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What happened to the "political drama" rule?  I don't see it linked anywhere on the Rules page.


I don't think it is a separate rule per se, just a means of interpreting unknown intentions and how to apply the existing rules to people posting threads that might get all drama-y (even when no clear rules are violated). If you are looking for the deets, it's archived here >>>/arch/1826


File: 1522041544953.png (766.3 KB, 707x844, 707:844, lucy___elfen_lied____rende….png) ImgOps Google

Oh.  Well perhaps it should be linked from teh Rules page.  It's kinda important information to have for someone who wants to avoid violating teh rules.

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File: 1512140870634.jpg (114.97 KB, 894x894, 1:1, image.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Toybox!HarMoNytmI 06/28/17 (Wed) 15:13:59 No.525015>>525016>>525042
File (hide): 1498688039687.jpg (39.8 KB, 680x573, 680:573, dcf25190f4f6172eb9b188eb2f….jpg) ImgOps ExifGoogle

Unfortunately the reason he was permabanned was a sad one.

He was actually trying to be sympathetic at the time but because of the way his emotional state is, it caused him to be defensive after he fumbled his attempt at compassion.

Essentially what happened was that Sherlock was having issues with his transition due to setbacks. I commented on it, because I can relate to those problems.

Steam responded to me and his INTENTION was to say "Yeah, it's rough when people don't understand you, I've had similar issues because of my disability." But it came out as him saying that his situation was just as rough as what Sherlock was going through, making it seem like he was trivializing the situation.

Obviously, people got upset at this so he responded by saying, 'I knew you guys would give me shit which is why I spoke to Toybox instead.' this of course didn't help matters at allbecause now it looked like he was kicking Sherlock when he was down.

To compound matters Steam only has a vague idea what transexualism is, and his only encounter with it was me. So it would not surprise me at all if he assumed all transsexuals were MtF. So in an attempt to be 'helpful' he 'corrected' someone that called Sherlock a man, probably not understanding that Sherlock is trying to transition from female to male instead of the other way around. Because of this, it looked like he was insulting Sherlock even more. By this point everybody was raging at Steam and from his point of view all he was trying to do was be sympathetic, so now he's angry because from his perspective 'he didn't do anything wrong'.

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>i don't want Steam Twist to have to suffer unnecessarily, either. but i do not know how to bring him back in, without trouble unfolding, or him feeling hurt when other users do not understand how he thinks or acts.

I don't think there is actually that much of a misunderstanding about how or why he thinks or acts the way that he does. Sure some people will just chalk it up to autism, but I think plenty of us realize that his problem is simply that he doesn't want to accept the things he could do that actually would let him come back, sometimes outright stating that he wont do what others suggest.  


File: 1521329991876.png (157.51 KB, 894x894, 1:1, 777.png) ImgOps Google

Steam, I had not seen you in a while.

How are ya doing, boy?


File: 1521390132854.png (159.26 KB, 1020x1024, 255:256, hmm.png) ImgOps Google

Thread locked on request


File: 1520619708581.png (1.67 KB, 112x11, 112:11, Mane7.png) ImgOps Google

I made these guys for Ponychan, and figured they could be fun to have here too!
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File: 1520799911555.png (341.56 KB, 540x555, 36:37, 5435436567657.png) ImgOps Google

fine, i will talk to you in private.


File: 1520802095895.png (170.33 KB, 446x501, 446:501, 5453454353475698775.png) ImgOps Google

i apologize for coming off a little too rough.


File: 1520802622049.png (157.54 KB, 435x360, 29:24, you are a wonderful pony.png) ImgOps Google

Mikie and i had a nice long talk together... it was productive, and i think a old tensions have been worked through, at long last c:

Now, that said... due to how off course the thread has gotten, i've been asked to lock it, and i think it will be for the best, for the time being.

Starshine, i hope we too can talk in private sometime! Sorry for locking your thread - for the record, i love your idea, and your art.


