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File: 1659251452360.jpg (43.22 KB, 262x414, 131:207, Happy-Globe-Image.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I've pretty much resolved that at some point in the next some years I'll emigrate from the United States and attempt to move to a different country, doing so in the short term to intermediate term (like one to ten years).

My primary drive, the core issue that pains me daily almost like a missing body part, that is that I need for the sake of my mental and physical health to live in a country without the unfortunately pervasive and almost kind of omnipresent antisemitism, anti-LGBT sentiment, lookism, classism, ableism, racism, and xenophobia of America. The trio of rising anti-Jewish, anti-LGBT, and anti-disabled hate to the point where it's all as common as breathing now stands out. Sadly.

While those seven expanding social views are horrible even by themselves, there's the specific life's dream of mine as well that I want to be able to be in unhidden and unashamed interracial and LGBT romantic relationships in which I'm open about them fully without living in a nation that will punish me for that. I want to get married. I want to have children (probably adopted). I want to do these two things without my neighbors considering us all born inferior. There's also politics (that I won't go into at all) coupled with the general desire to learn everything humanly possible about my family ancestors outside of America (which I'm happy to discuss endlessly).

In short, I'm of the health status in which I could genuinely be hospitalized and maybe even die from blood clots due to a genetic abnormality basically any random day of the week... I feel like in whatever time I've have left in the eyes of God and fate I've the basic right to be try to become happy with existing instead of accepting how others keep telling me that I should've never been born, me choosing to be somewhere in which I'm actually accepted as a human being with individual freedom and worth by others.

I do want to throw this all to everybody else! Like:

If you're starting from scratch and were allowed to pick being born anyplace at all in the world, hypothetically, where would you personally pick? And where would you ideally like to live now, practically? What do you think your odds are in eventually getting there? What country do you think will be improving itself the most over the next decade plus?


File: 1659251837902.png (168.23 KB, 1024x537, 1024:537, 135633707636.png) ImgOps Google

Well, good luck. wish i knew what to say.


File: 1659254026441.jpg (18.33 KB, 564x304, 141:76, c18068e1a2d3cfa1996dec5bf2….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

While those are all good reasons to want to move somewhere better, I'm sorry to say that there is no place on Earth that is currently any really better for those things than the US.

The only thing that's better for you outside the US is the health care, I guess. The rest - the racism, the anti-semitism, the anti-LGBT sentiment, the classism, the ableism, the xenophobia-, all that is either similar to the US or just straight up worse.

Don't fall into the trap of thinking that just because it's outside of the US that it's somehow better. You're just going to be sorely disappointed.

That said, in answer to your questions, the place I would most likely move to is France because many of my partners and friends live there. I don't particularly like the country and, like most places, the politics aren't exactly better than the US, so that doesn't really factor in.

If I *really* wanted to move there, my partners would do everything they could to help me do so. However, the likelihood of me actually going is pretty low. I'm currently planning on moving in with my other partner in the US who lives in Texas, and at the moment I don't really want to live with anyone else but her. But who knows what could change.

And honestly, I think that the USA has the most likelihood of getting better in the next decade, despite all the stuff that has happened recently. I honestly don't see any other country doing all that much better. It's not really so much that I have that much faith in the USA itself, but rather I feel like every other country has just as much likelihood of improving as the US does, and it's extremely difficult to emigrate to another country, so sticking with the US is honestly the best option.

Personally, I'd rather do everything in my power to make the place I live in currently better than to just run away to another country that's supposedly better. The reason why I would move to another country is to be closer to people I care about, not in a misguided attempt to escape to somewhere better than where I already live.

That said, I hope you have success in your endeavor to emigrate and that wherever you choose IS actually better for you rather than being a "Grass is greener on the other side" situation.


What is lookism?


discrimination and whatnot based on appearance


Thank you!

There's a lot to get into with your comment. But thanks first of all for your support. I'm so curious about the general situation that you're talking about. How many partners in the romantic context do you currently have, at the moment, if you don't mind my asking? Why are some of them in France? Were there born there or did something happen in their lives?

I don't think I particularly agree with the assessment that things in the rest of the so-called 'First World' are essentially the same all over in many places when it comes to general niceness and social acceptance. I keep seeing all kinds of serious reports done by groups that aren't doing travel-related clickbait, particularly community activist ones, that find that certain countries given governmental choices have pretty strict laws about bigotry that've filtered in to regular peoples' attitudes. And it gets reported on a lot, it seems?

