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So apparently racists on 4chan /pol/ have started a campaign to erase famous images of black people from popular products.  And the sad part is that they're actually succeeding, and major companies are doing this!  It started with Aunt Jemima, and now Uncle Ben is getting targeted.  What is wrong with our country???


What proof do you have that this was a 4chan plot? What did 4chan hope to gain from doing this? Figures like Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben have been controversial for some time now, and people have been asking that they be removed for longer than 4chan has existed. Helping those causes seems antithetical to 4chan's usual antics, especially /pol/, which is known for it's connections to the alt-right and white supremacy.


>What did 4chan hope to gain from doing this?
Apparently the racist /pol/ users want only white people to be on product advertising?

>What proof do you have that this was a 4chan plot?
I saw a thread on 4chan where someone was gloating about it.  Or maybe that was a double false flag and I got bamboozled?


I'm pretty sure that it's a joke. Giving you the benefit of the doubt here, because this all seems pretty factious, but...

Figures like Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben have been a controversial for many years now. Their depictions are similar to depctions of slaves in the American south before the civil war. These depictions were unrealistic, showing the slaves as being happy in their position of servitude and glossing over the abuse they received at the hands of their white masters. Because figures like Aunt Jemimima and Uncle Ben are so similar to these, people have been seeking to have them removed from from these products.

If anything, I'd believe that the recent racial unrest is the cause of the removal of these characters and not 4chan. But if 4chan did in fact help to get them removed, then it would seem antithetical to their usual antics and stance on these kind of social issues. Mostly because it is a GOOD thing these characters are being removed because of their connection to racist stereotypes.


I know Aunt Jemima is an enslaved Mami taking care of white children, but i didnt know that as a kid.

To me it was just a respectable upstanding citizen who happened to be black, offering part of my breakfast alongside whatever other colors of people were at my breakfast table.

I know a lot of lamentation is out there about portraying everyone as white meaning that black kids dont have any self-insert role models etc.  Maybe, if there had been a little paragraph on the bottom of the label mentioning the history of mamis, i would have not only had more respect for how capable and reliable (edit: in spite of lies like "lazy" "dumb" etc that i heard kids parrot from their parents at school) black people have been in society in our history, but also i would have had a lot more to think about regarding fairness and the real world i was finding myself in.

(Edit my point is that imagery like responsible matrons helped form my world view that black people and white people are basically just people the same as anyone else)

I also remember what happened to Little Sambo.  A little black kid in an African jungle setting, but its racist to portray a non-white person even in a context where such a person would just happen to be black.  Sambos little stories on the menu etc were no more racist or inappropriate than the Brer Rabbit stories i read at home, and now i wonder what happens when other white kids have never seen anyone not white portrayed in their coloring activity set at their family's breakfast restaurant.

I fear that stripping away Aunt Jemima only deepens the problem by further misrepresenting the truth until simply being black will be racist in and of itself, which is the inevitable absurdity of whitewashing and making it all so clean and tidy.

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