File: 1515993702554.jpg (88.39 KB, 800x504, 100:63, 1504491852575.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>Discussing the political situation in Haiti is an acceptable subject of conversation. Involving "average IQ" of Haitians and referencing the "sh*thole" controversy, however, is bound to cause an effect of goading or baiting.
Why would discussing the average IQ of Haitians have the effect of baiting?  It seems to me that it would be very relevant to the discussion.  In fact, I'd go so far as to say that a discussion of Haiti's problems would be majorly incomplete without it.  
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File: 1516050663063.png (203.7 KB, 790x1012, 395:506, Thinking Flutters.png) ImgOps Google

The subject of whether genetically modified food is safe or not is not comparable in controversy to the political situation in the so-called "sh*thole" Haiti, relative to the alleged average IQ of its populace.

Note the example provided in the Proposition Document, as to the difference between what is political drama, and what is not.

Politically Dramatic content is content which presents a weighted political perspective that contains a controversial or inflammatory perspective, such that it will have the effect of goading users into participating in a toxic posting environment.

Thus, when you look at your Genetically Modified Food OP, ask yourself a few simple questions:

Am I about to make a political thread?

Is that political thread weighted with political perspectives that skew heavily to one side of an argument?

Would that discussion topic itself generally be considered a controversial topic to discuss as to the reasonable, general public?
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If it is not out of line to comment on the subject of the thread being discussed, I found it illuminating when I checked and confirmed that not only is the OP's stated IQ actually what is considered correct, but that the world's impoverished areas have similarly deficient intelligence.  While I suspect that the test itself may be biased in some way to arrive at those results, I find it at least probable that the deficiency in the numbers has to do with nutrition and education and I am absolutely astounded at just how drastic the end result actually is.

I find that to be most eye-opening and while I agree that dismissing Haiti as a "shithole" may be inflammatory, the picture in the OP definitely presents a strong example that such a statement might be accurate.

What a messed up place to be born into, and if discussion can be civilized and in some way improve awareness that we ponies may be able to convert into some kind of social change for such people, I think it could be worth the cost of discussion and I encourage the OP to consider carefully what has been stated by staff and perhaps try again with a more carefully crafted attempt, perhaps expanding the topic to the rest of the world too and perhaps some kind of information on what sort of action we might participate in that can actually help the situation, such that we might better understand what even can be done and how.

It's just awful and I think such topics presented from a perspective of philanthropy benefits us all.

Then again, it's not my place to tell people what to do so I might take a whack at it myself and see if I can stay out of trouble while doing so.


The way it was worded seems rather close to the way people on less scrupulous parts of the internet segue into suggestions that the population should be "cleansed" in some fashion. I don't think bringing IQ into the discussion is the problem intrinsically (barring its debatable veracity as a means of measuring intelligence), but it's a topic that is somewhat taboo for good reason -- 95 times out of 100, it's used "for evil", for lack of a better way of putting it.

That's not to say it can't be discussed constructively -- lostpony's thread is a good example.


File: 1515799159192.jpg (5.12 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20180110_125625.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Hi i was attempting to send a pony friend some links to pony pictures i've uploaded here and i cant seem to find any but the more recent ones either through the catalog or in /arch/.

Are old threads still around somewhere (which has been my assumption) or do they get purged?

If they dont get purged, can someone provide some instructions to help me find my way back to pictures i've posted?

Thanks so much!


File: 1515800181176.png (205.73 KB, 425x422, 425:422, .png) ImgOps Google

I don't know the rules of special thread archives, but /arch/ unfortunately is restricted to threads 'worthy' to remember.


File: 1515905350446.jpg (738.63 KB, 692x1285, 692:1285, 1487068370161.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Threads get deleted when they fall off the end of the last page of the board.

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File: 1441558316012.png (169.96 KB, 333x551, 333:551, Celestia with tea.png) ImgOps Google

Hello, my little ponies! Here is a list of staff on Ponyville.us. If you have any questions or comments concerning staff members, please use the report system or /canterlot/ to contact them for the time being.

