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How do you upvote or downvote a post?


You keep a tiny agenda to mark posts.




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chicken tikka masala


How do I delete someone else's post?


Log in with your moderator account and there's a little [D] icon on all the posts. You just click that and you've deleted someone else's post.


Alternatively, if you don't have a moderator account, you can check the box on their post and enter the same password that they used while making the post and click delete.


>How do I delete someone else's post?
1. Make a thread.
2. Convince someone else to post in your thread.
3. Delete your thread. Now you've deleted their post too!


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You post a reply and either gush about how much you agree, or simply disparage the poster with defamatory lies and character assassination.

It's OK, there's an exception in the rules if it's "satire" is fair use.


Nah, I want to exclusively delete a post.

This feature is unintuitive. I'd like to request the interface is improved so I can delete other people's post either without logging in or without a password.

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