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File: 1584157605931.jpg (47.58 KB, 635x461, 635:461, My feelings on the matter.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

So how everyone's doing with the C-Virus?  Anyone impacted heavily?  We've had today and Monday cancelled for school, expecting to return Tuesday.  Unfortunately, all the games I want to play come out later next week, so I don't get to binge those over my long weekend.


File: 1584157851963.jpg (56.57 KB, 500x375, 4:3, ultros-1584066637001.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I went to the supermarket today.  At lot of shelves were much barer than usual.  There were no eggs left.


File: 1584158187061.png (47.2 KB, 457x507, 457:507, 74582__safe_rule%2B63_arti….png) ImgOps Google


Yeah, just got back from the store, myself.  Tons of stuff had been emptied.  Ultimately I didn't have too much trouble getting what I needed, but people need to calm down a bit.


I have always had a persistent cough, just throat issues I guess. I am given a lot space nowadays! Otherwise I've been work from home last week and will be next week. The commute is great, at least!


File: 1584160417530.jpg (306.87 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 6nbncvnil1k41.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

my classes are going online starting next week, and extending to April 14th.

one of my senior center classes are cancelled for the time being, the other one will be doing health checks at the gates.

and unrelated, i pinched a nerve in my back, and my right leg is now numb. but it's getting better :PP


File: 1584160555786.jpg (11.92 KB, 236x236, 1:1, lucy111.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Schools are closed here for a month, gatherings of 250+ are suspended for the same amount of time. I'm not ridesharing for the time being. A basketball game I was planning on going to has been cancelled.

It's all very interesting. It's a pandemic in the true sense, as even celebrities/political elites are equally vulnerable (but as to treatment...). It brings us all together, in a weird way, and reminds us that we're living in the same house.


File: 1584162521494.png (40.34 KB, 385x312, 385:312, Smiles.png) ImgOps Google

>It brings us all together

Ironic, given that we're supposed to be distancing ourselves from each other to avoid infection.


File: 1584162669149.jpg (92.05 KB, 724x724, 1:1, lucy100.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

They haven't advised us on distance of the heart yet!


I am literally dead.


File: 1584169844874.png (22.93 KB, 521x385, 521:385, 91882__safe_rule%2B63_sad_….png) ImgOps Google


What's it like?


File: 1584170212262.png (173.37 KB, 364x328, 91:82, eep.png) ImgOps Google

zombie apocalypse


File: 1584170408721.jpg (70.83 KB, 600x529, 600:529, R-13083416-1547758149-2434….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

it's ok, actually


File: 1584175238018.png (107.08 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Epic Mount & Sweetie Belle.png) ImgOps Google

Two weeks a go I came down with a cold but I passed it now. Whenever I had the virus or not I can't tell. I still got a bit of a cough but other than that I feel fine.

I too noticed shelves being bare due to concerned shoppers and the newspapers have Boris Johnson saying "If you have the cough, you get the week off." Easier said than done to those who don't get paid on absence.

All in all the media may spin the coronavirus as some sort of deadly plague but really it's the elderly and infirm who are more at threat to it.

Heres a site I found that doesn't just tell how many are infected and died but also how many have recovered:
(Over half infected have recovered.)

I'm not saying you shouldn't take precautions against the coronavirus or prevent spread of it, but I believe it's important to encourage others not to be afraid of the virus, that there is hope of recovery and you're not going to just die if you happen to catch it.


File: 1584175636178.png (286.09 KB, 319x593, 319:593, 2020-03-12 22_42_02-Keep Y….png) ImgOps Google

I got a stomach thing before the whole craze started, but that was it. Haven't really been feeling any different than normal.


File: 1584176562331.png (205.73 KB, 425x422, 425:422, .png) ImgOps Google

To be honest, at this point I am unsure what bothers me the most.

For reasons personal to me, it wouldn't be great to catch the virus It probably won't end me, though.

But I'm thinking the virus is here to stay for a while.
And whatever actions they want to take will hold easily for the rest of the month perhaps.
But if the spread doesn't get better, measures will have to stay for a lot longer and I don't think society can handle that.


Do you remember Foot and Mouth, Bird Flu and SARS epidemics? I bet the coronavirus will blow over just like that. I'm sure those mentioned viruses are still around today just not as severe to be a bother to anyone due to precautions taken.


File: 1584177759692.png (195.57 KB, 452x431, 452:431, heheheyeah.png) ImgOps Google

none of them got everyone up in lock down and quarantine, tho


Well, for fear of sounding a bit dickish, my situation doesn't really change much.

I'm unemp,oyed and live in a small town in a small country. ALl my hobbies are indoors either way. So I kinda just keep doing my thing with videos, drawing and so forth.

The MAIN change is that, for the time being, every event I was looking forward to is canceled. WhichI guess is going to save me some travel costs, but yeah, I am not gonna lie, I am already feeling a bit of cabin fever from that.

So, for now, I am going to visit a friend today (I checked in, he's not feeling ill) and try to do that whenever possible. My dad has put himself in quarantine since he's one of the more-at-risk groups (60+ and under prostate cancer treatment - benign, but nonetheless, his immune system ain't te greatest), so I am thinking I'll go hang with him a little more in the following evenings to watch some movies.



These epidemics never had NEARLY the numbers and reach this already has (SARS had, what, 8k cases total?), and they didn't "blow over" but were actually fought back.

As for it being "spun" as a deadly plague, the very page you just linked actually shows the stats as even worse than the reporting I saw. Resolved cases are either death or "recovery", which add up to 5440+72553 = 77993. That gives us the mortality rate of 7%, which is actually mad. If half the people in just the US get it, as is projected as one of the likely scenarios, that's over 11 million people dead. On the other hand, the most recent media reported stat for mortality I've seen is 3.5%, which is half that, but it's still 5.5 million dead. Just in the US. How is that not deadly?

And then there's the issue that it's not just a dice roll "oh I'm infected, do I die Y/N oh I rolled N, cool, let me get on with my life". The course of the disease suuuuucks - and there's a chance that your survival might require the use of equipment like respirators. There's only so many of those to go around - what do you think happens when the number of simultaneous cases goes high enough?

Finally, the "recovery". People do recover in that they don't die and are no longer actively infected, but you do not get back to where you were before infection. Your lungs get damaged and stay damaged, so you get to live with diminished lung capacity from then on forward - it might be an up to 30% loss.

Let's not be blase about this and pretend this is just some "media spin" and nothing to be worried about.


A few of them did. I recall SARS was big in the news dureing 2002-'04 although it only claimed 800 lives over 8000 infected. If anything SARS was the prequel to the coronavirus given both diseases are related to one another.
During the 90s farmers were concerned for Mad Cow which ruined their livelyhood and killed many bovine. Foot and Mouth followed not long after killing 6-8 million livestock.

But over time people learned how to prevent the spread of these epidemics, the medicines and vaccinations needed for them to the point that now days these epidemics are regarded a thing of the past.

My point is is that the whole "coronavirus epidemic" won't be around forever. Doesn't mean the coronavirus itself will just go away but eventually when more people are recovering than getting sick from it the media will move onto something else to scare us all with.

But for now people are genuinely scared of the virus, panic-buying because of it, shun those who have a nasty cough and fear they will die if they get it.

By blow over I don't mean the coronavirus or the epidemics we had in the past just eventually worn out and just vanished. We have vaccinations and medicines these days which made these epidemics come to an end that we no longer have to worry about them.

The black plague for example. It happened, the bubonic virus is still out there, just our level of hygene and medicine has come such a long way that the idea of a nother black plague just seems unlikely to ever happen.

The mortality rate is bad sure given hundred-thousands are infected but the recovery still outnumbers the death. And even if those who have recovered who may have some physical damage can be assured to know they can continue living with their loved ones.

I'm not trying to dismiss the coronavirus as some "phase" that shouldn't be taken likely. It's still an epidemic and the practice of prevention and hygene against the virus is still vital and needed, I agree that there is not enough respirators and medical equipment to go around, especially if the survivors have lasting damage.

It's just I believe it's important people shouldn't downright fear the virus or believe it is an absolute death-sentence. News media are quick to post how many people have been infected and how many people have died but not much news on how many have recovered or how many are managing after recovering.
I also think it's important to teach that this epidemic won't be around forever, that we won't spend the rest of our lives in fear of the cornavirus like some sort of bogeyman that'll get you anywhere, anytime for years to come.


I hope we'll go back to normal in a month or 2 tops...

As for the media, hard to say here, as it is a rollercoaster of happy and bad news.
A lot of stress on not starting to panic buy (what the heck is up with toiletpaper anyways?)
also on one hand so much news about lock downs and experts saying everyone needs to be locked up in their house and news about so many infections and death etcetera

then there's news about how so many people only having mild symptoms and about some forms of de-escalation... (eg, read in an update that pregnant women and babies are no longer considered a vulnerable group for corona)


Growing up in the 90s and 20'00s and seen a few of these epidemics pass by, news I've heard of those past epidemics last around two to three years or so.
As a child back then it feels like these scary things just "passed" after awhile.
But just to be clear I'm not saying the coronavirus will just give up and bog-off after awhile nor am I dismissing how many lives it has ruined. But I don't believe the coronavirus will be a constant international worry forever... I mean it will be but not on the scale it is now, we will get a sense of normality back eventually.

The news here usually have the coronavirus as the headline and usually tells how many have died, that how many infected in UK are unknown, makes it sound like it's a veil of sickness is slowly covering the world.

But looking at YouTube videos on how the coronavirus works, how the virus is more harm to elderly and infirm due to lack of immunity and most importantly individuals who have recovered from the virus, such as that lady from Seattle who recovered and shared her experiance.

I believe it's important we shouldn't fear the coronavirus, especially fear death if we catch it.
But we should still be cautious about it, such as preventing infection and not passing it off as just a flu if one is infected.



But the thing is, we don't have those. I don't know about the foot-and-mouth disease, but for the other two you seem to be under the impression that the bird flu and SARS have faded into the background and we're now treating them pretty much like the common cold. No. SARS isn't a problem now because aggressive quarantine measures and successful containment lead to it being erradicated - the strain that infects humans, at least. That virus is still around, yes, but only in its animal-only version from before it mutated. If we get unlucky and it mutates again, we have nothing new to tackle it with. The story with the bird flu is similar in that we also don't have anything, and we're lucky the problem is only specific strains. The "treatment" for it in birds is to just cull the entire flock. As for in humans, the worry was that it would mutate to cross the bird-human barrier but it never actually happened on a large scale. If it did, we'd have been hosed. Vaccines? Medicines? We don't even have proper ones for the regular flu - the yearly flu vaccine is only ~40% effective at preventing it (though it does make the course of the disease much less bad if you do catch it if you had the vaccine, so don't leave with the impression that the vaccine is pointless because it absolutely is not), and that is actively developed and refined every year. We'd have nothing for the new strain of bird flu other than procedures. This is nothing like the bubonic plague which can nowadays just be hit with antibiotics, pretty much.

You don't seem to appreciate that this mortality rate is extremely high - the Spanish Flu was one of the deadliest plagues to ever hit humanity and its mortality rate was somewhere the single digits too (though "above 2.5%" is the only consistent number I can find). It might not be the death sentence to whoever gets it... but if they do get it and unwittingly spread it around, it will be a death sentence to someone they know.

And the media do talk about how many people recover - perhaps it's just the media you've been looking at that don't? I certainly got the stats about the 3.5% mortality rate from the media, and that stat implies a 96.5% non-mortality rate. I don't know. As for "this epidemic won't be around forever" - how do you know? If we don't erradicate it all and end up with small pockets of it hidden in dispersed areas, always ready to spring back, we might have to deal with it in the long haul. Panic might not be warranted, but concern definitely is - and we need to be prepared to adjust our behaviour for a long time to come.


I'll admit I'm not that familiar with the Spanish Flu. Wikipedia says it happened in January 1918 – December 1920 and killed 17mil, 50mil, possibly 100mil from the 500mil who were infected.

Wikipedia says it was the first of two influenza outbreaks, the second being Swine flu in 2009 which I do recall. Had 700mil-1.4bil confirmed cases and 150,000–575,000 deaths. Swine flu epidemic lasted for about a year.

Coronavirus has been around since a few months before 2020. This epidemic is just getting started and while I am sad for those who will die, there will probably be hundred-thousands of death as well. But given humanity have had similar epidemics in the past such as Spanish, Swine Flu and other similar outbreaks we do have more expeiance on how to deal with it now even if the cornavirus is doing something different.

But I don't want to sound like "whatever, it'll go away eventually" I understand the seriousness of the current epidemic I just don't want to be scared of it or contribute to the fear of it. I don't want to install fear or dread to those who are concerned over the coronavirus and much rather encourage a bit of hope that it's not all bleak and doom.

>Panic might not be warranted, but concern definitely is - and we need to be prepared to adjust our behaviour for a long time to come.
That I agree with. People are panic-buying toiletries and medicines in fear the coronavirus will creep up on them like a bogeyman.
They should spend their money out of necessity than fear.