Admins -
!!Celestia - Moony
!!Twilight - HawkeyePierce

Sysadmin -
!!Discord - Atticus

Moderators -
!!Zecora - Mondo
!!Rainbow Dash - Wizard
!!Trixie - Zeke Roa
!!Fluttershy - Moony
!!Scootaloo - Bleeding Raindrops, Sweet Chamomile
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File: 1500406558930.png (173.37 KB, 364x328, 91:82, eep.png) ImgOps Google

Moony, please stay our admin forever.


did hawkeye died


File: 1510551852785.png (971.38 KB, 1024x1013, 1024:1013, 1481565414644.png) ImgOps Google


To be honest, I didn't realize that I was still on the staff list after leaving when I first started gender transition. I'm surprised to find my name still there.

I'm happy to consult on stuff, but I don't expect to be active again anytime soon. I apologize if I gave the impression that I would be.


File: 1508288704811.png (198.26 KB, 540x540, 1:1, thorax.png) ImgOps Google

Hi everypony! We've been working behind the scenes to resolve issues in our development pipeline and today I bring you the results of that effort. Yes, I am talking about the most elusive and coveted of features, the edit button! You should now have an edit button next to the delete and report buttons which does exactly what it says on the tin. If you aren't seeing the button, you may want to try a ctrl+F5 or to clear your browser cache.

Understand that what we have now is about the minimum for edit functionality. The major limitation is that, just like for deleted posts, the thread auto updater does not effect existing posts. As the person doing the edit, you will see your change immediately, but others who have already had the thread auto update will not see your change unless they manually refresh the page (though if you edit goes through before someone auto updates, they will see the editted post). The auto updater is a pretty complex system, so it will take a little more time to work in automatic updates (and deletes) into that framework.

What's next? I already have the next update set aside with a few quality of life improvements. I plan to let the edit thing simmer for a few days and post another update later this week with these new additions. For the curious, the features planned for that update include:

-Control Shortcuts. Ctrl+[b/i/u/s/r]. Wraps the appropriate tags around text when some text is selected. Adds the appropriate tag at the cursor when no text is selected.
-Inline text quoting. Post links and quoted text will be injected at the cursor instead of the end of the post.
-New tag [tt] for preformated (fixed width) text.
-Fixes an issue where the horizontal width of the quick reply box cannot be resized down in Google Chrome.
-Fixes an issue where text in screenshot images is blurry

After that, I have the ponymotes system 90% done that I want to get added to the site with a small sample of icons. More will be added to the system as they are created.

I am hoping to use this thread for a time to receive feedback and communicate directly with the community about what development features are most in demand. There are a few things already in Canterlot (such as the laggy youtube embeds) but I'm hoping to hear firsthand what people are looking for (also I don't want to scrape through a bunch of Canterlot posts because I'm super lazy).
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File: 1508600253081.jpg (8.9 KB, 196x257, 196:257, images.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>rm -rf ~/$MY_TEMP_DIR
>Guess what happens by default (without "set -e") if $MY_TEMP_DIR is undefined?  Yes, that's right, it goes ahead and deletes your entire home directory!

If you didn't want to delete your home directory, why did you tell bash to delete your home directory? Just because the language requires some expertise to operate doesn't make it bad. The only thing that sets bash apart is that bash is used in a setting where programming mistakes can be more devastating. It isn't the fault of bash if it is misused.

There are plenty of ways to not accidentally delete your home folder in your example. For instance:

if ! [ "${MY_TEMP_DIR}x" == x ]; then
   rm -rf ~/"$MY_TEMP_DIR"


rm -rf ~/"${MY_TEMP_DIR:?Error variable MY_TEMP_DIR unset}"  # Warning, parameter expansion might not work in some versions of bash. yes, you are required to know what you are doing before executing a command
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Also, unless set -e behaves differently in other versions of bash, it would not help in this situation.
Oops, I meant "set -u".

