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Share music you're currently or recently been listening to.
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A little dance-punk to mix it up a little
















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I've always wondered what this song is supposed to be about.


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It's mostly what it says on the tin.  These are all stories that the writer had heard of or experienced personally.  The last child's situation was changed slightly, but it's believed to reference the Pentecostal church and speaking in tongues.








I finally got around to listening to To Pimp a Butterfly last night, and it's an absolutely fantastic album, easily a 10/10.

Ponyville's embed thing doesn't like playlist links, so I'll just put a link in the text.






Getting that real "edgy teenage years" vibe from this one.










I can't believe I've gone my whole life without knowing what Spyro Gyra is. Just woah.











I've been listeming to old civil war songs. Very old timey, but still catchy.




"stone wine"?

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