The Spanish Flu was really bad. It entered the scene during WW1 so most of the news was suppressed to keep the troop morale from dipping, except Spain wasn't a belligerent in that war so it saw no need to censor and thus that's where the news of it was coming from, and that's why this name. The thing about it was that the raw death rate doesn't tell the whole story - many of those who survived it were maimed for life. Like for example young people ending up needing dentures, because it caused teeth to fall out - or a host of other issues that stuck with them forever. It wasn't something that necessarily killed you personally, but it wasn't something you fully "recovered" from either, just going back to how you were before the disease. This is a worry for me, that covid 19 will also leave the "recovered" in a similarily maimed state - and so far I haven't seen much discussion of that possibility either way, except for a recent report about long term lung damage based on a very small sample of the recovered. Anyway, what have we learned from the Spanish flu? Well, a lot, but also not much. We learned a lot about how such epidemics spread, but as to what to do about it... it seems we pretty much just learned that such a thing can happen and that we need to take it seriously, whatever that happens to entail.


Comparing 19'10s Spanish Flu with 2009 Swine Flu I would say it could be because of the war why the Spanish Flu spread so efficiently. Poor hospital conditions pressed by the war, trenches where diseases and infections can thive and spread etc. However the Spanish Flu infected roughly 500mil in it's two-year run while Swine Flu infected 700mill–1.4bill so yeah, I wonder what's that about.

But the Swine Flu has only killed 150,000–575,000 while the Spanish Flu claimed 17mil, 50mil, possibly 100mil victims.

So while the influenza got about more efficiently in 2009 than it did in 1910, it didn't kill as many people than it did last time. Sure it was by the hundreds-thousands but what people lacked in control they made up for with cure.

As for the permanant harm and physical damage caused by recovering from the virus, even if those people are no longer 100% themselves they can take comfort in surviving the epidemic and staying with their loved ones. I know it be a bittersweet survival and may suffer from adjustments to loss but I'd rather loose my left arm or a leg and live than have to die miserably knowing how sad my family will be.


I don't know what to believe about any of this or who to listen to, but the numbers look good for me surviving even if I do catch it. It may be selfish, but that's always the biggest concern. Aside from that, I never leave the apartment anyway.


File: 1584191197896.png (225.54 KB, 577x690, 577:690, ErrWhat.png) ImgOps Google

Not infected yet but unfortunately I travel the country for work, so i'm pretty much going to smell like rubbing alcohol when i'm away.


File: 1584191470304.png (19.46 KB, 544x408, 4:3, 268520__UNOPT__safe_artist….png) ImgOps Google

>Your lungs get damaged and stay damaged, so you get to live with diminished lung capacity from then on forward - it might be an up to 30% loss.

That's what's got me so worried.  My lungs are already so bad their functions don't register.  I don't want to imagine how bad they'd be if I got infected.


File: 1584219400406.png (311.07 KB, 483x534, 161:178, dearie.PNG) ImgOps Google

Funny, not funny story on human stupidity.

Now that there are restrictions coming out, plenty of assholes around to purposely break them.

News that public gatherings are restricted: Throw a huge Corona party
News that restaurants and bars will be closed? Go over the border to drink with friends

Some dude going around licking/coughing on stuff inside public transport carts.



File: 1584219562623.png (195.57 KB, 452x431, 452:431, heheheyeah.png) ImgOps Google

Silly thing also, my kid are over for the weekend and my daughter's going into sniffling and sneezing and a bit of coughing.

I can assume it's a regular cold, but with all the restrictions on the sick, I do hope I'm not going to catch it from her.


Since I work in healthcare I'm not really affected by it so far. We'll be onboarding respiratory panels for corona testing but I think that's mostly internal politicking by one of my managers. She has a track record of trying to be important. Doctors like throwing tantrums because my couriers don't have teleporters. Boss wants me to pick up some more duties but the training is tedious and the same applies: it's a pointless show of being seen addressing a problem by the people who don't actually have to follow through.


File: 1584221212887.png (236.14 KB, 425x422, 425:422, do you see it.png) ImgOps Google

> Since I work in healthcare I'm not really affected by it so far.
That's breaking my intuition

True, you probably get extra screened to avoid contamination, but I'd assume that whatever is going on has extra effect on you guys for that.

I mean, now is the worst time to come to work when you have a cold.


Oh we're all almost certain to get infected, and we're expecting staffing crises when it really starts spreading, but at this stage all I'm doing is the testing, which for my little hospital is shipping things to a bigger hospital.

We aren't going to close down or work from home or anything else that is happening to normal people.


File: 1584221675150.png (205.73 KB, 425x422, 425:422, .png) ImgOps Google

> Oh we're all almost certain to get infected, and we're expecting staffing crises when it really starts spreading,
Are your nerves holding out well?


It's very unlikely that I'll die. It will be unpleasant for two weeks.


File: 1584225496016.jpg (84.37 KB, 759x815, 759:815, 2230839.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Stay strong.


File: 1584226433625.png (836.36 KB, 861x923, 861:923, 2b sip.png better.png) ImgOps Google

One anime I was excited to watch in April got delayed to July thanks to the Coronavirus.

Now I'm waiting patiently to watch that anime in July.

I hope it releases in my birthday


Maybe not you, but you might be in contact to someonze at risk


I am!

Oh, no. That is going to be monitored and I'll isolate once I get sick. In the meantime I'm going to limit visits with family.


> my daughter's going into sniffling and sneezing
Sniffling and sneezing aren't usual symptoms of COVID-19.  Although it is possible to be infected simultaneously with a common cold and the COVID-19 virus.


Which anime?


File: 1584229063599.png (576.38 KB, 1000x1080, 25:27, pay attention.png) ImgOps Google

Re:Zero Season 2.


Ooh! I see!

It might come out just in time to be a birthday present


File: 1584230612235.jpg (123.46 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, tea.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I hope so.


File: 1584231120175.png (867.95 KB, 720x1016, 90:127, 1562779634710.png) ImgOps Google

College closed until the 23 and I'm just worrying about my mom.


File: 1584232282790.png (17.61 KB, 334x317, 334:317, 268722__UNOPT__safe_rule-6….png) ImgOps Google


She sick?


File: 1584232536147.jpg (101.91 KB, 800x711, 800:711, 0a77529e314117c543726d1fe2….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

She is the only lab director in the county that is qualified to handle samples before sending to the CDC and she is immunocompronised so just having gas next to fire.


File: 1584234631210.jpg (18.64 KB, 466x960, 233:480, 90177004_10206964986198398….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



Damn, that's so scary...


File: 1584259303334.png (220.88 KB, 432x587, 432:587, 48648 - Berry_Pinch OH_GOD….PNG) ImgOps Google

*tigh hugs to you,lamb*
and best wishes for your folks!
stay strong!


File: 1584262727251.jpg (84.37 KB, 759x815, 759:815, 2230839.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Hope she stays safe.


So far things are normal. Idk if we'd get time off even if it got real bad, since our work can potentially help in the effort to fight COVID19, and acts as a sullimental income for people without jobs. Even still, it's been slow lately. Anything could happen, amd we've all been waiting on word from corporate to see what they'll do.


File: 1584299500825.jpg (156.47 KB, 884x666, 442:333, Hmmmm.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

You know is kinda weird but lately the antivaxxers has been quiet, very fucking quiet.

Maybe they died in this pandemic.


i'm gonna work tomorrow and then we'll see


File: 1584300374010.gif (1.75 MB, 513x539, 513:539, PANIC.gif) ImgOps Google

was eating toasted breads yesterday. had a long  dry cough from no where and been freezing like hell.
not really feeling any major fever, but not feeling my self either

do not panic groove.... do...not... panic
>me inside


Also yeah, every store but necessities closed and no meeting up with nobody.
I will most probably watch more cartoons and shit.


File: 1584300579005.png (677.49 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 54-(n1299362974767).png) ImgOps Google

Whelp... Nice knowing you, anon.


File: 1584301055424.gif (1.84 MB, 510x510, 1:1, unsure unsecure.gif) ImgOps Google

same to you...  tell H.A.Y... they where loved


File: 1584308312236.jpg (4.17 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20200314_213819[3155].jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Found a visual metaphor in the fruit section last night...

I wonder what conditions we take for granted which make life in close quarters possible? Issues relating to sanitation are a vital concern where people and things are stored in one place for a long time.

Years ago I used to go off to residential seminars which centered around guitar playing but focused on addressing practice--that is, the way we made our relationship to the instrument "real" for us in our everyday lives. These were self-organized affairs and we cooked our own (communal) meals and maintained the grounds we were staying on. A special place was given to cleaning the bathrooms, private and public, and giving extra care to handles, knobs, and surfaces. The idea was to keep people from getting sick, and, for the most part, it worked. If you get sick, you can't play, so the needs of our creativity had to be balanced with the needs of the house.


File: 1584313906055.png (545.67 KB, 989x886, 989:886, 3. Dulset Tarn 2.png) ImgOps Google

Starting today my place of work is closed for two weeks. They said I can apply for unemployment pay. My financial situation is fine but I know other people have it a lot rougher.


I live on a harbour. 3 cruise ships just arrived this morning in an attempt to unload.


File: 1584317909599.png (17.92 KB, 439x460, 439:460, 280162__safe_solo_oc_artis….png) ImgOps Google


It's looking similar for me now, though I'm not sure about pay.  I'll have to inquire tomorrow.


File: 1584328288524.png (412.49 KB, 896x1199, 896:1199, You think the darkness is ….png) ImgOps Google

For what it's worth if literally any of my coworkers get sick and test positive, I am probably getting quarantined and vice versa. It's not a big store, and while we're doing what we can to up sanitizing, the customers aren't part of that.

At least we got a heads up with everywhere else getting bought out in the panic, we could get ourselves a bit better set up.


File: 1584365598101.png (161.6 KB, 900x856, 225:214, 51.png) ImgOps Google

The city is pretty quiet now. Most of what I hear is magpies.


Guess I'm no longer working this weekend.

There should be more pandemics.


place is a ghost town, which makes driving much less profitable.  feels like the middle of summer, but with even fewer people going out.  a lot of older riders typically going house to house.  people lining up to strip Wal-Mart's shelves the moment it opens.


File: 1584855100426.png (2.54 MB, 2977x4960, 2977:4960, Foxy_feeling_frustrated_by….png) ImgOps Google

I'm in a position where I've got essentially nowhere to go since all social events are cancelled, and I'm not attending college currently anyways. But, even then, it wouldn't matter. Stuff has gotten shut down to where even the spring commencement ceremony won't happen (at least, I guess, not as it usually would).

Yet none of that is as bad as what's happening with my mom and younger sister. They're both under quarantine for being 'at risk' populations medically, and they're basically under house arrest. Purely isolated. It's got to be super frustrating for them.

For me, I'm feeling healthy physically. Mentally, though, I don't know... I'm surviving. Not depressed. Not that happy either. Just am glad to have online connections.


An employee at one of the Wal-Marts went to the hospital and tested positive for corona.  He was told to stay home.  Instead, he went back to work at Wal-Mart.  The only reason anyone found out was that he collapsed while on the job, and the EMTs who arrived put two and two together.  He worked in the deli, and there's no telling how many people came into contact with it through him.  The deli has been closed down.

A woman working at a Shell station said they had a thief today, who brazenly loaded his pants with roughly $50 worth of candy bars and food.  It was someone who had stolen from them before.  They called the police, but the police didn't come.  Despite not coming, they asked her if she had any symptoms of the virus.  Since the store no longer has any way to deal with thieves and are receiving no help from local police, starting tomorrow, they are shutting down the interior of the store completely and only operating through their cashier window to the outside.

A woman who I gave a ride to earlier tonight had a police ankle bracelet on.  She had been let out of jail, essentially on parole, to fend for herself during the pandemic and presumably reduce the strain on the prison system.  The bracelet checks to see whether she's had any alcohol, among other things.  She was specifically told not to use hand sanitizer because it would set off the bracelet due to the alcohol.  I don't think she has to worry about that part, though, because she had stuffed a paper towel under it, and was completely drunk.

Around 2 AM, I drove a ride to a gas station to grab some snacks.  As we pulled up, we were swarmed by a parade of cars on the otherwise completely empty streets.  The cars rolled into the gas station and took over it.  tricked out cars blasting hip-hop music.  people standing up in their sunroofs.  drinking and smoking.  continuing whatever party they had been having just before.  probably 100 vehicles total in the procession.  it was like FAMU homecoming at a random gas station.


File: 1584862017239.png (88.03 KB, 385x263, 385:263, 1577639313147-49582876-1.png) ImgOps Google


The Staples where I work is able to stay open because the legal team convinced the state government that it's a "life essential business". We have to limit customers in the store to 10 at all times, but there was a line out the front because the nearest Staples had an incident where someone vomited all over the floor and they just shut down immediately to call a hazmat team.


the city is a ghost town. i have never seen NYC so empty. not even 9/11 was this bad.

it is exactly that scene you have seen yourselves, in many movies. but it's real.


File: 1584921817618.png (386.23 KB, 780x780, 1:1, Seapony Silverstream 4.png) ImgOps Google

Just make sure Fred tells you if he's real.


File: 1584921886550.png (129.01 KB, 389x449, 389:449, TheFuck.png) ImgOps Google

They're closing down the alcohol. it's the fuggin apocalypse, man!


Trying to get a doctor's appointment for non covid related reasons is practically impossible.


File: 1584923879788.png (57.81 KB, 945x945, 1:1, Epic Mount shrug.png) ImgOps Google

I'm not sure if I have the coronavirus or not. If I do I seem to be fine.

I think it was Feb 27 when went to see Sonic's movie and I felt myself coming down with a cold. It picked up over the weekend but I got over it by the mid-week. That was ages a go.