Like here: https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2019/nov/22/lgbt-travel-index-puts-sweden-top-and-warns-against-some-popular-destinations

The United States isn't even in the top twenty countries in terms of LGBT acceptance, let alone being one of the best?


File: 1659255686855.png (92.37 KB, 500x394, 250:197, Trash_messy.png) ImgOps Google

I would avoid sweden for the time being, which as much as it hurts me to write this.

I will not get into any deeper into why and how. since ive have enough of eyes on me as it is.
Just that, be careful


File: 1659256855818.png (123.38 KB, 384x383, 384:383, woop.png) ImgOps Google

I mean, yeah, wherever you're going to live in the world there's going to be people who are going to spell bad news. europe in general seems to be heading in the far right direction is the last few years.

Now, this may be the dramatisation with the media and the news we've been getting for the US, but I do think politically the US is making a nosedive, especially in the south with the bans on abortion, the educational system being gutted, the demonisation of the woke and the LGBTQ people, the propagation of "Christion Nationalism". Also the way it seems to be spread amongst the general people in the Southern states.

At any rate, that discussion probably belongs to /townhall/.

As for the country that sounds good, everyone is always positive about Scandinavia.
Seems like people are in general the happiest living there.
So far, I don't feel like moving out, but that seems in blanket terms the best place to be born.

A small reminder, though, if you ever feel like adopting / fostering kids do keep in mind that that needs to be done on a stable mind. If you're dealing with depression or anger at society or deal with a lot of personal issues, taking care of kids is not advised.


File: 1659256959591.png (249.29 KB, 446x430, 223:215, hula.png) ImgOps Google

Or maybe Luxembourg.
There's never any drama coming from Luxembourg.


File: 1659297620710.png (4.27 MB, 1801x2513, 1801:2513, 6546546456.png) ImgOps Google

i honestly don't get it

have you seen the world around you?

ive never seen a more tolerant nation in ages

you're not gonna find anywhere better to live at than where are at this point

you'd be better off moving to some random city or something

main thing to worry about here is our tanking economy

in other words, dont worry and live your life  

furthermore don't listen to the media and twitter schitzos


File: 1659300585447.png (17.77 KB, 145x197, 145:197, aheh.png) ImgOps Google

What about waffles
all day
every day?


File: 1659320259058.png (251.7 KB, 689x1024, 689:1024, Neh.png) ImgOps Google

Roxie says it very well here. I think the best, and easier bet, is to move somewhere more else in the USA. Maybe Canada if staying in the USA is absolutely intolerable.

Not to mention that a lot of European countries, which I assume is the main target of possible locations, aren't exactly easy to immigrate to.

Furthermore, bigotry is alive and well everywhere in the world. Antisemitism is alive and well in Europe. A lot of these countries are still fairly insular. One of the countries that was actually better for Jews is currently having its people killed by Russians. Germany is rearming. Sweden and Finland are joining NATO. Finland in particular has spent the better part of a century preparing to fight a death war with Russia. Many European countries have a sentiment that they exist at least in part or entirely for the advocacy of their particular ethnicity to the detriment of any other if necessary.

Bluntly, Fox, I just don't know where you expect to go? If you don't have a sponsor, they'll reject you outright. I'm assuming you're looking at Europe primarily.


>If you're starting from scratch and were allowed to pick being born anyplace at all in the world, hypothetically, where would you personally pick?

>And where would you ideally like to live now, practically?

>What do you think your odds are in eventually getting there?
I'll get there. Eventually.

>What country do you think will be improving itself the most over the next decade plus?
America or China.


To be honest about all this, if the context is "you'll never be able to have a happy relationship anywhere and be accepted anywhere because the rest of the world is even shittier to minorities, seething murderous hatred being like global warming where you can't escape it", then the subtext seems to be something along the lines of "eat a bullet".

Not that I would do that, but maybe the logical thing is to accept that humanity is inherently bad at this point in history and live alone like in some log cabin in a wilderness somewhere without medical care, just letting natural causes take me at some point.

I want to believe that gods and goddesses exist and that maybe at some point I'll be reincarnated or otherwise live a new life in something like 2122 when most people don't believe that LGBT and interracial love is evil.


File: 1659323366245.png (64.43 KB, 580x551, 20:19, 26002__suggestive_blushing….png) ImgOps Google

>but maybe the logical thing is to accept that humanity is inherently bad at this point in history and live alone like in some log cabin in a wilderness somewhere

I can at least agree with this cutout of that post.  Nothing wrong with going off-grid.


