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The thing about articles is that probably the abstract is the only part worth readng if you're not fully submersed in the spot.

Do you know about ants, OP?


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gamers rise up


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Ants thread?

Ants thread!


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Been curious on how ants deal with being swept up and being thrown outside.

There's a bit about it being a death sentence, since ants follow a set trai.
On the flip side, someone did explain that most ants are part of a very large colony, so they're usually not far from somewhere where they can just rejoin the colony.


I'd bet it's like how it is for us; Just stick to a direction and walk.  You'll meet a road, or in their case, a pheromone path


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Interesting artwork...


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This all is from where?


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Hunter x Hunter; the catboy Chimera Ant arc


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Oh, I've heard of that and how popular it's gotten... I should read it. Only thing that I've really read lately as far as fiction has been 'Beastars', honestly.


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Sometimes I don't know what goes through your mind when you make these threads, sweetie.

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