Physically speaking I feel fine. I don't have any breathing problems, fever or other signs, I feel fine.... except my coughing has still not passed. I've been coughing now and again since feburary.

My throat doesn't hurt. I don't have a loss of appetite, especially with snacking. I don't feel hot or feverish or any other signs to look out for. Just a rather hefty cough and the desire to clear out my throat.

So I feel totally fine... except for a persistant cough.

Should I be concern? I mean if it turns out I do have the coronavirus I'm almost a shut-in anyway so no chance of it getting worse for me.


Did you have any anosmia (loss of sense of smell)?


File: 1584948756378.png (47.2 KB, 457x507, 457:507, 74582__safe_rule%2B63_arti….png) ImgOps Google


It could just be allergies or something, and if you were infected in late February more symptoms would've surfaced by now.

Though I'm not a doctor by any means.


Not that I'm aware of. I can still smell dinner cooking and as someone with aspergers I believe I am still overly-sensetive to certain triggers of touch and smell. (when I was a kid whenever mum put suncream on my face it make me wretch due to how it feels.)

I don't have any known allergies. If I did have an allergic reaction to something which is causing my sneezes wouldn't I have eye-watering and other symptoms?

Other than coughing (and the occasional stuffy nose) I feel fine.


File: 1584974192734.jpg (191.75 KB, 1798x1077, 1798:1077, D23ZcurWkAA3zRG.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Short term I'm fine, long term I'm fucked. I had a small amount of money in the market that I was treating as a sort of long term emergency fund, that has lost almost a third of its value and would thus be really stupid to use now. And it seems like the job market is going to be absolutely flooded with people who lost service economy jobs soon, making it even harder for my unemployed looser ass to get a job. Am I the only one physically safe but still shitting themselves?


File: 1584984416154.jpg (46.45 KB, 238x517, 238:517, 13.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I don't post here much but I'm still alive.

I'm in the same boat. I was actually laid off a little before the pandemic and was told that I would most likely get a call in a month if they needed more people. That was a little over a month ago.


How you been?


File: 1585012255690.jpg (11.43 KB, 200x413, 200:413, 1459745930318.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Not great, but I'll live.


File: 1585012605454.png (352.46 KB, 877x1024, 877:1024, large.png) ImgOps Google

Oof, sorry. Got any new interests as of late?


File: 1585018065314.jpg (28.65 KB, 480x360, 4:3, typing2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Not really, just the usual. I've been meaning to get into electronics though. Eventually I want to build a simple computer from scratch, but I'm not sure if that's ever going to happen.


File: 1585020939279.gif (696.67 KB, 450x253, 450:253, tumblr_pt0ixtvrgw1ucwieb_5….gif) ImgOps Google

there are now three confirmed cases in my county!



File: 1585023088639.jpg (221.56 KB, 850x600, 17:12, sample_de919564deab469cc83….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Welcome to the club!


File: 1585024594987.png (686.19 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, tumblr_e47a5b920b0dcd977b2….png) ImgOps Google

can i opt out of the club? i don't think it's right for me ://


File: 1585025301767.jpg (139.56 KB, 850x1083, 850:1083, sample_13fa0702d3f237d1dd5….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

It will be ok.


File: 1585025416283.jpg (46.26 KB, 564x495, 188:165, 2dcc9ea56965fa48211976c6e5….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>hugs and kajis <3

i hope so... i know we will make it through, but it's gonna be so scary the next few weeks i imagine :((


File: 1585026063480.png (1.7 MB, 1280x1258, 640:629, 2296671.png) ImgOps Google

I haven't been at work this weekend so I've kinda unplugged from it all, but I'll let you know when I know more.


File: 1585026351989.png (443.49 KB, 947x1279, 947:1279, b85c7edc-0e9e-427c-806e-75….png) ImgOps Google

i'm glad you had time to unplug <3

>hugs <3

and i'm gonna send all my good vibes your way my friend <3


File: 1585026442073.jpg (216.51 KB, 519x490, 519:490, 1584529653861.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I'm quite well! You're the one who needs good vibes!


File: 1585026534115.png (134.12 KB, 640x750, 64:75, NickWilde_smiling_by_Fuel ….png) ImgOps Google

It's midnight-ish, but instead of my general night depression I'm listening to music and feeling rather positive!

How are you all?


File: 1585026684418.jpg (26.64 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 64810073_425553434698221_4….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

hmm, i still want to send you some!

perhaps i'll give you a nice weekly supply of vibes, and we can refill it when needed ^^

hey psuedo!

>hugs and kajis <3

i'm okay. although i learned my county has 3 confirmed cases, so that's worrisome. and since i'm still out of work due to this whole thing, i've been keeping an eye on the state of the relief fund bill that has been going back and forth with bated breath

glad you are listening to some good tunes ^^


I'm actually optimistic that government action will be taking place soon. After all, at least, the Federal Reserve has been doing a ton to help people. It's genuinely nice to see things working out as they're designed to do institution-wise, at least kind of... hah!

I'm curious: have you been looking at any documentaries or listening to any podcast reports or the like lately during these 'shutdown' times?

*hugs you tightly*


File: 1585027165036.png (6.08 MB, 2880x1556, 720:389, Vindicators.png) ImgOps Google

I'm doing generally well. Things are hectic, but good. It's nice that I've been able to make time to donate plasma lately, it's pretty sweet having an extra $140 a week to play with. I've decided that, since i'm making enough money from work to put some money away and pay bills, that i can afford to have my plasma money be my fun money, and dad says if we do get quarantined he'll wave my rent. So i've bought some new inner sleeves for some of my magic decks, a new deckbox, some more cards, and a cute and comfy d-20 pillow with my blood money. Only shitty thing is trying to get rent from the bank when the lobby is closed and the hours are awkward is a huge pain. Luckily dad is being flexible with it since he knows i have the money and intend to pay him.

And i guess seeing the new info from noelle, there's more cases not too far from me, so that's worrysome.


File: 1585027563198.png (119.8 KB, 640x480, 4:3, tumblr_93dcc638cc51ecf226e….png) ImgOps Google

perhaps, but i guess i just have lost a lot of faith in congress to do much nowadays. but if there is some sort of check or recurring payment, that would do me a whole world of good right now.

not really, i've actually been watching a backlog on shows that i've been meaning to get to, and i've also been watching various magical girl anime for research purposes. i've got a couple projects in the works, as well as homework

how about you? i know you have been listening to your music backlog, but have you been watching anything?

hey insaninater!

>hugs and kajis <3

yea it's not fun. and although i don't know your particular county, i've seen the numbers around denver area, and it's pretty scary around there too


>hugs and kajis
Where are you finding the info, btw? I wouldn't at all mind having the numbers, but a google search generally just gives out things to do.


File: 1585027997849.jpg (34.19 KB, 563x486, 563:486, 4efa1f322a7cb1d23b2aa74293….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i found the numbers going through the local news website. and it lead me to the state site on covid-19


Yeah, new cases will spring up all over the place... but then it's still great that you're in good spirits! It's nice that you're able keep your hobby going in these weird times!

Watching wise, I've been looking at a bunch of music videos lately. Cool stuff. I'm also getting back into podcasts, looking at artworks, driving, and eating while trying to get more informed.

There's some stuff I really recommend from NPR about the crisis, and here's just two:
> https://www.npr.org/2020/03/16/816684372/episode-980-the-fed-fights-the-virus
> https://www.npr.org/2020/03/19/818583204/episode-982-how-to-save-the-economy-now

Really fascinating!


File: 1585028173247.jpg (28.85 KB, 694x390, 347:195, 5dK2mfMS.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Looks like there's 55 cases here in my county alone. Yikes, that's a bit high for comfort...


File: 1585028443413.jpg (97.38 KB, 702x605, 702:605, Dr6iZUPWkAUrDG8.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

sounds like a good time! a crisis may not be a good time for much, but it's a great time to catch up on stuff!

hmm, i might have to listen to them. It could make me feel better about the situation, or worse depending on what they say :PP

seems fascinating tho!

oooh wow :((

i don't feel as bad about my county then, but now i really hope you are okay!


File: 1585028530480.jpg (852.17 KB, 728x1034, 364:517, Gigantic_fox_looking_at_hu….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Things aren't too good in Texas... in my county there's cases in the mid-30s, but then that's likely to change rapidly... huh...



File: 1585028833831.png (745.13 KB, 1024x844, 256:211, i_control_you__i_control_t….png) ImgOps Google

I think it's just more crowded overall. The number of cases per population is really low. I'll be ok. First sign of trouble i'll hunker down and take care of myself, and dad can afford to provide for us both by working from home with little trouble. If i did catch it i think i'd be ok. I'm pretty healthy overall, i don't have any health conditions, so even if i do catch it, i think i'd be ok.


File: 1585029302375.jpg (69.83 KB, 564x709, 564:709, 72908ee1a7f0baa4800993c3e7….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

it will be okay my friend!

>hugs and kajis <3

stay inside, wash your hands, and you'll be okay <3

that's fair i suppose, and i trust you to take care of yourself ^^

what have you been up to btw?


File: 1585029764745.jpg (66.05 KB, 192x218, 96:109, 8788.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Working mostly. Today wasn't as slow as last week has been. Between tutoring this kid online with biology, getting the house cleaned, and work, I've definitely been keeping busy. I've got 2 of my friends invested in one of my favorite shows now, which is a lot of fun, though all the online stuff has been a bit of a pain in terms of coordination and scheduling and I've been tuning my lesser-used magic decks so they're ready once corona virus is more under control. HBU?


File: 1585030004412.jpg (244.51 KB, 900x1270, 90:127, NickWilde_smiling_by_Black….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I personally have been doing fairly fine so far in this crisis, and it's more a matter of trying to remain at least somewhat positive!

It's great to get all of this support from online peeps!

Honestly, once the whole thing is resolved, I really would like to hang out in person with you personally and other friends from here... it would be great to co-ordinate something eventually, you know?


File: 1585030370413.jpg (22.63 KB, 694x390, 347:195, HqobDg59.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Well, if you do visit Noelle, let me know. I'm not too far from him, so might as well get a 2-for-1.


File: 1585031000730.png (2.15 MB, 1891x1177, 1891:1177, close up cute2.png) ImgOps Google

A P-ville meetup, you say??


File: 1585031620511.jpg (576.05 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, NickWilde_smiling_close-up….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Oh, that's exactly what I mean! I'd love to co-ordinate something with multiple peeps!



File: 1585034322058.jpg (47.34 KB, 714x406, 51:29, sleep.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

sorry guys! i got caught up in pokemon and i got a farfetch'd in a surprise trade, so i started trying to evolve it into a sirfetch'd and lost track of time!

>hugs and kajis <3

goodnight y'all <3




File: 1585148576474.png (173.37 KB, 364x328, 91:82, eep.png) ImgOps Google

With the situation in NYC, is Moony still alright?


That reminds me, I never got around to finishing the Star Wars Saga. I should get to that.


Aaand there's the stay at home owner for my county. But, since I work in healthcare it doesn't directly affect me. Does mean I might need to flash my hall pass at cops. I just hope they don't give me too much trouble.


File: 1585170772921.jpg (202.17 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, Applejack Flutterhug.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

it is surely very bad here. i have been staying inside. i hope you are all doing well <3


File: 1585171789472.png (205.73 KB, 425x422, 425:422, .png) ImgOps Google

Glad with that update

The newspaper here mentioned the issue in New York. Then via reddit I learned that especially Queens is hit.

Do you still get groceries, or do you work around that?


File: 1585171931827.png (72.53 KB, 315x267, 105:89, Sad Fluttershy.png) ImgOps Google

i have a lot of supplies, so i do not go out to get groceries. if i run out, i will go, in my mask, gloves, and protective gear

it is REALLY bad in New York though. i think, it will soon get much worse

i know now myself several people with the virus, personally. and have been in contact even with a few of them, before we found out!

now everyone in the city is too scared


File: 1585172144936.jpg (46.66 KB, 512x384, 4:3, unnamed (1).jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Maybe you should try to order stuff online right now, so you don't have to go out.


File: 1585172512609.png (116.63 KB, 360x409, 360:409, Rarity flutterhug.png) ImgOps Google

ella <3 <3 thank you for your cuteness the other day. you are the sweetest <3

i will try to order online! i am hiding right now, mostly!


File: 1585172948441.png (220.8 KB, 877x912, 877:912, Hug.png) ImgOps Google

stickin' with virtual hugs then


File: 1585173964207.jpg (50.05 KB, 842x585, 842:585, fluttershy and sweetie bel….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

virtual hugs!!



File: 1585174007651.png (1.25 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, vlcsnap-2020-03-22-12h16m5….png) ImgOps Google

Yeah, big cities are bad. I just read a news headline that 18 people have died in Stockholm in just the last 24 hours. I guess I lucked out living on an island cut off from most of Sweden. Only 5 confirmed cases total around where I live so far.

Hope you're staying safe.


Many of them. They may stave off the stir craziness

Neither of our contries have a Dr. Evil Oompa Loompa in charge, so that helps too.


File: 1585174674691.jpg (36.41 KB, 500x321, 500:321, d581041cfa03c4941b11210b1d….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


>Virtual hugs


File: 1585174718795.jpg (57.59 KB, 1190x729, 1190:729, oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

we have over 30,000 cases confirmed in New York... which is more than all the confirmed cases in France. we are catching up to Germany!

