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Hey, after looking at random-ish stuff on YouTube, I'm curious if maybe we could have a thread where we recommend each other comedic clips, meme related or no, and rate each other's offerings?

Sounds fun to me!

I'll start with this little video about employment:


Meme + comedy:
find the Internet Historian and the second channel Incognito mode

It's pretty great.


Wow, that's great! I rate it, I guess, "Mirthful / 10"

Have something short that's also food related:


File: 1627099421059.gif (397.31 KB, 327x500, 327:500, 1413382.gif) ImgOps Google

Internet Historian is great. And surprisingly insightful in his videos, especially the No Man's Sky and the Balloon Boy videos.



I suppose those are the entire opposition against common opinion stories.

The gentleman pirate episode I also deem worthy of being a movie night watch.

I do have a very disappointing Guilty pleasure of watching reddit content channels often enough. Though I would not say they are the epitome of good content, per se.

Oh and they retold shrek.
Talking about a movie night...



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