And yeah, Bash can do a lot of cool stuff, I just wish that it was easier to write robust code than non-robust code.  E.g.,

   rm $foo

works in most cases, so testing is unlikely to reveal the error unless you know to test with problematic filenames.  And the correct code is longer and more complicated:

   rm -­- "$foo"

It would nice if the straightforward syntax was correct.  E.g., in C,

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


No disagreements there, Bash could definitely be better. Even very basic tasks can be complicated by the little rules governing white space, special characters, and escaping. As someone with a lot of bash experience, it hardly is a bother to me anymore. But getting to this point took writing thousands of buggy statements and having to go back and understand why it wasn't working how I would have expected.

Still, in my opinion, nothing beats opening a terminal and dropping commands into a file in terms of getting things done. I hate fussing with IDEs and dealing with compiling and all the arcane incantations (public static void main) necessary to make a java program work.


File: 1507892634466.png (663.4 KB, 1280x1395, 256:279, tumblr_osjdudW7wO1vuyqw4o1….png) ImgOps Google

I think the current thread has gone far enough. Instead of arguing with people in it about why people shouldn't be rude while arguing in a thread that has already seen enough arguing… it should be brought up here.

So, the problem here is that people can't seem to stay civil in political threads.

The solutions proposed are as follows;

1) Ban politics altogether. Not really a fan of this one and it's more like a last ditch solution if nothing else works.

2) Make a board specifically for Politics, a sort of containment board, if you will. This is only a bit of a better option, really, as people have brought up that it would either draw traffic away from /pony/ OR would just end up dead anyways. Which would solve the problem of politics thread in /pony/ but… not in the best way, in my opinion.

and finally 3) Make sure there's always a moderator around to make sure people don't dissolve into insults. To keep things civil. Anyone who can't keep things civil should no longer be allowed to post in politics threads.

Anyways, those are three options that I, and others, have come up with. Anyone else with ideas should post here as well.

Please refrain from "Oh just ignore the threads, you don't have to post in them" response. I'm looking at you, Mondo, as you seem to just love that one, regardless of how unsuited it is to the ongoing discussion.
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File: 1509765799186.jpeg (14.06 KB, 257x196, 257:196, harmonyelements.jpeg) ImgOps Google


Politics can never be truly civil, as it has always been about how to divide up scarce resources (actual or perceived) in the most equitable way.

When resources are perceived to be scarce, people's basic instinct for survival is triggered, which in the past often led to war for resources.

As wars often led to even worse conditions post-war than pre-war for most of the people, the concept of "civility" was born.

"Civility" means everyone comes together and pretends like their survival instinct is not being triggered. Whoever can pretend the best usually gains the most respect and power. Ironically, whoever just doesn't care - often due to being rich or holding a strong position of power - often rises to the top as well, simply because their money and power gives them the luxury of not having to worry about it. This is why corrupt people often rise to power unnoticed - because on the outside they appear to be masters of pretending their survival instinct is not being triggered, when in reality, they're so rich that it just doesn't matter to them what happens to the people who voted them in.

So, you see, civility is not much better than barbarity.

So what is the solution?

Well, you see, politics only exists because of a perceived scarcity of resources. But are resources actually scarce, or are they merely artificially scarce? We have technology millions of times more powerful and more efficient than anything a person 200 years ago had, yet resources are still scarce.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


If you make a place with a certain atmosphere in mind, you'd ideally want that atmosphere to actually be there.

I can see where Jayd is coming from, and I largely agree.


Coloring Books and Play-Dough aren't safe space material

Coloring Books: Paper cuts
Play-Dough: Tastes bad


File: 1509897237641.png (316.92 KB, 3633x2333, 3633:2333, pank 5.png) ImgOps Google

So, what's up with emotes?


The ponymotes thing? It's on the way. Probably be some time in early December. November is pretty much packed for me and I won't have time to do the last bits of work it needs until next month.


