfit


Hilda/Touko from Pokemon Black/White


File: 1543803858004.png (158.3 KB, 425x422, 425:422, huh...png) ImgOps Google

Reminder, Moons, to not take any merger deals from Mikie with Ponychan, unless you're really lacking cash or get super stressed out from running this place.


Thank you
How much do these types of websites tend to cost? Do you know?


File: 1543804793419.png (174.16 KB, 340x420, 17:21, lemme think.png) ImgOps Google

I think Moony is laying down quite some money.
Like, at least 50 dollars per month?



Is there a ponyville patreon? :aj7:


At some points, I'd be okay with it if there was.


I might talk to him about that next time he's on. Even if it was just once in a while.

The devs and the mods and him do so much work on this place; I want to help out if I can.


File: 1543810131928.png (174.7 KB, 435x358, 435:358, 2018-11-28 22_51_24-Window.png) ImgOps Google

hey, i was about to say that!


Not sure where you got this date. GETchan was founded on 6 November, 2011. It’s also not dead, it’s merely forming a union with Bunkerchan.


>Not sure where you got this date
$ whois getchan.net | grep -i creat
  Creation Date: 2012-02-16T21:27:10Z


That's when the new domain was registered. GETchan had already existed under another domain prior. (getchan.tymoon.eu)



Something tells me that Anon might actually be a robot. Who else would use console commands to answer an easily Google-able question?


File: 1544034287867.png (70.28 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 1543554477088.png) ImgOps Google

>Are we the last splinterchan left then?
Stevenchan also technically exists, even if it gets like 5 posts a month.

Also, GETchan can barely be considered a Ponychan splinter in the first place. First of all, it didn't directly split from Ponychan, it was a split of the non-pony elements of Stevenchan, which itself split from Ponychan. Second of all, Ponies are usually frowned upon. Pic related is one of the actual banners on /GET/. Also, in GETchan's anthem video, it depicts Ponyville (the place in the show, not the site) getting bombed. Third of all, its topic of discussion has drifted far away from that of Ponychan and the other inner chans. It's like a /b/ with communism memes.

This article has some good info on Ponychan's splinters:


File: 1544038504239.png (91.85 KB, 274x338, 137:169, Im listening.png) ImgOps Google

Ah, but we are more or less, it seems.
Once upon a time there seemed so many.

I wonder what it would be like, sending that page back to 2010.


>I think the idea was that by combining the userbases of two imageboard sites, all the boards will end up with more traffic.  But I don't think it will succeed in working like that.
We tried to do the same thing with /luna/ and it didn't fare much better.


File: 1544050458103.jpg (533.65 KB, 1538x2048, 769:1024, IMG_20181031_212651.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Why did communism memes have to kill my favorite imageboard?


File: 1544051090301.png (218.42 KB, 685x479, 685:479, 15wf3.png) ImgOps Google

Was GETchan not always communist?


Communism was a mistake.


Who is this sexy girl?


File: 1544066059766.png (16.35 KB, 174x174, 1:1, Terminal 7 brain cancer.png) ImgOps Google

With GETchan gone, now all I have left are dumb pony websites.
I don't even LIKE ponies anymore.


>I don't even LIKE ponies anymore.
I'd say half the people here don't even watch the show anymore.


File: 1544066540038.png (600.79 KB, 736x1085, 736:1085, Stealing is a crime and cr….png) ImgOps Google

They still are attached to the fandom, for whatever reason.


File: 1544066803927.png (6.8 KB, 458x467, 458:467, snail2.png) ImgOps Google

Many for historical reasons.  I.e., having watched and liked the show at one point, and then just sticking with the pony imageboard community.


File: 1544067940862.jpg (50.36 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1316419__safe_screencap_ra….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

pony tape and pony glue.

why do people who despise them hang around and call them "cringey"?  people calling things cringey is cringey, so there.


File: 1544068797970.jpg (88.66 KB, 539x800, 539:800, Trying to be cute sure is ….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Please don't you EVER say "glue" and "pony" in the same sentence. That's what made me hate ponies.

Also are you seriously implying ponies aren't cringe? Seriously?!


