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"If you guys have ideas for things to do, let me know. I probably will ignore them."


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Oh! Is this the part of the video where you "engage" with your audience??


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This is also how I do things.


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TempleOS... What a clusterfuck, but a clusterfuck i kindof respect in a weird way. Like, the guy was clearly unhinged, but also it's kindof impressive that he managed to create such a unique program from scratch. It clearly demonstrates a lot of passion, ingenuity, and skill. Just a shame he wasn't stable enough to create something truly great.


File: 1613472483541.png (95.81 KB, 339x338, 339:338, !!!.png) ImgOps Google

While you could argue that not many people can just create their own OS, was there something to Temple that was really outstanding?

Have there been people who really run Temple and get plenty of use out of it?


From what I've seen of it, no, there was nothing especially innovative. It was just very quirky because of the authors weird beliefs. For example there was no network stack and little security integrated.

But it was very much functional and written from scratch. Which is an achievement itself. Not many people have written their own kernel and utilities.

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