...but we are also testing a lot more than any other US state, from what i understand

we are in trouble!!

is Stockholm in bad shape?


super wonderful ella enchanted, how did you get so wonderful? <3



Last i checked, we have 1500 or so here, but we dont't conduct mass testing, mostly asking people to stay in as much as possible. Which works for me, as it barely changes my everyday life honestly. Unfortunately, a LOT of people are being asses about it an going on picnics. Our lockdown has been extended to APril 13th, but that's what I expected, really.

On te other hand, supermarkets have mandated distance sticker lines at the  checkout, and the bigger ones have hand sanitizer dispensers at the entrance, so steps are definitely being taken.

I have sort of stopped looking at the numbers though. It did nothing more than depress me.


File: 1585174953291.png (279.64 KB, 500x600, 5:6, oh dear 6.png) ImgOps Google

your people are wiser than ours. even now, our super markets have no such distance stickers, or sanitizer dispensers

our hospitals are already full, and the situation is only worsening.


File: 1585175277618.png (985.42 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, vlcsnap-2020-03-22-22h38m2….png) ImgOps Google

When the healthcare director says "the storm has arrived" it's hard not to get a little bit worried.


File: 1585175488763.png (12.95 KB, 370x389, 370:389, Twilight hug.png) ImgOps Google

Yeah, our prime minister pretty much called for lockdown immediately. Which I applaud her for.

And our Queen more or less went on TV to grandma-shame everybody not staying in a few days ago which was also pretty excellent.



File: 1585175649141.png (220.88 KB, 432x587, 432:587, 48648 - Berry_Pinch OH_GOD….PNG) ImgOps Google


File: 1585175662387.jpg (51.95 KB, 964x808, 241:202, eh heh 2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The NY Governor frequently goes on TV to give the public updates.

Yesterday's estimates showed the number of hospitalizations doubling every 4.7 days.

To which the governor said "that is almost too good to be true."

we had 13 virus deaths today in NYC... in ONE hospital.

A doctor at that hospital is quoted as saying "It's apocalyptic"

Our cases in New York are doubling every three days.

please do not become like us! stay inside, and be safe!!


Well hello.

Couldn't if we wanted to right now. Non-essential flights or drives out of the country aren't allowed.


File: 1585175879980.png (285.04 KB, 1260x841, 1260:841, Trash_impressed.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1585175953568.png (968.91 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, vlcsnap-2020-03-22-12h10m0….png) ImgOps Google

Yeah, it's hard not to freak out by how fast shit happens. Almost 100 new cases in the last 72 hours, almost 20 deaths in the last 24...

Yeah, staying inside sounds like a good idea right now.


File: 1585176012995.png (81.77 KB, 624x364, 12:7, Trash_dissapoint.png) ImgOps Google

yea.... and imma maybe start wokring this weekend and onto next week.


File: 1585176091498.png (1.04 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, vlcsnap-2020-03-22-22h40m5….png) ImgOps Google

Is it bad over there?


File: 1585176106485.jpg (80.7 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, l6g3w2q15wi41.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Our region is assigned 14 test kits per day. My hospital gets 2 of those. The flagship in the big city coordinating the entire area gets 44.

We are running out of viral transport media. We are running out of lab coats. Surgical masks and gowns are heavily rationed.

The current count in the area is stable however it isn't clear if that's because of a testing shortage.


I am unclear, do you interact with a lot of incoming costumers or such, or are you still mostly alone in a workshop aside from coworkers?


File: 1585176383214.jpg (64.28 KB, 500x532, 125:133, suprise.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

one death in this region and some sick.

im at a workshop with others middle out in the forest. the truckers stays OUTSIDE!!
but ive been home sick for like a week and a half.

dear.... i worrie about chu


File: 1585176531745.jpg (638.58 KB, 810x867, 270:289, 721eb2fee70a87708e863bda22….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

So ... apparently ... my niece is getting tested today ...


oh dear


Well, that should put you considerably less at risk than many others at least.

Hoping for the best.


File: 1585176740284.png (49.69 KB, 500x368, 125:92, Trash_sleep.png) ImgOps Google

yea.. maybe...i should not freak out so much.
WEll tis midnight so i shall crawl to bed.


Most of ours have come back negative.

I'm more worried about my two bleeders and the sepsis going off.

I might disappear again to handle it.


File: 1585176792829.png (148.27 KB, 500x701, 500:701, Trash_kiss.png) ImgOps Google

Before going to bed

stay strong!


SLeep well.


File: 1585176888909.png (3.29 MB, 2457x2903, 2457:2903, d9f1be5b4014b17f7c7d9ab3e1….png) ImgOps Google


It's kind of insane, she texting me telling me that they basically would arrest her if she took any photos or videos on her phone, and they were arresting people trying to get tested without a doctor's orders or orders from the state department of health



File: 1585177502173.jpg (186.17 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, morning_rainbow_by_fidzfox….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Don't worry about the how, all that matters is I'm awesome, and I'm going to rub some of my awesomeness off on all of you in this thread.
Any news on if regular people can do anything to help the hospital staff? Besides social distancing?
Crap...stay safe everyone

>>Photos or video

Ok, the rest I understand, but what the fuck is that about?


Nope. social distancing is it. Its all about flattening the curve and keeping things as close to a managable level as possible.


File: 1585178866590.png (497.15 KB, 1600x1002, 800:501, shuichi_shindou_write_is_s….png) ImgOps Google

I'm quite nervous about going into work tonight.


File: 1585178887489.jpg (92.52 KB, 1035x1725, 3:5, 73b53e23f176393e7374dea5df….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


>Ok, the rest I understand, but what the fuck is that about?

I have no idea. She went to this drive through test thing and had to sign a contract where she had to agree to not take pics or videos under penalty of imprisonment.

She said something about them having military trucks there or something like that.


That's....kinda weird...wait, do they not want the place to get stormed by panicked people maybe? Stealing masks and supplies?


I know, and I don't blame ya, but the best any of us can do is just follow guideliens and otherwise try to go about things as normally as we can. Fearing every step will do no one any good.




I'm cynical enough to think it's about not exacerbating economic panics, but I think it's too late for that.


Patient confidentiality most likely. They probably know people who go there are going to upload a picture of "look at all the people here!!" and accidently provide a list of people for the community to blame if things get out of hand.


File: 1585179888963.jpg (48.26 KB, 680x539, 680:539, shindou_shuichi_by_geistse….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Oh fuck, yea, that's probably exactly what it is. And I know people that would do that too.



That is, indeed, a dog.



File: 1585180624025.png (451.87 KB, 632x536, 79:67, looking onward in concern.png) ImgOps Google



That and 99% of comms equipment is ITAR controlled.

I wouldn't read into beyond no photos is just standard policy. Even if the equipment can be found on Wikipedia anyway.


File: 1585180834298.jpg (8.08 KB, 245x218, 245:218, oh my goodness.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1585181253228.jpg (74.91 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1553003052447.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Nothing has changed here.
Lot more cases, but that is to be expected.


File: 1585181524851.jpg (15.1 KB, 349x500, 349:500, hugsgiraffe.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1585181596400.png (116.63 KB, 360x409, 360:409, Rarity flutterhug.png) ImgOps Google

>hugs <3

c: silly esher


Am I silly?

Prolly am. Just wanted to post SOMETHING cause I've just been sitting here doing fucking nothing for like an hour now.


File: 1585181954867.jpg (87.7 KB, 724x1684, 181:421, 1552280505098.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

It is just talking it's toll on mom.

Also Disney has said that it will procede as plan but that can change should people make this worse.


File: 1585182038288.jpg (386.5 KB, 594x789, 198:263, huggy hug.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

...stay strong, lamb friend. i love you very, very much. i will pray that you and your mother can both be okay, and be strong

sometimes i am working, and i wonder what i am working on, and forget


As per what plan do you mean here exactly? Regarding your new job, I take it?

I am not even doing anything right now. I just realized I haven't sketched anything in a week.


File: 1585182088571.jpg (192.55 KB, 847x1200, 847:1200, DvjxD5FVAAA7q-K.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

We will be fine little moon.

Are you okay?


File: 1585182783826.jpg (186.86 KB, 750x1197, 250:399, 1552213915640.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

With my six month internship.


File: 1585182879253.png (220.8 KB, 877x912, 877:912, Hug.png) ImgOps Google

Well that's good at least.
Hoping the best for ya.


File: 1585182914759.png (2.13 MB, 1918x2048, 959:1024, 1553145769616.png) ImgOps Google

Just taking things one day at a time.


File: 1585182996667.png (300.84 KB, 900x900, 1:1, rarity is a great friend.png) ImgOps Google

i am okay. i love you! you are so wonderful lamb friend

i walked three miles, and then turned around, and walked three miles home today

i forgot where i was even going

nobody was outside but me


ll we can do.

Was it nice?


File: 1585183400993.png (157.54 KB, 435x360, 29:24, you are a wonderful pony.png) ImgOps Google

it was nice. i saw birds


File: 1585183912957.jpg (36.2 KB, 750x733, 750:733, 1552313391004.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I love you too little moon.

Really the hard part is having to cull my urge to be a fancy girl when cooking.


File: 1585184228461.png (164.38 KB, 810x986, 405:493, 1434265947626.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1585184953146.jpg (93.78 KB, 850x687, 850:687, 1552554048579.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


A fancy girl how?


File: 1585185433870.png (126.69 KB, 388x336, 97:84, qb1lsTL.png) ImgOps Google

Keeping myself restrained from cooking because we might need to hold onto stock for a bit.


Right, of course.

I'm gonna try to go to sleep now. Can't pretend I really wanna, but gotta sooner or later I guess.


File: 1585186270950.png (2.97 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, ou207gr3fi841.png) ImgOps Google

so much reading...




File: 1585186736166.png (145.05 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, tumblr_piqvi7brlh1vfbetmo6….png) ImgOps Google

restorative justice dialogue, i have a paper due on sunday, and some required reading, and it is all amounting to about 100 pages of reading. i have good comprehension, but that's at least 7 hours for me

>hugs and kajis <3

i know some people have much better reading speed, but that ain't me chief :PP


File: 1585187095597.png (489.28 KB, 732x1024, 183:256, 37.png) ImgOps Google


What is that?


File: 1585187208508.png (79.91 KB, 988x592, 247:148, tumblr_4ab2010eadc69255979….png) ImgOps Google

hey lamby lamb!

>hugs and kajis <3

how are you today?


File: 1585187339666.png (173.55 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 20.png) ImgOps Google

I'm okay.
Just day dreaming.


File: 1585187381839.jpg (30.56 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ESVx6ZUUcAAi3sB.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

oh? what are you dreaming about?


Getting fatigued...



File: 1585187967727.jpg (371.64 KB, 1536x1024, 3:2, ISjbwjnrhcqye11000000000 (….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Can I do anything for you love?


Almost done


File: 1585188096224.jpg (49.3 KB, 640x360, 16:9, tumblr_dee6fd4d6bf81b0c802….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

oooo wo! that is a lovely home! it's gorgeous!

i can see why that would be on your mind <3


File: 1585188111550.jpg (123.33 KB, 850x1288, 425:644, e48992a820678255660f7dc9fd….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I promise to cook you a three-course steak dinner next time to make up for all this.


File: 1585188167769.jpg (255.86 KB, 1579x991, 1579:991, 1556415226496.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The only thing I would change is the kitchen to have a gas rather than an electric but I can make sacrifices.


File: 1585188354773.jpg (54.32 KB, 500x375, 4:3, tumblr_5d86d26bf6b3924e9ce….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

can't throw the baby out with the bath water as they say.

as for me, i would put in a water slide :DD


File: 1585188505011.png (463.53 KB, 1536x1024, 3:2, ISz74s9cev96p01000000000.png) ImgOps Google

It also has a massive back yard for all of my green projects.


File: 1585188581607.jpg (45.08 KB, 640x360, 16:9, tumblr_95a472eea8f12e98dfa….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

oh wow! just imagine all the stuff you could put back there! you never would have to buy a vegetable again!

as for me, i would make it a training court with lots of posts for walking and striking ^^


File: 1585188790287.jpg (298.92 KB, 1904x1695, 1904:1695, EHIDGFrXUAc35UL.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Also, make like a meditation corner and have it to relax after a 14-hour shift at Disney.

We can compromise and have half training and half garden.

This place is small, a plus for me but maybe not for others, so lots of social collisions.
Good for when this pandemic ends.


File: 1585189014216.jpg (56.8 KB, 989x1200, 989:1200, ESXVPpCWAAAALht.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

after 14 hours at disney, i think that meditation corner will be very well used ^^

so did you get the disney job then? that would be incredible!

i will agree to those terms! it will be a win win <3

it sounds like a wonderful cozy place! and i never needed a lot of space, just a place for myself away from the world ^^


File: 1585189256521.png (180.13 KB, 536x750, 268:375, 11.png) ImgOps Google

We will be starting on the 18th of May as scheduled unless otherwise stated.
That was the message that I got from my contacts.

I don't really need a lot of space, but grand architecture is a weakness for my southern belle roots.

If I had this place it would be Lina, Wolf, and myself. With room for guests.


File: 1585189505422.png (212.54 KB, 650x668, 325:334, 1485653791088.png) ImgOps Google

I'm getting a little pay boost at work for having to still go in, so that's nice. An extra $2 an hour helps a bit.