File: 1544068907001.png (55.67 KB, 534x500, 267:250, getchan imagery.png) ImgOps Google

GETchan 2.0 (AKA 96.5% of its existence, I did the maths) has always been.

This is exactly what I mean when I say fa/GET/s hate ponies.


Whats glue got to do with it?

Also "cringe" doesn't mean anything. It's just a way for people who hate themselves to feel superior to others.


I don't get what all this talk about communism has to do with anything. Is it like the Bane meme?


Manley, you never heard the expression "getting sent to the glue factory"?  Horses/ponies have a lot of collagen. Collagen is a key protein in connective tissues (cartilage, tendons, ligaments) as well as hides and bones. It’s also the key ingredient in most animal glues, as it can be made into a gelatin that’s sticky when wet but hardens when it dries. The word collagen actually derives from the Greek kolla, meaning glue, and the suffix -gen, meaning producer. As large, muscled animals, horses contain lots of this glue producer.


>Also "cringe" doesn't mean anything.
Urbandictionary defines it as: "When someone acts or is so embarrassing or awkward, it makes you feel extemely ashamed and/or embarrassed." (https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Cringe)


File: 1544069325500.jpg (115 KB, 771x800, 771:800, Headaches must be a pain f….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

No, that's not it chief.

Words have meaning by usage.
The meaning for "cringe" online is: "When someone acts/ or is so embarrassing or awkward , it makes you feel extemely ashamed and/or embarrassed."


Oh I do that but most modern glues aren't made from horses anymore. But in was asking why learning glue came from horse would make someone not like ponies. That isn't their fault.


File: 1544069399749.jpg (29.16 KB, 400x283, 400:283, 1432128152459-4.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>No, that's not it chief.
Please explain.


I know it has an accepted meeting but that is so vague and subjective as to be meeting this. Something that makes one person embarrassed doesn't always embarrass someone else. Most of the time the term is just used to make fun of people who act in ways that you don't like.


GETchan and Bunkerchan are the last two remaining independent communist chans. That’s part of the reason for the merger.



File: 1544069507520.jpg (55.35 KB, 564x761, 564:761, Someday, somehow, somewher….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

If most people find something "cringy", then it is cringy. Majority rules will always prevail over what a few think.

I do not think I can talk about it here.


Why is "communist chan" even a thing? As far as I can tell it has absolutely nothing to do with the actual form of government called "communism" Is this a meme? What started it?


What is "most" people?


File: 1544069675685.jpg (31.31 KB, 640x631, 640:631, when-you-tell-an-antifa-me….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>As far as I can tell it has absolutely nothing to do with the actual form of government called "communism"
On the contrary, like countries ruled by Communism, GETchan slowly starved to death.


>As far as I can tell it has absolutely nothing to do with the actual form of government called "communism"
It does. Some people actually think communism is a thign that works and should exiwst again, and communist chans talk about it over and over.
Now THAT'S cringe.

The majority. The greater number. If you put a video like
on a giant screen, most people would give reactions of discomfort or laughter. Not all of them, of course, because like you said it is subjective... But MOST would. And ultimately that's what gives the word a meaning. Words have meaning, regardless of it being "subjective" or not.


So people being trans is "cringey", since the majority of people are uncomfortable with it.



>Majority rules will always prevail over what a few think.
Looks like comrade Iara still has that revolutionary spirit!

It’s a very vague term that means different things to different chans. On /GET/ it’s mostly a meme, though some party poopers refuse to play along. And then for those that take it too far, there is (or was) a /pol/ board. That was handed over to Bunkerchan so the GETchan staff doesn’t have to deal with actual commies.


File: 1544069851376.png (570.59 KB, 590x588, 295:294, Some day I'll cosplay this….png) ImgOps Google

Yes, actually.


It’s not even dead, you maroon.


So then should you not be able to see how it's kind of mean-spirited?

Why happened entire image board dedicated to one single joke? Kind of unhinged maniac would post the same joke over and over again everyday?


File: 1544070133983.jpg (369.7 KB, 672x800, 21:25, Found with incriminating e….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Can't elaborate more on it because it would get political. And I know you are banned from those conversations.


