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While the Israelian premier announces with tears in his eyes that these days are a great time for World peace, Israelian troops let their bullets trip through a mass of Pallestinian protester on the border and I realize that this world does play out like a Final Fantasy game sometimes.


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The last Final Fantasy game that I played was Final Fantasy 6.  I didn't like the low-ponygon-count primitive 3D graphics of FF7, and I guess I never picked up interest in the series again.


Israel kind of seem like they're the bad guys


7 actually state of the art graphics wise when it first came out. Which is why the switch to 3D graphics in video gaming as a whole was a mistake.


Midgard, I found, was an amazing setting for the game. I will forever love it for that.

Well, I am willing to admit it's a bit more complicated.
But there must be better solutions for the way things go.

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