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Yes, I'm an idiot.


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Why are you taking the bar exam?


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To become an attorney, allegedly.


In jurisdictions where use of headlights is optional when visibility is good, drivers who use headlights at all times are less likely to be involved in a collision than are drivers who use headlights only when visibility is poor. Yet Highway Safety Department records show that making use of headlights mandatory at all times does nothing to reduce the overall number of collisions.

Which one of the following, if true, most helps to resolve the apparent discrepancy in the information above?

(A) In jurisdictions where use of headlights is optional when visibility is good, one driver in four uses headlights for daytime driving in good weather.
(B) A law making use of headlights mandatory at all times is not especially difficult to enforce.
(C) Only very careful drivers use headlights when their use is not legally required.
(D) There are some jurisdictions in which it is illegal to use headlights when visibility is good.
(E) The jurisdictions where use of headlights is mandatory at all times are those where daytime visibility is frequently poor.


Because the pole exam was too difficult



Also, this seems like an LSAT question.


>Also, this seems like an LSAT question.


If only I could retake the LSAT in place of taking the bar exam.


A creditor instituted a garnishment action against a woman who owed the creditor a back due debt. This was the first action taken, and the creditor did not have a judgment. It served the notice of garnishment on the garnishee, the woman's employer. The employer honored the notice by holding all of the woman's earnings in escrow pending the creditor's lawsuit and entrance of final judgment against the woman. The state where defendant lived and worked had a provision for pre-judgment garnishment, as long as the money was held and not distributed until a judgment was entered. The money would be paid to the woman if a judgment was not entered with the next 120 days. The woman sued the employer and the creditor, demanding release of her earnings. Will the court order the garnishee to release the funds to the woman?

(A) No, because the state procedure for protecting the woman's money until a judgment is entered is a fair one that comports with procedural due process.
(B) No, because the state has an interest in protecting the rights of creditors to collect debts through the garnishment procedure.
(C) Yes, because the only party that has garnishment rights in the United States is the Internal Revenue Service.
(D) Yes, because the interim freezing of wages without a chance to be heard violates procedural due process.


Haven't gotten to that subject yet! I'm gone guess...C.


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How well does procrastination suit a lawyer?


Sorry, the right answer is D.  (I think states are also allowed to garnish wages for child support in arrears and shit like that.)  Sniadach v. Family Finance Corp., 395 U.S. 337 (1969).


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How long do you have available to procrastinate?

Are you going to legally change your name to Saul Goodman once you pass the exam?


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A little over 6 weeks. And nah.


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Plenty of time to procrastinate!

Lionel Hutz then?

Is the bar exam the final exam or is it more of a, you may now practice law but you have to do it supervised for a bit and then you have a final exam?

Is there any truth to this?
Are they losing their right to own guns?


File: 1623467304684.png (100.04 KB, 413x706, 413:706, lucy152.png) ImgOps Google

How do you study for something like that? Is there an overall logic to the law or is it all small data?


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In the United States, when you graduate law school you receive a Juris Doctor, so I do hold a law degree. However, to actually practice law, you need to take a state-administered bar exam; it's not school-affiliated so I wouldn't say it's a "final exam." However, you don't need to be supervised at all. Once you pass the bar, you can be admitted to practice law, regardless of your work experience.

And I unfortunately don't have an answer to your last question. I know nothing about gun rights.

There are like 16 subjects tested on the exam, and you quite literally just need to memorize the general law in each of the subjects.

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