File: 1585189613953.jpg (117.6 KB, 640x1150, 64:115, 1568332047577.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Just be safe Chrome.


File: 1585189660272.png (1.15 MB, 2000x1057, 2000:1057, 97lritrxjek41.png) ImgOps Google

so my state just issued statewide shutdown, so i can't leave the house except for essential tasks like shopping and hospital until april 17th

woohoo :PP


>hugs and kajis <3

congratulations! i'm so happy for you girl! i hope that you get there sooner rather than later, but this is wonderful news!

you do like somethin a lil fancy, and i believe you rightly deserve that ;33

i hope it becomes a reality for you, lamb! that house suits you well <3

i'm happy to hear you are getting a bit of compensation!

please stay healthy ^^


File: 1585189871355.jpg (185.52 KB, 1280x1444, 320:361, Overlord_Albedo_8.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

We will be right behind you in the shutdown.

Seeing this cozy place makes me want to make some comfort food.


File: 1585189910915.jpg (48.01 KB, 835x1024, 835:1024, A needle is just a knife m….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I work with food! I already had to be. Not as fun as what you do, but the health regulations are still quite strict.

I'm mostly resigned to the fact that I'm pretty much guaranteed to get it now, no matter how hard I try to avoid it. My goal is to minimize how much I'd spread it, not avoid infection for myself.

I'm doomed as is! I can minimize the collateral however.


File: 1585190066882.png (79.91 KB, 894x894, 1:1, 32.png) ImgOps Google

All food workers are equal and should be respected.

All of the restaurants here have closed shop.

I hope that you don't but again just be as careful as you can.


File: 1585190287254.jpg (6.68 KB, 148x148, 1:1, ER5QJyBW4AISPQL.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

oof, stay inside lamb! make some tasty treats for the apocalypse <3

what will you be making as you stay at home?

hey! you'll be going strong in style! either making it out unscathed, or going down fabulously!


File: 1585190437799.jpg (1.18 MB, 3800x2800, 19:14, nbH91Xy.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I am struggling because my parents are on Keto and they hate riced veggies.
So lots of stews at the moment.
God I miss rice.


File: 1585190473867.png (3.36 MB, 1650x1840, 165:184, Slip and slide through the….png) ImgOps Google

There are degrees. There's less thought in the cooking I have to do. I prefer being able to make things from scratch at home, but not everyone who works here knows how to really cook, so I understand the lack of flair.

Understandable. We're open because of groceries and diesel, mainly.



File: 1585190613574.jpg (100.37 KB, 826x1200, 413:600, ETPPOKUUEAAQFbx.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i've read up on keto, and while it looks like a valid option for people, the amount of fats and oils you have to consume kinda makes me nauseous to think about :PP

are you with them in the diet then?

rice is really good... i'm sorry for your loss :PP

what is your your job, if you don't mind me asking?


File: 1585190765488.png (492.1 KB, 750x750, 1:1, The morning ritual..png) ImgOps Google

Night shift at Kwik Trip. C-store.

Speaking of which, time for me to go.


File: 1585190835645.png (313.4 KB, 600x692, 150:173, 12.png) ImgOps Google

Hard to close when people need you or die.

Honestly, I am worried about some of the cooks we are training.

I lose weight the old fashion way.

Rice, potatoes, pasta, fruits.


Be safe.


File: 1585191102443.png (Spoiler Image, 139.89 KB, 500x610, 50:61, has-science-gone-too-far-d….png) ImgOps Google

stay safe out there! cya later chrome!

hurry! i'll send you a dozen of these to help you out!


File: 1585191221788.jpg (89.72 KB, 850x808, 425:404, sample-088df457971103a4ac7….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Someone wants to play find the ghost pepper.


File: 1585191438001.jpg (106.44 KB, 1362x1266, 227:211, s6wnzokcpil41.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

is that a promise?


File: 1585191613068.png (18.67 KB, 1400x1000, 7:5, 55b1a30cfcee2bb.png) ImgOps Google

Are you sure you want to try me?


File: 1585191844315.jpg (17.89 KB, 190x66, 95:33, zoom zoom.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

great chefs provide the best samples

and i'm ready to try all of them...


Have a good shift!


File: 1585192112086.jpg (76.24 KB, 603x703, 603:703, Anthro wooloo i ripped a ….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

You will leave full and stuffed with all of my cooking and I will mom you into a relaxed coma.


File: 1585192291799.jpg (216.37 KB, 936x512, 117:64, darkness 2 - Copy.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

will i be gently tucked in and given a kiss on the forehead?


File: 1585192371469.png (2.64 MB, 3565x3675, 713:735, 80f8349e6d1e99e8dfc751e572….png) ImgOps Google


File: 1585192464892.jpg (215.74 KB, 957x558, 319:186, darkness 3.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



File: 1585192572039.png (197.02 KB, 369x364, 369:364, d2dcfe0f40416b41a32aa92ec9….png) ImgOps Google


File: 1585192695742.jpg (8.25 KB, 201x202, 201:202, EEhrr0AWsAApheY.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



File: 1585193339948.jpg (78.74 KB, 959x1200, 959:1200, ef4.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1585193636515.jpg (44.63 KB, 488x412, 122:103, flustered.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


And now I sleep


File: 1585194202262.png (145.05 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, tumblr_piqvi7brlh1vfbetmo6….png) ImgOps Google

darnit lamb! that was mean XPP

>hugs and kajis <3

goodnight, you succubus :PP


File: 1585194308656.png (647.46 KB, 777x963, 259:321, 2204869.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1585194528749.jpg (61.14 KB, 564x501, 188:167, baefc511976bdc2e3201f511fe….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

were you watching that?


File: 1585194595498.jpg (209.16 KB, 1752x2130, 292:355, 2303727.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



File: 1585194728201.png (44.29 KB, 680x1088, 5:8, a12.png) ImgOps Google

ah dang! oh jeeze! i'm so embarrassed O///O


File: 1585195770930.jpg (25.78 KB, 500x375, 4:3, bae17386e74bfcd65bad0133dd….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


That leg lift tho



File: 1585196130926.jpg (74.44 KB, 564x1014, 94:169, 6e1b4afb4ebbc304b25f45a838….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google







File: 1585197572228.png (167.54 KB, 500x670, 50:67, tumblr_pigm9jSpl11wmm1euo1….png) ImgOps Google


File: 1585197774744.png (166.17 KB, 700x500, 7:5, 903915.png) ImgOps Google

The show doesn't stop just because you can't see the audience.


File: 1585198050658.png (112.54 KB, 540x557, 540:557, tumblr_pkgxznfMpx1y19x90o1….png) ImgOps Google


i'm gonna charge you ticket prices next time XPP



File: 1585198496415.jpg (44.28 KB, 640x360, 16:9, tumblr_9c0feada6fcaae3a84b….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i'm now imagining you in that outfit.

you look cute <3



I mean I'd wear the top half...



File: 1585199473438.jpg (43.06 KB, 508x508, 1:1, 52024290_408179089756427_1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

going pantsless! how bold <3

i agree! super cute <3


I want the lab coat.

And short shorts. With cute fake glasses.


File: 1585200225689.png (222.62 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 2151823.png) ImgOps Google

You keep using that word.


File: 1585200449393.png (828.76 KB, 993x1360, 993:1360, tumblr_p3fkykBPaw1w2cpfvo4….png) ImgOps Google

>hugs and kajis <3

sorta like this?

i use it because it's right ^^


...I do not think I look like what you think I look like.


File: 1585201301238.jpg (52.02 KB, 1024x364, 256:91, chillin_in_the_castle_by_p….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Yas, but no leggings. Just some nice shoes.


File: 1585201312879.jpg (49.31 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 67620031_449169935677931_8….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i only know what a few people look like on here, so i'm basically just randomly guessing

if you want to give me a more accurate representation of what you are like, then feel free! i can still provide a labcoat ^^


File: 1585201453428.jpeg (93.74 KB, 564x900, 47:75, 2129759.jpeg) ImgOps Google

Sure, let's pull that thread and see what happens.

I'm still not sure where the lab coat came from.

Like shimmers only wearing a tee shirt.


File: 1585201687964.png (244.95 KB, 415x810, 83:162, tumblr_p6jbsqwI5G1r7w0iso1….png) ImgOps Google

so a little closer to this, if her feet were shoes?


>pulls thread



oh. i read that wrong. let's not pull it.


File: 1585202006150.gif (973.05 KB, 540x785, 108:157, tumblr_p8dv5mspP01r7w0iso1….gif) ImgOps Google


love that cat <3

oooooooooh okay!

>pushes thread back into place <3

there you go!


File: 1585253370094.png (110.64 KB, 947x467, 947:467, mew as well.PNG) ImgOps Google

This whole business has really been getting me down, lately. Even though I was able to graduate a month ahead of schedule, I'm finding myself kinda flounder and have a steady level of background anxiety which I had never had before. It's kinda scary!


🎶I hate to say it,
But each other's all we got


File: 1585259703090.jpg (2.64 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20200324_191157.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Confirmed case a dozen blocks from my house a few days ago at the local courthouse which was sanitized.

I blame toilet paper supply problems.

Edit:  my old town just caught 44 new cases overnight as soon as they offered free testing.


File: 1585261135591.jpg (757.4 KB, 2161x2313, 2161:2313, 20200326_151637(1).jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>social distancing



You ok, Lost?


They've officially shut down outdoor activities where I'm at. Can't go for walks anymore :/

Honestly wish they would have done this sooner though.
Jeez. I wonder if I should check in with our clinic to see if they are doing free testing


File: 1585359478479.png (457.84 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, This isn't so bad.png) ImgOps Google

Lockdown starts here tonight.


Its not great in my state atm.
NYers are starting to come in and we have the military and police enforcing checkpoints and quarantining anyone from that state by mandate. Which is causing some tiffs with the ACLU.
Police are going into the rich costal communities to check for NYer and impose the quarantine.
So far, we have done well to keep our exponent growth below the curve and at a manageable level, but people are still failing to fallow social distancing guidelines and now over 50% of cases are from communal spread.
So prob in the next week or so infection will outpace management.
Then they will probably impose mandatory lock down, which should have probably already been done.
I myself am doing well. Glad to hear you guys are too.


File: 1585420040749.gif (696.67 KB, 450x253, 450:253, tumblr_pt0ixtvrgw1ucwieb_5….gif) ImgOps Google

so uhh... last night i started noticing this kind of pressure in my chest, primarily in the top of my chest. and it hasn't gone away yet

and this got me scared, especially since all the covid sites say that pressure in the chest is something you should immediately seek help on, so i called my healthcare provider people.

they asked me a litany of questions. i don't feel like i have a fever, i don't have a cough, and while i feel pressure in the chest, it hasn't inhibited my breathing surprisingly

so they told me i was "low risk" and to just keep an eye on my symptoms, as they may not even be coronavirus, but could be all sorts of minor things. and they didn't think it was something i should go in for yet.

so i'm just at home, keeping myself isolated, and feeling a bit freaked out nonetheless :((


File: 1585420155390.png (182.71 KB, 900x636, 75:53, 48801 - cute hug pinkie_pi….PNG) ImgOps Google

WELCOME to the club. excact that did i had
DON*T  forget to eat, stretch,move and for ALL OF BUTTER OF SMÅLAND!

eat more than noodles and coffee

steay safe


File: 1585420277221.jpg (447.4 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, 141924384078.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

It could just be anxiety, but just to be safe, do you have a thermometer to check your temperature? You might want to check it a few times throughout the day, just to be safe.



File: 1585420314532.png (108.89 KB, 469x576, 469:576, Doofs_Oc_By_Lunarmoon.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1585420452016.png (92.61 KB, 373x350, 373:350, princess_mi_amore_cadenza_….png) ImgOps Google


File: 1585420513482.png (686.19 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, tumblr_e47a5b920b0dcd977b2….png) ImgOps Google

hey buddy!

>hugs and kajis <3

you had a similar thing huh? do you still feel your chest thing?

i should probably do some sort of stretching and stuff. and i got a pot pie to eat right now, so that's gonna be fun

i'll try.

i do have general anxiety, and have a propensity to think i got something more than i actually have. so this is actually a possibility.

i do not have a thermometer, so i might have to get one

>hugs and kajis <3

thanks ella :((



File: 1585420666217.png (108.89 KB, 469x576, 469:576, Doofs_Oc_By_Lunarmoon.png) ImgOps Google

ella ella

minor... but after i ate PROPER food. i don't get the feeling of passing out shile sitting down. and having normal heart rate. but get this middle of this i got pollen attack reaction and ive never had pollen reaction before this.

don forget to go out the balcony to get some fresh air!
i dun know what i got. doctors refused to take tasts on me since i wasn't duying.
so like a swede i say.. ill take the day as it comes.


The problem is that the singular symptoms are QUITE common - so having even one can easily make someone freak out. I spent the better part of a day recetly with a near-dry cough and got worried.

I also had a day with really sore thighs and got worried as I had read that muscle soreness was a sig of a really bad case... and then I remembered that I'd helped my dad move some heavy furniture the day before.

I'm not saying don't be cautious, but do not panic, do not assume the worst. Stay inside as much as possible, get yourself a thermometer to keep an eye on your temperature and don't hesitate to call specialists, no matter how "annoying" you may think you're being.

We want our Star in good health yo.