As I mentioned, it’s basically a /b/ with communism memes. The main focus is supposed to be random discussion, not communism. That’s just a bit of a side-note.


>>881346  given the amount of traffic, this site should be run for free in someone's bedroom.  :twi7:


PRO-TIP: Never host an imageboard on a home server.  You never know if the cpbots will come for it!  And if they do, you don't want that stuff served from your home IP address.


File: 1544071463056.webm (120.38 KB, its a meme you dip.webm)

>Some people actually think communism is a thign that works and should exiwst again, and communist chans talk about it over and over.
Perfect example of someone who doesn't get the joke. You would think that with all the time you've spent on GETchan, you'd understand it. Especially since you're referred to as some "revolutionary" while you actually hate communism. It should be painfully obvious.


Then why is the communism there?


Only until January. But I don't think trans people is a political topic under that ban.


>>883468  interesting.  would be a headache, but you shouldn't have any more liability than any other provider assuming you actively work to get rid of it  :dash7:


File: 1544071606022.jpg (125.22 KB, 600x1017, 200:339, Looking at the sky, I wond….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Oh yeah. Surely all those political discussions are a meme.
Surely, when asked IN PRIVATE about their communism ideas, and they say "it's all serious and I am going to live in a commute"... That's ALSO a meme, isn't it?

No, it isn't. I thought it was a joke, but then the truth fell into me like an ice-filled bucket.


in a commune****



Any community that gets its laughs by pretending to be idiots will eventually be flooded by actual idiots who mistakenly believe that they're in good company.


File: 1544071859432.png (399.57 KB, 494x651, 494:651, 1503983840017.png) ImgOps Google

I dunno, some of the people on /pol/ seemed to legit support Communism.  And isn't the rest of Bunkerchan a far-left site?


File: 1544071960050.png (792.65 KB, 1024x553, 1024:553, Fapping of a generation.png) ImgOps Google

See >>883481
That's what happened with /GET/ and with 4chan's /pol/. Wouldn't have put it any better.


For shits and giggles. Every one of the inner chans has/had a flag (including the one you're posting on right now) and many of them had anthems. Ponyville has a constitution, ffs. I don't think any of them made these for any reason other than for fun. Efchan and Oniichan constantly made fascism jokes, MLPchan called itself "anarcho-capitalist", and Lunachan used a communist flag before GETchan ever did. I don't see why GETchan can't do it too.

That's exactly why political discussion was banished to the /pol/ board. None of the staff of GETchan is made up of actual communists.

Ironically coming from the one who's always trying to spark political discussion on /GET/, where it doesn't belong. #youaretheproblem


File: 1544072365841.png (539.98 KB, 667x1661, 667:1661, Realism¿ In MY anime¡¿.png) ImgOps Google

That's not what I got from personal talk with King. He's an actual communist.

>Ironically coming from the one who's always trying to spark political discussion on /GET/, where it doesn't belong. #youaretheproblem
All I said is "communism suck". Apparently too political.


Because it doesn't make any sense, and you can't make the board about a thing and then get angry when people actually discussed the thing.


He has openly said that he isn't one. He made a really long post about it either last year or earlier this year just out of nowhere.

Like I said, that's not the reason behind its creation. Plus making edgy jokes isn't the same as actually discussing the theory behind something. For example, making a 9/11 joke is different from actually discussing 9/11 conspiracy theories. Sure, you can say it's in bad taste, but edgy jokes have always been a GETchan thing.


File: 1544073150796.png (16.35 KB, 174x174, 1:1, Terminal 7 brain cancer.png) ImgOps Google

Really? Proof? Did you screencapped that?


So the only reason "communism" is a part of that board is because it's an edgy joke? And you built an entire image board around one joke and expected it not to crash and burn? Are all you people mental?


File: 1544073434715.png (365.39 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, winky faic.png) ImgOps Google

I gotta agree with Manley here.
It makes zero sense.


Well no, but I'm sure other people remember it. I didn't really feel the need to because it really just felt as if he were stating the obvious.

