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I need a new body, preferably one without diabetes. Anyone got one they can spare?

Couldn't get one of my medications refilled for two days and didn't have any in that time and I've been fucking sick as hell the past couple of days. I took it finally three hours ago and I'm still feeling like shit, just less so.

25 years of this, I'm fucking done with it.



Type 1 or type 2? If type 2, have you tried a ketogenic diet?  (Warning: can be dangerous, do not attempt without medical supervision.)

Have you heard of berberine?  It has similar effects as metformin, but via different physiological pathways.  (Same warning as above: do not try it without asking your doctor.)


>putting diabetics on a ketogenic diet
Yeah I'm going to put a hard NO on taking dietary advice from the internet.


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sort of type 2. I have a rate type called MODY (Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young). It's basically like type 2, but the catalyst for onset is going through puberty. I had onset at 15.

But yeah, I am not going to try a ketogenic diet without consulting a dietician specializing in diabetes care, especially for early onset type 2.


That's an ad hominem.  My advice to not try a ketogenic diet without medical supervision is sound for diabetics.  Healthy people can try a ketogenic diet without medical supervision, but for diabetics it is dangerous.


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Oh, my goodness, if swapping bodies could ever be a thing, sign me up too!

Treating diabetes is hard enough, but like in the aftermath of the  past some weeks... I think I honestly feel some kind of PTSD from not breathing in the hospital and all of the related struggles. I don't want to have the risk of ever experiencing that again as long as I live. Yet it's all right there in my body, these ticking time bombs for future pains possibly, since I've got this stupid genetic trait as well as other risk factors...

Medication troubles? It really does suck! Have you tried looking into nonprofit services that try to connect people to drugs when the system fails them? Or even just the sketchier places of getting drugs directly? Might be worthwhile, honestly.


I have heard about people being able to reverse typical type 2 diabetes via diet (https://www.webmd.com/diabetes/can-you-reverse-type-2-diabetes), but I haven't heard anything about MODY.


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Berberine changes the body's insulin resistance according to scientific research by affecting the gut microbiome, so it's definitely worth looking at, although I've not broached it with my own doctor(s). It also seems to relate to other conditions too, like as is said in (r.e. obesity and more): https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0753332220303292



I get good good insurance, it was mostly just a bureaucratic issue that delayed the refill.

I'm taking a "smart" diabetes medication that only has an effect if blood sugar goes above a certain level (fantastic for weight loss as excersizing too much won't cause my levels to crash like on standard type 2 diabetes meds) and which is not really quite available generically yet though, so I don't have a lot of options other than to get them through my insurance rather than paying out of pocket for a cheap generic like I used to.


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Oh, that's interesting. I'm just on metformin. You mind my asking what the medication is called?

And good luck with not having any more bureaucratic problems in the future!



Liraglutide, sold under the brand name Victoza. It's a once daily injection. I take it in combination with metformin. It's helped me lose a lot of weight.

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