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Will the Hunter Biden laptop leak have much influence on the election?


My guess is 'virtually no influence' because the story is only getting pick-up from Trump supporters who already basically consider Biden the anti-Christ. As a former conservative who went from Republican to Democrat due to Trump in 2016 (and for other reasons), I can say that I've seen little interest among independents and other key demographics in the election. And, naturally, Democrats are going to not care about more of what they consider as anti-Biden sliming by right-wing yellow journalism.


As an independent I have to say that the republicans have used up my attention span for "We have damning evidence!" I heard this story already. If you have evidence give it to a law court, because I'm not the right person to give it to. There are probably a hundred technicalities and contextual issues that this has to be considered in context of to make it look either good or bad and I really don't care enough to keep it straight.

Somebody had associates that had dubiously appropriate communications with Eastern European leaders many years ago that have been mostly covered up and even if technically legal they should have known better. I have to say, dubiously grounded semi-official improprieties of the past aren't my hot button issue this year for some reason.


Agreed 100%. This election, to me, hinges on three things:

1. Coronavirus in terms of health and wellness.
2. Health care in general.
3. Jobs and the economy w.r.t the coronavirus' effects.

It's not as if nothing else matters, like I'm one to really oppose banning assault weapons and am kind of pissed off at how popular the idea has gotten lately, but those three suck up the oxygen just about totally for me.


They've been banging that Hunter Biden drum for a while now hoping to stir up fear like they did with Hillary's emails. Both aren't actually anything real, and I think people have figured that out.

This would really only matter to people who are already against Biden.


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>Both aren't actually anything real,
Huh?  I'm fairly certain that Hillary's alleged emails were real.  And while there's a chance that the alleged Hunter Biden emails might have been fabricated, so far it's looking like they're real.


"real" in the sense that Hillary had used email at some point in her life, but they didn't find any classified information or anything law-breaking.

Emails existing dont mean anything, they have to prove unlawful activity.


>so far it's looking like they're real
I honestly know nothing about this topic so I'm curious what about them makes you believe that.
Not to suggest it's impossible, I'm just skeptical of *anything* that breaks in a tabloid as a rule until it's corroborated.



They're at least believable, because ultimately they aren't all that interesting.  A couple tweets have displayed them as this big campaign killing knife, but they're so benign and the news kinda came out a year or two ago anyway, there's just no room for this to have any impact.  Not to mention that some of the emails on there are Hunter telling his dad that he feels bad his coke addiction is ruining his campaign, and Joe is just like "Son you're doing great and I love you."  It's probably the most humanizing thing that's ever happened to the Biden campaign.


To be brutally honest, Biden's son could've beaten somebody upside the head with his smartphone that's being investigated, and I still would be voting for him against Trump. It's not as if Trump himself and his family don't have rotten as week old fish personal histories anyways. For real.

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