File: 1585421197892.png (232.49 KB, 368x371, 368:371, EQT3TbWUcAErfxl.png) ImgOps Google

my dad had a thermometer, so that's awesome!

and according to it, i have no fever. so that's a relief!

it's very possible that this could just be allergies or my anxiety exacerbating a minor thing :PP

yay! proper food is good! and i love it!

i'm so glad you are treating yourself my freind, and it sounds like our symptoms have some similarieties

hey esh!

>hugs and kajis <3

that is true. and it is so much fun when your one singular symptom is described as "You must seek help immediately" which mine was, so that certainly didn't help my case at all.

i hope your cough goes away soon!

muscle soreness is always so much fun when you forget that you work on stuff :PP

i am staying inside, and just for the next few days i'm treating this as coronavirus and am just gonna stay away from people as much as possible. if i feel better, then i can relax that a tiny bit (while maintaining social distancing)

i did call a doctor, and i found a thermometer, and both of them show good signs fortunately T_T

thank you <3 i want you in good health too!


File: 1585421316007.png (165.83 KB, 654x835, 654:835, Doof_Oh_By thunderblur.png) ImgOps Google

Good take care of yourself!"
same as here had no fever.. so i unno what i got caught


File: 1585421585947.jpg (49.2 KB, 705x757, 705:757, 18059ae64092f56c46d089ebfa….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

you caught the friends disease, which also spread simultaneously onto me XDD


File: 1585421667247.jpg (58.16 KB, 979x816, 979:816, Stay_possetive_smol size_B….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

hehe ^^;
once this is all over. gonna be one hell of a better time


File: 1585421750445.png (181.77 KB, 1024x1149, 1024:1149, I'll get you next time gad….png) ImgOps Google

It is most likely just that. It is important to remember that, while the virus can still be serious and we are not 100% safe automaically, you and I are a very low-risk group. We're among those that may well carry it around completely asymptomatically. As long as you're being decently careful I'm sure you'll be fine.

Oh the cough was a few days ago, I'm fine. I just have normal slight spring-coughs and sniffles here and there.

Good idea. If you have supplies to get by for a bit, don't go out. I am sure you'll feel better soon.

Yeah well I DEMAND you in good health, so there!


File: 1585421769245.png (205.73 KB, 425x422, 425:422, .png) ImgOps Google

I suppose from what I understood, the thing to look out for is when you are unable to talk for long/do any sort of effort.

Dunno if ightness of a chest is a hindrance for activity...


File: 1585422202041.jpg (91.67 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, EQRzn3dWoAEKMf_.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

oh i am not going to take freedom of movement for granted ever again.

to hang out with friends, to go to theaters, to go to restaurants and cafes

i'm going to really genuinely enjoy them more once this is all over T_T

i know, and i agree with you. but i got to be so much more careful than other people because i live with my dad, and i would be in shambles if i got him sick T_T i'm not as concerned for myself as i am for him.

i got pot pies and microwaveable spaghetti for a week, so i can hunker down for a bit

well now that you demand that i do it, i'm gonna go lick a toilet seat now :PP

on that note, i feel like i could do everything i normally do, so if that is a marker, then i feel like i should be fine


same as here.


File: 1585422509128.png (154.96 KB, 340x420, 17:21, up I go.png) ImgOps Google

At any rate, if you can allow it, treating yourself as if you might have Corona is not that bad an idea


File: 1585422587963.jpg (48.56 KB, 591x635, 591:635, ETbOPRSUMAcJtRv.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>huuuuuuuuuugs <3

that's the plan!


File: 1585422622929.gif (3.53 MB, 700x750, 14:15, Nuzzle_Silentnight_By_scre….gif) ImgOps Google

as loong you can do it without getting in trouble for not going to work



File: 1585433987645.jpg (29.91 KB, 627x767, 627:767, oh.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

New York is doomed :c save yourselves, and please take quarantine seriously

our hospitals are full. the numbers keep rising. the streets are empty. take it seriously today, or become us tomorrow


File: 1585434225429.png (19.46 KB, 544x408, 4:3, 268520__UNOPT__safe_artist….png) ImgOps Google


I'm hunkered down.  Hopefully the rest of the state is, too.


We're using this opportunity to try to get ready. Boss just handed me a list to investigate possible leads for viral media.


File: 1585436736210.jpg (194.17 KB, 658x658, 1:1, 763.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

A cat in Belgium has tested positive for the coronavirus after catching the potentially deadly bug from an infected owner, officials said Friday.

The sick pet in Liège tested positive after showing classic symptoms of COVID-19 — including difficulty breathing — a week after its owner first fell sick, health officials told a press conference, the Brussels Times reports.

“The cat had diarrhea, kept vomiting and had breathing difficulties. The researchers found the virus in the cat’s feces,” professor Steven Van Gucht said Friday, according to the outlet.



File: 1585436794380.png (224.63 KB, 955x836, 955:836, um kitty.png) ImgOps Google

uh oh, that's really bad - a CAT has it too????

please be safe <3 <3


File: 1585436810596.jpg (228.55 KB, 1862x1048, 931:524, People-Resume-in-Wuhan-REU….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

China has reported 3,299 coronavirus-related deaths, with most taking place in Wuhan, the epicenter of the global pandemic. But one funeral home received two shipments of 5,000 urns over the course of two days, according to the Chinese media outlet Caixin.



File: 1585437386794.png (17.45 KB, 607x597, 607:597, 144109__safe_rule-63_artis….png) ImgOps Google


Those are just for holding flowers, obviously.


File: 1585438954852.png (22.93 KB, 521x385, 521:385, 91882__safe_rule%2B63_sad_….png) ImgOps Google

Oh, dear.  I've just been informed they want me to return to work.  I don't know if I even want to agree to that.


Would you be able to practice social distancing at work?  Are you offering you hazard pay (time-and-a-half) and/or PPE?


File: 1585441504688.jpg (288.14 KB, 640x765, 128:153, a1c0330.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Well, my niece is under quarantine while she waits for the results of her COVID-19 test.


File: 1585443623113.png (187.22 KB, 350x450, 7:9, Sad shy 4.png) ImgOps Google

...oh dear... i hope she will be okay


I do the testing and I don't get any of that.


File: 1585445532307.png (47.2 KB, 457x507, 457:507, 74582__safe_rule%2B63_arti….png) ImgOps Google

>Would you be able to practice social distancing at work?

We should, probably.

>Are you offering you hazard pay (time-and-a-half) and/or PPE?

Much less likely, but I'm not entirely sure.


File: 1585450361204.jpg (57.84 KB, 640x450, 64:45, 1584627478150.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Anything medical in the US is so heavily regulated and ossified, and the payment structures are so fucked, that making any sensible changes is difficult and slow.

Amazon instituted some "hazard pay" measures for their warehouse workers: They raised the base wages by 13% ($15/hour to $17/hour) and started paying double for overtime.


I'm trying very hard to be safe, but...well, my coworker left in the middle of our shift today because she was sick. I'm quite peeved she even came in at all.


Staples is finally telling me to stay home. They aren't closed, but only full-time employees (there are like 5 in my big store) can work now because the store isn't making any money.


File: 1585482451868.jpg (45.58 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, One thousand cuts.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

For what it's worth, I think Governor Walz is doing all right handling this. No false promises or sugar coating the reality. Things are bad and they're going to get worse, but the damage can be limited if we just buy time with things like the shelter-in-place order. Regular daily updates that are broadcast to keep people informed with how things stand at that time. Bluntly saying the state will open again when health officials tell him it's safe, no sooner. We also have a few companies that are in a primed position to help, 3M and Medtronic. Walz activated the Guard to deliver gear to the hard hit areas. That sort of thing.

Shit's still fucked but maybe we'll weather the storm. As a bonus, the weather is awful! So people might actually stay home like they're supposed to!


File: 1585496240458.png (32.26 KB, 476x476, 1:1, 131032__safe_rule-63_artis….png) ImgOps Google


We got another layer of snow yesterday!  Enjoyable storm, though.


File: 1585499847537.png (595.44 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, 1519597598727.png) ImgOps Google

I know! We live in the same state, Mondo.


File: 1585509191735.png (103.22 KB, 388x382, 194:191, uh.png) ImgOps Google

When you look back at the OP, this becomes a timecapsule on how stuff keeps spiraling out of control.

And still we find people who dgaf and spend the sunny day outside with friends.

In a new development, my ex announced she wanted to help out her pregnant sister, who might have caught the virus.
Now I have her to worry about as well.


File: 1585510036630.gif (27.78 KB, 262x202, 131:101, 1497033920_witch_and_her_c….gif) ImgOps Google

We're still open for business down here. Everybody is using the respite to prepare to contribute to the problem as much as humanly possible before the crisis actually hits.


File: 1585510465128.jpg (19.19 KB, 395x372, 395:372, that's not my fetish.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>  before the crisis actually hits.
That scares me in the other thread.
I'd hope with the way things are going we can already say that the crisis has or is about to hit.
But honestlky, we may still be in the casual tutorial phase.

I already try to hold on to self isolation, leaving the house for:
1. Traffic/visiting my kids who stay with my parents.
Given that my mother has just come home from a month stay in the hospital, trading kids is an absolute necessity

2. Going to the store about twice a week.

Other than that, I stay home.


Perhaps if people are careful nothing will happen, but we've already been through a couple layers of "if people are careful it won't escalate "


File: 1585511127619.png (117.14 KB, 316x351, 316:351, grumple.png) ImgOps Google

There are lessons to learn about this.
Perhaps the biggest lesson is
"people are stupid arrogant, selfish idiots."
Which would serve as the epitaph for Western civilisation.


They're pretty selfish idiots in the east too.


I took it that they are pretty strict on quarantine there.


Makes it all that much harder to break quarantine but they managed it


File: 1585511681233.png (206.5 KB, 453x451, 453:451, this is not Harry Trotter.png) ImgOps Google


I'm legitly getting angrier over people breaking quarantine or soft lockdown rules even.

Because it actually puts so much more weight on the people working their hardest hours trying to aid and fix things and can actually kill countless of people.

There's really no excuse, there's no respect at all.


File: 1585512825125.webm (1.99 MB, China-quarantine-enforcem….webm)

In China, they take the quarantine very seriously.  WebM related.


File: 1585524299000.png (47.2 KB, 457x507, 457:507, 74582__safe_rule%2B63_arti….png) ImgOps Google

I've sent in an email asking if I'm absolutely required to come in, or if I can just be on leave until the crisis is over since I'm kinda high risk.


File: 1585532561034.png (293.44 KB, 690x660, 23:22, CrAr4ZcWYAEB9Te.png) ImgOps Google

Stay at home order finally issued.


File: 1585533222409.jpg (35.91 KB, 799x671, 799:671, FB_IMG_1584444257851.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I work for a hardware store and the post office, so I'm still going out for work.


Holding on


File: 1585535557049.jpg (165.52 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, tumblr_mwnui0Srop1rlp492o1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Aaaaaaand saved.


File: 1585535698804.jpg (1.4 MB, 2225x2373, 2225:2373, all men die 2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

good to know the churches are still offering support in these times



Hi, Noelle


File: 1585536112550.jpg (124.17 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, ER5QKvjWoAITRdD.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

hey hisp!

>hugs and kajis <3

how are yooooooooooooooous?



Having a tough time since social isolation.

How are you ?


File: 1585536509432.jpg (91.67 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, EQRzn3dWoAEKMf_.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

awww :((

>huuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs <3

this social isolation stuff is definitely no fun, and it's not gonna let up soon unfortunately. hang in there dude!

i'm alright myself! had a pretty good day ^^



What did you do today?


File: 1585536833962.jpg (74.88 KB, 1024x878, 512:439, 240b1b040b3ad056d8b9bec39e….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

went on a hike with a friend of mine!

we aren't barred from being outside, so we just kept our distance from eachother, and hiked around town ^^

what about you?


Listening to music, and this song that I come across makes me think of what I'd like to do with Noelle/Star sometime: just dress up in colorful clothing and hang out outside!

Maybe sometime, when these quarantine times are just a memory...

How are you all?


Stayed inside.

You definitely had a good day.


File: 1585537386709.jpg (69.6 KB, 752x786, 376:393, DxAFi1JWkAE1EL-.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

hiking is a very crucial and valuable tool in these trying times! you aren't stuck near people, and you get excersise and light and it's great!

>hugs and kajis <3

one day my friend!

i'm good my dude! how you?

hiking isn't off limits! and it's better than being in a single room for a month XPP

you should try hiking ^^



I think we can't...


File: 1585537838163.png (12.18 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Multiple_mammal_hugging.png) ImgOps Google

Yeah, it'd be nice to explore some vistas and the like... I'm living in a natural river valley right now in an urban center, so driving out quite a bit is needed to get to someplace hilly and forest-y... yet that's still totally something that I aim to do soon-ish, for sure!

And I'm happy that you're happy! It's kind of silly, but I really am!

>*hugs and cuddles*


File: 1585538030663.jpg (30.56 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ESVx6ZUUcAAi3sB.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

have you checked the lock in status of your area? it might let you know what you can and can't do

either way, i'm glad you are staying safe my friend <3

sounds like a wonderful idea! isolation in the wilderness can be a blessing in these times ^^

and i'm happy you are happy ^^



I am pretty sure we are supposed to go outside only to get food and medicine.

Thanks . I try.


File: 1585538303151.jpg (6.68 KB, 148x148, 1:1, ER5QJyBW4AISPQL.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

well maybe just take the long way to get to the food and medicine, eh?