File: 1659325417779.gif (82.21 KB, 600x450, 4:3, story1607.gif) ImgOps Google

i've been purposefully avoiding doomer posts and negative headlines for a while because of mental health reasons, and i've been doin a lot better as a result. that being said, i still feel the need to put forward my 2-cents, and then leave you to your posting

is there alot of tension out there right now? yeah. can some shit snap? for sure. but will things get better eventually? i 100% believe they will. maybe not initially, and we will probably see some more bad stuff before it turns around, but it will turn around.

perhaps we are looking at different data, but the majority of people in a lot of polls are more accepting of LGBT people, Jewish people, and other cultures in general (at least in the US, but it probably translates to other contries to more or lesser extents), and with that statistic is stronger and stronger the younger and younger they are. The older generations are the ones that are holding those bigotted views more than anyone, and unfortuantely they are the ones calling most of the shots, hence all the world baggage we are seeing.

but one thing about the older generations is that they eventually die, and the younger generations become older, more prolific, and more likely to vote and act in terms of public interest. it doesnt mean that all prejudice goes away, and there might be soem newer forms that grow here and there, but the trend shows a more progressive populace, in general. In a way, you can see all this tension as a combination of growing pains, and a generation that fears losing it's hold on the reigns, and wants to cling as hard as possible to what they have.

and one thing that pops up in your comments is that we "have to accept that people are inherently evil" just irks me. not because i think you aren't entitled to that, but because i feel that it's a symptom of being lambasted by bad news constantly funneled into your direction, combined with being front and center to a lot of these regressive tendencies that your particular state has been taking. if you do feel that people are inherently evil, then that's your view. but i am of the mind that people are inherently good, but also inherently inclined to survive with limited perspective, and not everyone shares that same view, and unfortunately those with the most power don't see the perspective of the masses.

what's my point with this? well maybe i'm telling this to myself as to you, but keep your head up and keep on moving regardless of what happens. living and being your authentic self is infectious, and shows others that they can do the same. if you let those that you feel like a threat control you, then you give them power. if you need to move or hide yourself to feel safe, then that's fine. but i honestly don't think you are alone, i don't even think you are in a minority in the way you think by any means, but those loud descenters and those who weild that angry bigotted minority to their advantage want you to believe that your days are numbered, but it's not true.

i'm not gonna post in this thread anymore, cause i know for a fact that my mental health wouldn't be able to handle it for much more. but i hope you will at least step back and look at your situation in a different perspective, and if it doesn't shift, then at least you know it's with conscientious perspective nonetheless


File: 1659326808257.jpg (128.99 KB, 894x894, 1:1, 131853774365.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Well that's hardly the point. The point is that good and bad exists everywhere. Anna Karenina. "Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way."

If you go somewhere else on earth, you aren't going to a paradise. Paradise doesn't exist. You're trading one set of problems for a different set of problems. That's all. If you find a place that has problems that are more tolerable for you to deal with and you can make yourself acceptable to them, by all means, do your best to try and get there. My main point is that magical thinking is going to blow up in your face. There are good and bad people everywhere, and probably in similar amounts.

You aren't going to live a life without suffering. You aren't entitled to be loved. Your own effort, and a little luck, are more likely to let you live a life worth living and find a love that inspires you to be better than you were. But life doesn't come with a panacea.


File: 1659330982756.gif (27.78 KB, 262x202, 131:101, 1497033920_witch_and_her_c….gif) ImgOps Google

>If you're starting from scratch and were allowed to pick being born anyplace at all in the world, hypothetically, where would you personally pick?
Starting from scratch? I don't think I come from a viewpoint where that's possible. I'm something here that I'd be everywhere but one region. In that region what I'd be isn't necessarily an improvement except in one country where I'd still be something odd. In a tiny region there, so small that it barely exists, right at The Entrance, I'd be something normal.

And I'm not sure I want that.

>And where would you ideally like to live now, practically? What do you think your odds are in eventually getting there?
I've always been a cards on the table kind of person. I play the cards I got as well as I can, and as long as I win more hands than I lose then life is good. Because a 1:100 hand is still gonna lose one out of twenty times at a five man table and a hand with nothing can still take the pot.

The house always wins their share. And there will always be high rollers who decide they're gonna game table so they get the pot without playing a card. But in this game nobody gets up from the table while they still got chips left, so as long as you got one chip pressed between your fingers all you can do is grin at your pair-of-twos like it's a straight-flush and bluff your way back in the game.

