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It's Sunday, yet again.

How are you doing on this day of rest?


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I have awoken super early. But I am doing well. I recently finally got on medication and it seems to be helping?

I have D&D today.


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I was looking at media of rats online today and found this, which is neat:



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Wow that's really gay

Post more please


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In the Disney+ Doctor Who specials, they brought back David Tennant
and he looks like older now and now I feel older.


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Just want to say that the 14th Doctors theme is the best in the entire series and I refuse to elaborate


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I must envy the national pride Doctor Who is in Britain.


Got a slight headache which is no fun.

Played a whole lotta Shipwrecked 64 which was a LOT of fun, if braninscratching, and is gonna be hell to edit.

Oh, and I did go to a TTRPG/Board Game meet up yesterday. Played the Heroes of Might and Magic III board game (which really is about as close to the video games as it could possibly be) and got to run my first one-shot as a GM

Only two players, and the game only took about two hours, but it went rather well. And I think the drawings I made of the monsters addded a bit.


I can't get over how powerful that Sonic Screwdriver is... it's able to create displays for information and is able to generate frce fields!

Eeeh... the pride the nation had for Doctor Who has gone down the crapper in recent years due to wokeness. Getting David Tennant back was more of a last ditch attempt at salvaging ratings from nostalgia, but not without being all political, no matter how left-field it is.

As much as I find "bi-generation" a lot of bull crap, it's nice to know Fourteenth is still knocking about somewhere while Fifteenth is dealing with... space babies and knock-off Space Marines.
I mean, I enjoyed "The Devil's Chord" up until the twist at the end.



Look I like the Sonic when its used
sparingly but the writers of the 5th Doctors era had the right idea when they blew it up and forced the Doctor to then use his wits and smarts his entire season rather than just waving his magic wand to solve any and all problems

"being all political, no matter how left-field it is"

I mean the show is back to being written by Russell T Davies the man who of course wrote the Slitheen two parter in which it turns out the goverment are a bunch of fat farting aliens who want to nuke everyone

Oh, and he also wrote Torchwoods children of earth in which the goverment happily accept giving up one third of all Children in the UK to a bunch of aliens who want to turn them into tortured living hooka pipes for eternity

What did you expect from him?


The Slitheen two parter was still a gripping adventure and effectively made farts funny for it. But later seasons of Doctor Who leans towards what the BBC wants you to think over being historically accurate. This peaking during Jodie Whittakers part. It could be more on BBCs influencing than entirely Russels fault... but Russel still seems on board with BBCs political ideals regardless.

Also, I'm gonna call it... the Trickster from The Sarah Jane Adventures turns out to be Ruby Sunday's mother.


File: 1716812311382.jpg (8.92 KB, 300x300, 1:1, when she gives you the goo….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Would love to see the Trickster in Who. It's funny, he only appered in the flesh in Sara Jane Adventures yet has been mentioned in both Doctor Who itself and Torchwood.

The time changing beetle on Donnas back in Turn Left (that caused an alternate timeline in which the Doctor died and as a result the universe went to shit real quick) was said by the Doctor to be "part of the Trickster's Brigade"

Then in Torchwoods Immortal Sins episode in a flashback to the 1920's you had Captain Jack killing a Brainspawn a parasitic alien host that infects people and sends them crazy that he said was sent by the Tricksters Brigade with a plan to infect future Franklin Roosevelt to drive him insane and force America to not take part in WW2 leading to an alternate nazi victory timeline or something.. I mean the Trickster feeds on chaos and timelines being changed that's his entire thing

So it would be interesting to see him get a go in the show for real


File: 1716838123767.png (336.79 KB, 369x375, 123:125, tfw party time.PNG) ImgOps Google

My general thought on Doctor Who:
The series can make good use of scifi absurdism to create very strange and interesting scenarios and mysteries that always brings for the curiosity to what happens next.

However I feel often that the pay off, while almost always hyped up by the doctor's charismatic speech, often resorts to what feels like deus ex machina solutions and contrived situations.

I do get a sort of love / hate relationship with that show and would like to find some scifi stuff that actually gives a proper pay off.

Also, I always felt like Doctor Who was woke since forever.
A lot of episodes seem to tackle inequality, anti-capitalism, anti patriarchy sentiments.

While the themes do move with the time, I can't say that Doctor Who going woke is a new thing for me.


File: 1716839144304.jpg (44.61 KB, 624x423, 208:141, Hail davros.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


I mean the very first alien race in Doctor Who (way back in the very first season in 1963) was of course the Daleks

A bunch of angry, hate filled creatures  who view themselves as the master race who want to "exterminate" all life that's not them

Then flash forward to Genesis of the Daleks in 1975 in which the 4th Doctor goes back in time and witnesses the creation of the Daleks by the race they were prior the Kaleds with said Kaleds being a race and group of authoritarian warmongers who wear matching black uniforms and who have a funny salute and who's symbol is a lightning bolt..