I see


I feel like posting even more music... right now, I'm switched from 80s new wave to 60s baroque pop and sentimental balladeer material.

Any fans of this latter sound?


File: 1585539094600.png (198.97 KB, 648x668, 162:167, DWyLA4aVMAAkRS_.png) ImgOps Google

"yeah, i'm just swimming to hawaii for some toilet paper, i'm supposed to be here ;PP"

any good hiking spots in your area?

kinda gives me a Frank Sinatra feel with a bit more experimental music ^^



Yes, we have a natural reserve people use to hike and ride their bikes.


It's genuinely hilarious how this style of music used to be so incredibly 'cool' back when my parents were little, but now it's all regarded as 'uncool' by so many...

We need to have the 80s new wave revival keep on to a 60s pop/rock revival as well!

Here's another cool song by the same artist:


File: 1585539447305.jpg (26.36 KB, 307x656, 307:656, EQTMaIEXsAEambF.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

is that still open to the public?

oh i love the sound, and i'm sorry if i gave the impression i didn't like it

i'd be down with a revival of 60s pop/rock! i would love to get my music fix ^^



I doubt it.

But does not matter.
I just need a way avoid isolation to mess with my feelings.


File: 1585540203417.png (675.14 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 2283274.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1585540322553.jpg (91.36 KB, 482x701, 482:701, 1528904006197.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

well i hope that talking with your friends on here is helping!

can't catch any disease through the internet ^^


Here's an even darker one (apologies if it's too morbid, but quality-wise this is incredible):



Hello anon



Helps a bit, yes.

Thank you




How are you?


File: 1585541834531.jpg (41.11 KB, 640x311, 640:311, tumblr_2498b546fa7f52055dc….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

oh god i love that beat <3

>hugs <3

of course my friend!

do you have any games, shows, or movies you are into recently?


Well. Tired.




I saw an anime movie two days ago.

Called: Paprika.

It was good.



I am glad you are well.
A bit tired too.

Just posting a bit.


File: 1585542089407.jpg (49.3 KB, 640x360, 16:9, tumblr_dee6fd4d6bf81b0c802….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

oh my gosh! i LOVE Paprika!

that movie is like your third eye opening up and transporting you to another dimension!


i need to watch that again! that and Paranoia Agent <3



Ah, it seems we are kind into the same then.


Me too



>Offers hug


Looks like I'm going to be called to help enforce the lockdown where I live.


Ahhhh, I've posted about this multiple times, but I keep looking at cat-related material online, and I want to get a cat when quarantine times have finished so badly now...

They're just so fascinating, aren't they?


How so?







Are you eating well?


File: 1585542502431.png (232.49 KB, 368x371, 368:371, EQT3TbWUcAErfxl.png) ImgOps Google

Satoshi Kon is brilliant! i love his work so much!

the only one i haven't really sat down and watched was Perfect Blue, but that's mostly just cause i never remember to do it when i have the time. but i guess with the lockdowns, it would be easier to justify watching ^^

oh gosh!

>hugs and kajis <3

please be safe! that must be rather tense!

lol, i've seen this one XDD


military. They're alos turning our vehicle yard into a make shift morgue in case it's necessary. Government land near a hospital. makes sense I suppose.

I think they mostly want bodies to help. Likely we'll be conducting check points on regional borders, assisting logistically or referring non-compliance to police.

Strange times keep getting stranger.



Yes, he was brilliant.

Let me know your thoughts when you watch it, Noelle.

We might talk about our theories on it.


Mhm. You?





Yes. Getting weirder.
... This is a mess.


My body is well fed.
Try not to delay lunch time too much.


File: 1585543165039.png (260.54 KB, 540x710, 54:71, ae0753f26809c2e357de532733….png) ImgOps Google

i absolutely will! some theory talk will be wonderful!



We might need some coffee for that.


File: 1585543491784.jpg (106.44 KB, 1362x1266, 227:211, s6wnzokcpil41.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google






File: 1585543757599.jpg (39.04 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, EQUG8-JXUAEBNNq.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

so we can see



The way the world is now.

It's ok


File: 1585543940478.gif (709.72 KB, 560x479, 560:479, Animation2.gif) ImgOps Google



Yeah. I guess this virus is a thorn in everyone's side.


File: 1585544479556.jpg (5.9 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 11111.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google








File: 1585545101438.png (252.99 KB, 1213x1236, 1213:1236, guyhju2.png) ImgOps Google

Sugar and cream in mine, pls! <3
Henlo, Hisp!


It's probably for having people more than anything. The uniform is good for getting people to listen.


File: 1585545382978.jpg (49.2 KB, 705x757, 705:757, 18059ae64092f56c46d089ebfa….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

if you need sugar and cream, you could probably jump into the coffee yourself ^^

how are you this evening?

you get the content you pay for, i hope you are satisfied ^^



U isolated?


I ain't paying a thing...


File: 1585545740573.png (155.84 KB, 751x757, 751:757, looky.png) ImgOps Google

Are you saying I'm sweet and creamy?? But look at me! I've got a slight pink tinge! I must be strawberry flavoured! Strawberries don't go into coffee! ;P

I'm doing okay! How re you, Noelle? How did everything with your plates go?


File: 1585545942835.png (3.58 MB, 2357x2307, 2357:2307, egg in trying time.png) ImgOps Google

Not 100% lockdown, but I'm still self-isolating and keeping social distance. What about you, Hisp?


File: 1585546135405.png (593.69 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, tumblr_b59f36f53e01e67dcf3….png) ImgOps Google

precisely! and i will have you know that i had a strawberry latte a couple weeks ago and it was DELICIOUS!

i'm doin good! i had a good day, took a hike with a friend, saw a church sign that reminded me of my own mortality. it was a good day <3

did you do anything fun today?

exactly! and you will get every cent worth of my shenanigans XDD

would you like to pay for premium shenanigans?



Passing out.
Good night, bros.


File: 1585546584036.png (534.96 KB, 900x839, 900:839, kajiii.png) ImgOps Google

!! Delicious, you say?? Well... I do like ingesting coffee! Maybe having a quick bath in some wouldn't be so bad?

That sounds great! Well... except maybe the mortality part, haha.

Nothing too fun! Did a somewhat deep clean of my vehicle! Tomorrow there's more cleaning...
G'night Hisp!


File: 1585546776008.png (1.02 MB, 1115x1321, 1115:1321, 1570590707589.png) ImgOps Google

goodnight hisp!

>hugs and kajis <3

sweet dreams!

absolutely delicious! no question! and make sure not to burn yourself in it XDD

heh, i took a picture of that sign, right here  >>1026552

oh dang! how is your deep clean going?


For sure. We're mostly dogs bodies, and I think tax payers should get their money's worth.

Still I'm not treating any one like docs or nurses. They're the ones with real thorns in their sides.


File: 1585547041627.jpg (194.95 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, 2287098.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

They're working hard, that's for sure.


File: 1585547556683.png (906.93 KB, 1012x1120, 253:280, isabelle.png) ImgOps Google

I'll pretend it's like a hottub! But I wouldn't want to get coffee stains on any of my clothes...

m-maybe the sign is partly in German? "All Men The..."? You never know!


File: 1585547984559.jpg (51.05 KB, 512x500, 128:125, 75aa6a9db4010b9c2bebe65ca8….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ngl, i would totally do that! although i wonder how much caffeine you could absorb through your skin.

it would definitely have to be in the nude!

ya know, my friend made that exact same joke :PP


File: 1585548096665.png (1.07 MB, 1366x3201, 1366:3201, 332742.png) ImgOps Google

They sure are.


File: 1585548106459.png (786.19 KB, 763x896, 109:128, lugiamew.png) ImgOps Google

Ooh, that's a good question! I wonder, too... I wonder which kind of coffe would be best??

In the buff?? :O s-scandalous! :3

Did they?? Wavelength! Your friend and I must be on the same frequency XD


File: 1585548261619.png (358.89 KB, 1252x1252, 1:1, 2299948.png) ImgOps Google

I'm trying to be patient with them.

Thinking of anyone in particular?


File: 1585548419775.jpg (173.61 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, tumblr_pyq8bsLlLt1u2alzwo8….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

well i typically prefer dark roast, but i don't know if that translates to bathing all that well :PP

i-i-i mean its not for any naughty reason or anything! i'm just thinking pragmatically ><

totally! like you both share a psychic link! quick tell me something that you did today so i can compare!


File: 1585548807594.png (96.87 KB, 798x739, 798:739, flat.png) ImgOps Google

Oh, I like mine blonde~ but dark is good, too! It's alll good! >:D

Pragmatic in-the-buff?? Hmm.. HMMM... I suppose that makes sense... but what about after the coffee bath? How will we make sure not to get any of the coffee on us onto our clothes??

Ah! Uhm.. well.. I also, uh... listened to music!!


File: 1585548889817.png (17.45 KB, 607x597, 607:597, 144109__safe_rule-63_artis….png) ImgOps Google

I have been emailed back.  I am told that due to preexisting conditions I might not only get to stay home, but continue getting paid.  Sign me up for that shit, my dudes.


I guess you're pretty under the pump too.

Not really. I'm not close enough to the doctors I know to really know what's going on with them.


File: 1585549116905.jpg (85.38 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, EOeslQcWsAAcqfs (2).jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

blonde is pretty good, so i could go either way! it's all good!

oh well... i suppose we could take a normal shower afterwards, to rinse off all the coffee, and clean ourselves up :33

ooh! any standout songs?


>hugs and kajis <3

way to go mondo!


File: 1585549662500.png (442.5 KB, 588x764, 147:191, tigermew.png) ImgOps Google

Yes! That could be fun! I'll wash your back if you wash mine!

Hmm... oh, "Scatman and Hatman" was a pretty wild standout song!


File: 1585549935979.png (3.67 KB, 91x128, 91:128, tumblr_inline_piuhxh3BRz1u….png) ImgOps Google

i'll agree to those terms, soap and all ;33

>Scatman and Hatman

i have not heard of Lou Bega doing ANYTHING after Mambo no.5! that's wild to think he did something after all that!

also i miss scatman!


I just run the machines and answer the phone if somebody calls. I'm not even high enough risk where I'm at to need a mask


Just don't eat any of the samples.


I don't have to listen to you. You're not my real dad.


File: 1585550289422.png (406.29 KB, 747x817, 747:817, ti-cutie.png) ImgOps Google

It's a date! Now we just need to get a hot tub sized tub full of hot coffee! :3

Right?? I'm a die-hard scatman fan! My friends stumbled upon that tune and we all had a good laugh... but now I actually am starting to think it's quite a jam!
I didn't know you liked scatman! What's your favourite song? Mine is ||Scatman's world||


File: 1585551019087.jpg (62.11 KB, 563x676, 563:676, 3643cf29b38a095f49362ac817….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

then it's a date! i'm sure we'll be able to scrounge one from the apocalyptic wasteland ^^

it is kinda weird how they use the original scatman song in the video, but it is a jam ^^ i think that either I'm the Scatman or Scatman's world, both are just so much fun <3


File: 1585551705456.jpg (47.34 KB, 714x406, 51:29, sleep.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>hugs and kajis <3

goodnight cookie! sweet dreams <3


File: 1585551770739.png (158.65 KB, 672x1102, 336:551, looking cute3.png) ImgOps Google

Yay! I look forward to it!

I feel that! Both those tunes are super good. I find my mood can't help but improve whenever I listne to Scatman. Do you have any music or artists that you listen to to improve your mood?
Oh! G'night, Noelle! Sweet dreams! :3


Real dad won't save you if you do eat one.


File: 1585562045976.jpg (20.63 KB, 474x474, 1:1, 5d18e307eb7737183e90be3c30….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

There's a artist I've always been thinking of commissioning a painting from. Not to sound condescending but since he won't be doing tattoos for a while maybe now is the time to get him to do it.


File: 1585565604145.gif (81.5 KB, 500x439, 500:439, blink smile.gif) ImgOps Google

That's a very nice thought. Absolutely approach him, I am sure he will appreciate it. I know I would.


Yeah. Once I get my shit together and have an idea in mind.


File: 1585631910843.png (3.29 MB, 2457x2903, 2457:2903, d9f1be5b4014b17f7c7d9ab3e1….png) ImgOps Google

Well ...

My niece got the results of her test and she tested a "weak" positive for COVID-19

She's respnded well to outpatient treatment so the doctors are speculating she might be in the recovery stage, with only traces of COVID-19, but she's now definitely a carrier of the virus.

And now I learn that three other family members around her are coming down with symptoms ...



It spreads like gunpowder...


File: 1585637337831.jpg (22.47 KB, 300x250, 6:5, crash_fox.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

It's starting to really dawn on me that this isolation and quarantine times related angst will be going on for a while longer, and God is this an unhappy feeling...

What are you all doing?


File: 1585638663678.png (51.67 KB, 153x333, 17:37, Rick_Sanchez.png) ImgOps Google

Yea, my sister was showing sympotms, tho she hasn't been tested, and the symptoms are just mild flue, and she seems to have gotten better, but she's healthy overall, so i doubt she'd have gotten hit very hard. Now my aunt and uncle are showing symptoms. I worry about them a lot more, they're in their 60s, so if it is COVID-19, they could be in trouble. I hope they'll be ok...