File: 1510244432129.png (294.04 KB, 950x594, 475:297, Fall Flutters with Squirre….png) ImgOps Google



File: 1499990008544.png (137.75 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1359885447299.png) ImgOps Google

Does Ponyville have an API?
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File: 1507431714569.png (83.53 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 1082280__safe_artist-colon….png) ImgOps Google

I hadn't forgotten about this. Having looked at it a couple of times now though and I'm not sure I can say much more than you already know. Some of the problem is that PVille mangles what you paste into it itself. So even your pale moon request is invalid if I just copy what's pasted in >>1169

Using valid tokens from a request I've captured myself though, there doesn't seem to be any problems in the content or header of your flutter app though. It really just does seem to be in either how you're scraping or sending the tokens. It's worth noting each thread has it's own set of tokens. You can't use tokens for one thread to post to another.

I doubt I could do any more without knowing how your app or the website functions more intimately or being smarter. If you're still having difficulty, I recommend using a HTTP proxy yourself like Burp Suite or OWASP ZAP. You should be able to configure your browser or device to point to these proxies running on your computer so you can test your app on your phone and still capture and edit the traffic. Wireshark is far too low level and doesn't have to tools to easily edit and resend http traffic.


File: 1508959501654.png (269.33 KB, 670x670, 1:1, ThinkingRarity.png) ImgOps Google

Development has kind of fallen into limbo currently, in part because of school. I do remember, though, that what I was trying involved submitting a blank POST request to the thread page (which will return a complete HTML document of an error page, which conveniently includes the hidden fields of that thread), and then populating those fields and submitting another POST request.

I never did push the latest revision to GitHub, but that's in part because much of the work done on that revision is kind of...hacked together. Particularly the blank POST request thing, which honestly seems like a smoking gun to me, but it was the only way I managed to actually extract anything of use from the server response. I can push it if you'd want to have a look at it, and promise not to judge.


maybe. You should be able scrape the tokens from any normal page GET request. But if your POST method works then who cares really?

I don't actually have an android tool chain, but I would be happy to read or test the relevant classes if you want.


File: 1471415196847.png (209.71 KB, 401x663, 401:663, eeerrrrr.png) ImgOps Google

is there any plans to edit posts? i am really really REALLY REALLY bad at typing and stuffems

also, could you implement something to make youtube embeds open like on 4chan? like in the options to do so incase if users like the status quo

because those embeds really bog up my browser…
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We don't need a super-deluxe version like Ponychan has.  Even just ugly bare-bones functionality would be a massive improvement.


File: 1499199281792.jpg (87.39 KB, 960x720, 4:3, backup_gonna_blow.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>lost a lot of the stuff he was working on
This is why you should always use version control and commit+push early and often.


>is there any plans to edit posts?  i am really really REALLY REALLY bad at typing and stuffems
I could really use this feature too.


File: 1501275888108.png (784.46 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, -_S6E1.png) ImgOps Google

[tt] to use <tt>/teletype


File: 1501294238828.png (134.28 KB, 471x474, 157:158, 1c41j915tp4w.png) ImgOps Google




File: 1501353579684.jpeg (111.85 KB, 700x1010, 70:101, DFpF6KcXgAA5mvd.jpeg) ImgOps Google

OP is requesting that Moony add a new tag "[tt]" (see >>566 for existing tags) that would use a monospace font (i.e., a font where each character has the same width, such as Courier New).


File: 1495558934466.jpg (50.14 KB, 400x311, 400:311, f6e49-img_2520.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I light of his recent thread >>489735

Should someone who is clearly unhinged, delusional, and detach from reality as Steam Twist be allowed to post on the board? With the actions we all failed to talk him out of in this thread it's quite possible he's going to slip even further into insanity and become (even more) disruptive and dangerous. It's already becoming a hindrance to the board as a whole.

I feel like we should be discussing this, rather than ignoring it.
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File: 1495609055520.jpg (252.02 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, image.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>and hope he is just trolling us, as Mondo suggested.