How many times do I have to say that it wasn't the reason behind its creation? It's just an inside joke that came around way after the chan was founded. The subject barely even comes up if Iara isn't complaining about it.


>The subject barely even comes up if Iara isn't complaining about it.
If people weren't communists, why would they feel so offended when I mock communism? It doesn't adds up AT ALL.


First of all, that's political discussion and has no place on /GET/, and anyone who responds to you with a serious defense of communism is at fault too and should be banned to /pol/. But King doesn't ban people because he's a moron.


well, iara DOES do that a lot.


Honestly it feels like half of the threads on /GET/ are just her complaining about something. The most ironic one being the thread she made complaining about anime, meanwhile posting an anime picture.


You can't honestly say you don't find the irony in getting pissed at people for discussing communism on a "communist chan". That's why you don't base websites on inside jokes. Any new posters will not be in on it. So either the website stagnates, or it gets flooded with idiots.


File: 1544073854767.png (16.35 KB, 174x174, 1:1, Terminal 7 brain cancer.png) ImgOps Google

I don't know if you know but /pol/ was made precisely to drive communism away. I remember King and others would go on and on about how important real communism is.
Truly seems like too much work for what is apparently a joke.

I have talked with King in private (Very, very private). I know damn well he is a communist.

Anime SUCKs tho.


She's nothing if not a walking contradiction.


There is a place for it, though, the politics board. People can defend whatever ideology they want there. /GET/ was getting filled with political threads, so /pol/ was made as a containment board.

I find it seriously difficult to believe that someone who adheres to "Marxism-Iaraism" is being serious about their beliefs.


File: 1544074500471.png (16.35 KB, 174x174, 1:1, Terminal 7 brain cancer.png) ImgOps Google

Trust me. He consider living in a communist community in a part of [DATA EXPUNGED].

Why do you think I bash communism so much? Part for making him angry and the other is because I HATE communism for a myriad of reasons, all related to him.


>I find it seriously difficult to believe that someone who adheres to "Marxism-Iaraism" is being serious about their beliefs.
I find it seriously difficult to believe that someone who adheres to Marxism is being serious about their beliefs, given that Communism failed every time it's been tried.  But apparently people still believe in that shit, like that Maduro guy who is literally starving Venezuela.


Doesn't communism work on paper, but in practice it's always messed up by corrupt individuals?


I'm sure you won't mind if I make a thread about it on /GET/ asking him, then, right?

True, but pretty irrelevant to this conversation.


>Doesn't communism work on paper
Only if you ignore human nature.  It's like designing a dairy farm on the assumption that cows are perfectly spherical.


But it's impossible for a cow to be perfectly spherical. It's not impossible for a human to not be selfish.


>But it's impossible for a cow to be perfectly spherical
What if the cow is constructed in space?  :dash7:



File: 1544106007280.jpg (75.42 KB, 640x550, 64:55, 1517489090011.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

So tl;dr: KoG used to be a dirty commie, but then he realized that Communism is actually full of fail.


I don't know how you got that out of it, but sure. I honestly don’t care. I’m happy enough with Iara being btfo.


File: 1544139966941.jpg (8.38 KB, 150x150, 1:1, Bloody hell, what a twat.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Did you read tho. He USED TO BE.
I didn't knew he wasn't tho. Because I wasn't around when he made his post.


Learn to read btw:
>There was a short time when I did refer to myself as one without actually having studied the theory behind the ideology.
>I read the Communist Manifesto and felt inspired (...)
> But I still felt like I had to bring politics into everything, which resulted in me hurting someone I really cared about.
>I felt like it was my duty to live on a commune
Learn to read.


File: 1544143636495.jpg (24.1 KB, 256x293, 256:293, pinkythink.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>language skills

I wonder, how do we live in a "community" without being "commu-nists"?


We live in a SOCIETY so we practise SOCIALISM.

Texto de fondo.


File: 1544143791410.png (150.08 KB, 507x454, 507:454, pinkyhoof.png) ImgOps Google


then only people in DC are capitalists here, because they live in the capitol.