When i'm not working, i've been streaming anime with one of my friends. My best friend from high school and i still get along really well, but he's fallen off anime, so i haven't been able to watch with him, but i've been streaming with some of our other friends in the discord group, and they've really been enjoying it! It's a blast watching my favorite shows again with friends who've never seen it! We finished up future diary yesterday, and we started darling in the franxx today, and he seems to be pretty into it! I guess we're on a violent pink-haired love interest kick, heheh, maybe we'll round it out with elfen lied after this.


File: 1585638679966.jpg (46.66 KB, 512x384, 4:3, unnamed (1).jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I'm sorry Andrea


File: 1585645129612.jpg (505.5 KB, 1024x976, 64:61, two_foxes_together.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I'm glad that you've been able to find a passion to keep you going through these weird times!

Hmmm... I've never seen 'Elfen Lied' before, so I'm curious what you'll think of it!

My interests have been rather mixed, ranging from music to draw-threads to Telegram chats to other stuff... music though, totally, has been a thankful way to keep myself sane!

You listening to anything nice lately?


File: 1585674282547.jpg (76.58 KB, 700x1000, 7:10, e704369d2939b264534ba62fe9….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

It's rather hard for me to have a fair assessment of elfen lied, i think. It opened me up to the world of anime tragedy, before then i'd mostly been watching Saturday morning cartoon types of slapstick recommended to me by my friends. Between that and nostalgia it's very likely I've overlooked some flaws; That being said, i really like it. It's about this girl who is kept imprisoned by the government because she has the power to slaughter hoards of people seemingly with psychic powers, and has done so before, and the show starts off with her managing to escape her high-security prison, but who looses her memory and reverts to child-like state after getting grazed by a shot from an anti-tank rifle right to the head. The story follows her and the people who find and care for her. It's very contrived at times, but it definitely hits some good emotional beats. Shame it doesn't really end properly. It ends without really resolving a lot of things, but hey, if you liked it and want to see what happened, you can always read the manga.


Oh! Right! As for music i've been listening to the soundtrack for some of the shows i've been watching. Future Diary has a banger opening, and franxx has some really pretty music too. I can't even listen to the first few notes of "hitori" without tearing up. I wish that was a joke. It's a really pretty song and god-fucking-dammit does it come at a powerful time in the story. I think i cried for a full day after i saw the episode where it really drops at a powerful reveal that sheds light on what's been going on with one of the characters. Still to this day one of the most powerful and memorable moments in anime to me.

Funny part is it's a bit of a troupe, not a very often used one mind, but enough where you can recognize it here or there, and i don't think it's ever failed to get me. Gets me every damn time.


File: 1586033699759.jpg (47.46 KB, 512x384, 4:3, unnamed (2).jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

My partner is pretty worried now. I don't know the full details, but he said that a friend (old co-worker) is concerned about our hospital only having a small number of ventilators.

He's thinking since we have a full wood shop and multiple tools and supplies, we should spend the next few days trying to make a ventilator just to...have some I suppose. I know we probably can't offer them to the hospital to be used, but I think it's more about having something to do and feeling productive.

I'm personally torn right now. I know there is about an 80% my doctor is going to pull me out of work if I call her, because I have asthma and that undiagnosed stuff. I don't know what to do. I don't know if I should call her or not and let her pull me out of work.


File: 1586051508996.jpg (22.74 KB, 357x357, 1:1, lucy7.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

As of tomorrow I am taking an indefinite leave of absence from work.


File: 1586063691129.jpg (55.33 KB, 540x304, 135:76, tumblr_d956b2c38a0eedf7b1f….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>hugs and kajis <3

i hope both of you are okay <3


File: 1586064530534.jpg (43.93 KB, 780x520, 3:2, lucy131.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Don't worry about me. Your hugs and kajis may be needed elsewhere.


File: 1586064648677.jpg (16.97 KB, 400x400, 1:1, EUfC77TXsAIOfJf.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i have kajis to spare <3

how are you this evening, heavy?


File: 1586065032224.jpg (71.35 KB, 640x640, 1:1, lucy77.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Hmm. Kinda thoughtful, kinda lonely. Some meeting point between those two places. I'm sure you know how it is.

You recently finished a new animation, and quite a long one. How was that for you?


File: 1586065227414.jpg (25.98 KB, 450x559, 450:559, r1pdwvpvkwp41.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

aww heavy! i'm sorry you are feeling a bit lonely! this quarantine business is pretty isolating, and i imagine it must be scary in your area, cause i heard that New Orleans area got hit hard

it wasn't really an animation as it was just an art video. It was fun to do the whole soft voice thing, and there was something liberating about just rolling with the punches and not fixing anything. it was all done in one shot too, so i feel kinda proud of that ^^


File: 1586066795379.png (8.99 KB, 225x225, 1:1, lucy13.png) ImgOps Google

It doesn't have to do with that. Actually since my primary means of socialization is the internet I have more access to the people in my life than usual. I'm just in a weird place personally; I'd say I feel "spooked", or want-witted, or toxic. Put in another way: there is something about me which I don't want to look at or accept, but which once I did, would guide me "home". As it is right now I feel like I don't fit in anywhere.

The infection rate is pretty high here. It's a sad situation, because this kind of thing is one of the pressures of living and working together the way we do, which people put faith in. You want people to do well, you know?

My mistake on your video--I haven't watched it yet. Do you plan these out? Do you have something you'd really like to do in this medium, in this moment, that you're working up to?


File: 1586067185604.png (29.52 KB, 150x150, 1:1, _tmp_avatarh1fLcj.png) ImgOps Google

oh dear, that does sound a bit more complex of a situation. tell me, is there a specific thing that you can recall that makes you feel this way? like what is an instance that really exemplifies this?

it must be pretty scary :(( i hope you stay safe and clean at this time! i think the best way most will be well is to stay home

this particular video was just on a whim! it was supposed to be a kind of a "april fools" joke, but more like an  "things have been hard so relax a bit okay" april thing. honestly i decided to do it like an hour before i did it

it's fun for sure, but i prefer my normal animation stuff ^^


File: 1586067189231.jpg (64.15 KB, 750x500, 3:2, Fox_walking_forwards.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Did somebody say lonely times during quarantine days?

I'm kind of feeling that... not going to lie...


>hugs and kajis <3


File: 1586068207769.jpg (25.04 KB, 500x332, 125:83, Fox_on_wood_with_eyes_clos….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>*cuddles back*

Hey, what's up with you?

Your neck feeling any better?


File: 1586068276386.png (465.31 KB, 612x612, 1:1, lucy46.png) ImgOps Google

I'd rather not go further into it. I'm just giving you a general status update.

And you didn't answer the second question!

Are you a fox that likes to visit other boroughs?


File: 1586068680712.png (390.26 KB, 445x445, 1:1, tumblr_172213be99acd633e71….png) ImgOps Google

i've just been hitting the pavement on my project, and it's been going pretty good so far ^^

a little bit yeah! i did a pretty good workout earlier because the weather finally was nice. and my neck and body was fine for most of the day. only in the last hour did it feel a bit stiff

so i believe i've come to the realization that this whole quarantine crap is making me less active, and i didn't realize my body could feel stiff and blah until just recently XPP

okay, i'll respect your boundaries bro, no worries ^^

second question? oh!

i would love to use my skills to screenwrite, and i've especially been thinking about storyboarding, because a lot of studios, even live action film studios, have been relying on storyboarding to make movies. so i think that would be a great translateable career

i mean, i clearly would love to make my youtube channel skyrocket and become an anituber. and i would love to be an animator. however i'm a loooooong way from being proficient in that area, cause my stuff is still rather rough and rudimentary compared to other peers my age or younger.


File: 1586069129347.jpg (168.85 KB, 1024x860, 256:215, Fox_in_a_ball.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I was unemployed pre-quarantine times, but then socially I had events to go to basically every single day of the week, or like every other day. I'm missing that bad. Alas.

Hey, so tell me more about your project! You're making detailed progress?


File: 1586069246477.png (1.66 MB, 3500x3600, 35:36, dsppwyhud3p41.png) ImgOps Google

sorry, but that info is classified

if i tell you, then it won't happen, it's just the way it works!


File: 1586069693479.png (973.89 KB, 1492x896, 373:224, Foxes_all_looking_up.png) ImgOps Google

Oh, interesting!

Well, hmmmmmmmm, for me I've spent pretty much all of Friday and Saturday writing. Writing writing writing. A lot of it isn't particularly that interesting since it's minor edits of what people have done before (including me). Some material is really fascinating, though.

Right now, I'm trying to work on this page about Winston Churchill and looking up a bunch of side information. What are you doing at the moment?


File: 1586069831903.jpg (32.81 KB, 291x600, 97:200, lucy116.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

You know I think I learned something about animation from watching one of your videos. It was that scene with the chicken. For the first time it occurred to me: The animator has to consider the shot, the pose, and movement, and the plenum of expression therein.

What would you do if you had to live this way, or similar to this way, on a more permanent basis?


File: 1586070242426.jpg (34.35 KB, 634x370, 317:185, Fox_looking_backwards.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I'd just be less happy, I guess. Would still try to do constructive material. Maybe experiment with learning programming and also developing my sense of drawing.

Drawing is honestly really fun. I'd likely do what I can to reach out to other people online. Do back and forth studies.


File: 1586070738046.gif (2.93 MB, 540x304, 135:76, tumblr_a8fb993edc17dc2fe03….gif) ImgOps Google

yup yup! the less i mention, the more powerful i become!

heh, such is the life of a wiki writer i suppose! but you are doing a good job nonetheless, and i'm glad you are finding some of it interesting as well!

I'm actually winding down for the evening, so i'll probably be going to bed

>hugs and kajis <3

night psuedo!

heh, that rooster scene took all the skills i have as a film maker to make the shot perfect. and it paid in spades <3

>hugs and kajis <3

goodnight heavy! i hope to further inspire you in the future ^^


Sleep well!


Yay! Turns out I don't have a 14 hour shift today and it was just an error in my scheduling. Today is a normal 8-hour day!


Well, goodish news in Denmark.

We've flattened the curve enough to begin the first steps of a careful, gradual re-opening of certain functions in the country.

Schoolchildren up to 5th grade are going back and some select after-school activities are opening back up after Easter. Maximum capacity of gatherings has been raised to from 5 to 10.

All festivals and major events are still canceled until at least September for now, which is gonna be a hell of a blow to a lot of my friends who were, as always, looking forward to the Copenhell festival in June... which, you know, could also take a massive hit from this if worst comes to worst.

It has been made VERY clear that this is not an unconditional re-opening, however, and everyone still has to follow the regulations, use the hand sanitizer available in stores, obey the distance markers in supermarkets, etc. Let's hope even more people follow suit now.

But it's starting to look like this will be a very boring year.


File: 1586208910243.png (106.48 KB, 400x467, 400:467, tumblr_pcwh2rY1Lc1wket5fo1….png) ImgOps Google

Disney just pulled my internship.


File: 1586209573957.png (155.1 KB, 1013x788, 1013:788, sad 6.png) ImgOps Google

I'm sorry.


File: 1586209900250.jpg (40.26 KB, 640x440, 16:11, tumblr_3eb147dc56e74991621….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1586210071932.png (220.8 KB, 877x912, 877:912, Hug.png) ImgOps Google

I don't suppose there's any word on wether or not they'll hold a spot open at the very least for another chance at an interview when things get better?


File: 1586210184548.jpg (59.3 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 71721038_3112917958723718_….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Until otherwise posted.

There are no held spots.
I have to reapply and pay the application fee again.


File: 1586210248329.png (99.52 KB, 618x709, 618:709, sad and wet.png) ImgOps Google

I'm really sorry man.


File: 1586210366042.jpg (45.26 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 52971071_176232270011646_8….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I respect them for doing the right thing, and I know that it might be petty of me to be upset but man it hurts.

It is just what happens to me all the time.
I get close to something good and it gets yanked away. Like I didn't even self-sabotage this time.


You're talking to a person who finally, after literal years, had the guts to send even one job application at all, only two days before everything went into lockdown and can't help but twist it into "being punished for being stupid enough to try". Believe me, I get the feeling, along with the conscience issue of realizing how petty it is.

It's nobody's fault, much less ours. That doesn't make it suck less in the moment


File: 1586210634059.png (1.99 MB, 1600x1071, 1600:1071, Winifred.png) ImgOps Google

Sorry friend.

I'll stop pitty party now.


File: 1586210749232.png (88.87 KB, 1009x792, 1009:792, patpat.png) ImgOps Google

That's not what I meant or was going for at all.

You have every right to be bummed out at something falling through. So do I. My point was I know the feeling, and it's natural and not something you need to apologize for.

Don't ever let me make you feel like you're not allowed to be upset about something like this happening. Me or anyone.


Aww, that's awful :c

It's incredibly not petty to be upset! I know there's a lot of dark stuff going on in the world, but there's no need to try to size up your loss with anything else. This blows super hard and you legit have every right to feel every bit of your upset and hurt.


File: 1586277729703.png (173.19 KB, 364x328, 91:82, huh.png) ImgOps Google

Currently, there seems some hope in Europe in that the situation starts to stabilize?

At least, less growth in people getting sick, per day and less people arriving in the hospital. Still a lot of death, really.

There was a mention of the large risk that the illness will probably not strike only once.
Multiple waves/seasonal recurrence.

If we somehow make it past the coming month or 2, I hope that we can be ready to catch the next wave. Cause we might be getting off easy right now.

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