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So aside from waking up sick and basically having spent my entire day falling asleep, waking up and then falling back asleep into what I can only describe as "the same fever dream" (although I don't think I had a fever), I got another bit of news today.

You might remember Brav's sudden passing a few months ago. Well, I got an email today from his parents. They can't pinpoint his cause of death 100%, but the theory right now is some manner of blood disease, possibly some manner of leukemia.

I dunno how I was expecting knowing to feel, or if I was hoping a more set in stone answer would feel better or something. A ltitle annoyed that it's still so unclear.

To say the least,I am not having the best of days.


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I am not completely in the dumps, but it hasn't been a fun day.


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like a massive turd, this too shall pass

i'm sorry you are in a rough mode, but it makes sense given the news you got about bravery. i just hope that you are treating yourself well in this time <3

>hugs <3


Bea and Mae seem like "voices of our generation" more and more as I see them online, when I think about it, which I don't know how to realize the implications of that fact.


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well the game is a story about the struggles of living in a world that seemingly doesn't care about them, being left behind in a dying town in a ever changing capitalistic society, and the hardships inherit within in all aspects including financial, mental health, and relationship wise too

and Mae, Bea, Gregg, Angus, and Germ (and basically all the characters) are different perspectives on those themes. so it makes sense, and is precisely the point that they speak for the generation, cause they are trapped in it just like the rest of us


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Yeah, you're exactly right. I agree with every word. I feel kind of silly, though, since I've never played it myself but have only watched other people getting into it. I'll fetch a copy for myself someday.

In the same vein, I've watched the Australian version of "Jesus Christ Superstar" three times now, and I feel a little obsessive because of how on-the-nose in an actually good way it is. The Romans being pictured as capitalist businessmen in fancy black suits with expensive looking alcoholic drinks as well as Jesus of Nazareth out there using a bullhorn among anti-government protesters who're putting pithy remarks online as they snap selfies with him? King Herod is a game show host slash talk show host who asks his screaming studio audience to vote for or against crucifixion? And, of course, those hunting Jesus from place to place who eventually form a mob to watch his actual death are tabloid reporters with cameras and microphones everywhere?

Image related:


I feel genuinely uncomfortable at how nightmarishly spot-on the idea of "you're unpopular among your peers, so what's the point of listening to you no matter what you say" is.


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I hope it'll get better for you through time. These things usually get easier for some people after a certain period. Though I understand people don't wish to be left with uncertainty for such situations.
While I'm not the best at comforting people during rough times, I want you to know I wish you the best and hope you'll feel better in the coming days.


I mean I will. I am totally fine in the day to day.

I miss him, obviously. Every time I see some fun franchise news, my first instinct is still to hop on Discord and show him. I know he'd be snarking his head off at the current Unity debacle, for example.


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