Gee this all seems familiar but I'm sure it's nothing political


File: 1716840265240.jpeg (103.68 KB, 736x758, 368:379, IMG_0793.jpeg) ImgOps Google



In "The Devil's Chord", the Doctor tells Ruby of a "pantheon", we don't know who the pantheon is but it is believed to be the Pantheon of Discord who Trickster is a part of.

>My general thought on Doctor Who:
>The series can make good use of scifi absurdism to create very strange and interesting scenarios and mysteries that always brings for the curiosity to what happens next.
>However I feel often that the pay off, while almost always hyped up by the doctor's charismatic speech, often resorts to what feels like deus ex machina solutions and contrived situations.

I agree, which is why good Doctor Who stories are about a mystery set around sci-fi, than just sci-fi stuff in general. The "pay off", the fancy speech, techno-babble explanations or deus ex machinima, that's more for how it's resolved.

This is why todays Doctor Who episodes aren't that enjoyed because the mystery-plot of the story is often sided for why it's bad to be cisgendered male, white or both. Now Ncuti Gatwa episoides feel more like fluff-pieces with musicals, goblins and space babies.

Another thing that pisses me off is Fifteenth Doctor acknowledges that gallifrey is destroyed by genocide and I just... don't give a shit. anymore.
Gallifrey Falls No More my arse. The whole Time War sub-plotted spanned since the reboot of the series and the Time Lords were cyberized and wiped out in half a season later. Why should I bother being invested anymore?


File: 1716841143583.png (241.97 KB, 456x461, 456:461, ah well.png) ImgOps Google

The other infamous race of robotic outsider who deem themselves superior to others and take over other cultures and demand that their  victims abandon their own culture to upgrade to their "superior" lifestyle.



To be fair not only can you not do much with the Time Lords but they are pretty boring. They were all fun and mysterious in the second and third doctors run (even more so in the war games in which the mere mention of their name strikes fear and terror into everyone) by then when we get to see Galifrey and the Time Lords at home with the 4th Doctor they're just.. A bunch of boring stuffy upper class politicians

But yes, would agree the Master just deciding to wipe out the Time Lords was a stupid move. They should have not been killed off but like I said I don't really think there is much more you can do wih them. There's a reason when Russell T Davies brought the show back he decided to kill off the Time Lords off screen as even he thought they were boring and just got in the way


I mean Cybermen were meant to be a classic boomer style take on "what if
technology bad?"

But in some ways they have become somewhat of a communist take to the Daleks fascism take


The show could've just... leave the Time Lords alone.

Bring them back, or have other Time Lords involved when needed for a plot than just feeling the need to remove them entirely.

Just seems pointless to kill them off when they just came out of a Time War so seems kinda pointless.

They could've just leave them alone.



And while I'm at it out shoutout to the OG Cybermen for having some fire lines

"There are people dying all over your world yet you do not care about them"

"That was quite unfortunate you really should not have done that"

If they had emotions you could almost sense a mild sad tinge of disappointment in that last line


I like how despite being part of a race that had their emotions lobotomize, he speaks with a tone of confusion around them. I can't tell if it's out of vague lament over humans he regards primitive, or that subconsciously he doesn't know what's going on with his physical being trapped in circuitry and metal that he talks through.

Never cares much for the Cybus-era Cybermen that had to had their own death-cry like the Daleks.



Well it's mostly a sense of disappointment and confusion. After all one of the main traits of Cybermen is that they do view themselves as being better and superior than humans but not in a "I hate you and want to kill you" way like you get with Daleks but more of a "I feel sorry for you why won't you understand that I'm trying to help you and improve you?" kind of way

That's what I quite like about the Cybermen. Like I said a Dalek will kill you out of hate but a Cyberman? A cyberman will drag you down to a converter and force you to turn into another souless, emotionless husk like them and all the while said Cyberman will think he's doing the right thing and will be thinking that he's helping you and it just won't understand why you're screaming, fighting and resisting it.

I think they did that idea quite right in Doomsday when the Cybermen invade the world and broadcast a message to humanity pretty much telling us that they are simply helping us by turning us into them and there is nothing to fear and that they are only here to improve us


File: 1717100856245.png (138.75 KB, 344x372, 86:93, ah.png) ImgOps Google

I'll be honest, if they tapped more in this "our view of life is this and we're trying to help you", it could be neat.

I think there's a Doctor tenth episode where he calls out the Cybermen for ignoring a promise not to harm humans if he surrenders himself and the Cyberman was like "That was designated, a lie."
Could have been more neat if he argued that he wasn't going to harm them by upgrading or something.

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