Nice cherrypicking quotes out of context. All I see is an idiot that was swayed by the memes on /GET/ and thought he was a communist but didn't actually understand the implications behind it. Point is that he saw his mistake and that none of the staff on GETchan are communists, whether or not they falsely identified as one for a week five years ago. Just accept that you were wrong for once.



>anonymous comrade


File: 1544144543632.jpg (155.19 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, STFU PONYFAG.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

You stay out of this.


File: 1544144546748.gif (12.6 KB, 190x190, 1:1, Warumonzaemon_art_mini.gif) ImgOps Google

That "idiot" did believe he was a communism for a long while. For several months in fact.
He saw the mistake. But I didn't knew he did.


Do you realize where you are?


File: 1544144702675.jpg (12.39 KB, 210x240, 7:8, Fuck your couch, nigga.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>was a communist*
Like I said, I never knew he stopped being one. I left GETchan, remember? I'm not up to speed with the latest gossip. So yeah I was wrong in saying that he is a communist now. But he used to be. And he was SO offended when someone insulted communism (Even tho it never works)

Just burn GETchan to the ground and, like a fenix, rebuild it with ZERO communism.


If someone self-identifies as a Communist and promotes Communism, then he can be called "a Communist".


File: 1544145222867.jpg (46.53 KB, 458x500, 229:250, sexy amira.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Iara BTFO.


A really shitty thread.

We've all been kids at one point or another. Thankfully he grew up, sort of. His administration is still pretty shit, though.

Regardless, he's not a communist and neither is Zeke. Whether he used to be one is debatable, but still irrelevant either way.

He doesn't do either of those things unironically.


File: 1544145663071.gif (17.92 KB, 200x200, 1:1, Amira.gif) ImgOps Google

>He doesn't do either of those things unironically.
But he used to. This is the catch here.

>We've all been kids at one point or another.
It wasn't THAT recent but yeah... I'm just REALLY mad, you know. This is a big "I told you so" from me... I should be feeling happy and yet...


>But he used to. This is the catch here.
Even if that were true, what relevance does it have to today's /GET/?


File: 1544146013773.gif (326.65 KB, 480x270, 16:9, She needs her own series.gif) ImgOps Google

I thought he was still a real communist. That's why I was so angry and argumentative. Glad to know he isn't tho.

But if he isn't a communist anymore... WHo was the anon on GETchan who got angry when I insulted communist? I need a talk with that RETARD.


Just don't do it on /GET/ or it might get baleeted. Or not, I don't know. GETchan's moderation is never consistent. I miss Steven.


Do you have a name?


>Even if that were true, what relevance does it have to today's /GET/?
Um, you might not have noticed it, but this thread has become more than only about today's /GET/.


Not on chans, no. I prefer anonymity.

If you want to talk about past /GET/, be my guest. I just don't see what the point is.


Why does /GET/ choose to associate with actual communist board's like Bunkerchan /leftypol/?


File: 1544202081543.jpg (165.4 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, squinty dog.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

You can't say the F-word!
What would your mother think?


She says it more than I do.


File: 1544207366325.png (236.14 KB, 425x422, 425:422, do you see it.png) ImgOps Google

I wonder what your mom is like


She's a bitter old women with a superiority complex and several undiagnosed mental illnesses.


File: 1544209627509.png (174.16 KB, 340x420, 17:21, lemme think.png) ImgOps Google

How old should I imagine?

Would you still get angry if someone talks doodoo on her.


She's in her 60s. And I dunno, depends on what they said.


your mom gay


She's actually super homophobic, so probably not.


File: 1544210237540.png (287.95 KB, 388x420, 97:105, hmmmm.png) ImgOps Google

How's the rest of your closest family?


My sister is intensely aloof and selfish, my brother is abrasive and surly. But I love them. I hope they learn to be less of an asshole, though.


File: 1544218326007.png (158.53 KB, 425x422, 425:422, caught ya staring at my pl….png) ImgOps Google

Are you the oldest, by a lot?


Oldest. From my sister by 17 months, from my brother by 5 years.


Do you think your imouto and/or otouto love you?


No way to know that for sure.


That's why I said "think" rather than "know".


I'd like to think they do.

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