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Should it illegal for police to conduct no-knock raids and night-time raids?

I think such raids should be limited to cases where the police would be justified in using deadly force on the basis of the underlying crime being investigated (e.g., kidnapping, military espionage, etc.).  And given that police have fucked up on multiple occasions and raided the wrong house, no-knock raids should be illegal unless there is clear and convincing evidence that knocking will fairly directly lead to physical injury to innocent persons.



I'm gonna come out strong with "police raids should be illegal".


What about in instances of kidnapping?



Wouldn't that make it especially dangerous for the kidnapped?


With exceptions to when they pose an immediate threat to others, yes, absolutely.

There should be no no-knock raids for drugs or such nonsense


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Hmm...the book The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness is talking about these SWAT raids.  It sounds like most drug related search warrants need to be conducted in this fashion.  Collateral damage (property destruction, deaths, emotional or physical trauma) does not seem an uncommon outcome.

>Should it illegal for police to conduct no-knock raids and night-time raids?

If the collateral damage were greater than the benefit to society of locking up drug offenders (that couldn't be discovered without a SWAT raid) or if the collateral damage were simply intolerable no matter the benefit, you could say that.  Although I'm becoming confused about the relationship between legality and police action.

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