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Have you ever tried to learn Japanese? Do you know many Japanese words?


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English is so bonkers from a logical perspective that merely keeping up with it feels like an immense challenge.


Ah, not in any meaningful wat. As a total weeb cliche, I have picked up a handful of words and phrases from Japanese media, be it games, Anime or a few live action movies.

I do also tend to have a decent ear for patterns in language and am quick to understand context and cross-reference words I know, so on occasion I can sorta-guess the basic gist of a word or phrase I don't really know. It's not too long AGO I managed to understand an otherwise not super well translated line in a Japanese horror game called The Closing Shift that way.


Bongu wa doku desu ka


A Japanese card game called Oicho-kabu, plays very similarly to baccarat. The goal of the game is to reach 9. As in baccarat, the last digit of any total over 10 makes your hand: a 15 counts as 5, a 12 as 2, and a 20 as 0. Having two of the same card makes it the card number: a 10 and a 10 = 10, 1 and a 1 = 1.

An automatic-losing hand in oicho-kabu is an eight(yattsu), a nine(kyu) and a three(san) phonetically expressed as "ya-ku-za". This is the origin of the Japanese word for "gangster," yakuza.


“Omae wa mou shinderu” is the only complete sentence in Japanese I know.


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Futomomo ni hasamaretai?


No. No.

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