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Music Thread
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Pretty cool visuals in this one.
The music isn't half-bad either.


We need more barbershop and choir music in here!



That sounds amazing!!! I love it!


Thanks Piercing :)
The lyrics of this song resonate deep...

I had a deep seated fear as a kid that if I jumped off the diving board at my aunt's swimming pool, I wouldn't be able to swim back far enough to reach the surface and I would drown. It took a lot of courage for me to get over the fear... Since all the events of this year, I realized I have spent most of my life sinking, and I'm finally starting to see the light shine down through the surface of the depths I was in.




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It's kinda funny how many songs I clearly remember hating and/or thinking were completely ridiculous when I was a kid, that I absolutely love now. This song is absolutely brilliant.







I wish I had a big rifle and a little cat.


I wish I had a little rifle and a big cat.


That would be acceptable.

I'd promise to feed and oil the cat's leg every day.


My people!

>I'd promise to feed and oil the cat's leg every day.

This is a song for anybody struggling to cope with seasonal depression. I used to have horrible depression when I was younger... I wouldn't leave my room for hours, and this song would really help me.

This is for those people who are in that place that I was. I hope they are doing well today.

Remember that tomorrow is never promised, so shine for today, and don't let that opportunity pass you by. Your happiness lies within.




Little kitty has a bionic leg.


I see... Thanks for the clarification.


To be fair, bionic cats in the future will probably have sealed bearings. Still got to care for the kitty anyway.


Well that's after several revisions and improvements, there will inevitably be long term problems with some of the early bionic cats with metallurgical problems, then after some time the bionic cat limbs will be over-engineered to the point where they last long before their planned obsolescence.

To counter that, they'll reinvent the mechanics of the cat limb to frustrate bionic cat limb repair technicians, and they will implement nylon pieces in the bionic cat limb that are bound to fail beyond the factory warranty period.

And people will sit down talking about how the bionic cat limbs just aren't as well built as they were 30 years ago;

Sure the new limbs are efficient but they are bound to reach the landfill much faster. And at what cost to our planet?



File: 1605877575223.jpg (74.11 KB, 599x708, 599:708, They try to cheer me up by….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Not my cat. Even if I have to design the prothesis myself.






File: 1605996730440.jpg (50.21 KB, 695x938, 695:938, a20a116b1a5d73e31edfe65e17….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

very good song



Thanks. Hold Your Fire is an underrated album of 80's Rush. I think it's the best one because it really culminates all the sound they created in that decade.

The opening song of the album, Tough Times, is a great one to start your Monday off on. It features similar frenetic keyboarding that was featured in Power Windows.


My good friend at work recommended this album to me today, can't wait to listen to the other stuff he wrote down for me. But for now... Goodnight :)








That is an excellent game right there. Just thinking about it makes me want to play it. She's very beautiful too...





"Some walls aren't meant to stand forever..."-something I said to a dear friend at work yesterday.


It's nearly time for me to go to work. Today's going to be a beautiful new day.

I can feel it.


Have another absolutely stellar song my coworker shared with me today.



>allow me to post this old AMV



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