I'm getting really sick of this "you're a troll" nonsense! Believe whatever you want I don't care anymore!


he didn't say you were he said he "hoped you were."


>when you notice who made this thread


File: 1496901249760.jpeg (787.35 KB, 1000x1390, 100:139, Megumin-Kono-Suba-3743812.jpeg) ImgOps Google

I was warned for >>>/pony/507860, and specifically Rules 6 and 11 were mentioned.  Respectfully, I would like to note that my post clearly does not even come close to violating Rule 11; not a single word in my post is even arguably an offensive slur.  

Rule 6 is: "Don't shitpost. We define shitpost as: threads that are purposely created to add nothing to the site, regurgitating spamlike content which is low in creativity, and with potential ill intentions that contribute negatively to the site."

Let me address each criterion.
"threads that are purposely created to add nothing to the site": The post was a reply, not a thread, and furthermore, at least IMHO, it was not completely devoid of humor value.  I realize that the site staff might disagree and hold that the post had zero or negative value, but that is inherently a very subjective judgement and little guidance is available in regards to how the site staff measures the value of posts.

"regurgitating spamlike content which is low in creativity": I think it should be fairly clear from my recent post history that I haven't been spamming or regurgitating posts substantially similar to that post.

"with potential ill intentions that contribute negatively to the site": I don't know how you are trying to infer my intentions, but I can assure they that they weren't ill.  It is apparent now that others didn't find my post as funny as I did, but that constitutes only a failure of judgement on my part, not ill intentions.

So, I would like to request additional guidance on what exactly the site staff finds objectionable about my post.  I realize it's not one of the finest posts on the site, and likely it's even in the bottom 10% of posts, but I don't see how it is even skirting the lines of the rules.
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File: 1500862388114.png (67.92 KB, 379x270, 379:270, bakemonogatari-cosplay-shi….png) ImgOps Google

>However, anyone who argues in favor of nazism is implicitly (and sometimes explicitly) supporting racism and genocide.
I disagree.  Hitler tried to hide the death camps from most of the Nazi rank-and-file civilian population.  Why would he do that if they supported genocide?  The answer is that even most Nazi party members would not approve of genocide.  And while Nazism does have a tenet that some races are objectively superior to others, some people might subscribe to the core politico-economic tenets of National Socialism while rejecting the racism.

>Nazism 100% is [hateful].
Not necessarily.  One might simply believe that certain groups need to be removed for the greater good of the nation, just like sickened livestock are destroyed to avoid spreading contagion.  

Anyhow, basically I've just been playing devil's advocate.  If someone comes here posting Nazi symbols in a way that suggests endorsement of Nazism, there's a 95%+ chance he's shitposting in violation of Rule 6.


Nobody is saying that communism is better than Nazism. Communists committed enumerous atrocities.

The hammer and sickle might very well be the political symbol of a rightfully despised dogma. But the swastika is a universally understood symbol of hatred.

this is the post that i feel makes the difference. if someone comes in to sh*tpost with communist iconography, they too will meet the same ignominious warning.

Nazi iconography is particularly known for its association to sh*tposting though, and the swastika in particular is a very notorious symbol of hatred.


File: 1501270498942.png (73.89 KB, 252x289, 252:289, let us have a look.png) ImgOps Google

You've really learned a lot about the internet.


File: 1498431943117.png (973.3 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Starlight_Glimmer_\-she's_….png) ImgOps Google

Cone on this is ridiculous. We already know that mods can edit posts so clearly the functionality is already in place. Just flip the damn toggle switch to let users edit their own posts.  It's idiotic that we have to delete our posts to fix typos.
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Nice quads!


File: 1498529801748.png (157.54 KB, 435x360, 29:24, you are a wonderful pony.png) ImgOps Google

the mod edit function is built into the board software

Zeke… lost all his work on the edit function in a crash or something.

BUT, our new dev has let me know that our edit function work is now well under way… and hopefully can be done soon c:


Fix the appeal box

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