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Have you ever wondered anything about my country the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland?  

Anything you have wanted to ask someone who's British?

I'm in a good mood today so feel free to ask away


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So, how many commercially-sized marshmallows can you fit in your mouth at once without swallowing?


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My lawyer has advised me not to answer this question


Okay, real British question.
How close have you grown up to chav culture?



Well I'm in my early 30's and grew up in a pretty poor area so yes.

I mean chav just means council housed and violent. Mostly those in their late teens and early 20's who live in cheap rented council houses, wear cheap tracksuits and the like. Would rather spend all day smoking and robbing people rather than getting a job or doing anything productive.

Kind of like a British version of the poor american 'trailer trash' sterotype I guess.

Was mostly only really a thing in the late 90's and died in the late 2000's. Don't tend to see it much anymore, guess roadmen kind of took their place.

That and most of the old chavs would now be in thier late 20's or 30s by now so you would hope they would have grown up by now.

Worth pointing out that 'chav' was never really something someone chose to be. It was just a kind of sterotype for white people in poor, rough areas. You would never find a chav who was happy to be called one nor would you find a chav who would call themself one.


OI M8 Got a LOICENSE for that Telly? And have you binned a knoife today, guv?


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I'm British, but there is one thing about us Brits I don't know about...

If us Brits call vacations "holidays" and Americans call special days of the year "holidays", what do we Brits call those special days collectively? I never figured it out.

I simply also call them holidays because I don't know better.


Don’t you mean gwyliau?


Uh... that's Welsh isn't it?
I mean what do the English call what Americans call "Holidays"?

I know we have "Bank Holidays" but I figured they're called that because people get days off.


Maybe public holidays?


I guess that works.


Any thoughts on 'Times Radio'?

I listen to / watch it a lot, personally!

> https://www.youtube.com/@TimesRadio1

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