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Which presidential candidate would do the best job managing the pandemic?


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I feel bad the only response is my dumb joke. But for serious, I imagine by the time a president is elected the pandemic will be pretty much forgotten. But to answer the question, I would take any president other than Trump to handle it decently. He's trying to downplay the virus because it somehow makes him look bad as a candidate. I'm not paying that much attention to know why. But if he is calling the severity of the virus a hoax, that tells me he is not the right man to be handling it.


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> He's trying to downplay the virus because it somehow makes him look bad as a candidate. I'm not paying that much attention to know why.
I'm guessing it's related to the economy.  The stock market dropped 10% due to the coronavirus.  Historically, the incumbent president did well in re-election if the economy was good, and did poorly if the economy was poor.  So Trump probably wants to downplay the coronavirus and avoid taking any measures that could have a major negative effect on the economy.


But doesn't ignoring the problem actually make it much worse for the economy and prolong the impact it will have on the economy? Like, you can't actually negate the economic effects of the virus by pretending it doesn't exist. Is the market only scared of quarantine measures such as forcing people to stay at home, or is the market scared of the virus spreading and causing death and preventing people from performing work? I mean, maybe Trump is right if the only thing the market is scared of is cities and companies closing temporarily to limit the spread of the virus.


The market doesn't know what will happen. It just knows we are totally unprepared for whatever comes.


I would probably lean more towards a dem for a disease problem. Republicans like the free market healthcare system, which is going to be garbage for managing a pandemic. The American health system is good at providing the best treatment for a small number of cases, not for a widespread pandemic, as people just won't be able to afford to go to the doctor without it ruining them financially, so they just won't go, and so the disease spreads and kills.

A dem is a lot more likely to prioritize American lives over stock market numbers, and as such be willing to do things like quarantine and provide treatments that don't destroy people financially for the rest of their lives.


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One that doesn't go playing musical chairs of who is in charge of actually dealing with it, and lets the CDC do its job.

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