>What country do you think will be improving itself the most over the next decade plus?

Somewhere starting from a pretty low point, most likely. I think the old colonial powers are seeing that the prosperity bought in the blood of yesteryear is just about tapped out and there always comes a day when you can't keep passing the bill forward. We'll see what the interest due is when that day comes.

>Anon nothing you said makes any sense whatsoever.
But it isn't wrong now is it?


Fox, the US is huge.

It is a diverse, varied place with people of all walks of life all over it. And with that comes both sorts of division and unity.

Moving to another country will not fix your problems.

I don't know where you live, but none of those things are on the rise by me, and I live in rural Wisconsin. Yes, I'm surrounded by conservatives, but they don't care that I'm gay as long as I'm a good person.

Your post here seems to have shown you're settled into doom and gloom, and that sort of thinking won't change just because you move to another country. You aren't going to find this paradise that you long for by moving, because it doesn't exist.

As much as I don't like Texas government, I've had fun the many times I've been there to visit. Which part are you planning to move to?


File: 1659347000651.png (991.95 KB, 2048x2731, 2048:2731, tumblr_5b0dda7c4cc2597165e….png) ImgOps Google

About an hour west of San Antonio, a small town called Sabinal.

And yeah, Texas is... a lot different than one might expect. Though certain places still align with the sort of beliefs the current state government holds, a lot of it is a lot more progressive.

Gotta love voter suppression.

I mean. You COULD choose to look at it like this and the end result COULD be "oh i guess ill just kill myself"

but like I said in my post... I prefer to try and make where I live currently a better place rather than try and run away to someplace that's supposedly better. Because... here's the thing. If everyone just leaves when the place their at is bad and try to go somewhere that it's better, eventually there's not going to be anywhere else to GO.

As much as it seems like any effort we make is immediately pushed back, the fact of the matter is that nothing will ever get better if we don't try to make it so. The world isn't some. Monolithic, unchanging, constant. There's no law of the universe that says that the world has to be bad. The world is what we make it. And the only way to make it good is to work towards making it good and push back against the people that are trying to make it worse.

So the answer isnt "welp gotta kill myself because the world sucks" the answer is "the world sucks so I need to do whatever I can to make it not suck."

Nothing will improve if everyone tries to leave for some place better. That's just giving up.


That's probably the most logical thing in the extremely short-term, which may become long lasting.

Disconnect completely and move to someplace like highly rural Montana in which the neighbors can be counted on one hand, and then eliminate even the slightest sense of caring about the America that exists outside. Just forging my own path. Being with nature.

I might not even have a telephone, let alone internet access.

Not a "most people are horrible therefore I'm feeling them" thing, but a "this is more important than other aspects of life, being metaphysically content due to the spirituality of the outdoors" thing.

Going to think seriously about it.

[[It does bother the hell out of me that I'm described as wanting paradise and being guaranteed that I'm liked when what I'm asking for to me sounds like literally the absolute bare minimum of human non-sociopathy: that I can be in public in an interracial and/or LGBT relationship being romantic as well as that I attend public religious services without having my safety and security in danger from either other individual people, groups, or the government. But, eh, whatever. In America in 2022, something like taking your girlfriend to your synagogue without having to have police protection monitoring the building is a kind of impossible utopian dream. You could do that when I was a child. You can't do that now. That past America is dead now. I'm mad, but there's nobody to be mad at, so that's life.]]


I do have to wonder
"Infamous" politicians the left likes to hate on
like Marjorie Taylor Green, Matt Gaetz, Laura Boebert.
Are they really as bad?
Or is this leftist propaganda trying to smear them as worse people than they really are?


File: 1659355217999.png (636.43 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, Catharsis.png) ImgOps Google

Marjorie Taylor Green has made public statements that are, bluntly, extremely ignorant. She's been on video, screaming, into the mail slot of AOC's office mail slot. She was apparently unaware of the severity of the Holocaust. She actually did hypothesize that Jewish space lasers could have ignited the California wildfires.

Gaez is under investigation for alleged sexual misconduct with a girl who was 17 at the time.

Lauren Boebert openly criticizes the separation of Church and State, as well as several comments directed at Representative Ilhan Omar that to my reading comes off as quite bigoted, including such remarks in reference to Ilhan "it's the Jihad Squad ... She doesn't have a backpack, she wasn't dropping it and running so we're good."


File: 1659359958438.jpg (6.02 KB, 312x162, 52:27, images (4).jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

They absolutely are that bad

There's also no such thing as "leftist propaganda" in the US. Like. That's not. A thing whatsoever. There's not nearly a large enough power base of leftists to have propaganda, at least nothing that would work. There's just no mechanism in place for this to be a thing. I WISH there was.

If you mean the liberal media, that's also not the case because if anything the liberal side of the media doesn't talk about these things like AT ALL.

All the stuff that you've heard about them at all is real because it's the most forward and obvious stuff, that you literally couldn't ignore or lie about. I hate to imagine what we HAVENT seen about them.



You’re not as big as a victim as you think.


File: 1659365570687.png (216.35 KB, 425x422, 425:422, something about that cake.png) ImgOps Google

> There's also no such thing as "leftist propaganda" in the US. Like. That's not. A thing whatsoever.
I mean, isn't that what this thread is mostly about?

Like media and left wing friendly groups on social media alarming the world of all that bad stuff that goes down?
And how it affects one's perspective?

It's funny because it's sad.
Like back with the vaccines, anti vaxx conservatives were shouting how vaccines were landing their relatives in the hospitals but left wing controlled media has been hiding the facts.
And now with the bans on abortion the liberal side is posting about women being hospitalised due to pregnancy issues and their health is jeopardized by the abortion laws. Or that story about that Ohio 10 year old rape victim where the left is crying how this is a scandal and the right is claiming the story is made up to garner sympathy.


File: 1659375964897.jpg (24.47 KB, 359x359, 1:1, 0a74a7a98aaa4e2d62c4e554c2….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

No, it's not, because everything Psuedo said in this thread is all correct.

My point is and always has been that there is nowhere that is "Better" than the US, not that the US isn't actually all that bad.

Because it is. It's pretty bad. But other places aren't much better.

It's not some left wing propaganda machine. It's the reality of the situation.


File: 1659395788278.png (36.69 KB, 412x382, 206:191, I have no idea.png) ImgOps Google

> something like taking your girlfriend to your synagogue without having to have police protection monitoring the building is a kind of impossible utopian dream.

What happened when you went to your synagogue?


See: https://religionnews.com/2022/01/15/breaking-police-swat-teams-respond-to-hostage-taker-at-synagogue-outside-dallas/

And: https://www.npr.org/2022/01/18/1073732616/texas-synagogue-hostage-standoff-raises-security-concerns-for-jewish-communities

This terrorist attack was literally thirty minutes away from me.

And while it wasn't my very specific location with its particular religious buildings that was targeted, I mean, come on.

<I prefer not to say in public the exact synagogue that I consider as 'mine' and have been to multiple times before.>

It's not fair to demand that I consider horrific hatred like this to be normal because supposedly nothing can be done, and it's even worse to pretend that it's not happening.

I mean would you guys have been happy if they'd all have died? Would that make the difference? Is it left-wing propaganda unless we've got corpses? Is nobody a victim and nothing worth caring about until coffins are filled?


File: 1659446377023.jpg (168.59 KB, 750x1200, 5:8, 1632500818063.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Probably America.
Maybe somewhere in America with a bit better weather, though. Summer is brutal.
I still have thoughts of moving into the wilderness of Maine.
Maybe one day.

Overall, I like the rights and liberty offered by the US. I just long to get my secluded wilderness of my very own.
I've not really got a desire for the rest of the world, as it just doesn't match my ideals or desired living.

>According to AP, the hostage-taker was heard demanding the release of Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani neuroscientist suspected of having ties to al-Qaida, who was convicted of trying to kill U.S. military officers while in custody in Afghanistan.
Given the motive here, I don't think you're likely to find much peace elsewhere in the world, unfortunately.
Unless you're going to aim for something like Korea or Japan, but those will have a whole host of different issues.

Best bet Id say is to live outside of population centers. But then that's my solution to everything.
Still, fewer crazies for sure. Per capita or not, less is still less.


File: 1659455575846.jpg (80.38 KB, 732x800, 183:200, drinky.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>If you're starting from scratch and were allowed to pick being born anyplace at all in the world, hypothetically, where would you personally pick?

Finland, where I was born. If going more fantastical with history, Prussia.

>And where would you ideally like to live now, practically?

Still Finland, albeit the other nordic countries would be fine too.

>What do you think your odds are in eventually getting there?

I am here.

>What country do you think will be improving itself the most over the next decade plus?

Probably places that are still quite poor like Egypt and India, albeit, their improvement will not be that surprising given they start from almost nothing.

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